Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just when you thought RINO Rob McKenna couldn't be any more of a moron...

Back in February, I would have bet the house that RINO Rob was going to be our next governor.

Since then, I've watched in amazement as this man has done a stellar job of snatching defeat from the previously iron-clad jaws of victory.

I won't re-play his long... and getting longer... list of idiocies or his hard-left, sell out any principle to win strategy that's failing so miserably as his numbers have plummeted almost as fast as Obama's credibility.

But his latest stupidity?

Crosscut published a piece today on the scant differences between Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee's education plans. The most interesting thing about it is the first paragraph:
One of Rob McKenna's bigger education reform proposals has not seen much press. That's a proposal to allow the governor or superintendent of public instruction to appoint replacements for an elected school board in a district with 10 percent or more failing schools. McKenna's proposal does not define what "failing school" means. In a phone interview a few weeks ago, the Republican gubernatorial candidate said that the definition of "failing" would be determined by criteria set by either the state legislature or the the superintendent of public instruction. 
It takes a genuine moron to believe he... or someone else... can overturn the will of the voters for a lawfully elected official, just because they want to.

Unconstitutional on it's face, our schools are in trouble and far too many teachers ad staff are utterly worthless.  But to suggest that an INCREASING government role in the matter, while perhaps swell for RINO and his fringe left buddies, isn't going to fix the problem nor survive legal scrutiny.

Democracy gives us the right to be stupid if that's what we want.  It's both the greatness of it and the curse of it.  I will just be damned if I will vote for someone who thinks they can disregard a lawful vote on anything or for anyone... period.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Confusion by the Paulbots? "She said Romney's past pro-abortion-rights positions bother her."

Clearly, it takes a certain amount of delusion to be a Paulbot.  After all, how many months have they been lying to themselves... and us... that their cult leader had a chance at getting nominated at the convention?

So, when I read about an effort I knew to be doomed to failure at rapprochement between Romney and Paulbot delegates, I was puzzled to read this:
"I don't want to divide the party. The nominee is dividing the party," said Katja Delavar, a Paul delegate from Washougal, Clark County. She said Romney's past pro-abortion-rights positions bother her
But Ron Paul's vote in favor of gender-based abortion is just swell... right?

Delusion isn't that great of a platform plank.  And it's just one of the many reasons why I will do everything I can to oppose the Paulbots.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Always enjoying knocking the Paulbot running the PCOA scam site off message

The incompetence of these clowns really can't be overstated: The Call to Paulbot Takeover site is getting positively giddy about my bitch-slapping reality checks... to the point where that asswipe includes my street number (144th) in some sort of typically cultish effort to try and intimidate me.

While it is the kind of thing Ron Paul kool aid drinkers are famous for along with the rest of the nazi's, that crap, of course, doesn't work on me.

They're having a little party on September 6, which a few of my moles have completely filled me in on.

See, ALL PCO's, of which I still am one until the non-appearing, non-Republican Marc Boldt doesn't show up (after all, what can you expect from someone who doesn't bother to read the party platform?) were invited to this little soiree... except me, of course.  Anti-Paulbots are not invited.

So, having shown the incompetence of a clown who fails to deliver, he's reduced to this kind of playground BS.

But as I said, the anti-Paulbot forces will be well prepared for their coup attempt, and, like usual, it will fail.

I look forward to attending the neo-fascist meeting... you know... to provide some local color?

All details to follow.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

As expected, Pike gets the appointment to fill out the remainder of the year in the 18th District House seat... What does Cortes do now?

As earlier mentioned here, even though Liz Pike was second choice by the 18th District GOP PCO's, it was unlikely that anyone else would get the appointment.

Rep. Pike has had a long acquaintance with both Commissioners Boldt and Stuart.  It would be unlikely they would ignore that in favor of the unfortunately damaged goods represented by Brandon Vick, discussed here, an already weakened candidate mailing it in because he believed he was home free.... failing to raise money, failing to prepare, failing to campaign, failing to help others, failing to show he could come close to winning in a competitive situation..

But this is a scenario tailor-made for a late move by Adrian Cortes.

Although he made a huge mistake by failing to be ready and failing to take advantage of the earned media this opportunity provided him (Indecision is just as bad as recklessness) he may have already crippled himself out of this golden opportunity... since his announcement alone likely would have finished Vick off altogether.

Brandon's weaknesses lack relevance in the discussion here... but suffice it to say they are many and easily overcome by Cortes.

But Cortes' indecision has likely cost him the opportunity to act quickly and decisively.  And for that, I wish him luck and note he's likely to be on his own now and in the future.

As for Brandon, this, if nothing else, should be a learning opportunity that if he even hopes to survive the primary next cycle he had better learn and take advantage of.

When a lying democrat sleazeball like Leave-it campaigns for you, you know you're in trouble.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother in law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.)

Our community is cursed with, perhaps, the biggest and slimiest liar in politics as the mayor of the unfortunates living in Vancouver.

This blog spoke for months during his campaign about how he was a lying scumbag over his tolling scam; and, as it turns out, shortly after the shameful day this clown took office, he flipped into what I always knew he was: a bridge/loot rail TOLL fanatic, his heartfelt lies of opposition to tolls notwithstanding.

I was surprised that Marc Boldt would even acknowledge this political version of a child molester in public, let alone list him as one of his few endorsements: after all, if integrity, truth and honor are to have any place in your life... or your campaign.... then you really shouldn't ally yourself with scum like Leavitt.

But Boldt has done that; not terribly surprising, given his abrupt left turn, abandonment of every GOP principle known to politics... and his desperation.

And so, here we have Tim Leave-it, the disgrace of a mayor of the taliban city council of Vancouver, leaping to Marc's defense with some of the most inane, idiotic questions that could possibly be asked.

Let's remember: Leavitt is a died-in-the-wool leftist, a clown who lied daily to get elected; a slimeball who endorsed Obama, a worm who wants to screw the entirety of the population of this region by denying us a vote on the scam he's working so hard to ram down our throats as he rapes both democracy... and the people of this county through his childish tantrums and abuse of our congresswoman... no matter how obviously willing she is to take it.

This tidbit was put up by Mayor McFly, who has but single year left in his dismal political career: .

Timothy D Leavitt · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
Lew, how about providing some substance to your pointless accusation of whether or not Boldt is really a "conservative"? Then, once you provide some examples of why you believe Boldt is not a "conservative", let's hear about your alternative solutions. You see, we ought to be striving to elect individuals that work for the betterment of our community --- all in our community. We ought not to be striving to elect individuals that are stuck in idealogy[sic] and consequently actually get NOTHING accomplished. I'd like to hear about one elected official that you support that is making progress on any matter. Look forward to your substantive response. best, tim
"best, tim."  Kinda like "best, adolf."

That said, this is so easy a blind man could do it in a minute:

1.  If Lew's observations concerning Boldt's destruction of his conservative cred is pointless, McFly, then why would you be babbling about it?

Boldt is no more a conservative than Leave-it is anything but a fringe-left whacker.

Conservatives are not moronic enough to demand tax increases in the midst of a horrific economy.

Conservatives are not moronic enough to get bent over and screwed by the CRC scam.

Conservatives would demand and settle for nothing less than a county-wide, up or down vote on the entirety of the CRC rip off.

Conservatives don't vote like liberals to get their wife paid.

Conservatives don't take thousands of dollars worth of free concert tickets from the amphitheater.

Conservatives don't kill promised charter votes.

And, of course, labeling Boldt a leftist based on his roughly 95% voting record with a documented leftist, Steve Stuart, isn't a pointless accusation: it's a fact.

And for you, McFly, to leap to Boldt's defense as if you had the faintest clue as to what a conservative is, or isn't?

