Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's a gas, get it? Heh, heh.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.- democrat scumbag blames MS Governor for Katrina.

You know, the leftist scum infesting the democrats are way over the edge on so many things.

But to blame a PERSON for being the cause of a HURRICANE?

Only a democrat neo-comm scumbag of the lowest order could do that. And that's exactly what this idiot stick did. His old man must be spinning in his grave.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind” (120 comments )

As Hurricane Katrina dismantles Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, it’s worth recalling the central role that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour played in derailing the Kyoto Protocol and kiboshing President Bush’s iron-clad campaign promise to regulate CO2.

In March of 2001, just two days after EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman’s strong statement affirming Bush’s CO2 promise former RNC Chief Barbour responded with an urgent memo to the White House.

Barbour, who had served as RNC Chair and Bush campaign strategist, was now representing the president’s major donors from the fossil fuel industry who had enlisted him to map a Bush energy policy that would

be friendly to their interests. His credentials ensured the new administration’s attention.

The document, titled “Bush-Cheney Energy Policy & CO2,” was addressed to Vice President Cheney, whose energy task force was then gearing up, and to several high-ranking officials with strong connections to energy and automotive concerns keenly interested in the carbon dioxide issue, including Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Commerce Secretary Don Evans, White House chief of staff Andy Card and legislative liaison Nick Calio. Barbour pointedly omitted the names of Whitman and Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, both of whom were on record supporting CO2 caps. Barbour’s memo chided these administration insiders for trying to address global warming which Barbour dismissed as a radical fringe issue.

More.... if you can stomach it.

There is a way to win in Iraq

I like this... and we ought to give it a hard look... and do it now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

There is a way to win in Iraq


Andrew Krepinevich is a careful, scholarly man. A graduate of West Point and a retired lieutenant colonel, his book, "The Army and Vietnam," is a classic on how to fight counterinsurgency warfare.

Over the past year or so he's been asking his friends and former colleagues in the military a few simple questions: Which of the several known strategies for fighting insurgents are you guys employing in Iraq? What metrics are you using to measure your progress?

The answers have been disturbing. There is no clear strategy. There are no clear metrics.

Krepinevich has now published an essay in the new issue of Foreign Affairs, "How to Win in Iraq," in which he proposes a strategy. The article already is a phenomenon among the people running this war, generating discussion in the Pentagon, the CIA, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the office of the vice president.

Krepinevich's proposal is hardly new. He's merely describing a classic counterinsurgency strategy, which was used, among other places, in Malaya by the British in the 1950s. Tom Donnelly and Gary Schmitt pushed the same approach in a Washington Post essay back on Oct. 26, 2003; by Kenneth Pollack in Senate testimony this July 18; and by dozens of mid-level Army and Marine Corps officers in Iraq.

Krepinevich calls the approach the oil-spot strategy. The core insight is that you can't win a war like this by going off on search-and-destroy missions trying to kill insurgents. There are always more enemy fighters waiting. You end up going back to the same towns again and again, because the insurgents just pop up after you've left and kill anybody who helped you. You alienate civilians, who are the key to success, with your heavy-handed raids.

Instead of trying to kill insurgents, Krepinevich argues, it's more important to protect civilians. You set up safe havens where you can establish good security. Because you don't have enough manpower to do this everywhere at once, you select a few key cities and take control. Then you slowly expand the size of your safe havens, like an oil spot spreading across the pavement.

Once you've secured a town or city, you throw in all the economic and political resources you have to make that place grow. The locals see the benefits of working with you. Your own troops and the folks back home watching on TV can see concrete signs of progress in these newly regenerated neighborhoods. You mix your troops in with indigenous security forces, and through intimate contact with the locals, you begin to even out the intelligence advantage that otherwise goes to the insurgents.

If you ask U.S. officials why they haven't adopted this strategy, they say they have. But if that were true, the road to the airport in Baghdad wouldn't be a death trap. It would be within the primary oil spot.

The fact is the United States didn't adopt this blindingly obvious strategy because it violates some of the key Rumsfeldian notions about how the U.S. military should operate in the 21st century.

First, it requires a heavy troop presence, not a light, lean force. Second, it doesn't play to our strengths, which are technological superiority, mobility and firepower. It acknowledges that while we go with our strengths, the insurgents exploit our weakness: the lack of usable intelligence.

Third, it means we have to think in the long term. For fear of straining the armed forces, the military brass have conducted this campaign with one eye looking longingly at the exits. A lot of the military planning has extended only as far as the next supposed tipping point: the transfer of sovereignty, the election and so on.

We've been rotating successful commanders back to Washington after short stints, which is like pulling Grant back home before the battle of Vicksburg. The oil-spot strategy would force us to acknowledge that this will be a long, gradual war.

But the strategy has one virtue: It might work.

Today, public opinion is turning against the war not because people have given up on the goal of advancing freedom, but because they are not sure this war is winnable. Why should we sacrifice more American lives to a lost cause?

If President Bush is going to rebuild support for the war, he's going to have to explain specifically how it can be won, and for that he needs a strategy.

It's not hard to find. It's right there in Andy Krepinevich's essay, and in the annals of history.

David Brooks writes for The New York Times. E-mail:

Lawyers group accused of raising dues for politics - Gee... ya think?

They deny it, of course. As for me, I'm sure it's mere coincidence they just happened to DOUBLE their membership fees BEFORE this election with THEIR initiaitive on it.

Nope. Nothing political about THAT.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

Lawyers group accused of raising dues for politics
By Ralph Thomas
Seattle Times Olympia bureau

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The state Public Disclosure Commission is investigating an allegation that the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association is illegally using a dues increase for political purposes.

The investigation stems from a complaint filed earlier this month by the Washington State Medical Association.

The medical association and the trial-lawyers group are in a high-stakes battle over competing medical-malpractice ballot measures — Initiative 330, which aims to clamp down on malpractice lawsuits, and Initiative 336, which goes after negligent doctors.

The trial-lawyers association this year imposed a substantial dues increase on its 3,400 members, with top-range dues nearly doubling to $600 a year.

The medical association contends the extra money is being used to help fund the campaigns against I-330 and for I-336. The trial-lawyers group denies the charge.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

As if this leftist scumbag ever had any: THE LIMITS OF CINDY SHEEHAN'S COMPASSION:


Monday August 29, 2005

Hmm. Cindy Sheehan is "starting to lose a little compassion" for mothers who have lost their sons or daughters in Iraq but continue to support the mission and to honor their childrens' sacrifice. Indeed, sweet Cindy goes so far as to label this group of fellow grief-stricken women as the "'continue the murder and mayhem" moms," saying they've been "brainwashed" into supporting Bush's "insane war" for "greed and power."

One might be inclined to find more than a touch of irony in Sheehan's brainwashing claim, given that it comes from a woman we now know has spent years marinating in (and whose current media extravaganza is supported by) some of the most extreme elements of the ideological left that are both anti-military and anti-Semitic.

Be that as it may, with Hurricane Katrina dominating the headlines for the foreseeable future the Sheehan circus looks to be finally past its media apogee. Responsible Democrats everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, because with the recent addition of sideshows Al Sharpton and Martin Sheen the circus has also shed what little remained of its mainstream credibility.

