Saturday, May 20, 2017

The RINO response to the Guard Scandal.

As expected, the fake Republicans and the leftists are rallying around this Guard character... since he's one of them, the reality is that they simply don't care if the allegations are true... and as I pointed out earlier, the idea is not to denigrate the creature capable of this sort of thing, but instead, to denigrate and belittle the messenger.

This, of course, is their burden to bear.  But the facts do tend to speak for themselves... not necessarily the over 900 messages claimed to be between "Officer" Guard and the woman in question... but Guard's personal reaction to the allegations.

The fact is that Guard can make this go away quite simply:  He can come right out and specifically deny each allegation.  He can make the claim that he never once texted anything sexual to any woman not his wife at any time, ever; that he never suggested, coerced, manipulated, forced, or paid anyone to engage in any sexual activity of any kind... in any way... and not in the Clintonian senses of "not having sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski," and the equally famous "it all depends on what your definition of is, is."

Has anyone seen that from HIM?

Denials by family members may simply be used as a yard stick of the pain that has been inflicted.

His wife, Ann Guard, has steadfastly denied any of it is true.

But Guard, himself?

Not so much.

He initially put something up on his FB page...  but then proceeded to take it back down... and then go completely dark on the subject.

Not so his RINO/leftist buddies.

As outlined yesterday, the local RINO Ringleader, Brent Boger, immediately stepped up to defend Guard and attack his primary accuser.

That's what they do, you understand, when they have no case: they Rule 13 their opponents instead of addressing the heart of the matter (13. "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. )

Over on the falsely named "Clark County Citizens - Unfiltered" page (It's totally "filtered."  Those with a position to the right of Mao are not allowed... and in some cases, like me, are blocked from even seeing it.... but I have my ways) the RINOs and leftists are whining like cut cats.

Uber leftist/conservative hater Bob Stevens, now the interim county manager of all things, spewed this garbage:
So a little while back, Sean Guard made a rather cryptic post on FB that his character was being attacked and I didn't understand. 
Finally, someone pointed me to what he was referencing. It instantly reminded me of the Clark County.Innuendo[sic] days in it's[sic] amateurish, over the top nonsense. The "evidence" presented could have been created by anyone with a half wit's knowledge of Adobe Pro. I'm not going to point to it here because I won't give it an ounce of exposure. I saw it as an instant fake. 
The unfortunate news is that once people like Sean and myself are elevated to that legal realm of "public figure", we have to little to no recourse against this kind of attempted character assassination. It could happen to any of us on any given day, as it did in the "Innuendo" days. 
That something so vile could be unleashed at at[sic] will against a long standing community leader who has always been at the forefront of his city, charities and civic duty has hit Sean a little hard. It would me too. 
We can't let this kind of pure crap rule our future. 
So, I'm letting folks know...Sean could really use a little shout out right now. A little encouragement from those of us who know the man and respect what he's done. We'll let karma take care of the rest as it has done in the past. 
Sean, I am behind you 100%.
"Sean and myself?"

How did any of this become about you?

It's not particularly surprising that a hater like Stevens would support this clown.  He doesn't mention Guard's conviction about impersonating a police officer or his loudmouth, bullying reputation in that defense: tends to weaken the meme.

What Sevens fails to do is to simply state that Guard could not have done it.  He offers zero evidence to the contrary; instead doing what all of those who support this loudmouth slimeball do when confronted with this situation: attack the messenger and ignore the message.

For my part, I don't give a damn if Guard was Mother Teresa; Mussolini made the trains run on time and Hitler built some nifty freeways... none of which rise to the level of turning a blind eye to this sorry episode to support their reelection.

What Stevens is babbling about Guard here is the same kind of crap the defenders of then-Congressman Anthony Weiner were saying about HIM, even though he just pled guilty to the very allegations  that were being made.

As for "pure crap," Stevens is right about that, which is just another reason STEVENS needs to be fired as well, given how much "pure crap" HE has troweled out.  It's frightening that this clown has a position of importance in ANY government, let alone mine.

What's missing from all of those morons like Stevens is the answer to this simple question:

If, as it turns out, the allegations are true... then what?

The man who broke this story (In writing, at least... I've heard that Guard has been something of a rabid horn dog for years now) risks much.  He's been threatened by court action from Guard's wife... which doesn't appear to have materialized (After all, the truth is an absolute defense) and that's the thing: none of those writing this babble state to a certainty that Guard didn't do it.  Guard is, essentially, silent on the matter.

(Would you be silent?  Would I?)

Everyone commenting after this self-flagellation by Stevens is a conservative hater, RINO or leftist... part of the hater "Amen Choir."

NONE of them flat out deny any of it happened.  And I get why that might be, given Guard's apparent refusal to flat out deny that he is who all of this makes him out to be.

NONE of them state any difference that it would make if it HAS happened.

One of them, Lew Waters, has zero problem attempting to slime others with his own false allegations... which is kind of ironic when you think about it.

Between now and the primary, if Guard wants this job, he'd better mount a vigorous defense.  He'd better file suit.  He'd better subpoena the records of all concerned.  He'd better show that Kincaid is lying and, as the fantasies of these leftists all hope against hope... that it's all made up and that, because according to many of these clowns this evidence CAN be fabricated... it IS fabricated.

Because the reality is that if this splatters because it's true... the mud is going to wind up on them as well.

For my part, I hope that it ISN'T true... but my gut tells me it likely is.

The information contained within these messages is deeply personal, the kind of thing that can't easily be dug up or generated at random.

The verbiage contains certain facts regarding Guard that few people outside of his family could have known.

Did Guard have prostate surgery?  Is he impotent?  Etc, etc... because it appears he discusses these things rather candidly in these messages.

Meanwhile, his RINO/Leftist supporters spend zero effort ascertaining the truth: all of their effort is discrediting the guy providing this information.

Seems to me that the truth is the determining factor here.

But to date, all of Guard' supporters combined have yet to express any concern over that; instead, focusing on beating those who believe this might be true, a likelihood continuing to be reinforced by Guard's silence.

Meanwhile, the WASHOUGAL Police are "investigating?

Wow.  No conflict THERE, right?

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