Well, how badly do you Boldt to lose, anyway?

2.  Alternative solutions?

That's even easier:

Get rid of the CRC.

Hold a county wide vote on the CRC... ALL of it... up or down.  Stop being afraid of the will of the people you would govern.

Tell the truth.  All the time.  That may be viable for Boldt, though he's been lying his ass off during his campaign this go round as well.... but Leave-it couldn't walk straight down a crooked road and wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass.

Demand and insist on a 3rd and 4th bridge before the I5 bridge issue is even looked at.  No additional bridges?  No deal on the I-5.

Stop even trying to raise taxes during this horrific economy.  Implement across the board, county-wide pay cuts to provide tax relief that's meaningful; know, do some of that servant BS you've babbled about and ignored for years now.

Get rid of 3/4 million dollars a year in PIO staff, for example.

Eliminate tax and fees for business locating here and hiring locals.


You know... like a conservative would?

3.  This garbage:
You see, we ought to be striving to elect individuals that work for the betterment of our community --- all in our community.
Then you should resign, you lying little worm, because you haven't done a damned thing except for those special interests that own you.

Further, your economy-killing tolls will hurt us all... just like your massive ego and arrogance.

4.  Followed with this sewage:
We ought not to be striving to elect individuals that are stuck in idealogy
Again, then you must resign, you fringe-left lying putz, because here's the deal: YOU are stuck in YOUR fringe-left, screw the people ideology and all YOU'VE accomplished is to vaporize $160 million for a fricking bridge design that WON'T WORK.

5.  Who do I support that's making progress on any matter?

Tom Mielke: He's making progress on becoming your worst political nightmare.  And I kinda like that.

Also, your attitude matches that of the early 3rd Reich supporters babbling about Hitler and Mussolini.

Hitler got the Autobahn built without a vote as well, and Mussolini made the trains run on time.

The problem here, you arrogant ass, is the definition you have of "progress."  If emulating elements of the 3rd Reich is your idea of progress, then yeah, you're making it.

But that's hardly something to be proud of... is it?

And by all means, keep speaking up for Boldt:  The more a lying scumwad like Leave-it supports him...

... the worse he's going to do.  And that seems to be what over 70% of his commissioner district wants, isn't it?

Lighter blogging and today's Obama moron moment:

In keeping with his "visited 57 states" and Dan Quayle non-spelling meme:

Going to be very busy for the next few days.... OHIO, you clueless idiot... NOT OIHI.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More of Greg Jaynes pro-ballpark, screw the taxpayer idiocy.

Nothing like enlightened self-interest.

I would much rather we risk the wild pitch and get caught looking then to get hit with the chin music morons like you are shilling.

Where's YOUR demand that the newspaper be taxed? Or that those of you who will actually go to one of these amateur games actually pay for the facility? Or the concessionaires or the owners actually paying for it?
See Greg, that's the problem with slime who want what they want, as long as someone else is forced, without asking them, to pay for it.

Could we use a ballpark?

Maybe. Should it be in the proposed location? Of course not. If built, it should be built at the fair grounds.

Should the people who are NOT using it be taxed to benefit the Yakima Millionaires?

Absolutely not.

Should the sculls shilling this and demanding it be forced to pay for it?


Because truth to tell, we certainly won't miss this rip off any more than Yakima. And it seems to me that they won't be missing it at all.

I guarantee two things if Boldt votes for this:

He WILL face a contested primary... and he will lose.

But you don't care about that as long as you get YOUR ballpark. You know, the one you want the 400,000 plus of those of us who'll never set foot in it to pay for? THAT ballpark?

Addendum to Brancaccio's Commissioner Idiocy/IQ observations.

"The Titanic was built by experts; the Ark by amateurs."

I was struck by a moron's arrogant observations concerning the IQ's of others, a judgment so hypocritical as to be absurd.

First, as a leftist, BRANCACCIO's IQ is the one this community needs to be concerned about... not those who've assumed office:  After all, the people and policies that have brought us to this economic and social ruin have been advocated by who?

For the most part.... Lou Brancaccio.

His pit yorkie has yapped about some of this stupidity: his idiotic leg-humping of the CRC and playground attacks of anyone wise enough to point out the increasingly obvious stupidity of the democratian's positions are well known.

But for a moron like Brancaccio to discuss anyone else's IQ?

You're kidding.... right?

The editor who led his despicable rag into bankruptcy, casting judgment on others, including the tens of thousands who support those he's too stupid to "figure out?"

Seriously.... up yer dosage.

And end the rank hypocrisy that marks your tenure.

Because, for the most part, things have gone your way.... and your way, frankly, sucks.

A computer would do very well at Jeopardy, idiot.  But it's as worthless as one of your columns if it's not operated with common sense. 

And while I recognize that common sense is as foreign a concept to you as sanskrit, you are hardly in a position to judge anyone else for anything.... you totally arrogant ass.

Really? A bridge lift on the CRC scam bridge?

We all know the rank incompetence of the cheerleaders for the CRC Scam: Leave-it, Boldt, Stuart, the fringe leftist mayors and city council swine who wrongly believe their judgement to be superior to the people's.

We know of the incompetent theft of the army of consultants and engineer firms SOOOOO good at their jobs that they've made $150 million disappear with an equally incompetent bridge design... that couldn't even get a permit from the Coast Guard... to show for it.

The Coast Guard has finalized what the CRC scammers knew for years but hoped, apparently, they could blow right through:  That the minimum allowable height for the bridge was 14far higher than the 95 feet the scammers attempted to slip in.  The trouble?  Too high, and the FAA will throw a fit because of the airport and the air field in the vicinity... something the planners knew for quite some time but proceeded to ignore.

So, now what are these clowns telling us?
And if the Coast Guard demands more than 125 feet, state Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond said the solution is a bridge lift -- the elimination of which is one of the CRC's current main selling points.

"We would have to go back to a lift span to avoid every impact that was on this river," Hammond said.

"Adding a lift span to the proposed deck truss bridge and alignment would result in a structure of unprecedented complexity with the associated technical challenges," the CRC's letter read. "A lift span would increase the cost of the project by approximately $250 million."
So.... let me get this straight:

We are now going to replace a paid-for, safe, serviceable 3 through-lane bridge lift with a 3 through-lane bridge lift that will sink us billions of dollars in debt, including a $100,000,000 hole blown in our local economy every year... forever... to pay for this?

What will happen to theBS of the CRC scammers like the pit yorkie, and Lightening Lou, and all the rest who have been pounding us in an effort to get us to believe that getting rid of the bridge lift had ANYTHING to do with this scam?

Look... we've known they've been flat out lying for years.  We've all known what the Oregon State Supreme Court ruled: that this is the biggest rip off since Obamacare and that all the rest of it is lies.

Boldt's unimaginable support of this massive rip off is enough.... by itself... to vote him out of office... or anyone else promoting this theft.

But that this is even on the table, to me, indicates that Hammond and the rest of these clowns should be fired and the consultants, sucking us dry like ticks on a giraffe, should be fired with her.

ANY money spent on this scam amounts to theft, and those responsible should be eliminated from the professional pool... as should any politician supporting them.

What a fricking joke.

Yet another day to be ashamed of our government at both the state and local level.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Has reality set in for the Paulbot PCOA Scam?

Looks like reality and an abysmal, laughably inept performance (Reminiscent of their cult leader, Ron Paul) has set in as the massive waste of time, effort and money resulted in no real change in the GOP landscape and, well, we're back to business as usual.

This blog has written many times about the scam, the lies, the exaggerations of the Paulbots and their enablers as they tried... and failed miserably... in their efforts to take over the local GOP.

