Sunday, October 29, 2017

The irony of the democratian doing an article on "fake news" classes.

Since the local democrat daily is THE purveyor of THE most "fake news" on the political scene, the irony meter pegged when the democratian did an article on WSUV holding classes on how to determine what is... and what isn't... "fake news."

The problem, of course, is that even news from so-called "reputable sources" can be even more fake than that the fringes pump out by the gallon.

The rag's history of fake news extends back decades.  You see, "fake news" can be presented in many guises.

It can be factually "fake."

It can be fake due to bias.

It can be fake as a result of slant.

It can leave out inconvenient truths that don't fit the writer's... or in the case of the democratian, the entire publication's meme.

Most recently, the rag, which is working to get their candidate elected in the Port Commissioner race because he's rabidly in favor of killing the oil terminal... did a front page, above the fold story claiming that in the he-said, he-said rough and tumble of a campaign, THEIR candidate claims what the other guy said wasn't true.

It was thousands of dollars of in-kind advertising for their guy disguised as "news."

And it was fake.

It was fake because the motives of the publication are not to present news, per se', but instead, to use their lofty, fake journalist perch to further their agenda... in this case, avoiding any pretense of fairness or journalistic integrity.

Does anyone reading this remotely believe that, had the shoe been on the other foot... had the allegations of the story in question been against their guy, they'd have done a front page, above-the-fold story of their political opponent claiming those allegations to be false?

Of course not.

And that element of "fake news" can be just as damaging, just as important and just as misleading as, say, a democratian story or editorial supporting the insanity of the CRC was back in the day.... or their slavish devotion to taxpayer subsidized projects they like while they publicly abuse those who oppose them.

Yeah... my "irony meter" pegged all right.  The news sources the leftists running these classes... and others across the country... utilize are, in many instances, as fake as our own democrat daily newsletter.

Propaganda is propaganda.  And as this last election showed the corruption, bias and agendas of the so-called "main stream media" at all levels, from the scum here locally to the scum nationally; from the lowlifes running the local rag to Jeff Bezos running the Washington Post, to the Clinton News Network," to the frequent discredited "SNOPES" site and many of the other sources cited in these classes, truth has no absolutes to the left.

And that means the biggest problems in finding truth today rests with the reader.

I'm bombarded with made up stories around here.  As tempting as they are to just cut and paste, common sense and common knowledge usually rule the day.

And that's the key to discerning what is or is not "fake news."

No effort to refine leftist messaging.... such as the original article here that shows formalization by leftist schools actually training college students to trust leftist sources of news as if they are above lying, above making it up or above servicing their own agenda... be they the Podunk News and Report or the fringe-left New York Times, MSNBC or plain ol' NBC... is above it.

The fringe left bias, well known in circles that paid attention before the last election, is documented and verifiable in their "paramount" purpose: and that is to get their typically leftist candidates elected.

Ad this class... and classes like it... will do nothing to resolve that.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

When your local party chair is a moron.

Regular readers are well aware that Insane Clown is a clueless idiot.

Doubling down on his tenure of threats, lies and attacks was this little beauty of a message he sent me a couple of days ago on yet another thread of his idiocy:

Of COURSE he "knows where I live." Those following the wreckage of his tenure know that he utilized the services of a private detective to find out ALL about me.

But this one GIF sums up this punk's tenure: threats, attempts to intimidate, lies, exaggeration and twisting of words to try and silence his opposition.

Yesterday's stupidity was put on display by this whiny little punk for all to see in the daily democrat.

Going sideways briefly, leadership is not something you're born with.... it's a skill you acquire through education in the science and through experience.  There are several "do's and don'ts" in the skill.... certain things a leader can do to grow an organization; certain things a leader can do to kill it.

Yesterday was one of those days when Insane Clown shot it with a large caliber bullet.

As those following his soap opera are aware, the AG has, effectively, filed suit against the Clark County Republican Party over record keeping and failure to timely report something like a million dollars in contributions, debts and expenditures in campaign contributions/donations over the past 5 years or so.

Instead of keeping his beer guzzler shut, Insane Clown couldn't wait to shoot himself... and the local GOP.... directly in the foot:
“Unfortunately, much of the current leadership’s time has been spent dealing with issues from the past,” said Chair David Gellatly. “We are a volunteer organization that transitions regularly, so there is always an ongoing learning curve in place.” 
The specific reporting deficiencies include reporting 278 separate contribution reports up to 330 days late and 72 expenditures — such as political donations — up to 130 days late. 
More than $176,000 in expenses after primary and general elections between 2013 and 2017, for example, were not disclosed before the election. 
Of those delayed reported contributions, $33,720 were made to state and local candidates. 
“By not timely reporting its contributions and expenditures, the committee inhibited the public’s right to know the source of the committee’s income and how it spent its funding,” according to an AGO press release. 
This isn’t the first time the Clark County Republicans have faced a complaint for failing to properly disclose campaign expenditures. A similar complaint was filed with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission in August 2016. 
Gellatly said the party is currently caught up on its reporting and will comply with the Attorney General’s Office. 
“Our hope is to put new measures in place that better assist with transitions in the future,” he said. “My hope is we learn from the past as to not repeat it, while focusing on what we can do now and in the future to better represent our members and Republican constituents in Clark County.”
For his part, Clown overlooks two minor details in discussing an issue that he should not be discussing in public.