Republicans can only hope Democrats take leave of their senses when Cindy rolls into Washington D.C. in a couple of weeks and hold a press conference with her on the steps of the Capitol. Just like the Congressional Dems' screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 and the royal treatment given Michael Moore at the DNC, it would be the signature political mistake of a party that continues to misread the hearts and minds of the public. People may be understandably frustrated with the pace of progress in Iraq, but that doesn't mean they'll embrace the idea of celebrating a woman supported by groups who want to see America - but this president in particular - fail and be humiliated in Iraq.

BLOWBACK: Novelist Salman Rushdie gave the execrable George Galloway a spanking yesterday for saying that broadcasters who are producing a small-screen adaptation of The Satanic Verses should expect "blowback" if they don't show sufficient sensitivity to other people's religion. - T. Bevan 8:45 am Link Email Send To A Friend

From the Right Corner: Mike Heywood… still scummy after all these years.

Now that ol’ Mike, a high ranking democrat (49th District demo chair) has been outted as a porno pervert, I was wondering if he’d have the guts to say anything about it in that garbage rag he edits for the CCD’s.

Nope… not a word.

Now, decent people would have immediately demanded this scumbag’s resignation from any position of responsibility in the Republican organization. Oddly, the democrats have hunkered down and continue to support Mister Scumbag, whose arrogance and vitriol is only exceeded by his penchant for objectifying women (Unless, of course, that was homosexual porn that got him all excited) Had he been remotely capable of a decent act, he would have removed himself from the Vancouver city council race… but, after all… he IS Mike Heywood.

Stuart, stunned at his poor showing at the Vancouver debate, has been whining and sniveling about more debates.

Heywood, apparently able to tear himself away from internet porn or magazine porn long enough to puke out this month’s newsletter, has no problem acting delusional about what really happened at the debate, and the putrid crap spewing from his keyboard labeling the next Clark County Commissioner shows a great capacity for spewing at anyone but himself.

Heywood, you’re a scumbag. And frankly, you’re not worthy to lick Tom Mielke’s boots.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Soooo.... no double-Standard at the Columbian, eh?

Jeff Mize left out one critical element in his run-down of the 3 city council candidates for Vancouver City Council.

I have no problem with his descriptions of the incumbent, Jeannie Stewart (other then Mize's labeling of "contrarian"), or one of the challengers, Eric Olmstead.

But while providing a platform for Mike Heywood, 49th District democrat chair, democrat newsletter editor and former Columbian editorial page editor, fired because of his internet work porn problem; Mize neglected to mention that.


When a local Republican is talked about in this paper, every "bad" thing they've ever "done" is dragged up for the article. Many good things are deliberately excluded. And EVERY time these clowns write about Mielke, they make a point of telling us that he "moved into Vancouver to run against Stuart."

But here, we have an opportunity for even-handed coverage... and Mize blows it.

Not ONE mention of Heywood's "proclivity."


Is it because he's a democrat?

Is it because he a former employee?

Is it because they support Heywood this time around?

Is it because they think they've "done enough?"

They haven't. And they know it.

Council contrarian opposed by two

Monday, August 29, 2005
By JEFFREY MIZE, Columbian staff writer

Jeanne Stewart, since joining the Vancouver City Council in January 2002, often has been a lonely dissenting voice.

Two years ago, she was the only council member to vote against building a downtown hotel-convention center. Last year, she refused to go along with the rest of the council on a package of utility tax increases. This month, she cast one of two votes against raising the city's sales tax by 0.2 percentage points.

Stewart said she is running for a second four-year term to continue providing an independent voice in a city where those who disagree with the council's direction are often disparaged and marginalized.

"You are either on board or you need to get lost," she said. "That's a very threatening posture."

Her two challengers, Mike Heywood and Eric Olmsted, aren't prepared to say Stewart is the one who needs to get lost, but they both believe they are better suited for the position.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Here's the skinny on Heywood's Porno fix.

In the tradition of other famous democrats, Mel "the Monkey Spanker" Reynolds and Bill Clinton, ol' Mike Heywood, candidate for Vancouver City Council and 49th District democrat Chair, editor of the CCD's own newsletter and former Columbian Editorial Page Editor (Whose firing from that job brought all this on) has been thoroughly exposed as what he is.

Given what I, personally, knew of Heywood, that's not terribly surprising. What surprises me is the lengths his supporters will go to to excuse his conduct. Of course, perhaps I shouldn't BE surprised, because of the prior training democrats received from Bill Clinton's despicable conduct.

But for any democrat to, in effect, CHEER this kind of conduct just goes to show what a sorry state the local democrats have sunk to.

Take, for example, THIS bit of tripe from Kelly Slocum, Heywood's "volunteer campaign coordinator:"

Kelly Slocum, volunteer coordinator for Heywood's campaign, sent an e-mail to Heywood and his supporters predicting the issue will not jeopardize his chance of winning.

"We simply (will) keep the campaign focused on ensuring the community is familiar with your ideas and vision," Slocum wrote. "Because it is THOSE things that will get you elected, and the rest of this garbage will slide right by.

"You're a politician, Mike; people EXPECT you to have skeletons in your closet!"

Well, they might expect it of Mike because he IS Mike, but they don't expect such poor judgment from anyone up for a responsible position in government.

Unless that person is a democrat. Because then, well, THAT'S different.

Right, Mikey?

Council candidate acknowledges viewing porn Web sites

Saturday, August 27, 2005
By JEFFREY MIZE, Columbian staff writer

Mike Heywood, a former Columbian editorial page editor and current Vancouver City Council candidate, acknowledged Friday that he left the paper in December 2002 after being caught accessing pornographic Web sites at work.

The reason for Heywood's departure after 27 years at The Columbian has been the subject of recent speculation and commentary in discussion forums on the newspaper's Web site.

Shortly after meeting with Columbian Editor Lou Brancaccio on Friday, Heywood sent an e-mail to campaign supporters explaining why he abruptly retired.

"I was given the opportunity to retire forthwith and quietly after the IT (information technology) department documented that I had violated a company rule against accessing pornographic Web sites," Heywood wrote. "I didn't download anything or send any money to those sites. I was curious about that part of the Internet, as well as a lot of other material.

"I intend to be forthcoming about the matter when asked by reporters, but I do intend to keep campaigning. I will understand, however, if any of you wishes to stop supporting me."

Heywood, a member of the Vancouver Planning Commission, is one of three candidates for Position 2 on the seven-member council. He will face incumbent Jeanne Stewart and fellow challenger Eric Olmsted in the Sept. 20 primary. The top two vote-getters will advance to the Nov. 8 election.

Heywood, during a brief phone interview, said he was not aware of postings on The Columbian's discussion forums until he met with Brancaccio on Friday.

"One is never surprised by what happens in politics," he said.

Within weeks of leaving the paper, Heywood applied for the city council vacancy created when Jim Moeller was elected to the Legislature. Reporters from The Columbian and The Oregonian asked Heywood about the reason for his departure, but he declined to comment.

That council appointment went to Tim Leavitt. Heywood was one of three candidates who challenged Leavitt for his appointed seat in September 2003. Heywood finished last in the primary.