I suggest that reality has sunk in primarily because both of their lame web sites have gone dark (*Not updated in several days), and both have failed to do what they said they were going to do.

The most strident local Paulbot site, the moronically named "called unto liberty" site hasn't posted a thing since August 9th when they got genuinely stupid over Greg Kmsey's PCO seat... showing that delusion really is their best friend.
3. The PCO Liberty Alliance is going toe-to-toe with the Establishment in their very first election cycle.

It looks like many of the leaders and strong activists from both camps are being elected, and that overt attempts to unseat Ron Paul PCOs with mailers have been less successful than in the past. Known mailer campaign targets include Laney Maxwell (winning +35) and Katja Delavar (winning +7). There are a few significant casualties on each side, but a lot of PCO Liberty Alliance candidates (possibly over 90) are being elected, which sets up a very interesting reorganization meeting in December.
"Possibly over 90," but actually closer to 40.

Since that reality came out in the results.... nothing.

And then, the PCO Alliance website, that wrote this nonsense on August 12, although I do give them props for a more accurate assessment of the outcomes:
Aug 12, 2012No Comments ›› PLA Admin
Congratulations to all our PCO Candidates and all their hard work.  It has paid off!  It looks like we won 44 of our contested races and have two other tied races outstanding.  Combined with our approximately 50 allied and preferred candidates who were unopposed, this is a phenomenal result.
We will be posting our PCO results probably Monday night or Tuesday morning and working on updating our site over the course of the following week.

Meanwhile, we are working out plans for the general election cycle.  We are definitely thinking outside the box on this one so stay tuned for more information soon!
If getting a little over 40 of 222 seats is a pay off, then these guys need to up their dosage.
And that most of the so-called "allied or ppreferred candidates would have won their seats anyway?
As I've shown through pointing out that most of the CCGOP executive board wasn't challenged by these clowns and most of those who were challenged maintained their seats, the result is that none of this made any difference.
But what's most problematic is this phrase:
We will be posting our PCO results probably Monday night or Tuesday morning and working on updating our site over the course of the following week.
So.  Where are those "results?"

Where's the "update?"

What's the hold up?
The disheartening reality is the hold up.  That even these Paulbots know it was a colossal mistake that availed them nothing.... particularly considering who paid for it all.

It's time for the democratian to sign the clean campaign pledge.

Given their history of lies, deceit, distortions and exaggerations, I have to wonder: why hasn't anyone started a campaign to get the local rag to sign the so-called Clean Campaign Pledge?

Leftist Tim Probst, running for the 17th District Senate seat, signed it.  He's made a mockery of it, of course, as have the leftist slime he works for, proving it to be as worthless a document as Hitler's signature on the "peace in our time" Munich Agreement that Neville Chamberlain was so thrilled about in England back in '38.

That the democrats will engage in this kind of garbage is a given; after all they're democrats.

Unfortunately, that the democratian engages in this kind of garbage is also a given: after all, they're democrats.

So, isn't it time?

Isn't it time that this cancer on our local community sign a document that outlines their commitment to the unvarnished truth?

Their commitment to treating all candidates fairly and equally?

Their commitment to holding all candidates equally accountable?

The fact is that Lou Brancaccio and his pit yorkie, John Laird, use their ringworm on SW Washington as weapons in their own anti-Republican jihads; the tone and tenor and, well, lies they've written about Republicans such as Mielke, Benton, VanNortwick, Boldt back in the day when he was a Republican, Boger and, well, me... even this article is used to beat Benton up... speak to their bias, their party hackery and their efforts to act as a democrat party organ.

That they do this is well established: after getting fired by the Lazy C for a porn fixation on his work computer, what did their former editorial page editor wind up doing?

Running the Clark County Democrats newsletter.  And like Laird and Brancaccio, HE was non-partisan as well.

Except, of course, he wasn't.  And his writing, his one-sided editorials, his efforts to avoid GOP endorsements... efforts that mirror the current democratian regime, seeped through his writings on a daily basis.

So, the irony of the democratian writing about others and this worthless document they want Benton to sign (After all, Probst has beat the hell out of him, of course they'd want Benton to play nice and not retaliate in kind) isn't lost on me.

Hypocrites and liars that they are, perhaps, Brancaccio and Laird would sign it themselves... considering their leftist party allegiance and their massive, in-kind efforts to get democrats elected?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This could be very bad for Obama: the next issue of Newsweek.

This cover is as stunning as if the democratian ever told the truth about the CRC... and that ain't likely.

And if it's just the start...

Views from the crack smoke filled room: Brancaccio's idiocy on the commissioner races.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother in law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.)  

Few of the many idiotic columns this community has been cursed with from the democratian's editor have done more to illustrate his bias and partisanship.

I'll take this opportunity to decode his babble, for the non-politically gifted:

The only issue from Brancaccio is this: if you fully embrace the downtown mafia's agenda... that is, Lou Brancaccio's agenda, then you're good.  You're understandable, every thing you do makes sense.

That the agenda is a con, that it's being rammed down the throats of those who'll be forced to pay for it without asking them for generations, that it's a scam that was dreamed up to get those who connive policy instead of asking the poor, miserable sots who have to pay for it is meaningless to an arrogant putz like Brancaccio.

Once you set the table for that, everything else falls into place.

As expected, this fringe-left hack will do anything to keep Boldt in office.  As always, the democratian policies of lies by omission and co-mission, along with rank exaggeration are the order of the day.

So, when he writes garbage like this:
Boldt — a Republican — has positioned himself as a moderate and he gained a slight advantage after his own party began to beat him up.
Never mind that "his own party began to beat him up" as a result of his complete failure to live up to anything approaching Republican principles and policies.  Here's two statistics clowns like Brancaccio will NEVER show as they do their damnedest to define Boldt before, presumably, Madore does it:

How many times did "Republican" Boldt vote WITH democrat Stuart and AGAINST Republican Mielke?

How many times did "Republican" Boldt fail to second any of Mielke's motions on the CTran Board or the RTC?

In short, to a democrat, that Boldt looks, acts, and votes like a democrat is what this rag... the same rag that once demanded Boldt's resignation... calls "moderate."

Brancaccio, in his apparently oxygen-deprived haze, claims that Boldt has "moved to the right."

Perhaps one of the biggest of the many lies to ever leave that slimeball keyboard, Boldt has done absolutely nothing to "move right."

Boldt's positions on the major issues confronting this community are in lockstep with the whack job ilk of fringe-left nutter Tim Leave-it (Who, as we all recall, lied about the toll issue to get elected and who has stupidly endorsed Boldt, helping to guarantee his political demise), democrat Steve Stuart (Who Boldt twice endorsed over Republican candidates, including Mielke) democrat Jack Burkman, democrat Betty Sue Morris, democrat and county commissioner candidate Joe Tanner and many other democrats who would typically dive into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before they'd endorse a Republican have not only done so, but in many instances, have donated money to Boldt's campaign.

Brancaccio also fails to mention Boldt's ethics violations; his thousands of dollars worth of free concert tickets from the Amphitheater; his determined efforts to raise our taxes, even in this horrific economy; and his vote to confiscate our weapons knowing full well such a vote was unconstitutional (Because I damned well told him it was) AND his fine efforts to help gerrymander the CTran taxing district to exclude 100,000 of us from having a vote... but not from paying his taxes.

In the addled, fringe-left brain, none of this makes any difference because, since Boldt AGREES with the fringe left nutters like Brancaccio, that somehow makes him "moderate."

Well, here's a clue, Lou: what that does is make Marc like you.

And what that does is make Marc a menace to this community.