The first issue is that everything he says, sadly, is subject to being introduced in court.  Here, he provides what amounts to an admission of guilt by throwing past administrations under the bus, while simultaneously and deliberately failing to take any responsibility for the current administrations problems... which he, for the most part, bears direct responsibility for.

But then, Clown's entire sorry tenure has been one of hypocrisy and the avoidance of responsibility for his manifold shortcomings and mistakes and, well, outright incompetence.

Clown's failure to explain many of his own expenditures of party funds; his failures to provide documentation for those expenditures and his failure to take responsibility for those expenditures (Look up the party's PDC's and the term "Chair expense" which explains, essentially, nothing.... why is this idiot charging the party for going to Spokane, for example?) bears direct responsibility for failures and delays in reporting.

While Clown would love to blame that on others, he really needs to find a mirror and explain it to himself, since he, in large part, is the man in charge of the party's short comings, both financially and administratively.

Naturally, the ONLY comment Clown should have been making to the democrat daily in ANY of the garbage he's been producing is NO comment.

But the most dangerous place on earth, to date, has become the space between Clown and a rag reporter as he can't WAIT to avoid responsibility for anything he's done while blaming everyone else for the state of the current party mess that he has ruled over.

Every day, the state of the local party becomes more deeply fractured.  Every day, the volunteers and more of the funding that have been there when needed become harder to find.

And every day, it becomes more obvious who is responsible for that debacle.... much like he bears responsibility for the current mess that party finances have developed into.

A brief note: one of those he threw under the nearest CTran bus?

State Senator Lynda "Lower Property Taxes?  I GUARANTEE it!" Wilson (D-Tracy).

Stranger still is that he's only done it over this issue, as Wilson was running the GOP here locally in the same seat now held by Clown during the time-frame he's whining about.

The lies about property taxes from Wilson?  Silence on those.

And the budget scam that Wilson screwed us with, followed by her lies justifying it, hurt us all far more than Clown's incompetent paperwork debacle.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thank You For Your Service: free for viewing on Amazon Prime

Guys, the movie "Thank You for Your Service" is available to watch free on Amazon Prime.

You can see it in a theater.... or watch it at home.

If you've served, perhaps it's best to watch it at home. 

Even the Lazy C gets it: once again, Rivers and Wilson lied about cutting our property taxes:

As usual, the local yokels are way behind the news.

That said, this is the local take on the information contained in post of a few days ago.

As far as the teachers are concerned, it's never enough.  They're insatiable and this disaster won't appease them; it contained no accountability, no standards, no requirements for improved outcomes.  In fact, it's as if the WEA wrote the damned thing.

The Senate's failure to tell the Court to get bent is already haunting us.  The Court cannot legislate, nor can they order legislation, including this debacle.  But every attempt to satisfy these clowns in robes ceded more and more power to the court... and took more and more of it away from us.

Those who voted for this insanity are unfit to hold elective office, plain and simple.

The only action that SHOULD have taken place was a bi-partisan response to these morons telling drop dead and then defunding them completely.

Now, there will be no end to it.  These scum will merely wave the state constitution around and make demand after demand after demand on the Legislature, which now MUST do the bidding of the Court no matter WHAT the issue is... because they have no alternative having shown the cowardice necessary to set this precedent.

Well done, idiots.

Those who voted for this insanity:

Barkis (R)Caldier (R)Chandler (R)DeBolt (R)Dent (R)
Graves (R)Griffey (R)Haler (R)Harris (R)Klippert (R)
Kristiansen (R)MacEwen (R)Manweller (R)McDonald (R)Muri (R)
Nealey (R)Smith (R)Stambaugh (R)Stokesbary (R)Walsh,J (R)
Wilcox (R)Young (R)


Angel (R)Bailey (R)Baumgartner (R)Becker (R)Braun (R)
Brown (R)Ericksen (R)Fain (R)Fortunato (R)Hawkins (R)
Honeyford (R)King (R)Miloscia (R)O'Ban (R)Pearson (R)
Rivers (R)Rossi (R)Schoesler (R)Short (R)Walsh (R)
Warnick (R)Wilson (R)Zeiger (R)

No one claiming to be a Republican should have voted for this garbage.