Heywood said he decided to reveal the reason for his departure after meeting with Brancaccio on Friday.

"Brancaccio said it was coming out," he said. "I considered it a private matter between me and The Columbian to that point."

Brancaccio said he told Heywood the information already was in the public domain through discussion forums and there could be subsequent coverage in The Columbian.

"I said there is no way I would hold any reporter back from pursuing this story," Brancaccio said.

Heywood, 65, acknowledged the matter might cost him votes.

"But I'm still going to run," he said.

Kelly Slocum, volunteer coordinator for Heywood's campaign, sent an e-mail to Heywood and his supporters predicting the issue will not jeopardize his chance of winning.

"We simply (will) keep the campaign focused on ensuring the community is familiar with your ideas and vision," Slocum wrote. "Because it is THOSE things that will get you elected, and the rest of this garbage will slide right by.

"You're a politician, Mike; people EXPECT you to have skeletons in your closet!"

Saturday, August 27, 2005

From the Right Corner: Mike Heywood - Porn King?

I'd heard the stories... but they involved hot-tubbing.

So now, the Chairman of the 49th District democrats and Mayor Jim West of Spokane have something in common.... both were very big on porn at work.

That won't mean anything to the democrats... after all, Heywood edits their newsletter. His partisan puke is music to their ears. They're not going to let a little thing like breaking company policy to view pornography derail their allegiance to Heywood any more then they did Clinton.

Because, after all, it's "different" when you're a democrat.

I'll put the story here tomorrow... but suffice it to say that Heywood was tossed from the Columbian for checking out porn on his computer.

Instead of loudly and publicly firing this clown, they let him resign.

Talk about a double standard!

Gee... you think ol' Mikey will mention it in the democrat's monthly newsletter? I can't wait to see! And should I hold my breath until I see if the idiots over at the CCD website write Heywood up for his porn habit?

Nah... that simply wouldn't do!

The continuing delusions of the CCD's webhead:Even HE doesn't believe his own crap.

"Democrats: Keeping the homeland safe"

"Democrats: calling members of the American military 'Nazis'."

"Democrats: strengthening our enemies by providing them aid and comfort."

"Democrats: they'd sell their own mother for political gain."

I've heard of "damning by faint praise" before, but this is absurd.

And this guy is such an idiot, he acts like Sens. Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith, at least one of whom happens to be a democrat, had nothing to do with it.

No... this is the same kind of bizarre BS that actually made democrats BELIEVE that Murray had anything to do with keeping the VA Hospitals open here in Washington State.

Delusion, they name is "democrat."

Portland Air National Guard to remain open
Panel keeps Portland Air Base open:

A panel reviewing Defense Department recommendations for base closings and consolidations today voted unanimously to preserve the 18 F-15s at the Portland Air Base for homeland security.

The decision, which now goes to President Bush, reversed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's recommendation that the 142nd Fighter Wing and its crews and support personnel be transferred to bases in New Jersey and Louisiana.

Good job by Senators Cantwell and Murray and Congressman Baird for making this happen.

Democrats: Keeping the homeland safe

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When democrats run the place 6: You want FOIA documents? Screw you!

When the democrats in King County decided to get on their collective knees in front of Paul Allen over the stadium rape job, an intrepid (Then young man) wanted to get ALL of the information out of the government to determine what the impacts of building that billionaire welfare boondoggle. Democrats, BEING democrats, knew that the whole thing was a MASSIVE con job, so they also knew that releasing the studies would hurt their case.

So, given the monumental arrogance of democrats, they did the only thing they could do.... nothing.

They refused to disclose the possible silver bullet to the Allen rip-off.

This article picks up the story from there:

Saturday, August 27, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

Fine in stadium verdict called "peanuts"

By Christine Clarridge

Seattle Times staff reporter

Armen Yousoufian took case to state high court.

A Seattle hotelier, who took on King County for its failure to release public documents on what the county would gain from a Seahawks football stadium, lost an eight-year court battle this week when a judge fined the county $15 per violation for each day it flouted the public-records law.

The fine and fees levied against the county of almost $500,000 make it the largest Public Disclosure Act verdict in the state's history, but the ruling was seen by some as a blow to the act.

"It's peanuts to the county, and it won't change their behavior," said David Balint, an attorney for hotelier Armen Yousoufian. "The message to the people is that they will have to be wealthy and able to hire a lawyer to get the government to give them documents."


Friday, August 26, 2005

Democrats sniveling about losing their fraud vote: 2 groups object to ad about bringing ID to vote

Well, the groups in question are, of course, the type of Leftist neo-comm scum controlling the democrat party in Washington State, the ACLU and the Washington State Labor Council.

To these left wing nutburgers, ANY requirement that means you have to prove your eligibility to vote cuts in to the fraud vote... the vote that was likely responsible for the Queen of Corruption's "victory."

Friday, August 26, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

2 groups object to ad about bringing ID to vote

By Susan Gilmore

Seattle Times staff reporter

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Washington State Labor Council have condemned a television ad being aired by the secretary of state telling voters they must bring photo identification to the polls next month.

The new law that requires voters to produce ID before they can vote doesn't specifically require that it be a photo ID.

"The ad implies by its images and words that voters will not be allowed to vote unless they have photo ID," said Kathleen Taylor, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington. "Especially in a government-sponsored ad, accuracy is essential."

The labor council said the statute passed by the Legislature this year clearly states that photo identification is not required, but is one of several acceptable forms of ID.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Message to Cindy in Crawford: what's YOUR withdrawal time table?


WHEN WILL YOU GET OUT OF CRAWFORD! We demand our headlines be returned to us! We want an EXACT time schedule for when you will leave Texas alone! We are NOT going to settle for your overly ambiguous "When Bush goes back to work, I'll leave Crawford" garbage! We want an exact timeframe for you pulling out of Crawford NOW!

We don't care if your "job" isn't finished, Cindy. In fact, we don't even know for sure you HAD any real reason to go to Crawford in the first place. You claim it is because Bush is insensitive and dishonest, but after you originally met with him, you said nothing of the sort. You are in Crawford because of a LIE, Cindy! When will you pull out???

**** See how silly that sounds? I hope you are entirely embarassed by your own comments about getting out of Iraq. Just because people speak a different language, pray to a different god, or wear different clothing doesn't mean they can't appreciate freedom and democracy. It was for this cause that your son died. You are making a mockery of him and his values. How do you even sleep at night knowing the dishonor you are heaping upon his grave?

Posted by: Anthony on August 25, 2005 at 08:58AM

Rod Van Mechelen and another "myth-laden letter." Redux.

Rod asked the Reflector to post his trash, and unlike the Columbian, they printed ALL of it.

The Columbian, however, had the good sense to edit out Blatant Lies Numbers 3, 4 and 5.

"We encourage open debate, but we cannot tolerate blatant misinformation. Native Americans welcome the chance to set the record straight, and we will continue to be good neighbors in Clark County."

Lie Number 3: "We encourage open debate, "

In a pig's ass. David Barnett threatens and attempts to humiliate anyone who disagrees with him. He spent thousands of dollars putting together a last minute hit piece in a bogus effort to keep Richard Curtis from getting elected.

