Friday, September 29, 2017

ICYMI: Prosecutor kicks Guard Investigation up to state Attorney General

Haven't been hearing a great deal from the RINO contingent about their buddy, Sean Guard and his, well, little difficulties.

Of course, since they're doing all they can to keep strip club raconteur David Gellatly's empty head above water, I'm not terribly surprised, being busy and all.

You remember, don't you?  ALL that whining, bitching and moaning by the greater RINO lights around here... Brent Boger and who is that leftist sock puppet high up in county government who's been rejected for county executive... and the clueless Bob Stevens who snivels with the best of them.

Well, you know, after awhile, ol' BB kinda went dark on the Guard matter.  In fact, save for attacking me, who he refers to as a "disgraced blogger" (which is kinda odd, considering)

While BB has cast himself as among THE biggest hypocrites around here because of that kind of crap, we haven't been hearing a whole lot from BB or any of his other sock puppets about how tough it is for Guard and how he's getting screwed and so on and so on.

In fact, they seem to have shut up about it. Ol' B.S. (Bob Stevens) may not be quite as 100% behind Officer Guard as he claimed.  And BB?  Well, he seems to have gone silent as well, when one compares his loquacious nonsense back then, with, well, now.

As it turns out, after an unnecessary, several week delay, our local prosecutor decided to punt on this issue and he sent it up to the state Attorney General.

Seems he did all that without word one from the RINO contingent.

Now.... why do you suppose that is?

Any way, the outcome for Officer Guard looks preeeetttty bleak.  But then, when one reviews the kind of thing he was texting... shouldn't it be?

Guard has yet to resign from the Mayor's position in Washougal or as a PCO for the GOP.

He should have done both, of course... and you can bet his RINO buds are going to give that slimeball a ROUSING send off here, directly as he hangs on by his fingernails until the bitter end.

Depending on how long the AG takes to come to the obvious decision... it could be any time, now.  But the reality is that either way, Officer Guard is going to be gone... either now... or two months from now.  And we'll all be better off for it.

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