No one.

It's such an embarrassment that, as shown earlier, both Rivers and Wilson had to lie to us about it.

Gotta wonder: why ever would they need to do that?

The Columbian October 24 at 4:17pmThe plan that was ultimately signed into law relies largely on an increase to the statewide property tax that starts next year. The tax increases from $1.89 to ...$2.70 per $1,000 of assessed value, with the increase earmarked for education. The plan — which keeps in place local property tax levies but caps them beginning in 2019 at a lower level— will ultimately raise property taxes for some districts and lower them in others. Under the plan, the minimum starting salary for teachers will increase, with adjustment for inflation and regional differences. 

Is it enough? State Supreme Court hears school funding case   OLYMPIA — Attorneys for the state of Washington told the state Supreme Court Tuesday they have complied with a court mandate to fully fund the state’s basic education system, calling recent legislation a “sea change,” but an attorney for the coalition behind the long running lawsuit disagreed and asked the court to force the Legislature to amend their most recent efforts.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Reflector article on Gellatly's moronic lawsuit against PCO Richard Colwell

Anyone following this blog knows my thoughts on Insane Clown's monumentally idiotic SLAP suit against one of the dozens of PCO's opposed to the continuation of his moronic tenure as the Chair of the Clark County GOP.

Well, here's The Reflectors take.  They did an especially nice job of reproducing some of the many memes cranks out against Davey.  I especially like the one that asks "Does this mugshot make me look crooked?"


Clark County GOP chair files lawsuit

  •  0

A screenshot of several of the images posted on “” whose anonymous owner is being sued by the images’ target, Clark County Republican Party Chair David Gellatly, along with the owner of two other websites, a Facebook page attacking Gellatly and one Republican Precinct Committee Officer for defamation.
  • Image retrieved from
The chair of the Clark County Republican Party has filed a defamation suit against a precinct committee officer and other anonymous parties over claims made in public about the party head.
A complaint of defamation and libel was filed Oct. 6 by Clark County Republican Party Chair David Gellatly in Clark County Superior Court. The complaint alleges that since Gellatly’s appointment in December 2016 he has endured “a withering stream of hurtful and damaging accusations which were false.”
The alleged defamation occurred both online and out in the public, the suit stated, mentioning billboards attacking Gellatly that had appeared in Clark County in September. Claims were made that some of the signs were illegally removed per a state law pertaining to political signage. Those claims are what Gellatly took issue with in the suit, among other alleged attacks on him.
The suit names several websites and a Facebook page in its allegations, including and All three sites feature content attacking Gellatly, ranging from a list of alleged violations as chair on to a collection of dozens of images in the popular meme format at
According to WHOIS data, which lists information about domain names, all three of the sites’ domains were created within days of each other in September, and all three have the owner listed as some sort of out-of-state domains-by-proxy website, effectively hiding who the real owner of the domains are.
The one named party, Richard Colwell, was targeted in the suit due to allegations he sent an email to another party leader in which he said “as clear as the sun shines upon the earth, he lied, and then embezzled funds,” noting that embezzlement is a crime and claiming the allegations to be false.
Gellatly seeks punitive damages from both Colwell and the anonymous parties owning the websites, as well as attorney fees and any other damages deemed appropriate by the court.
Following the service of the suit, Colwell had set up a crowdfunding webpage to help pay for attorney fees. As of Friday morning the campaign had received more than $900 in pledges and nearly 100 shares on Facebook.

The fruits, nuts, Jeff Flakes and the #NeverTrump types.

Among the #NeverTrump types, which certainly include the brain damaged (McCain) and the butthurt (Flake) there's a common thread.

It doesn't stop merely within that subset of the political species, however.  It extends all the way through the state politicos down to the local level.

It's the politics of animus.  It's the politics of hate.  It's the politics of arrogance.

Notice the coverage of the Twitter bitch-slapping session going on between the President and Nutsinflakes?  Or, for that matter, Bob Corker?

Coverage centers on the President "turning people into enemies."

Well, they were enemies before any of this started.

Falling under the broad heading of RINOs, these senators have been enemies of the people for years... why would they change now?  From the moment these people were co-opted until this very day, they fail in their primary duty.... their "paramount duty," which is, quite simply this: represent the people who elected you and do what's best for the country.

Flake is now counted among those who likely will screw the President's efforts to get tax reform through, much like that low-life McCain scuttled getting rid of Obamacare.  Corker's a maybe in that regard.

Are these people acting out of what's best for us?  Can McCain, for example, claim with a straight face that Obamacare is actually a great program for this Nation?  Can he claim that it hasn't damaged this country and millions of families while doing, effectively, nothing to resolve the issues confronting us?