And then this outright lie:
But Boldt began to lose some ground when he moved to the right. Look, the hard right-wingers will never vote for Boldt. So he actually needs to push more in a moderate direction, not less. Boldt has gone too far down the rabbit hole to come out looking different now.
If Boldt was any farther left he'd have to be kick Ralph Nader out of the way.

So, the question becomes this: Why is Brancaccio lying about Boldt?  Why is he portraying Boldt as something anyone paying attention would know he clearly is not?

No ulterior motive there, eh?

And even after all this, he calls Boldt a moron (Frankly, Marc, with friends like Brancaccio, who needs enemies?)
On the I.Q. front Madore also has the advantage. Boldt is no dummy and has done very well at learning the issues. But if you're looking for the most likely candidate to win "Jeopardy," it's Madore.
Back in the day, the clowns at the democratian were convinced that I acted as Boldt's "keeper."  They were sure that Marc did what I told him to do.  They simply felt, and Joe King, former democrat Speaker of the House and now-Boldt supporter actually said, that Boldt was too stupid to be a state representative.

So, you've got to wonder: who is telling Boldt what to do now?  Because it damned sure ain't me.

And this stupidity about Madore:
And of course Madore has the whole "no tolls" bridge thing going for him. Look, the idea that we actually have to pay for something that we get is sort of foreign to us Americans. We now believe everything should be free because so many of us get free stuff from the government.
More lies from Brancaccio.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that if you asked him what he had for breakfast, he'd lie about that as well.

Why Brancaccio refuses to admit the entire CRC thing is a scam is beyond me...  except it's all part of his "no lie he won't tell to get what he wants" meme.

There's a reason this despicable rag has refused to run the Willamette Week's story detailing where the Oregon State Supreme court ruled the entire project was a scam... a rip off... entirely devoted to getting the hicks of Clark County like Boldt to sign on to loot rail.

That's the truth of the matter.  All of the years of lies about safety and congestion relief and that sort of thing from Brancaccio and his nazi-like propaganda sheet justify nothing.

So, this issue isn't about "getting something for free."  While Brancaccio and his ilk actually HAVE acted and used the term "free money," it takes genuinely ignorant, arrogant asses like Brancaccio to believe that the funding for this scam isn't going to come out of the taxpayer, one way or the other.

And what this slimeball has NEVER done... and never WILL do... is demand that this be put to a county wide vote.

He has never demanded that those who have to pay for this garbage actually be asked if they want the yolk of $1300 a year to begin with... for life... to be placed around their collective necks to the tune of roughly $100,000,000 being evaporated out of our local economy EVERY YEAR... out of the families that will genuinely be hurt by this scam EVERY DAY and out of the small business who depend on this income to make it happen... and who will go under as a result of the perfidy of Brancaccio and Boldt and others who DO NOT CARE.

That Brancaccio would deliberately mis-characterize Madore's position isn't unusual.  Remember: go back to the "no lie the democratian won't tell for their agenda" and the rest of it falls into place.

In the Mielke-Tanner race, I am fortunate in that I know both contestants very well... unlike Brancaccio, who has no more idea about Mielke then he does brain surgery.  Brancaccio gives us a major snapshot of his political ignorance:
As for Mielke — the Republican — it's difficult for me to figure this guy out.
Actually, it's "difficult" for Lou to figure out anyone with politics to the right of Mao.  But at least here, he admits it.

For whatever the reason, Brancaccio seems to hate the very idea of a regular guy being a commissioner.  He CERTAINLY hates the idea of someone not enamored of his, that is, the downtown mafia's agenda.

Tom Mielke has been on the wrong end of a wide variety of votes.  But when you're the only Republican on a board or commission and you refuse to cave or compromise your principles because your masters have held up a hoop and demanded that you jump through it like Boldt's have, then  yeah... you're going to be out there sometimes.

But when you're the minority on a commission and your alleged Republican colleague is fully co-opted by the downtown special interests who now own him like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion, your only option is to bend over for the Brancaccio's of this area or to take the principled, conservative stands that even Boldt was elected to take.  And if that means that Boldt is too far gone to the left to work with anyone but his mentor Steve Stuart?

Then so be it.

But in the left's world, the only direction to "compromise" in is theirs.  And this is an example of the idiocy of Brancaccio's fringe leftism:  If you do it his way and you're a Republican, that makes you a wonderful thing, a statesman, even if he, for some unfathomable reason, portrays you as kinda stupid.  That makes you a moderate.

That makes you Marc Boldt.  And that's OK in Lou's World (tm).

But live by conservative principles and stand by the convictions that got you elected?  And Lou sees you're stupid as well.  (Frankly, this whole thing seems to have confused the easily confusable Brancaccio)  Do it Lou's way, and you're a moron.  Do it NOT Lou's way, and you're a moron.

Boldt does what Brancaccio wants and he's stupid.  Mielke DOESN'T do what Brancaccio wants and HE'S stupid.  Some days, you just can't win if the letter "R" is after your name.

Or maybe it just makes you situationally, ethically challenged.

You know, like Brancaccio.  And Boldt.

Let me sum it up:

Boldt is in serious trouble.  He's got an 8 year track record of corruption and lies to the conservatives who voted for him.  He's violated ethics laws, raised our taxes and sold us out on the CRC.  The rag will lie for him like a rug... kinda like Brancaccio did in his column today... kinda like they will when they gear up and beat the hell out of Benton or any other conservative in a competitive race.

Boldt's own allies apparently think he's stupid, failing to understand that it's unlikely that a stupid man, or even a dull man could win election and re-election 7 times against the best the local dems could put up... including beating the democrat majority leader, articulate and smart Kim Peery way back in 94 by 1200 votes for his legislative race.  Some of his leftist opponents even have had advanced degrees.

So if Boldt is stupid, he's stupid like a fox.  It's that "Shucks ma'am, twern't nuthin" blueberry farmer from Brush Prairie shtick that he's had going on for so long that even the simpletons at the democratian have bought into it.

The problem is that it's wearing thin.  This time around, Boldt has become the atypical leftist, relying on lies and exaggerations just like the democratian to get re-elected.  Combine that with his opponent having more money then several emerging nations... an effectively unlimited ability to go up on TV, radio, newspapers, mailers and the like... and you are definitely in the hurt locker.  Boldt will not be able to match him.  I have never seen someone go up on TV and radio when the other candidate doesn't... and lose.

The only question is this: will the people of this county re-elect another leftist liar... another Tim Leave-it?

Like Madore, I oppose the entirety of the CRC scam... but not because I am going to be one of those poor schleps who get raped for tolls that will shatter our community in ways no one wants to ask about like Brancaccio and Boldt.

I oppose it because it's fundamentally, ethically and morally wrong to enslave a community for generations to pay for a project that is based on a lie.  And the CRC that Boldt supports and Madore does not is just that: based on a lie.

Madore can win this if he defines Boldt before Boldt's allies can define him.  And there is oh, so much to define Boldt with... actions that will shatter that farmer shtick and just show Boldt for what he truly is: a dishonest, leftist politician who doesn't give a rat's ass what the people of this county want.

As for Mielke-Tanner, I like them personally, both.  But the issue most important to me isn't who went to Harvard here.  After all, Obama went to those Ivy-League schools and he, presumably, has the IQ that Brancaccio is so enamored of and Obama's screwed up everything he's touched.  How's that worked out for us?

But what Mielke's got that Tanner doesn't have is this: the LAST thing this county needs is a 3rd democrat on a 3 person commission.... AND Mielke has a 4-year long commission record of doing everything he can to kill the CRC scam... for years... only to be blocked by Boldt at every turn... you know, like any other real democrat would?

In fact, if you go to Tanner's web site... his "plan" doesn't even mention the CRC... or loot rail... or tolls... the biggest issues/problems looming in front of the people of this county... and he doesn't even mention them?

