Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sturm und drang in DC over Trump. (The lose-lose of the special counsel)

Wow.  The leftist media is being whipped into a frenzy.

Where have we seen THAT before?

And like our own local version of the Anti-Madore jihad, the foaming at the mouth liars of the left and their RINO sidekicks believe they smell blood in the water.

There isn't any, of course, but they want us to BELIEVE there is.

Shades of the perfectly legal Benton hiring. A great deal of this is Trump's fault: he apparently has yet to grasp the concept that anything he says will be twisted, exaggerated, and deliberately misinterpreted.

Clearly, Trump needs to learn the same discipline in his messaging that any other candidate/elected official has to know.  That is not to say he should stop his use of social media, on the contrary.

But in understanding that the left hates him like they hate their country, knowing going in that save for his resignation or murder, NOTHING he does will be viewed in a positive light by the leftists infesting us, a certain strategic view can be taken that may result in an advantage to the Administration.

What the Administration CANNOT do is allow THEMSELVES to be manipulated by the scum of the left.  If they allow it once... and they have with the errant naming of a special counsel to investigate a settled question (Russia)... that will merely embolden these scum to ramp up their demands with a shotgun approach, hoping against hope that something... anything... will stick.

(As an aside, the left needs to know that they are setting the framework for the same thing to happen to THEM if THEY ever get a leftist back into the White House...just sayin'.)

Naming the special counsel was a bad idea.

Not because Trump is guilty of anything; clearly, he isn't....leftist mental masturbation to the contrary.

No, it was a bad idea because it will make precisely no difference.

Everyone from our irrelevant local Trump haters (Lew?  You reading this?) to Chuck Schumer will accept one outcome and one outcome only: Trump's head on a pike.

Anything less than that?

They'll bitch and whine and moan about how it was a set up to clear Trump, that the guy picked for the job (Robert Mueller, a former FBI Director) was given the job only to cover for Trump and get him off the hook, etc.

Those who claim that getting cleared by Mueller will make ANY difference to the hyenas babbling are dead wrong.

In a normal world, it would.  But there is nothing normal about the political morass the left has dropped us into.

Which begs the issue: since we already know the outcome... and since the outcome will make precisely zero difference?

Why do it?

What difference, at this point, could it possibly make?

We see the left doing cartwheels: the NYT babbling "Robert Mueller: The Special Counsel America Needs."

Well, when he clears the President of any wrongdoing, what do you think the Time's headline will be then?  Will the findings clearing Trump satisfy these scum?

Of course not.

Again, nothing save Trump's resignation or death would accomplish that feat.

None of what's going on here goes beyond the left's... and the Establishment's/RINO's... hatred of Trump.

And as a result, any finding that doesn't support that hatred will never be accepted by those howling for blood, political or in some cases, actual.

For me, the biggest disappointment about this is that someone... anyone... around Trump either didn't realize this or they weren't forceful enough to take this off the table.

Is this, perhaps, the art of "bright, shiny object" politics?

I don't think so, if for no other reason than the multiple, massive microscopes aimed at the Administration.

Meanwhile, the RINO scum running the GOP in Congress are delighted in the angst and are doing nothing to aid the President except to do their best to increase the perception that he is besieged... like that clueless nitwit representing us in the House.

McCain and Graham, for the most part, are doing more damage than Schumer.  RINO Ryan is acting like the left is paying him.

And the basic premise for handing the GOP control of Congress is vaporizing in front of our very eyes as they fail the people who elected them and fail the country they needed to fix.

Will Trump survive this?

Of course, leftist and RINO fetishes and fantasies notwithstanding.

Remember, kids: the same people bombarding us with this bullshit solemnly assured us...repeatedly... like a jackhammer hitting concrete... that Donald Trump would first, never be the GOP nominee... and second, would never defeat that incompetent criminal cow that fortunately for us all, he kept of out of the White House.

Their job, then, has long since ceased being to just tell us what's going on.

Their job now is to do their best to spread their hatred like a virus.

Fortunately, the plurality is immune.  And that's all it takes.

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