Friday, December 26, 2014

Ferguson, Lebanon and the inculcation of minority victimhood.

By now, we've all seen the latest video: an idiot pulls a gun on a cop who then has the temerity to shoot him to protect himself.

The results?

More rioting.  More threats.  More minority racial hatred.

Here's the thing: why would we expect anything different?

Remember the fringe-left hatred of our effort to get rid of government-approved racial advantage, otherwise known as "affirmative action?"

I was relatively young when that cancer was implemented.  I was not so young when our state, Washington, got rid of state-sponsored racism by getting rid of affirmative action at the government level.
(1) The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
Those 5 words caused an earthquake here in Washington State.

The racial hatred expressed by the left, their plantation mentality, the multiple forecasts of our state sinking back into the Jim Crow abyss.

Many, such as the then Director of Admissions at the University of Washington, lied outright:
"The Seattle-based university, considered the most difficult of all state institutions to get into, would have to turn away many blacks and hispanics who now are admitted, he said.
"'Basically, it would make it very difficult for us to maintain diversity,' he said."
That kind of leftist verbiage, the use of the lie, is designed to try and move votes.  Fortunately for us all, the leftists failed and... they were flat wrong.
Today, (As of April 27, 2014)  UW exceeds pre-I-200 diversity levels. Seven other states that effectively eliminated affirmative action policies around the same time had a similar experience.
Those around here should be reminded of the sputtering lies of the left, such as our local daily democrat, who forecasted nothing BUT gloom and doom.  Their false, knee-jerk responses to issues and policies that do not fit into their meme are frequently responded to in this manner... the manner of the lie.

My oldest son, for example, bears the crippling disadvantage of a half-asian, half caucasian racial make up.

An honor grad of Ft Vancouver as well as the University of Washington, he has now been cursed with attending Law School at the University of Oregon.

And he achieved none of it through affirmative action... and all of it through affirmative personal responsibility.

He worked his way through school (He's working now, as far as that goes) as he has worked his way through life:  head on, with no apologies.

In short, he realized early on that he could go as far as his own drive and talents could take him.

He realized that he earned his own success, the hard way... and that his failures were as much his "fault" as his successes.

That is the missing, critical element that has brought us to this.

Minority populations are taught from conception that what they are, how their lives are, what they become... none of that stems from their own efforts.  Their failures are always someone else's fault.

It's much easier to make decisions when you're not held personally responsible or liable for them.

And the result of these decades of racial/victimization inculcation is what we see before us now.

The examples of those who've thrown off their yokes of oppression... everyone from Dr. Ben Carson to Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman, a Stanford grad, are given short shrift.

Instead, the heroes of our minority populations are those who blame others for the plight of blacks in this country: race baiters from Obama down to Sharpton, those hypocrites who make millions off the pain they help cause and inflict.

We see this in Lebanon where a young, stupid man who happened to be black pulled a 9 mm on a cop and got shot for his trouble,

The race baiters expected the cop to just allow himself to be killed by this moron.  Much to their dismay, he actually defended himself and killed this young black idiot.

The same way he would have shot an hispanic.

The same way he would have shot an asian.

The same way he would have shot... me.

But that didn't deter the rioters.  That didn't result in statements from the main race baiters in our country today: Obama, Holder and Sharpton.

Two minority police officers were slaughtered in New York a few days back, one asian, one hispanic. But none of the race baiters came out and condemned that effort.  On the contrary, their silence was elegant.

So, we have decades of appeasement to this sort.  We have decades of inculcation of victimhood.  We have decades of white liberals enabling these types of leaders to continue to have a say, continue their horrific teachings... and to continue to damage our country until we reach the point where rivers of blood will flow as a result.

We are edging into an era where race will define and determine everything about us.  It will tear us apart as more and more of us become sickened by what we see happening, and more "victims" are going to believe that they can TAKE what they want instead of EARNING it... since those in charge appease their guilt by manipulating them into thinking they don't have to.

We waste hundreds of billions in taking money from those who earn it and giving it to those they want to keep on the plantation through the subtle bigotry of low expectations.  We have wasted trillions on the abysmal failure of the "war on poverty."  We pay millions to sit on their collective asses and collect a check for doing nothing.  We require nothing from those reaping the benefit of the work of others, no self-improvement, no education, no public work... not even the picking up of trash.

We do the same thing, decade in, decade out, while we expect a different outcome.

We have decided to trade our freedom in the name of "stuff."

And this is what has become of us as a result.

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