Why?  That didn't work for Pam Brokaw... did it?  Further, there doesn't seem to be any position on the Cowlitz/Mohegan/Paskenta/Barnett megacasino.... again, just like Brokaw.

Now, the facts are these:  I believe the majority of voters in Clark County are opposed to both the CRC scam AND the Megacasino scam.

If I'm right, then Madore and Mielke win.  If I'm wrong, Madore might still win because few in their right minds want to re-elect a corrupt politician and Marc is definitely that... but then Tanner would likely win because Tom's issue is standing up to corruption and demanding an end to the rip off that is the CRC.

Now if, as I suspect, Mielke and Madore win, you can bet the rag will blow itself to pieces before they'd come close to admitting they were wrong and acknowledging that the people of this county do not want this scam to pollute our community.

If Boldt and Tanner win, the rag will do just the opposite, claim that it WAS a CRC/Loot Rail/Toll referendum and that the sheeple of this county actually WANT to get bent over by the CRC thugs.

I expect that in about 80 days or so, we're going to find out.

More unmitigated idiocy from the pit yorkie: Lies from Laird.

We're all aware of what a fringe-left, lying slimeball John Laird really is.

Intellectually, factually, and integrally challenged, there's no lie Laird won't blab, no exaggeration, no stretch of the truth he won't engage in to further his fringe left positions.

And today's lies are no exception.

This little slimeball whines about the lies he's furthering in concert with his political master's war on women.

He bases today's lies on a poll that shows the more moronic of the gender support his equally clueless fellow idiot, Obama, over Romney.

He believes the GOP ought to be running around screaming its collective head off because leftist women support that simpering idiot in the White House, much like the simpering idiot who wrote the column I'm commenting on now.

Big whoop.

I look around and I see the following:

Every candidate running for the GOP in the 49th is a woman.

My state senator and one representative are, or are going to be, female.

It's very likely that we will also have a new rep in the 17th, Olson, also female.

In fact, the GOP is running 7 women in the 18th, 20th (senate) and the 49th... more then twice as many as the democrats in those districts.

And Laird, of course, chooses to ignore this inconvenient truth, because, like all of the other facts that oppose his stupidity, he's not about to allow them to interfere with his carefully leftist conclusions...

Particularly when it's not even a thinly disguised democrat hit piece.

But that kind of abuse of his position is what makes him the slimeball he really is.

Sit, John, sit.  THAT'S a good little fringe-left pit yorkie.

Why I'll no longer support the American Cancer Society or the Battle Ground Relay for Life.

Several years ago, I became involved with the ACS/RFL as a result of the then very sick little boy in our extended family, Luke Jensen.

Luke was an amazing young man in so many ways, and I figured the least I could do would be to go out there and suck it up for a couple of days every year to help out... to help raise money for research and maybe find some cures for this scourge.

This year is my 5th or 6th... and it's my last.  I was barely involved this year as it was.

It's not because the battle, ultimately lost but oh so bravely fought by Luke had somehow become less... less important, less impactful.  On the contrary.

It is, instead because of this:
Updated ratings for charities mentioned in CharityWatch archived articles can be found in the current Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report.  
The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) is now CharityWatch.
Eye-Popping Pay
—published in the December 2011 issue of the Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report  
The head of the American Cancer Society since 1992, John Seffrin made $1.3 million in total compensation and benefits in fiscal 2009. His payout in fiscal 2010 was boosted to $2.2 million. This puts him at #2 on CharityWatch's list of Top 25 Compensation Packages.

According to the Society's 2010 tax filing Seffrin was paid $1.5 million for a supplemental SERP. SERP is usually an acronym for "supplemental executive retirement plan." So this begs the question: Why is Seffrin receiving a retirement payout before he's retired? Greg Donaldson, the Society's VP of Corporate Communications, told CharityWatch that the $1.5 million was a retention benefit rather than a retirement benefit that was approved by the Society's compensation committee in 2001 to "preserve management stability" and for "succession planning."

John Seffrin has dedicated much of his life to the cancer cause and has been impacted by the disease personally-his grandmother and mother both died of cancer, and his wife of 43 years is a breast cancer survivor. It is not clear why he would require a $1.5 million payout, in addition to his generous $700,000 in other compensation and benefits, to motivate him to continue his employment at the leading cancer charity in the U.S.

CharityWatch was also surprised to learn that upon retirement, three subordinates of Seffrin received retirement pay and benefit packages of $1.9 million, $1.5 million and $1.2 million, respectively, according to the Society's fiscal 2009 tax filing. A major chunk of these payouts was for accumulated pension and retirement benefits that were not disclosed by the Society until the fiscal year that the executives retired. If Seffrin's underlings received such large, previously undisclosed payouts upon retirement, it is reasonable to assume that he will eventually get an even bigger payout. When CharityWatch recently asked Donaldson about Seffrin's likely retirement benefits, he said, "We believe that any attempt to communicate any future payments to or the future value of any potential retirement benefits would be totally speculative and would therefore be of little benefit and indeed, potentially misleading."

While the Society won't reveal Seffrin's anticipated retirement payout, it has planned to set aside $16.8 million in SERPs for him and its other most highly paid executives. This is in addition to the $589.2 million planned for future pensions and $57.7 million for postretirement medical, dental and life insurance coverage for all Society employees who qualify, according to the charity's 2010 audit. The Society should not keep donors in the dark about what portion of these millions of dollars set aside for future retirement benefits will directly benefit its already highly paid CEO.

I will no longer be a party to this kind of scam.  Rated at a very low C+ on the A through F scale, and there is, frankly, no excuse for this waste of money to cover overhead.

I, instead, intend to focus on the more local, immediate and highest rated charity concerning cancer known as the Children's Cancer Association.

The leaders who run the CCA receive a total of around $171,000 per year.  Their mission isn't research (But then, it doesn't seem to be the ACS's mission, either.)  but instead to directly assist the children and families impacted by this terrible disease directly.

The ACS seems to be (and is) multiples larger... 500 times or more.

But the ACS also seems to be a victim of it's own success, having, apparently, long since forgotten what they are there for.

When the ACS CEO is paid around 6 times what the president of the United States makes?

Sorry.  I don't think so.

I love the people who work at making Relay for Life in Battle Ground such a great success.  But in this case, "great success" seems to just mean fatter checks for those in charge... and I seriously doubt that those working so hard are remotely aware of the amount of money the ACS hierarchy is getting paid... in this instance, John Seffrin, by himself, appears to be getting paid by himself as much as the entirety of the CCA's budget.

And I'm not interested in doing that, helping that or furthering that.

The people have been great.  I don't mean to denigrate the service those who remain provide. 

But the purpose of the ACS is SUPPOSED to be cancer research and focusing on a cure.

Instead, it seems to be related almost entirely on enriching a few at the top by diverting funds that never do, but absolutely should, be expended in the lab.

Thus ends my involvement with the Relay for Life.  I wish them the best.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Democratian wears our more kneepads for a leftist: Soon to be unemployed Craig "Loser" Pridemore.

Here's the deal: when you're a hardcore, left or right hack, you shouldn't expect the political mainstream to support you.

That's why 71% of his commissioner district voted against Commissioner Marc Boldt in the primary.

And that's why 79% of the state voted against Pridemore.

Pridemore, who never had a chance of winning this or any other statewide election due to his partisan hackery, met my every expectation by getting hammered in the auditor primary.

Naturally, the leftists at the democratian are going to leave out many of the inconvenient truths in Pridemore's job application they just sent out in the form of a blog post.

They neglected to mention that it was his legislation that has allowed the gerrymandered CTran taxing district that is screwing tens of thousands of us out of the right to vote on CTran scams while we're not exempted from paying the taxes.