Nope.  He can't.  So why did he vote with the democrats to kill the effort to get rid of it?  Was that a vote in the best interests of the people of this country?

Why are these people voting like they're democrats?

Because they're angry.  

They're mostly angry because President Trump is, well, President Trump.

If, for example, a President Jeb Bush were proposing these changes, does anyone believe that, for example, McCain and Flake wouldn't be carrying a President Bush's water like Gunga Din?

Here locally, what has our own fake caricature of a Congresswoman done?  How has she voted?  Did SHE vote to get rid of Obamacare?

Nope.  And make no mistake about it: had she not been a member of Congress, what does anyone reading this believe the chances would have been for her daughter, born without kidneys?

Herrera, too, is a #NeverTrumper.  That her district is likely to suffer for that during the Trump Administration is of no concern to her: she has repeatedly joined with our two fringe-left Senators to hammer the President as far back as when he was a candidate.

We see it at the legislative level with Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360).

Rivers screwed us and has lied to us about the results of her efforts to give the WEA and ADDITIONAL $13 billion over the Billions she's already arranged to give them, all while she... and Sen. Lynda "Tracy's Sockpuppet" Wilson have stood in front of us and lied... to our faces... over the impacts of their most recent budget sell out.

She's arranged for a primary challenger last cycle to run against Rep. Liz Pike in the guise of that political nutjob Shane Bowman (who, if memory serves, wanted to implement a state sales tax on food in the 15% area...) not because Pike wasn't doing anything wrong as a rep, but because she loudly opposed Rivers' pet gas tax increase... a tax increase Rivers had pledged to oppose in order to get the job of Senator to begin with.

We see it at the county level, where county council types have systemically disassembled most of the good work done by David Madore and Tom Mielke, not because it was what was best this county... but because it was implemented by Madore and Boldt is still butthurt over Madore defeating him when he ran for reelection back in 2012.

That factoid alone is why we're saddled with a neo-communist "charter" that rapes democracy in every imaginable way.

It wasn't brought forward to improve the voice of the people.  It was brought forward to mute that voice when they happen to vote a certain way.  And that way?

Anything to the right of Mao.

But all of that said, studying the current political tides and eddies shows this thread.  A thread of petulance.  A thread of hatred.  A thread of animus.  A thread of stomping on GOP principles to get back at someone...  the best interests of the people they allegedly represent be damned.

McCain can't last much longer.  Flake is gone, Corker is gone.  And when THEY screw us, the damage caused will impact the Senate... and not the President.

The reality here is that the RINO/leftist scorched-earth policy will not impact Mr. Trump one wit.

Do they risk losing the majorities of each House?  Yup.  Sure do.  But so what?

What good has the Majority been since they got the job?  Trillions in deficits, multiple failures to kill Obamacare, doing nothing while the military got weaker by the day, failing to act to end the military social programs that weaken us, our effectiveness and our deployability while costing additional wasted billions?  We've still got Obama phones, don't we?

RINO inaction and selling out is based on RINO hatred and corruption.  So, to the Flakes and McCains and Corkers?

Vote "no" like your democrat buddies want... and be damned.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The right is giddy about the latest announced investigation into the uranium deal... only one problem.

None of it matters.

Benghazi has been investigated for 4 years.

The IRS has been investigated because the leftists used them as a cudgel to hammer conservative groups at LEAST that long.

We've known about the pay offs and the bribes in the Clinton Foundation for at least that long.

Investigation after investigation.  Emails proving wrong-doing. Corruption after corruption.  Scam after scam.

The law has been broken, shattered, vaporized, abused, ignored... a clear portrait of how those in power at all levels seem to view the law the same way they view the truth: as a play thing to be trashed when and as necessary.

And what's happened from any of it?


Millions upon millions spent...  and what has been accomplished?

I want investigations.  But I want them to result in something.

These people are guilty  As hell.  Yet the Administration seems afraid of doing what should be done.

Its a measurable weakness.

It needs to stop.  Unless the Justice Department is willing to hold these people accountable... then what the hell is the point?

And if they WERE willing to do that... then why haven't they?  And if they won't... why bother?

Monday, October 23, 2017

The pathetic defense of the Gellatly law suit.

Regular readers should know of the Gellatly lawsuit by Insane Clown, against a local Republican Precinct Committee Officer.

It seems he's butthurt over a word used in a private conversation via email between the defendant "and another party member."

Part of what's in the suit is likely true:  Clown HAS "... face a withering stream of hurtful and damaging allegations..."  The "lie" part is where he appends "...which are false."

There's an irony to all of this, of course.  The claim in the suit, as I see it, is that the defendant used the word "embezzlement" in connection with Insane Clown, IN AN EMAIL and Clown doesn't happen to like that.