Phil, the idiot the Cowlitz send to the Roundtable every month is a very lucky man. Had he badmouthed me to my face the way he has Kami Beale of Stand Up For Clark County at those meetings, I would have knocked him out.

And even ol' Rod, the King of condescension.

Rod never addresses the issues, instead engaging in bate and switch tactics along with deflection as his modus operandi. He hypocritically opposed I-892 because that would have meant competition to the Tribe and money out of HIS pocket. But none of the negative impacts of that initiative even give him and the rest of the "Tribe" pause as they deliberately inflict the same problems on us.

No... these people don't want debate. They want us to accept their intimidation... their idea that this is a slam dunk, and act as if the concept of rape, once being determined to be inevitable, is something that we, the victims, should enjoy.


Lie Number 4: "but we cannot tolerate blatant misinformation. "


You had no problem tolerating it when you tried to get us to believe you weren't GOING to build a casino.

You had no problem tolerating it when you tried to get us to believe you were only going to build a SMALL casino... until BS Morris hopped in bed with the Tribe and rammed the MOU down our throats.

And you have no problem tolerating it NOW when you argue semantics about the Megacasino you clowns want to build outside La Center.

So, let me help you a little bit, Rod, by rewriting that sentence to tell the truth: "but we cannot tolerate blatant misinformation (unless, of course, it is to our benefit.)

Lie Number 5: "and we will continue to be good neighbors in Clark County."

Rod, neither you nor David Barnett, all 1/32nd or 1/64th of him being Cowlitz, LIVE HERE. YOU are NOT our "good neighbor." David Barnett is NOT our "good neighbor." You and your "Tribe" ARE NOT OUR NEIGHBORS, PERIOD, GOOD OR OTHERWISE.

In the end, Rod, if you REALLY "cannot tolerate blatant misinformation," then you ought to do us ALL a favor and never touch a keyboard again.

Rod Van Mechelen and another "myth-laden letter."

Good ol' Rod. Like the rest of his Tribe, totally and completely unconcerned about the effects of their megacasino on the rest of us, he rarely passes up an opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth, and this letter to the editor was no exception.

It's always a hoot when a tribal member led by a few folks that appear to have as much Cowlitz blood in them as my Schnauzer, AND WHO DOES NOT LIVE HERE, feels compelled to tell US what and how to think, as if THEIR knowledge and perspective is SO superior to our own. You know... the people who will actually be made to suffer because they've reservation-shopped to get their Megacasino shopping mall here?

Lie Number One: Tribes may not violate anyone's civil rights.

HHHmmmm.... Is it a "civil right" to vote? *I* always thought it was. Do non-tribal members living on reservations have the right to vote in local elections for their local government?

I don't THINK so.

Of course, Rod will tell us that is somehow "different." It isn't, of course. It's as blatant a violation of anyone's civil rights as Montgomery, Alabama in 1963 for Blacks. But no.... that's different.

Lie Number Two: The "what if."

Rod tells us:
"also agreed to a limited waiver of sovereign immunity, and to comply with a long list of county regulations, and to fund law enforcement and Fire District No. 12 services."

And "what if" they don't? Like the Mohegans in Connecticut who threatened to abrogate their treaty with the state and their $400 million dollar payment if non-tribal gaming was approved by the Connecticut Legislature, what if the Cowlitz say, in effect, "screw you." (More then they already are by placing their megacasino here, I mean)

How do we enforce these agreements? They are, as Rod and David Barnett like to remind us every ten minutes, a "Sovereign Nation" (Unless, of course, they want something.)

How long do you think it would take these people to invoke their sovereign status and tell us to "drop dead?" AND WHAT DO WE DO WHEN THEY MAKE THAT DECISION?

Rod.... David.... we don't want your megacasino here. We don't want the problems caused by an expansion of gambling. You know, Rod, problems like these:

Expansion of gambling and the megacasino

"is a short term solution that will create a host of long term problems. It will bring gambling into local neighborhoods, increase the amount of gambling, encourage more people to gamble, and ultimately enrich a relative few." (So, I guess that's OK when YOU, PERSONALLY, are one of the "relative few" standing to GET "enriched, eh, Rod?)

"Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that" Clark County has zero machines in it now. If a megacasino like the one envisioned by the Cowlitz/Mohegan combine is built "then that would mean" with machines everywhere in the Cowlitz/Mohegan casino, "common sense tells us that the amount of gambling will increase." But the Cowlitz don't care when THEY get the money.

The Cowlitz could care less about problem gambling... unless, of course, they're on the RECEIVING end of the "problem in question."

For example, when Rod was sniveling about I-892, he wrote this:

"False: It won't increase gambling or the number of gamblers

The first person I heard argue that I 892 would encourage and increase gambling, was Michael Medved, a Republican, conservative talk show host and a man whom I respect as a mentor. What he said wasn't stupid. It's just common sense. But Tim Eyman says that people who say this will increase gambling and the number of people who gamble are stupid. He's wrong.

Most people won't go out of their way to gamble.
(So tell me, why is it that you people want a megacasino again?)

"That's why state lottery tickets are sold at local grocery stores and convenience stores, where it's convenient. Because, for most us, gambling is impulsive rather than compulsive, and if it's not easy, we won't do it."

But our megacasino will make it easy,

"by putting electronic slot machines in"

one HUGE, easy to find and travel to location

"So, to say it will increase the number of people who gamble isn't stupid, but obvious, which is why King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng is worried:"

"Initiative 892 would legalize a massive expansion of gambling—thousands of video slot machines—and bring gambling into our neighborhood restaurants and bowling alleys," [King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng,] said in a statement released by the No on I 892 campaign. "We have enough gambling today." — Tribes mount effort against I 892, by Brad Shannon, The Olympian, June 29, 2004"

So, in the Cowlitz world, it's perfectly OK for Norm to be concerned about a "massive expansion of gambling" but we, those of us who actually live here, should turn a blind eye to this admitted problem?

And you see, this is the basic and blatant hypocrisy of Rod and David's position on this issue.

They were ALL about concern over the effects of expanding gambling when that expansion amounted to competition for their interests. Then, of course, these hypocrites were engaging in one of the tried and true tested "we're doing this for your own good" gambits.

But the Cowlitz efforts in Clark County, which would amount to the largest gambling expansion in the history of the Northwestern United States... well, that's "different."

It's different because ol' Rod, (Did I tell you he doesn't live here and won't have to deal with the fallout of this crap?) stands to benefit directly if this happens.
Right, Rod?

Cowlitz obeys federal law

I was saddened by Katie Beecher's myth-laden letter on July 28, "Join local opposition," opposing the Cowlitz Tribe and would like to set the record straight. Federally recognized Indian tribes are sovereign nations, but must obey federal law, and may not violate anyone's civil rights.

Tribal casinos are the most highly regulated, with oversight from federal, tribal, and state governments. Federal law requires special oversight of tribal gaming by the National Indian Gaming Commission and Bureau of Indian Affairs. They are reviewed by the IRS, FBI, Justice Department and other federal agencies, and federal law also requires each gaming tribe to establish an independent commission to oversee gaming operations.

The Washington State Gambling Commission regulates tribal gaming and reviews commission records monthly. Tribes wishing to open casinos must negotiate compacts with state governments to set terms, and the U.S. Department of the Interior ensures these compacts are consistent with federal law and treaties.

