Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Smollett Charges DROPPED

President Trump's immigration fail.

Illegal aliens continue to flood over the border because, well, why shouldn't they?

As I pointed out months ago, there was really no action available to stop them, because as a nation, we lack the will to TAKE the steps needed to end this invasion.

The result?  The flood grows.

Facilities are full, they say.   As a result, the "catch and release" insanity that he pledged to end is now back in full force.

Is it his fault?  Don't know for certain, but I do know the buck stops with him.

As I expected and have said in the past, unless we begin to shoot illegal aliens on sight (which I do NOT advocate), there's very little reason for these people to stay away.

Not only is the illegal alien resort destination continuing.... it is expanding as various cities and states (including the Washington Soviet) grow their "sanctuary" status unabated... while the Fed does nothing.

The solutions are relatively simple:

1.  Make it illegal for illegal aliens to own property.

Can't buy a car, a boat, a house, a business.  Require all business transactions to include proof of citizenship which must become a part of the transactional record.  Set cash limits where, for example, every transaction has to be cleared through eVerify.

2. Make it illegal for illegal alien children to attend our schools, public or private.

Require proof of citizenship to register children for school.  No proof? No school.

3. Make it illegal for illegal aliens to get licenses/permits.

Drivers, business, you name it.  If it needs a license to drive or run, if it needs a permit to be built or operated?  No go if you can't prove citizenship.

4.  Make it illegal for illegals to send money electronically.

Western Union type operations make bank off of illegals shipping money back home electronically.

Require proof of citizenship to do that.

5.  Require proof of citizenship for ALL people involved to receive payments from any social service.

6.  End the bogus "refugee status" scam.

You want refugee status?  Apply at an embassy or consulate.  And wait.

You know, like everyone else has to around the world?

7.  If you commit any crime above that of misdemeanor level, you are out, never to be allowed back in... including any effort to purchase a firearm.

I've never understood why leftists are such huge fans of MS-13 gang member types.

8.  If you're ever deported even once, you're permanently banned from ever holding legal residency or attempting to gain citizenship.

If illegal aliens apply for any of these things, report them immediately to ICE.

Violation of any of these laws would be grounds for immediate deportation/expulsion.

Some of these measures may seem harsh.  But the reality remains as clear now as it was when I questioned it months ago: what we're doing now solves nothing.  The situation is as bad as ever and is likely to get worse unless steps are taken to end his illegal alien resort that we've built, which draws illegals here like a magnet.

As a nation, we either want to stop this or we don't.  Babbling about it, making false promises, doing nothing and changing nothing solves nothing.  And meanwhile, more and more Americans are slaughtered.  More and more illegals get slots in our schools, colleges and universities.  More and more states/cities ignore the laws of this land by hiring and harboring people whose mere presence represents a violation of our laws.

Our state Attorney General, for example, Sideshow Bobby Ferguson, wants to be governor in the worst way.  And that's how he's going about it: in the worst way.

His taxpayer-paid campaign for the spot that our current leftist enviro-nazi governor will be vacating November of next year is at warp speed.

So, what does that have to do with illegals?

We have a communist, gun-grabbing/neutering initiative in force, or soon to be in force, here in Washington.  It's likely unconstitutional on its face.

Several counties have pledged to ignore it and not enforce it.  At least 20+ county sheriffs refuse to enforce it.  

Sideshow is losing his mind over that. He's sent out letters and whined and bitched and moaned as a result.

So has the governor, who wrote: 
“Despite what some of these sheriffs would have people believe, no one has the ability to pick and choose which laws to follow,” said Inslee, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president.
Inslee, who does come across as brain-damaged on occasion, fails to even see a hint of irony in that statement.


ANY effort to aid or harbor illegal aliens is a violation of federal law.  You know, one of those things that leftists ignore when it suits them?

Sheriffs are saying "no" to a law they deem unconstitutional.  The Governor and his sock-puppet AG respond by saying the sheriffs cannot do the very thing THEY are doing when it comes to illegal aliens.

The sheriffs are, essentially, setting up "sanctuary counties," which the AG and Governor assure us... and them.... they cannot do.

Because, you know, the law.

Meanwhile those two hypocrites whiz on the laws of this country concerning illegals and they do so with impunity.

ICE should begin in one state.... maybe this one.... and ignore those so-called sanctuary laws.

They should begin to arrest officials who violate federal law by aiding, abetting, assisting and harboring illegals in any way.

And, if needs be, that means arresting the governor and the AG.

But if those two idiots don't like what the sheriffs in many counties in this state are doing?

They should set the example and either resign... or enforce the laws of this country.

And until they stop doing the very thing the sheriffs are doing?

They're in no position to say anything about anyone else.

After all, aren't the sheriffs doing the exact same thing that Sideshow and Brain Dead are doing when it comes to illegals?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Why is the GOP Senate allowing the left to hang the President out to dry?