So.  Because the defendant used A word... ONE word... Insane felt compelled to sue him for "defamation."  That it's not, in any sense of the word, defamatory to even lie about someone outright, let alone tell the truth, in a PRIVATE EMAIL is beside the point.

There's so much irony here, it's locked on due north.

Why would a party chair do such a thing, particularly with an important local election coming up, besides his blithering incompetence and stupidity?

Except for the self-immolation of his already self-wrecked public image, how does any of this move the GOP's ball forward?

How does this get even those mangling the party label like the RINOs currently in office around here, elected?

It doesn't.  A vision-impaired man could see it in a minute.  (Notice I didn't use the non-PC correct term "Blind?"  Seems I have managed to offend a great many of the ignorant around here by using truthful terminology, and we can't have that, can we?)

So, imagine my surprise when one of the main RINOs around here, one Ann Donnelly, actually attempted to defend this insanity:

Ann Donnelly I personally heard Richard shouting (outside the resource center) that David was an embezzler - I don't know if that was one of the issues in the suit, but it would have been for me if I had been called an embezzler. That it is a serious charge! David HAS TO defend his personal reputation from that specific a charge, which can ruin a man's ability to earn a living. When I heard that word, I made a mental note that Richard was making a serious mistake.

LikeShow more reactions
13 hrs

Ann Donnelly As I wrote just now on another site, I personally heard Richard shout that David is an embezzler. I don't think I was the only one and that that was the only time. When I heard that I thought what a serious mistake that was. Others were egging him on and they should not have done that. When you use that word against a man with a family, job, children, you are threatening all of them. A man's reputation is everything. That was such a mistake on Richard's part and I do not think only Richard was to blame, because Richard sometimes is very emotional, as we observed on the 17th. We all get emotional but I believe he should have been counseled by others to not use that term.

13 hrs

Now, Donnelly's got some throw weight among the other RINOs.  She was among the crew that endorsed my leftist brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, instead of Liz Pike during the horrific outcome for the Clark County Char vote... where Boldt took over county government with 39% of the vote... and hasn't stopped screwing us since.

Clearly, like most RINOs, Donnelly merely views the word "Republican" as a label she can toss aside whenever the mood strikes.

Like she has.

Effectively, what Donnelly is doing here is to make the weak attempt to justify Gellatly's ongoing jihad against any opposition to his plans, his actions or to him personally.

Donnelly's remarks here provides no such justification, of course, but it does go to the heart of the RINO, anti-conservative support for Gellately and to the sock-puppet element of all of this.

Oddly, I have yet to see any of the RINOs criticize Insane for anything.  As if, he hasn't done anything worthy of it.

Is it because they, too, are afraid of him?  After all, between his lame efforts of intimidation and public character assassination, fear is what he's attempting to achieve.

Or is it because he's their tool?

For my part, I have made far worse allegations than "embezzlement."  I have not been sued.  Of course, truth IS an absolute defense.

But having been the target of Insane's efforts to defame ME, and having sought legal counsel only to be told that the fact set presented lacked the element of causing actual provable harm (financial or otherwise), and that the case wasn't worth pursuing; I filed it away for future use.

And I have a hell of a lot stronger case than Insane.

Donnelly is well aware of Gellatly's actions towards me.  His efforts to publicly defame and humiliate me go far beyond a single word in a single email.

And what has she said about that?


I'm hearing rumbles of a lack of volunteers to phone bank and so forth.  Well, where are the RINOs that keep supporting this moron?  At least 70 of you idiots voted to keep him in his job... where the hell are you?

How does any of this make people want to join an organization where you run the risk of abuse if you DARE to disagree with any aspect of what the Straw Boss Man says or does?

So, I admit to a certain level of confusion.  Why the hypocrisy?  Why hasn't she and the other RINOs expressed their outrage about what he's done to so many others?

Why do they turn a blind eye to his obvious objectification of women, for example?  How is it that his effort to get public support from one of the people he knows in the strip club business not worthy of their concern?

It's not unlike Brent Boger's rabid support of serial texter Sean Guard.  Boger used to feed me information about Guard all the time back when Guard he was first running... but when the scandal about Guard broke, I became a so-called "disgraced blogger" and it was like Guard was PAYING Boger to do his PR!

What's up with that?

I've got to wonder:  what does this Clown HAVE to do to get them to come out against him?

Why is what's happened to the guy I call Insane Clown so bad... but what HE does... and HAS done... only worthy of the Silence of the RINOs?

Another look at David Gellatly engaging in party recruitment relations.

I get that the left would like to think that the GOP has gender issues.  Obviously, Davey's learned his lesson from his multiple DUI's!