The tribe has also agreed to a limited waiver of sovereign immunity, and to comply with a long list of county regulations, and to fund law enforcement and Fire District No. 12 services.

Rod Van Mechelen


When democrats run the place 5: democrat scum bag governor of Illinois "we're forced to live in a democracy..."

... So this scum bag ignores it.

This can only happen when democrats run the entire state.

Sourced from

Guest Column
Governor says we're forced to live in a democracy

By Michael M. Bates
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Maybe the hairspray is seeping into his brain. Or perhaps he’s taking pills to boost his testicular virility.

Regardless of the reason, a few weeks ago Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said something quite strange. Strange even for a Democrat.

It happened when he explained why he was spending up to $10 million taxpayer dollars on stem-cell research without state legislative approval. This was necessary, he claimed, because the General Assembly wouldn’t take action on the issue.

Of course, a possible reason the legislature did not was because the governor failed to propose stem-cell funding in his budget. Nor did he broach the subject in his state of the state address, when the governor outlines his initiatives. He found time in that speech, though, to mention he would officially declare September "Illinois Wine Month." So we know he can prioritize.

But Rod decided he was morally obligated to do something about stem-cell research because the assembly simply wouldn’t. So he’s spending unauthorized funds.

In boasting of his deed, he said, "While we are forced to live in a democracy with several branches of government, sometimes in a democracy the process is frustratingly slow."

We already know that Blagojevich isn’t Mensa material. He’s admitted that his ACT score was nothing to rave about.

His plan to allow Illinoisans to buy drugs from overseas was a humiliating flop. Even his union pals rejected it.

And he got nailed by a local TV station for his use of armed state troopers. Keeping one around just to carry his hairbrush is dumb. Getting caught doing it is even dumber.

Still, talking about Americans being forced to live in a democracy makes me wonder if he didn’t cheat on his ACT.

We do not live in a democracy. The Founding Fathers wouldn’t have permitted one. John Adams pointed out: "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

James Madison wrote that democracies "have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property."

The United States isn’t a democracy, but a democratic Constitutional Republic. We vote for the people who govern. The Constitution protects individual liberties.

Whatever our form of government is called, no one is forced to live in the United States. If a person finds life here so distressing, he can leave whenever he wants.

The governor was correct on one point: Sometimes the process can be very slow. Priscilla Owen and numerous other Bush judicial appointees can testify to that.

If Blagojevich is troubled by how sluggish the system is, there are a few countries where that’s not a problem.

Cuba is one. Fidel Castro never has to contend with those tedious branches of government.

When he wants someone to disappear, he doesn’t need to propose legislation. Why waste your time with a legislature when you have your secret police?

Another example of expeditious government is the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il runs the show there with an efficiency Rod would apparently appreciate.

According to Time Magazine, Kim acts like a murderous schoolmaster. The Supreme People’s Assembly meets as required to rubberstamp whatever the Dear Leader wants it to.

You can get in trouble merely for folding a newspaper so as to crease Kim’s picture. Usually sporting a meticulously maintained pompadour, he once killed a barber who gave him a bad haircut.

Earlier this year, the Dear Leader approved a "Let’s Trim Our Hair According to the Socialist Lifestyle" campaign. Men are expected to keep their hair length to about two inches. Longer locks rob the brain of oxygen, you understand.

State-run TV began broadcasting the names and addresses of violators, who were chastised as "blind followers of bourgeois lifestyle."

Yes, Governor, there are places to which you can relocate where you won’t be forced to live in anything close to a democracy. None of those exasperating branches of government either. You won’t have to fret over legislative delays.

It’s a disgrace that the governor of a major state talks such twaddle and no one in the mainstream media, those valiant defenders of the public interest, calls him on it.

This appears in the August 25, 2005 Oak Lawn (IL) Reporter. Mike Bates is the author of Right Angles and Other Obstinate Truths.

This appears in the July 7, 2005 Oak Lawn (IL) Reporter. Mike Bates is the author of Right Angles and Other Obstinate Truths

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not ALL teachers are scum... but these two are.

Not all teachers are scum. But what the public needs to remember is that most teachers are paid more, on a per hour basis, then firefighters or police officers.

The numbers for their salary may not sound like much... until you do the math.

Teachers work 183 7-hour days per year. So, when you get a starting teacher who earns about $30,000 out of the box, well, that doesn't sound like much... until you break it down.

Divide the number of hours into the number of dollars and a slightly different picture emerges.

A starting teacher is paid around $23.42 per hour for their part time job.

What other profession can make that claim?

And the pay, as "low" as it is, never seems to stop a certain segment of the teaching population from lying through their teeth about how much they make, as the article lays out below.

Well, here's a bulletin for you teachers: If you don't like the fricking pay... then quit. That's right, quit. I don't want lying scum like this within 5 miles of a classroom, let alone teaching MY kids ANYTHING.


Should Peninsula teachers be paid more?

Peninsula public school teachers Brenda and David Aston were featured on the front page of the August 17, 2005, edition of The Peninsula Gateway, picketing school district officials for higher pay. They held signs reading “Our family qualifies for W.I.C. and subsidized health care” and “Ask me about Job #2.”

The image of unfairly underpaid teachers is a compelling one, and it’s fueling several threatened (and illegal) strikes around the state. But is it accurate?

According to data provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Brenda and David Aston each earned base teaching salaries of $45,169 this year (2004-05). In addition, both had supplemental contracts with the district, from which they earned $3,599 and $4,546 respectively. On top of that, Brenda’s benefits package (health insurance, etc.) was worth $11,232 and David’s was worth $11,319.

Thus, the couple’s total combined salary for the year was $98,483 and their total compensation package was worth $121,034. And that doesn’t include income David earned from his second job working as a custodian of evidence for a local police department.

Frankly, most families would be thrilled to claim annual income of $90,000 or more, with nearly full health coverage and a pension to boot.

Mr. and Mrs. Aston’s individual teaching pay is not outlandishly high — many professionals earn as much or more. But it is certainly disingenuous to present it as a vow of poverty in an attempt to garner support for the contract demands being made by their local union officials.

Further, Mrs. Aston’s claim that “with my salary, I qualified for WIC (Women, Infant and Children) and subsidized health insurance,” seems easily refutable with a quick online search. Eligibility guidelines for the WIC program provided by the Washington State Department of Health show that a household of six (the Astons have four children) may be eligible if gross annual income is less than $47,860. The maximum income listed in any eligibility category for a family of six on the state’s Basic Health Plan was $51,743.

It doesn’t appear the Astons, with a household income of nearly $100,000, would qualify for either.

The average teacher in the Peninsula School District earned a base salary of $47,939 and total compensation worth $63,406 in the 2003-04 school year. According to district officials, the teachers’ union is threatening a strike if demands aren’t met for a 10 percent pay increase.

That pay increase would, of course, be paid by other working individuals and families in the district who earn, on average, far less. The latest Census Bureau data shows a median household income of $57,701 for families in the district.

Excellent teachers can and should earn excellent pay, but the claims and demands being made right now hardly amount to an honest debate about the issue.