They completely left out the sweet little amendment he put together at Steve Stuart's request to exempt HIS campaign donations from Pridemore's campaign finance bill that now.... NOW... requires commissioner candidates to live with what had formally been just legislative limits.

And, of course, the best show of integrity... the one where he stands up on the floor of the Senate before his first budget vote and complains that he "fears this budget was balanced on the backs of the poor and the powerlesss" which he THEN PROCEEDS TO VOTE FOR KNOWING IT WOULD HURT "THE POOR AND THE POWERLESS."

And, no mention of his incredibly lame congressional run..... wayyyyy back in 2010.  Why not?

It takes a SPECIAL legislator to do that.

But, like the cover the democratian provides for Jim "Candy Man" Moeller's moronic "what is, what isn't" candy tax to fund his pet projects... a moronic bill so far out of the mainstream that his own district voted overwhelmingly to repeal it... there's no way they'd remind the readers of those efforts by Pridemore.

So now, having done his damage to the people of Clark County, Pridemore is, finally (and hopefully permanently) out of the political scene.

Now, it's just a matter of time until he's hired at an outrageous salary by someone like CTran... someone he's carried the water for like Gunga Din.

After all, the left takes care of their own.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The democratian: fresh from the moron zone - "Fuddy-Duddies Missed Out."

We're cursed with a clueless moronic rag of a daily newspaper in SW Washington.  Literally, a cancer on our society where they perceive their agenda and perceptions as superior to every one else's, and they attack with an effort to destroy those wise enough to disagree with their version of utopia.

As exhibit A, I offer up the rank stupidity of today's editorial where the monkey they let loose on a keyboard asks the moronic question:

What happened this year with fair attendance and primary voting?

First: fair attendance.

Folks, what we've seen here is just a glimpse of what we're GOING to see if they ever implement a toll on their masturbatory fantasy of the CRC.

Except, of course, this will be a result felt by ALL of small business in Clark County that relies on disposable income and for the same reasons: people simply cannot afford it any more, so the Fair makes the top of the "cut" list.

That $1300 per year or so that these morons want to vaporize every year?

Where do these idiots think that money is going to come from?

In answer to my own question, it's hard to say what they WILL blame:  what they WON'T blame is anything or any project THEY endorse or demand or want to ram down our throats.

Attendance is down, according to the rag, 13% from last year, "and they're not sure why."

Well, given the rag's recent bankruptcy, it's fairly clear that both numbers... and money... are constructs they haven't mastered.

First of all, the number "13%" is rather nebulous and antiseptic.  Let me spell is out:

Something on the order of 32,000 people didn't want to waste their money.

Or, in the alternative, they didn't have the money TO waste.

And the rag isn't sure why we stayed away in droves.

They stumble around, carefully avoiding the actual reasons because, well, God knows they could never bring themselves to achieve reality and tell the truth:  because, with apologies to Jimmy McMillan, "The rent is just too damned high."

If you want to have a good time at the Fair... spend the day out there... then you need to be prepared to pay something approaching Disneyland money.

And to paraphrase a famous leftist:  "Idiot who wrote this editorial, I know Disneyland.  Disneyland is a favorite place of mine. And Idiot, the Clark County Fair ain't no Disneyland."

The rag keeps repeating the lie that it's not cost in an economy with double digit unemployment as if the ONLY cost to going to this money trap was the absurd cost of parking and the massive rip off of paying $10 just to walk in.  The Cowlitz County Fair, just north of us, has FREE admission.

So, for a typical family of 4, you're out $45 just to get in past the gate.

And the idea that the only monetary consideration is the cost of admission and parking, absurdly high to begin with, didn't go up and, therefore, there was no financial reason not to go; a conclusion the rag clings to like a plank in the ocean after the Titanic sunk, a rather cold and very temporary dodge, to be sure; is as moronic as believing in their hearts that scamming us all with a ticket tax for the next two or three decades while they offer nothing in return for the bank they were going to make on the ballpark was also a great idea.

What DID go up was what vendors had to pay.  What did go up was what vendors had to sell.  What went up was the cost of everything else.

$8 for a burger?  Seriously?  For THAT?


The reason for the fall-off in attendance to the fair rests with the county commissioners and the fair administration.

And no amount of spin from the rag can change any of that.

You want more people?

Ratchet back the prices.

And remember: in all of this the impacts of these prices that were such a challenge in the disposable income meme so required by small business here in Clark County is just the tip of the iceberg.

If tolls ever get implemented around here, 32,000 skipping the fair will become a drop in the bucket.

And when it comes to the vote... the lack of a presidential primary, the lackluster slate of candidates... the rag's support of fringe-left whack jobs and their rank double standard all sickened people who's attention is elsewhere.

Most of the races were between 2 people (no need to vote in the primary since they both go through to the general) or where the two main candidates were the same (The governor's race, for example, where it really doesn't matter whether Inslee (who is going to win) or McKenna win)  or where the candidates were worthless and the PCO races were a foregone conclusion.

I voted, because once you spend 5 seconds on the East German border you become genetically programmed to vote.

But for those like the moron who wrote this editorial, who have actually supported a candidate who has NEVER voted (Janet Seekins in the assessor election) to complain when others don't vote?

I dunno.  Moron doesn't quite cover it.

So, there ya have it.  The rank stupidity and self-delusion of the cancer on our society on fill display.

I will never attend the fair, prices notwithstanding, as long as they sell alcohol there.... yet another issue the rag rabidly supported.  It's the same thing.... year after year... a large waste of money... now foisted off on a populace increasingly unable to afford it.

And while I voted and always will vote... I can fully understand why Clark County came in dead last place this time around, given the lack of unbiased news coverage and the lackluster candidates.  And, because of the disappointment of RINO Rob McKenna, while obviously, more people will vote in the general, I fully expect us to be in last in turn out yet again.

Given the filth of the campaigns and the blind eye the rag turns to the leftist liars (Boldt and Probst, for example) it's just not going to be surprising.

That the rag doesn't get it?

Well, they call that "Thursday."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bad News Barack: 2008 Campaign Co-Chair to stump.... for Romney.

Now, if Michelle came out for Romney, that would be, perhaps, even worse.  But Obama should have a lot of explaining to do over this, namely, "Why is your 2008 campaign co-chair now going to be working to get your opponent, Governor Romney, elected?"
Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney

(CNN) - A former four-term Democratic congressman from Alabama and one time strong supporter of President Barack Obama will campaign for Mitt Romney Wednesday.
A Romney campaign aide confirms to CNN that Artur Davis will stump for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in the battleground state of Virginia.

– Follow the Ticker on Twitter: @PoliticalTicker

– Follow Paul Steinhauser on Twitter: @PsteinhauserCNN
Davis, who is black, may be best known for seconding Obama's nomination at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, when he served as an Obama campaign co-chairman. Davis said he had hoped Obama's presidency would make a huge dent in race relations, as well as move the Democratic Party further to the center.
In 2010, Davis made an unsuccessful bid for governor of Alabama. In May he announced he was switching to the GOP, leaving the door open to a future political bid as a Republican.
Davis said in June that he thinks his one time political party was becoming more unwelcoming towards Southern conservative Democrats.

In the immortal words of Scooby-Do:

Obama devaluing American citizenship, one illegal alien at a time.

The fringe-left, open-borders types rejoice as Obama's violation of this nation's laws kicks in today, devaluing the citizenship of all Americans.

Face it, those of us born in the United States used to be fortunate.  It used to actually mean something, but now, it means increasingly less and less as Obama and the democrats put those here illegally ahead of us, while turning a blind eye to the multiple negative effects.