Well, here's a picture of Clark County Chair David Gellatly engaging in GOP recruitment.

Good on ya, Davey!  Fits well with your outreach to the striper demographic!

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling

Sunday, October 22, 2017

RINO failures coming home to roost in Congress?

Regular readers have a flavor for how utterly worthless and, well, cowardly our local caricature of a congresswoman actually is.

Jaime Herrera is a microcosm of the issues confronting the GOP.

She's cursed the office for the last 7 years.  And in that time, can any regular reader list her accomplishments?

Of course not.  Few pay closer attention than *I* do, and I can't.  In that respect, Ridgefield Barbie's failures to act far exceed what she's actually done... save for collecting in excess of a million dollars in pay while forging what little public presence she has on the back of her first child... sadly, born without kidneys... and the subsequent millions of dollars in medical care and earned media... Parade magazine, People magazine and other intellectual publications like that... that she's put together.

Medical care which, I might add, wouldn't even make a fantasy for most of us.

I can l count on one hand the number of open town hall meetings the Camas Manikin has allowed.

In 7 years.

Without looking it up, can anyone reading this remember the last one?

All those years in Congress.  Nothing from her in solving our cross-river transportation issues.  Nothing from her on various issues confronting us... positions are few and far between.  Complete betrayal on getting rid of Obamacare.  Joining with the left to routinely trash the president, endearing the entirety of the 3rd Congressional District to the White House if we ever needed their help... like, for example, on the aforementioned cross-river transportation issues.

An empty-suit, clearly over her head and utterly worthless since she was parachuted in here after a decade-plus long absence to run against Brian Baird.

A do-nothing member of a do-nothing Congress.

And now... the money is starting to dry up for the GOP House.  And as they continue to obstruct the president, my guess is their money wows will only continue.

House GOP Fears Wave in 2018 as Money Woes Grow

The odds of Nancy Pelosi becoming speaker again are rising as Republican donors show frustration over the party’s stalled agenda on Capitol Hill.

Josh Kraushaar

House Republicans are growing increasingly alarmed that some of their most vulnerable members aren’t doing the necessary legwork to protect themselves from an emerging Democratic tidal wave. In some of the biggest media markets, where blockbuster fundraising is a prerequisite for political survival—most notably in New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston—Republican lawmakers aren’t raising enough money to run aggressive campaigns against up-and-coming Democrats.
Of the 53 House Republicans facing competitive races, according to Cook Political Report ratings, a whopping 21 have been outraised by at least one Democratic opponent in the just-completed fundraising quarter. That’s a stunningly high number this early in the cycle, one that illustrates just how favorable the political environment is for House Democrats.
The third-quarter fundraising reports paint a gloomy picture for many Republicans. Rep. Steve Knight of California raised only $144,000 in the last three months, less than the total of two lesser-known Democratic challengers. Veteran Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey brought in only $154,000—just over one-third the amount of his leading Democratic rival, retired Navy helicopter pilot Mikie Sherrill. In the Houston area, Rep. John Culberson, who typically doesn’t face competitive races, raised only $172,000 in a Democratic-trending district that backed Hillary Clinton last year.
The list goes on: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California, under scrutiny over his unseemly ties to Russia, was outraised by a highly touted challenger and has only $600,000 in the bank. Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York saw her leading opponent raise twice as much money she did; even her Republican predecessor, former Rep. Richard Hanna, donated to the Democratic challenger. Rep. Leonard Lance of New Jersey brought in less than $200,000 in the quarter and has less than a half-million in cash on hand in a district where advertising is prohibitively expensive.
“They’re not where we want them to be. People want to see legislative movement. Donors want something done; they want tax reform done. What will affect things is if there’s progress on the president’s agenda,” said one House Republican official.
Money doesn’t always translate to victory, but the sheer number of House Republicans struggling to adequately prepare for difficult reelection campaigns—combined with the historic amount brought in by little-known Democratic candidates—points to an ominous political environment ahead for Republicans. Just as Republican voters are disillusioned with the lack of legislative accomplishments despite holding majorities in both chambers of Congress, some GOP donors are withholding their checks to protest the inactivity as well.
In addition, weak fundraising totals in the year before an election often suggest that members are thinking about heading for the exits. One senior Republican House strategist warned that if Congress can’t pass tax reform into law, a wave of retirements will soon follow.
Just this week, veteran Rep. Pat Tiberi of Ohio announced he’s resigning to join a business roundtable back in his home state. Tiberi, who is an influential member of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, is vacating a suburban seat around Columbus that could be competitive under the right circumstances. President Trump won 53 percent of the vote there in 2016, a slightly narrower percentage of the vote than Romney won in 2012.
Tiberi’s departure follows recent moves by other allies of Speaker Paul Ryan, many of whom represent competitive districts that Democrats plan to challenge. So far, 18 House Republicans have announced their retirements in this election cycle, the highest number at this stage since 2004, according to an analysis by Daily Kos. If the retirement pace continues, Democrats will find themselves with an easier pathway to winning back control of the House, since incumbency is one of the most powerful advantages Republicans hold.
The odds of a Democratic House takeover in 2018 have never looked greater this election cycle. One plugged-in House Democratic strategist, who has previously been circumspect about the party’s chances to win control of the lower chamber, put the chances of Nancy Pelosi again becoming speaker at a 7 (with 10 being the most likely). The strategist’s outlook is bolstered by a growing pile of empirical evidence, like eye-popping fundraising from the party’s top challengers, suggesting that next November is poised to be a wave election for the Democrats.