Posted by Marsha Richards at August 24, 2005 02:10 PM

The Daily News nails it:Politics shouldn't be reason for not closing bases

Portland absolutely deserves what it's getting. The closure of Portland AFB is long overdue.

But the impetus for this decision may very well have been the foolish and irresponsible decision of Mayor Tom Potter to throw a snit and withdraw Portland from the Joint Terrorist Task Force, sending a clear message that he is completely unconcerned about regional security.

Add that to the bizarre and idiotic laws in place concerning Portland's handling of illegal aliens, and, well, there's a recipe for "you asked for it."

It's of not that Senator Murray, who falsely claimed credit for stopping the closure of VA hospitals in Washington State, remains relatively quiet on the issue, instead letting her hopeless sister, Senator Cantvotewell try and take a leading role in "saving" Portland AFB.

So, when the final word comes closing this dog, do we see that as yet another sign of Cantvotewell's ineffectiveness?

I can't WAIT for the spin the democrats use on THAT one.

Politics shouldn't be reason for not closing bases

Aug 24, 2005 - 08:58:12 am PDT
Make text smaller Press A+ to make text Larger or Press A- to make text smaller Make text larger Print this letter Email this letter

Oregon's congressional delegation has mounted an aggressive campaign this summer to save the state's Portland-based Air National Guard squadron, which the Pentagon intends to dismantle as part of a new round of base closures. Like virtually all politically inspired campaigns, this one is rife with exaggeration --- much of it having to do with the part the squadron's 18 F-15 fighter jets play in protecting the Pacific Northwest.

We wouldn't want to diminish this Portland Guard unit's contribution to the region's defense. Neither would we want to appear entirely unsympathetic with the unspoken economic concern that underlies this effort to rewrite the realignment plan. (There but for the grace of Pentagon brass goes one or more of Washington's military assets.)

But when it comes to defending both this region and the nation as a whole, we trust the judgment of those military strategists who drafted this base closure and realignment plan more than the somewhat conflicted thinking of regional politicians.

Oregonians would remain well-defended under the Pentagon's plan, no doubt. And, if the truth be told, the loss of those Portland-based F-15s to Atlantic City, N.J., and New Orleans would have little economic impact. The realignment would cost the Portland-Beaverton-Vancouver metro area 564 direct jobs and another 454 indirect jobs over the 2006-2011 period, according to the Air Force's summary of its base closure and realignment selection process.

The nine-member Base Closure Commission may or may not sustain the Pentagon's decision with regard to the Guard squadron at Portland International Airport. In either case, we would expect the commission to base its decision on military need, alone. Commissioners shouldn't be swayed by political arguments. Indeed, the commission was created some 20 years ago as part of a process expressly designed to factor out the politicians.

Under this process, the commission reviews and finalizes Pentagon recommendations. The commissions list of recommended closures and realignments is then forwarded to Congress for an up-or-down vote. Members can't tamper with the list; they can only accept or reject the recommendations as a whole.

This, of course, is why Oregon lawmakers and their sympathetic Washington counterparts have been so busy in recent weeks lobbying the commission. It's their last chance to change the list piecemeal. But few, if any, such changes will be made if this commission works as intended.

More on His Arrogance, Mad Moeller

This crap speaks for itself.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another Dumb E-mail From State Rep. and Bully-Wannabe Jim Moeller

Remember WA State Rep. Jim Moeller and his "dumb e-mail" a few weeks ago? Well, the good Rep. is back with more fuel for the fire. The following was sent to the office secretary of, the Spokane-based abstinence education group, after Moeller received the August newsletter, emphasis added in red:


Please remove me from your email distribution list. You[sic] message clearly indicates that your organization believes teaching teenagers about contraception is bad. That's an extremely dangerous message in today's world and I believe will have tragic results for many young lives some day. I donot fault nor necessarily disagree with your premise that abstinence until marriage is the best policy for teenagers, but to advocate that teenagersnot be given all the information (that includes all forms of contraception)for fear they could become sexually active and avoid STD's, pregnancy andheartache is downright reckless.

I will also be contacting by congressional representatives about your federal funding. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

So Rep. Moeller has gone from just being arrogant, to bullying non-profits whom he doesn't agree with. LeAnna Benn, the director of Teen-Aid, had earlier received this e-mail from Rep. Moeller, when she e-mailed about any connection he might have had with NARAL's "Screw Abstinence" party, along with his support of "comprehensive sex education":

Hi LeAnna:

I'm a co-sponsor of the legislation you speak of. NARAL didn't write it. I don't care what they think or say and neither should you. I still
supportcomprehensive sex education for our students that INCLUDES abstinence. I'm tired or your insistent diatribe that abstinence is not part of the legislation. CAN YOU NOT READ?? If you cannot add anything to the debate, please remove me from your distribution list. Thank you.

Bottom line: it's one thing for an elected official to disagree with the public, and to stand up for what you think is right and best for your constituents. But it's quite another thing for an elected offical to routinely and openly be hostile to the public, and even try bully people who are trying to provide a valuable and much needed service - just because of difference in political idealogy. You can bet that if this were a GOP rep responding to a member of NARAL in this manner, the Northwest media would be all over this.

Is there NO moderate Republican or Democrat in southwest Washington that can run against Rep Moeller the next time his seat is up for grabs?

// posted by TheOrb @ 11:38 PM

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Only a brain damaged democrat like Dud or the CCD webhead would think the President is on an actual "vacation."

More whining and sniveling by two more brain-damaged neo-comms, Maureen Dud and the CCD webhead:

Positively French

Maureen Dud chimes in with a critique of the hardest vacationing president ever:
W. vacationed so hard in Texas he got bushed. He needed a vacation from his vacation. The most rested president in American history headed West yesterday to get away from his Western getaway - and the mushrooming Crawford Woodstock - and spend a couple of days at the Tamarack Resort in the rural Idaho mountains.

"I'm kind of hangin' loose, as they say," he told reporters.

As The Financial Times noted, Mr. Bush is acting positively French in his love of le loafing, with 339 days at his ranch since he took office - nearly a year out of his five. Most Americans, on the other hand, take fewer vacations than anyone else in the developed world (even the Japanese), averaging only 13 to 16 days off a year.

admin – Tue, 08/23/2005 – 9:59pm
admin's blogread more

Clearly, the Village has lost a couple of it's idiots.

It takes real couple of brain burnt idiots to compare a presidential "Vacation," where the President remains in charge of the security of the free world and everything that goes along with it, and the kind of alcohol-induced fog-resoning that must have played a part in the "conclusions" these two lame brains exhibited.

I wonder if the neo-comms sniveled this much when Roosevelt would head down to Georgia for weeks on end... eh? Were they worried about the government when Billy was diving into Monica's muff?

Oh, yeah... I forgot... when a democrat does it, that's, well, "different."

When democrats run the place 4: WEA scum advising their members to break the law.

This is more of the kind of thing that can only happen when democrats run the entire state.

The law is fairly unambiguous when it comes to the use of public facilities in support of, or opposition to, ballot measures or candidates.

The WEA, democrat lackeys to the core, don't care about following the law. And like democrat brethren everywhere, they're not concerned about violating the law to get some votes.

