Thursday, August 23, 2012

As expected, Pike gets the appointment to fill out the remainder of the year in the 18th District House seat... What does Cortes do now?

As earlier mentioned here, even though Liz Pike was second choice by the 18th District GOP PCO's, it was unlikely that anyone else would get the appointment.

Rep. Pike has had a long acquaintance with both Commissioners Boldt and Stuart.  It would be unlikely they would ignore that in favor of the unfortunately damaged goods represented by Brandon Vick, discussed here, an already weakened candidate mailing it in because he believed he was home free.... failing to raise money, failing to prepare, failing to campaign, failing to help others, failing to show he could come close to winning in a competitive situation..

But this is a scenario tailor-made for a late move by Adrian Cortes.

Although he made a huge mistake by failing to be ready and failing to take advantage of the earned media this opportunity provided him (Indecision is just as bad as recklessness) he may have already crippled himself out of this golden opportunity... since his announcement alone likely would have finished Vick off altogether.

Brandon's weaknesses lack relevance in the discussion here... but suffice it to say they are many and easily overcome by Cortes.

But Cortes' indecision has likely cost him the opportunity to act quickly and decisively.  And for that, I wish him luck and note he's likely to be on his own now and in the future.

As for Brandon, this, if nothing else, should be a learning opportunity that if he even hopes to survive the primary next cycle he had better learn and take advantage of.


Anonymous said...

Quit throwing this good conservative under the bus. Give Cortez some space and respect to make a decision. He has a bright future and you're not helping.

This Guy said...

Thanks for your input but Adrian has had months to make this decision. I didn't post anything he didn't know, and failing to see opportunity when it's presented combined with a lack of decisiveness does not a good Representative/candidate make.

The issue isn't his conservatism. There are many great conservatives out there that I know who would make lousy candidates. THAT'S the issue.

His future isn't my problem. He's in charge of it, but to be consumed with a lack of assuredness is not the way to go.

That's what I pointed out and that's what I'm sticking with. Either way, he's announced.

If he runs a smart campaign he should win without too much trouble. If he doesn't, he won't... but I'm not involved nor will I be.

Thanks for stopping by.