I'm not yet convinced that the dems should look forward to a "wave" election.

Money isn't everything... just ask former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who spent $5 million against $200,000 by the guy who ousted him in the primary in 2014, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA).

Leftist messaging still sucks; they're doubling down on their failed programs and they whine with their hatred of anyone to their right.  As a brief reminder, the politics of hatred are not typically that successful.

But as an indicator of how much the GOP-controlled House sucks as they go about their business of screwing us, this yardstick is hard to ignore.

And if they lose the House... so what?  We won't really notice much difference.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

When your Senators (Rivers and Wilson) are liars: state school property taxes to skyrocket...

The Seattle Times came up with a dandy chart to explain, by school district, how much our taxes are going to skyrocket thanks to the scam deal Rivers negotiated and both Wilson and Rivers approved:

Local school district increases: 2018 (Median taxable single-family residence value)

Battle Ground School District taxes:  $250 ($289,900)

Camas School District taxes:  $330 ($378,300)

Evergreen School District taxes:  $210 ($244,000)

Green Mountain School District taxes: $190 ($224,000)

Hockinson School District taxes:  $340 ($385,900)

La Center School District taxes: $260 ($303,700)

Ridgefield School District taxes:  $290 ($339,000)

Vancouver School District taxes:  $220 ($251,600)

Washougal School District taxes: $240 ($272,000)

Woodland School District taxes:  $170  ($192,800)

I knew at the time that when Wilson told the PCO's that  "I just want you to know that everyone in Clark County will be receiving a property tax[sic] that's going down," that both she... and Rivers... were lying.

County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick had long before that day been warning us that out property taxes were going to explode thanks to River's sell out to the democrats... but at the time, she was on their payroll, what with the announcement that she'd been hired by Strategies 360, a democrat campaign firm, WHILE she was "negotiating" (selling us out) to the democrats and their WEA keepers.
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
THIS is what the RINOs bring us.  MASSIVE tax increases, massive fee increases and then MASSIVE lies, hoping we'll be too stupid to remember that they lied... and that THEY are responsible for this misery.

So, of the 3... Wilson, Rivers and Van Nortwick... who lied and who didn't?

That's obvious.  Our two RINO senators screwed us, along with others previously thought to be "conservative," including Braun (20th) and King (14th)  But then, King is responsible for screwing us sideways on the gas tax/tab fee increases that Rivers worked so hard to jam down our throats.

Why they would lie to the PCO's is no mystery.  Tell them the truth about this and you'd be lucky to get out live.  Far easier to lie and alive to fight another day.

THAT they would lie?

They're RINO's.  That's what they do.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Fundraisers for Englund? Why bother... it's a waste of money.

Those who follow state politics from even a distance know that Jinyoung Lee Englund has zero chance to win.

She's fighting two unwinnable battles: her district has turned increasingly left (Both of her House seats are occupied by democrats and her district voted 60% plus for Clinton) AND the years-long betrayal of the people by the GOP-controlled state senate.

Englund, who is from Seattle's 45th District, put together a pathetic 41.46% of the vote against 2 pro-state income tax democrats.  Late votes broke AWAY from Englund, increasing her opponent's lead with each update.

Washington State Wire reports that a mid-September poll shows Englund getting hammered 55-41 by likely voters.

Closing on $7 million has been spent on this race, which was unwinnable from the start.

When you look at what the "GOP-controlled state senate" has done TO us, instead of FOR us, they clearly deserve to lose control.

Their "control" has literally cost us billions.

Billions in gas tax and tab fee increases.

Billions in selling out to the WEA for nothing in return.  (There were zero accountability issues built into that rip-off.  Wasting those billions will do absolutely nothing to improve educational outcomes but it will make hundreds of thousands of us that much poorer...)

Cheaper driver's licenses for illegal aliens than for citizens.

A GOP ran "Dream Act" that guarantees slots in our universities for illegal aliens while making them eligible for tuition assistance.