Readers are aware that there ARE actually TWO Houses in Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The House, of course, has opened up a dozen "investigations" in their abortive effort to hamstring Mr. Trump.

The Senate, fully controlled by the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (Allegedly R-KY) could put a stop to it immediately... within a matter of days.

Simply by opening investigations into House Members.

For every investigation the leftist scum controlling the House open up, McConnell could... and should... open up two.

Start with Nancy Pelosi's finances.  Then, let's take a look at the House rape list.  Then, we can segue into the Black Caucus.  Then, we could work over Maxine Waters, or our 3 Musketeer terrorist-supporting thugs.  Terrorist supporting thug number one, Ilhan from Minnesota.  Let's take a look see into the allegations she married her brother to get him, illegally, into the United States.  Let's take a gander at AOC's unpaid taxes.

Start at the top and work our way down.

My guess is these people would see the light and stop this nonsense.  And do so quickly.

Great visuals, by the way.  So far, these scum have escaped any personal scrutiny.  Isn't it about time that stops?

Yeah, they'd scream like cut cuts, claiming it was all retaliatory.  And so what?  You can come right out and say something to the effect that it IS retaliatory.

But the House is dead set on destroying a presidency for purely partisan reasons... even if, in the process, it's destroys US, the people of the United States.

So, yeah.... the path is clear.  The question: why isn't the GOP Senate taking it?

Mueller Report fallout: leftists howling.

It pretty much broke the way I predicted back in May of 2017; both the report itself AND the leftist inability to accept it.

Sturm und drang in DC over Trump. (The lose-lose of the special counsel)

Here's Drudge's take with links of the same kind of reaction the left displayed post election:

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Seattle is Dying: proof that our legislature and out city governments are out of touch.

Seattle is Dying. An hour long special on what's happening, mostly in Seattle, about the "homeless" population and options as to what needs to be done about it.

As many of us have long since concluded, government in this state of our major cities, Seattle, certainly and Vancouver as well, simply are not capable of dealing with the increasingly omnipresent issue of dealing with the primarily criminal, drug-infested and mental homeless people that are an obvious issue in our communities.

Here, locally, the biggest example of moronic government is the Portland Soviet.  It has become a caricature of non-responsive, clueless government.

According to Eric Johnson, the KOMO reporter who put this brilliant piece of work together, 2 factors are startlingly clear: first, Seattle and the other communities around Seattle have wasted at least a billion dollars on the issue and it's getting worse.  And the second issue is what we all know: the more money these idiots waste on this issue, the bigger the homelessness issue has... and will... become.

Those of us living in Clark County are increasingly aware of the homelessness/drug/mental health issues confronting us and Vancouver city government has shown themselves to be no more capable of dealing with these issues than that of the Soviet cities of Seattle and Portland.

Johnson’s video should be mandatory for all legislators, who’ve done nothing about this issue visible to the naked eye, and all city council members where any homeless issue has begun to rear its ugly head.

There’s one thing all of these cities have in common: leftist government.

Republicans generally are nowhere to be found in these fringe-left enclaves. And the result?

San Francisco, Portland, Seattle… and now, Vancouver… the criminal, drug-infested and mental health damaged homeless… are becoming increasingly obvious and impacting.

There are examples of efforts that have had some positive impact on the problem as Johnson explains in this special.

Sixty minutes. Sixty minutes of pain. Sixty minutes of the city of my birth becoming a stain on our society.

Is this the future of Clark County? Do we want to become a microcosm of the larger cities around us, where, for example, Portland’s overflow wind up in our neighborhoods, our streets?

Johnson suggests that perhaps, the actions taken in Providence, RI, which includes prosecuting all of these crimes, providing a structured environment in corrections facilities and taking the needed steps to make a change.

Watch this video. The situation is NOT hopeless, but these leftists lack the political will to do what MUST be done.

The reality is clear: what our governments ARE doing simply doesn’t work.

Isn’t it time we tried something else?

Seattle refuses to even acknowledge that drugs and mental health are the prime drivers of the issue. It’s much like Obama refusing to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” we cannot begin to resolve a problem as long as we refuse to actually acknowledge the problem exists.

Thanks to Eric Johnson and KOMO for doing the work and holding this mirror in front of the governments who can actually make something happen.

But I lack the faith in any of them that they will do what must be done to make this all a reality.

This post is to make you aware. It’s to get you to understand the depth and breadth of the problem confronting us and communities as small as Longview. Will the state take the lead? Will Inslee stop whining about the global environment and spend more time taking the lead to fix THIS environment?

Time will tell, but I am not hopeful.

All of us… all of YOU, MUST hold our governments accountable. They must ACT. Or the tents and the motorhomes sprouting up in Clark County will be exploding in growth and all of the issues that accompany that growth.

Are we going to see lists like the 100 frequent flyers in Seattle?

That’s increasingly up to us.  But the time to act is now.