Here's the reality: the law is clear on illegal aliens.  8 minutes old or 80 years old, the laws on illegals do not, and should not, differentiate in your treatment.

With a baseline that is quite simple: your mere presence violates this country's laws, and, therefore, this country owes you absolutely nothing, the idea that illegal aliens of any age are the recipients of any preference, bonus, allowance, or advantage of any kind over those pining away to get to this country is bad enough.

That they get these things AHEAD of AMERICAN CITIZENS?

There's no excuse for that.

And let's be honest here: both major parties bear some level of responsibility for this mess; neither possessed the testosterone necessary to address this issue back when it was more manageable; now, infinitely more difficult, they don't want to address it at all.

But Obama's age-based amnesty?  His blatant pandering for the illegal alien vote?  (And folks, let's remember: illegal aliens are not supposed to be allowed to vote, in fact, that was a privilege reserved to non-felon American citizens aged 18 and older.)

But with the advent of motor voter and other avenues where illegals can sign up to vote because proof of citizenship is not required to register to vote OR to get a license in this country, and where efforts to REQUIRE proof of citizenship are met with cries of racism and bigotry and lawsuits, cries, to which, the right dutifully caves; and the result are democrat efforts to use illegal aliens in their campaigns and democrat efforts to register illegal aliens to vote.

Thus, Obama's pandering to the illegal alien vote by virtue of his decision to suspend American law and illegally allow tens of thousands of illegal aliens to openly seek employment in a job market where citizens can't find work and where many of our colleges and universities are recruiting and providing preferences for illegal aliens.

In reviewing the value of being an American when I was born in the 50's with the value of the privilege (and luck) today, how do you think they compare?

We'd like to think we earn a living and that we're paid what we've earned.

But now, over half of Americans are getting a government check.  Large segments of our society pay absolutely nothing in federal taxes... not even a dollar.

When an illegal gets a break that not even a citizen can get, when an illegal gets POLITICAL-based affirmative action, when an illegal is allowed to live openly, flaunting our laws?

Why should we care so much about being a citizen when in the real world, our own president is telling us it means so little?

Is it time to fire the fair manager? Attendance down 13% "It was the weather." Are you fricking kidding me?

So, once again the taxpayer is going to be on the hook for that massive waste known as the Clark County Fair.

I, personally, stopped going even before they got moronic enough to serve alcohol... but to blame this crap on the weather?


Prices were insane.  The admission fee was insane, parking prices were insane, the prices of anything to eat or drink.... insane.

And it's finally caught up to them.
Attendance at the Clark County Fair was down 13 percent from 2011, and the biggest daily declines coincided with the hottest days.
Which had absolutely nothing to do with it... except for the horrific prices of getting anything to drink... or eat.

The 10-day fair, which ended Sunday, attracted 219,054 people.
The fair was particularly hurt by the fact that the hottest days were on the weekends, said Fair Manager John Morrison.
The fair was particularly hurt by the massive, insane prices that many families couldn't afford.

This place ain't Disneyland.  They need to stop charging like it.
For example, the five-year average attendance for the first Saturday of the fair is 26,965. This year, 17,631 people made the trip to the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield on that day.
"The 100-degree-plus temperatures certainly had an adverse impact on our attendance," Morrison said. "As temperatures decreased, I saw a return to normal patterns."
Bull.  If I was a commissioner, this guy would be gone tomorrow.
On the final day, attendance averages 34,225. This year, it dropped to 24,517.
Total attendance reflects everyone who walks through a gate, as counted by clicker.
Attendance in 2011 was 251,892, which was still below the five-year average attendance of 257,061.
Considering that prices for admission, parking and the carnival have been unchanged for three years, Morrison attributed the drop in attendance to the weather.
Really?  Are you KIDDING me?

It's like the costs of everything else stayed the same.,.. right?

Rides?  The prices of the crap they sell?  Drinks?  Food?

And NOW, we get to waste precious tax dollars to make up for this massive loss.

Wonderful.  Time to cut our loses and close this thing down.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty much over: latest results from the election - PCOA fantasy of taking out Kimsey collapses.

No changes in elective offices around the county: Republicans extended their leads where they had been ahead on the 10th, Democrats the same.

Hearts were broken in the PCOA scam when Greg Kimsey finally drove a stake through their hopes to deal the establishment a "crushing" blow.
Updates from County Auditor Greg Kimsey’s office are in, and what was a 38-vote lead in Kimsey’s race against Trevor Winton has now been reduced to 23. Kimsey’s 188 votes so far is the highest total in the county, and Trevor’s 165 is second-highest, just ahead of James Randall’s 164 in a neighboring precinct. It is interesting that the guy counting the votes happened to receive the most votes in the entire county in his PCO race. It is also interesting that despite this vote total outlier, this one is still a contest. There are reportedly upwards of 12-15,000 ballots yet to be counted, and Trevor got 40 votes on the 8000 that were counted on Wednesday. A race that was considered ‘over’ has now been moved to the ‘in play’ category.

Delusion being the ongoing hallmark of the Paulbot, this "race" was, in fact, over from the getgo and, in fact, was never in play.

Today's results show that Kimsey has extended his lead by 1, which was 23 at last count but is now 24.

With 150 votes county wide left to count, Kimsey will be returning to the ranks of PCO-dom, just like most of the establishment hierarchy.

Face it; it's tough to be a Paulbot.  It's tough to be a dogged supporter of a political philosophy so widely ridiculed and dispised.   But it's tougher still to try and hide it.

Another leftist campaign ad from the democratian, this time, for Moeller:

The Public Disclosure Commission has it's uses.

Maintaining a self-actuating, software-driven database is one.

Unfortunately, enforcement activity from the PDC has been, essentially, worthless... unless the local media hates you like, say, the Columbian hates David Madore.

Then, if any of their fellow fringe lefters file a complaint, no matter how bogus or bizarre, the rag is all over it, giving it the widest possible publicity... EVEN BEFORE IT'S INVESTIGATED.

For the rag, if they hate you, the well-timed allegation is enough.

If they hate you.

Marc Boldt has repeatedly violated PDC law, but he's on their support list, so there's not a peep out of them over that.  A complaint that I filed against their hero Gregerson because he couldn't figure out how to report properly?  Not a word.

Multiple complaints filed against that slimeball Jon Russell?  Although his illegality was acknowledged, the PDC refused to act and the rag refused to print.

In that regard, the PDC is anything BUT a blueprint for other states.

Let a leftist file a complaint against Madore, and the democratian goes bat shit crazy.

And then there's Moeller... and the democratian's fawning coverage of this lie:
Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, has long pushed for the creation of a searchable database tracking lobbyist money. This would seem to be a simple and obvious addition to the numbers available in this Age of Information.
In addition, critics have said the PDC can be more effective in aspects of enforcement for candidates who violate election rules.
"Honestly, we probably have one of the very best and most transparent election systems in the nation," Moeller told reporter Anna Marum of The Columbian. "I think it's worked very well; it just needs some updating.'
These days, there is no excuse for anything less than pure transparency in politics. Washington should continue moving toward that.
Really?  When did he do THAT?

What's the bill number?  When did he drop the bill?  Did it get a hearing?  The left controls the entirety of the legislature: if he wanted this... then where is it?

Nowhere.  And it never was anywhere.

But this kind of in-kind campaigning crap?

That's just, well, "Tuesday" for the democratian.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm sure it's just coincidence: in Cowlitz - Ron Paul supporters looking to shake up local GOP

One of the more interesting lies of the PCOA down here is that it isn't a Ron Paul movement.