The GOP failure to put an end to the fringe-left "whatever gender I feel like today" use of showers and toilets and other government facilities nonsense... which, come to think of it, her predecessor, Andy Hill, voted to allow?

As the voters of the 45th are showing, when you have RINOs running a governmental body, there's literally zero reasons to vote... or at a minimum, vote GOP.

Among other political problems Englund has is this: she's definitely pro-choice on abortion.  That means, win or lose, she would vote with the left on that issue.

And that means she'd be just as pliable on leftist issues as Rivers.  And what's the worst that can happen when Englund loses?

Our taxes and fees will go up?

Not as much as they did thanks to Gas Tax Rivers.

Englund, who admits she didn't vote for Trump, shows all the trappings of your typical RINO.

Tell me again why Englund should be elected... even if she could be... which my analysis has shown all along she can't?  Where, for example, has she come out in opposition to the screwing the GOP has laid on us in the Legislature?  What... or how... would she have voted differently than the RINO she's replacing?

Now, I'm given to understand that there's at least one fundraiser for her scheduled down here.

Clearly, you'd be better off betting it in a casino.

Because you'd have a better chance of winning on that bet than you would be betting it on her.

The obvious Gellatly-Obama parallels.

As I was watching the fake outrage of the left over the Weinstein objectification of women... which, as a template, neatly fits over Gellatly's ties to the strip club segment of his political world... and which women around here have made clear they're blind to when it comes to keeping their El Duce' in charge, (you know, he only had a FEW character flaws... and, allegedly, he made the trains run on time... am I right?)... the thought occurred to me that our local version of Mussolini has a lot in common with the politically late, unlamented, Barack Obama.

Let's take a quick look at Insane's political hero, shall we?

Gellatly, like Obama, is a consummate liar.

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  This will save a family of four $2500 a year in health insurance premiums.

There are, of course, few aspects and areas about the GOP that Clown has failed to lie about.

Many of those lies were obvious... the Lincoln Day Dinner debacle... the horrific contract payments to Tomi Cleavage... his complete inability to handle ticket sales for that event.

You know that when a single candidate for local office holds a fund raiser at her house that brings in thousands more than the biggest fund raiser the local GOP has each year that the moron in charge has screwed it up.

He lies incessantly as opposed to taking responsibility for his multiple and frequently massive screw ups.  He lies about those who attack his policies, those who see through him and those who actively oppose him.
Image result for obama smoking pot
Gellatly, like Obama, has no problem pissing on the laws governing the country... or in the case of Obama, being overruled by the US Supreme Court at least 20 times.

Insane, for his part, does whatever he wants politically and views the local GOP as his own personal fiefdom... from making unauthorized purchases using party funds to hiring muscle to keep people out of a public meeting... the putsch of October 17... to ignoring the bylaws whenever the mood strikes... while allowing alcohol at a meeting in violation of the facilities contract at a cost of a mere $2550 to the Party.

And his winged monkeys don't care.  If he were convicted of axe-murdering a girl scout troop, they'd still wear out knee pads in front of him.

Gellatly, like Obama, engages in personal attacks and uses others to dig up personal information... Obama using his White House staff to and security agencies to wiretap his political opponents and then denying it... (Liars typically deny)

Insane, for his part, uses a buddy with an initial "F" to dig up personal information in an effort to threaten opponents such as myself... identity-theft type information like social security numbers and so forth in an effort to intimidate, to end opposition, to mute protests, and to attempt to destroy those smart enough to see through him.

Image result for mussoliniNone of this is a secret.  Insane's multiple DUI arrests, his complete disrespect of even traffic laws and all of the rest are well known.

Obama, for his part, didn't have any DUI's that I am aware of... he chose a different, equally illegal way at the time to get wasted.

With Obama, we had, perhaps, the biggest narcissist in the White House in our history.

With Insane, we can say the same about the local GOP.

Yeah, to put a point on it, these two are far more alike in so many ways... and there are others who share these characteristics.

I have worked on numerous campaigns.  Each and every one of them was for good, solid, conservative candidates who put their integrity and bed-rock political principles before any party label.

Insane and his owners are doing the best they can to eliminate us from the equation.  The result?

Expect more liars and those who prostitute their own ambition to sell us out to get elected.

More Rivers.  More Wilsons.  More Webers.  More Kimseys.  More Bloms.  More Olsons.... more, more, more.

More who rape Republican tenets on a whim.  More who will lie to get elected.  More who will tax us and enslave us to their agenda's... more who use the Steve Stuart philosophy of never speaking for the people but instead, speaking for themselves... more who will betray us on taxes, tolls and loot rail... and lie to us about our property taxes going down because they sold out.

More who will treat those who question like dirt.

More who will act like Insane Clown and his Posse.