As always, a TODH to

Sewer of Corruption (IX)

"WEA puts teachers at risk of violating campaign finance laws"

In clear violation of state law and Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) guidelines, the Washington Education Association (WEA) is instructing members they can promote ballot initiatives using school district facilities. The WEA website directs members to a flyer that outlines what it considers acceptable practices:

[Teachers can use] school mailboxes or e-mail to distribute information regarding levy, bond or initiative campaigns only if school mailboxes and/or e-mail may be used for other personal communications.

RCW 42.17.130 specifically prohibits this activity.

Posted by
Stefan Sharkansky at 02:30 PM Comments (12) Email This

When democrats run the place 3: Queen Corruption (Gregoire) admits democrats lied in their WA state worker union contracts.

Gregoire and her entire, "raise the Governor's Office Budget 36% in one Session" administration is rotten and corrupt, clear through. As yet ANOTHER example of how they screw the people, Queen Corruption ADMITTED that state workers got screwed in their union contracts.

You've GOT to love it.

From the Olympian (TODH to

Gov. Christine Gregoire said Friday there was not full disclosure of the closed-shop requirements in the current Washington state worker union contracts.

"There wasn't full disclosure about how much union dues will be,"
Gregoire said in Seattle, addressing the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors.

Many state workers complained they didn't know they would be required to pay dues when they voted to approve the contracts.

Gregoire was responding to a question about the role of unions in state politics from a reporter from California, where an initiative would require unions to check annual approval from its members before sending their money to a political action committee.

She said union power has not diminished since a similar initiative passed in Washington in the 1990s, but the dispute over requiring union dues remains a sore spot.

"How this will fall out and in what fashion, I don't know," she said. "I think it's too early to tell."

Gee. What a surprise.

When democrats run the place 2: Glitch surfaces amid talk of ballot security

This is the kind of thing that can only happen when democrats run the entire state:

Not content with the theft of an entire state election, democrats running the election system prove they're either incompetent... or something a little more sinister.

In any event, they SHOULD all be gone.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

Glitch surfaces amid talk of ballot security

By Emily Heffter

Seattle Times staff reporter

An hourlong presentation on improvements at King County Elections yesterday was followed by a mini-investigation into another mistake the office made this summer.

The office mailed three voter-registration cards to Crystal McNey within 12 days of each other — she says she received them all on the same day. Just six months earlier, McNey said, she had gone to the elections office to report that she had received two absentee ballots in November's troubled election.

She thought the problem had been fixed. So how did this latest record-keeping problem happen?

That's what county Elections Director Dean Logan was asked during yesterday's questioning by the Metropolitan King County Council. When Councilman Reagan Dunn, R-Bellevue, produced McNey's three registration cards, Logan said: "I'm anxious to see that so we can actually address it."


When democrats run the place

This is the kind of thing that can only happen when democrats run the entire state:

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

Sims wants $70 million to repair computer fiasco

By Keith Ervin
Seattle Times staff reporter


Installation of the PeopleSoft software system that will be used for the county's payroll system will take five years.

After King County blew $39 million on a botched attempt to modernize its accounting, payroll and human-resources computer systems, County Executive Ron Sims is ready to try again.

But getting the job done this time will require even more money — $70 million, according to a consultant's preliminary estimate.

And that doesn't include an estimated $34.5 million more needed to run the new systems over the next 10 years.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

The disappearing blog entry trick.

Yesterday, I smacked the CCD's website for puking out some garbage about a Veteran having been wronged about his in-state tuition in Texas, and then stupidly connecting the dots and blaming the whole thing on the fact that the people of Texas are wise enough to have installed Republicans at every level of government.

Well, after THAT bitch-slapping, guess what?

Idiotstick wised up and took the article down.

Obviously, someoine in the hierarchy smacked him upside the cpu and ordered his bizarre brand of "wit" to be removed. Because now, when you press on THAT link, you get THIS:


You gotta love it.

There is a certain amount of irony in this: CCD web showed "fatal error" when you click on a link.

Yesterday, the jerk running the CCD website made a total fool of himself at least twice.... as shown in the 2 entries below.

The irony of all that is this: when you hit either of the links in either of the blog entries yesterday... you get this message:

Fatal error: Table 'ccdcc_drpl1.users' doesn't exist query: SELECT u.*, s.* FROM users u INNER JOIN sessions s ON u.uid = s.uid WHERE s.sid = '86a1d883c4bb2d59d5c25aaf4960396c' AND u.status <>

HHhhhmmmmm..... "fatal error?"

Gee.... wasn't that clown whining about Mielke's web site just yesterday... and how incompetent that made Mielke look?

And here, THE NEXT DAY, ol' Idiotstick shows HIS total lack of competence by screwing up his OWN web site!

Kharma. Sometimes, it can be a bitch.

Dean Logan to King County GOP: "Drop Dead"

Does anything here surprise you? When democrats are in charge, corruption and fraud are sure to follow... and this is no different.


Dean Logan to King County GOP: "Drop Dead"

My head is beginning to hurt from all of this, but every time I turn around Dean Logan pulls yet another stunt that appears designed to eliminate transparency and public oversight.

Tim Borders, the nominal plaintiff in the governor's election contest lawsuit and a Republican elections observer, just sent this e-mail:

According to ... Maria Seal [chief elections observer for King County GOP], probably for the first time in her 25 years of experience, the Republican Party has been excluded from making key staff appointments in King County Elections.

In the past, we had our own people on the King County payroll that filled vacancies for Republican pollworkers. (They were forced to fill many vacancies with Democrats, especially in Seattle, but that is another story.) This election cycle, however, the Republican Party has been shut out of the process.--

One problem is that many people are willing to claim that they are Republicans, but they are in fact Democrats. For purposes of party identification, REALS takes people at their word. One Seattle resident named Helen Snyder worked at Horizon House (precinct 43-1782) in 2004 as a Republican poll judge. I have chosen her as an example because she claimed that she was a Republican, but PDC reports show that she donated thousands of dollars to Democrats and the DNC in 2004. In this case, Helen was the only "Republican" at her one-precinct polling place in the 2004 election cycle.

If people are willing to lie about their party affiliation, in order to be assigned as pollworkers, what else might they be willing to do? Helen was not assigned to work this year by the GOP. However, if she were to call up the Elections office, and ask to work as a Republican, REALS might boot out her Republican replacement (a legitimate Republican named Erik Tomren) and reassign him to another polling place, since Erik resides in a neighboring precinct, while Helen lives in 43-1782.

If this hypothetical scenario were to occur, it would leave us with the same predicament as before: no legitimate Republican poll judge at Horizon House.This could happen throughout King County, as in 2004.

Despite our best efforts, most Seattle polling places are
shortstaffed--for example, Stefan is the only Republican assigned to the Seattle Central Community College polling place, which has eight precincts. If Stefan were to call in sick, or if he were reassigned to his home polling place, someone other than a Republican in REALS would decide who fills that vacancy.This change is yet another indication that Ron Sims must be quite worried about his re-election chances, and Dean Logan must be worried about his job. They are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Meanwhile, we have a story in the Weekly that suggests that the Republicans might try to sabotage the upcoming primary! What an outrage.