I've known, and stated, that these people are being led, if not manipulated, by Paulbots.  This allegedly "spontaneous" movement has just jumped up all by itself... except for the similar movements in Spokane, Seattle, Bellingham and the like... and now this from the Daily News:
Ron Paul supporters looking to shake up local (Cowlitz) GOP
By Barbara LaBoe / The Daily News The Daily News Online 6 hours ago  • 
Nearly a week after the Aug. 7 primary election, it still is not clear whether Ron Paul — or "Liberty Movement" — Republicans succeeded in shaking up the Cowlitz County party.
They didn't win the majority of the precinct committee positions, but about 30 percent of Ron Paul supporters were successful and will be involved in shaping the party's future once they take office in January. Cowlitz GOP Chairman Larry Wendfeldt said he welcomes new blood as long as the Paul supporters work together with other party members.
"I'd hope the people who won become active, because we all have the same ultimate aim, to win the November national election," Wendfeldt said. "I like to think we're all Republicans, we just have some different approaches."
Precinct committee officers do a lot of the everyday grunt work of the party, such as marshaling volunteers and organizing get-out-the-vote campaigns. Everyone needs to pitch in to be successful, Wendfeldt said.
Supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul for president were urged to run for PCO positions across the state this year to gain control of the state party and make it easier for Paul's Libertarian agenda to be advanced. State and local officials reported a dramatic rise in the number of opposed PCO races and attributed it to the Ron Paul factor.
There were 36 contested Republican PCO races in Cowlitz County, but in some Wendfeldt said it's was unclear whether the challenger supported Paul. A change the precinct maps this year also meant some former PCOs faced off against each other. There are 66 Republican PCO positions countywide, but many were unopposed.
There's no official tally of Ron Paul supporters versus more "mainline Republicans" in Cowlitz County, because all ran as Republicans. Wendfeldt identified about 30 races where he knew there was a showdown between a Ron Paul supporter and a more mainline Republican — including his own, which he won by 10 votes, according to the most recent tallies.
Of the 30 races, 22 were won by the traditional Republicans and eight were claimed by Ron Paul supporters, Wendfeldt said.
Arne Mortensen is one of the Ron Paul supporters who won a PCO race, though the retired software engineer is quick to note he's long been involved in local Republican politics, including previous service in a PCO position.
Mortensen said he'd never vote for President Barack Obama, but neither is he quite ready to pledge support for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. He wants to see what Tea Party supporters and others do at the national convention later this month, he said.
Locally, Mortensen said he'd like to see the party re-energized.
"I'd definitely look for some changes in the local party," he said. He said the monthly meetings can be "very bureaucratic" and new ideas aren't always explored. He'd also like more guest speakers added to keep the base fired up and more effort put into holding candidates accountable for sticking to party platforms and standards.
"I want to change the outlook and maybe do a better job of vetting people," Mortensen said.
Wendfeldt said the Ron Paul supporters and mainline Republicans have "a lot more in common than we have differences" and hopes they can work together for the good of the party. He still disagrees with some of Paul's stances, such as legalizing drugs, but believes there's a lot of common ground to be found.
Paul supporters will "obviously have a bigger voice" as a result of the primary election, Wendfeldt said, though he noted he's also appointed Ron Paul supporters to vacant PCO seats in the past. "And no one should ever have an entire lock on things. That can lead to the good old boy network. We have to be open to everybody's thoughts and try to include them."
These efforts had a lot in common.

Names resembled each other.

Same nonsensical babble for talking points.

Same abysmal outcomes.

Yep.... sheer coincidence.

At least they didn't try the "allied" scam so popular with these losers down here.

But yes... this serves to reconfirm the REALITY of the situation... a reality missing from the scammers here in Clark County.  And that is that the effort here in Clark County was Paulbot driven, Paulbot planned, and typically, Paulbot failed.

Hell, we knew that, didn't we?

More to come.

Update on the PCOA scam. (I bet the democratian hates being lied to)

Yesterday afternoon, I pointed out the scam the PCOA thugs were trying to run.  Among other lies (and there are so man) was this tidbit in the local democratian:
The grass roots movement is being led by a group called the PCO Liberty Alliance -- PCO being short for precinct committee officer -- and the alliance wants to challenge what it sees as an "establishment mentality" within the current Clark County GOP. It led this push by encouraging 150 like-minded Republicans to run for PCO seats.
I responded, in part, by pointing out the obvious:
The second irony that they don't talk about is that while they're attempting to infer that these 90 Paulbots or Paulbot sympathizers are new... the fact is that many, if not most, were running for re-election to a PCO seat they would have kept anyway. 
In short, very few of this "90" are new, most have been there before, and most who went along with these neo-Nazis did so out of fear they'd be challenged by these fakes.
So, a source sent me this little tidbit tonight:

Forty four.  Out of 222 precincts.

The rest of the fantasy "90" are "allied."  And out of the 150 people these clowns are laying claim to who were allegedly running under their banner, this is the typically abysmal Paulbot result.

In other words, as I pointed out, the entirety of this scam accomplished absolutely nothing.

They'll keep SAYING they did... but then, Baghdad Bob denied American troops were in Baghdad... even as our tanks were rumbling by.

In short, as I pointed out, most of those these clowns are laying claim to would have won anyway.

But in a self-delusional state... they just refuse to admit it...

... the hallmark of the Paulbot.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Memo to PCOA people: stop with the friend requests.

I am not your friend.  I am, in fact, your worst political nightmare.

I share no interests with you.  I will not be assimilated.

So, just knock it off.  The answer will always be "no."

Jim Moeller's fascination with tea bagging.

It's unfortunate that the people of the 49th District support militant socialism as much as they do, but given their fringe-left bent and neo-communist leadership, it's not surprising that their chronically high unemployment, drug use, crime rates and reliance on taxpayer-funded social programs causes them to vote for someone who will screw any taxpayer he can, anyway he can to keep those people firmly under his foot.

Rep. Jim Moeller (Neo-communist 49) is just such a man.

A despicable politician who ignores the will of the people whenever it suits him and author of the frighteningly idiotic what is, and what isn't candy tax that was destroyed in EVERY legislative district in the state when the people were finally allowed to vote on it... as in, whenever the people make an effort to roll back spending or make it more difficult to raise taxes, Moeller seems fascinated by "tea-bagging."

It's typically an act apparently favored in the gay community; he refers to it frequently regardless of it's inappropriate use, because his childish, play ground mentality results in his reliance on school yard epithets as a way to address the issues.

The "Tea Party," of course, has noting to do with either tea bags or Moeller's view of tea bagging.  And, for the unaware, here's the Wiki definition of the adjective:
To tea bag is a slang term for the act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth of a sexual partner or onto the face or head of another person. The practice resembles dipping a tea bag into a cup of tea when it is done in a repeated in-and-out motion. As a form of non-penetrative sex, it can be done for its own enjoyment or as foreplay.

Clearly, I can understand Moeller's obsession with the act.  But his constant reliance on it to describe any group wise enough to oppose his own, peculiar, world view?

Not so much.
Clearly an aficionado of fringe-left hero Saul Alinsky, he's a believer in Rule 5:
5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

So, as a leftist slimeball, Moeller is reduced to implementing this garbage every chance he gets.

He can't address substance, so he's left with childishness because his leftist hero's bible tells him how to act.

As a symptom of the fringe-left cancer infesting us, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised about his reliance on name-calling; after all, if the discussion was limited to issues, most every fringe leftist would be out of a job, and then people like Moeller would HAVE to collect per diem for sitting on his ass at home.

But then... that's just who he is.

Maybe one day, he'll grow up.  Maybe one day, the voters will wise up, and put an adult leftist in there to look out for their taxpayer-draining interests instead of a childish, ego-maniacal putz who resembles Mussolini in his arrogance.

But I doubt it.