Actually, I've already asked to be transferred from SCCC. I don't wish to be the only Republican at any polling place, especially after Ron Sims' goons smeared me in the press. Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at August 19, 2005 12:03 AM Email This

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Only in democrat controlled San Francisco: San Francisco Shuns Retired USS Iowa

Only far left scum like those running San Francisco could insult the entire Navy and an entire generation of Veterans by dishonoring themselves in this way.

This act was and is noithing less than despicable. But the Left won't condemn it, and the democrats won't utter a peep.

Tip o' da hat to Drudge.

San Francisco Shuns Retired USS Iowa
Aug 20 4:54 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer


The USS Iowa joined in battles from World War II to Korea to the Persian Gulf. It carried President Franklin Roosevelt home from the Teheran conference of allied leaders, and four decades later, suffered one of the nation's most deadly military accidents.

Veterans groups and history buffs had hoped that tourists in San Francisco could walk the same teak decks where sailors dodged Japanese machine-gun fire and fired 16-inch guns that helped win battles across the South Pacific.

Instead, it appears that the retired battleship is headed about 80 miles inland, to Stockton, a gritty agricultural port town on the San Joaquin River and home of California's annual asparagus festival.


Not content with his last hypocritical babble, the CCD webby pukes this:

The idiot-stick running the CCD website needs to get a life.

In both THIS state AND Texas, ILLEGAL FRICKEN ALIENS can get in-state tuition, and he doesn't have anything to say about THAT.

See, this is just another sign that democrats are stupid.

The decision to keep this guy from getting in-state tuition was OBVIOUSLY administrative in nature and according to the ENTIRE story (democrats are really good about cutting out the parts they don't like) the decision was made at the local level, and supported by their HEC Board based on a literal interpretation of the laws in effect.

What idiotstick either doesn't know or refuses to tell you is that the REPUBLICAN Lands Commissioner is getting this guy in.

Take a look at Clark College, which decided without protest from the democrats to "outsource" almost all of our local nursing school slots. Is their any chance that the community college administration stupid enough to deny this guy in-state tuition is packed with the ultra-leftist scum type like our local community college?

Is there any chance that the CCD's webfoot has no frickin' idea whether or not these people were/are Republican? Is there any chance that he gives a damn about being wrong, as long as he can keep doing his shtick?

When Republicans run the place

This is the kind of thing that can only happen when Republicans run the entire

A decorated Marine enrolling in college was shocked to learn his Texas driver's license, car registration and bank records weren't enough to get the lower resident tuition.Carl Basham said officials at Austin Community College recently told him that he lost his Texas resident's status because of the years he spent out of state on two tours of duty in Iraq.

Not having the in-state designation would mean paying around 26-hundred dollars a semester in tuition, instead of about 500 dollars.

The school's response surprised the 27-year-old Beeville native. After all, he's registered to vote in Travis County, has a Texas driver's license and does his banking in Austin.

Officials at the college will only say Basham didn't meet state requirements as determined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. A school spokeswoman says privacy laws prevent discussing his case.

admin Sat, 08/20/2005 9:56am
admin's blog read more

Clark County Democrats webmaster incompetent.

Incapable of discussing issues, the clown running the Clark County Democrats website is reduced to this nonsense:

Error, does not compute

Debate Chicken's web site squawks:

Server Error in '/' Application.

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.

That sounds about right. Looks like paying the big bucks for a web site couldn't guarantee actual up time. If you can't manage a simple campaign web site, how can you be trusted to manage the county's $200 million operations?

admin Thu, 08/18/2005 1:48pm
admin's blog

Look, we know this guy is a scumbag, representative of many scumbags populating the CC democrats.

Simple minded, unable to grasp concepts... or operate a browser... typical asshat.

Well, here's a clue, Sparky: If you're incapable of utilizing a browser properly, how can YOU be trusted to run YOUR website?

What a sad state of affairs. Their appointed candidate is heading for disaster, and all the democrat lackeys can do is whine and complain about a possible technical error resulting from their own incompetence while refusing to deal with the issues confronting the voters of this county?

You know, their candidate's position supporting these usurious gas taxes in the midst of the highest prices for fuel in our history? The fact that he's bought and paid for by developers on one hand while claiming to be an environmentalist on the other?

Ahhh, yes.... the multiple faces of a Clark County Commissioner. And with idiots like this one to help him out.... who needs enemies?

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Seattle Times blows it: Cindy Sheehan's symbolism

Whoever wrote this piece obviously wrote it out of ignorance and failed to do their homework.

What this mom represents is all leftwing nutjobs everywhere that have expressed willingness to be used by anti-American groups across the world. Cindy has determined to become a tool for the Left in any way they want for whatever purpose they want… her family be damned, because they, personally, have made it clear they do NOT agree with her, a simple fact that the leftwing press is willing foils in covering up.

I would never denigrate her sacrifice, which in reality, is an adjunct to the one who sacrificed the most… Her son. She, in fact, denigrates that sacrifice, and the sacrifice of each and every American soldier in Iraq, wounded or not, every time she publicly opens her mouth. She strengthens our enemies and serves as yet another ultra-leftist catalyst for the flow of American blood.

Her son, by every account, was an excellent young man who VOLUNTEERED for duty in the military…. VOLUNTEERED for duty in Iraq.

How is it that she has lost sight of these simple facts? How is it the major news media ignores that?

This isn’t Vietnam. No one was drafted here.

In the end, Cindy Sheehan symbolizes the clueless, ignorant Leftist rabble whose singular goal is to bring injury to this Nation. Because she certainly does not symbolize the parents and spouses of those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice over there that I’VE met.

She does not speak for the vast majority of those who understand the threat, understand the freedom their spouse or sibling or child exercised in making the choice to strap on the uniform of the military of the United States… who knew the risks… who went anyway.

I won’t bore you, the reader with the details surrounding the fact that during the same time frame where 1850 Americans have died over in Iraq, around 55,000 of us have died on the Nation’s roads. Around 400,000 died from smoking related causes, around the same number from obesity-related causes and so forth.

Cindy Sheehan is a clown… a clown to her husband who kicked her to the curb last week because she’s gone so far over the edge. A disgrace to her family who loudly disagree with her antics. And a buffoon to anyone knowledgeable about the reality of the threat, and the region.

And that’s all she represents.

Friday, August 19, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM


Cindy Sheehan's symbolism


The daily image of a grieving mother protesting the death of her soldier son by standing in the withering sun outside President Bush's Texas ranch is a poignant symbol. Bush would do well to pay attention to the image and the woman behind it.

Cindy Sheehan is not a foreign-policy expert. She does not hold the key to an Iraq war exit strategy. Sheehan is a mother driven to act by the death last year of her son, Casey, who was stationed in Iraq. What Sheehan has done is use her grief to fuel a passionate, visible anti-war movement.

Until this one mother's protest, the public lobby against the war was displayed largely through yard signs and bumper stickers. People dared not outwardly disdain the war for fear of being accused of not supporting the troops.

But Sheehan has served as a catalyst for various groups with their disparate views of the war and of the military. At least for now, these groups are largely under one umbrella. Wednesday night, thousands across the country and abroad held candlelight vigils — including 3,000 people in the Puget Sound region — [excluding 2 million who didn't - ED] to support Sheehan.