Friday, May 19, 2017

RINO in chief Brent Boger rushes to his fellow RINO's defense: Guard.

Those actually defending Guard in his idiocy of activities with what seems to be other women have devolved into two distinct camps:

That we had no right to know any of this and/or that it was politically motivated.

The "right to know" issue is irrelevant.  One cannot unring the bell once struck.

And taking it a step further, this kind of reasoning devolves into a WikiLeaks scenario:

Thousands of documents were released that showed the democrats party to be bigoted, racist, and corrupt to the core.

The democrats didn't dispute the information.  Heads rolled.

And what was their defense?  Not that the information wasn't accurate (clearly, it was) but that we had no right to know the truth.

Whether we have the "right" to know it is completely irrelevant.  What's relevant is that we DO know it... and Guard remains silent in the face of this evidence... which goes to a level of assent that it is actually true.

There is a victim here... a group of them, actually.  And they are Guard's family.  And if these allegations are true... and they appear to be... it would seem that this slimeball, "Officer" Guard, could care less about them himself.

As for Boger, extensively quoted in the CW's article, he relies on his extensive... and typically unsuccessful... experience to attack the credibility of the allegations... and those making them, leaping to his buddy... and fellow conservative hater Guard's, defense:
Mayor Sean Guard, who recently announced he is running for a third term, said he had no comment regarding the harassment allegations. 
But Washougal City Council member Brent Boger said this evening that he believes the allegations are a political move on the part of Kincaid. 
“(Kincaid) has a great deal of malice toward the mayor,” Boger said. “I think it comes from internal Republican precinct committee officers. There are some divisions in the Clark County Republican party … (and) Kincaid is part of the far right.” 
Boger added that Kincaid and Guard have known each other since high school days and that, while Boger has only known of Kincaid through political channels, he would take what the Washougal businessman says with a grain of salt. 
“I would be skeptical of Kincaid,” Boger said, adding that he thought it “pretty unlikely” that the police would bring charges against the mayor. 
Asked about his reasons for divulging in a series of public Facebook posts what appeared to be sexually explicit phone messages from Guard — or someone pretending to be Guard — Kincaid admitted that politics played a role.
Now, Boger is something of a lawyer: note what he does not come right out and say?

"These allegations are false; Sean Guard did no such thing."

So, he sets about to do what all lawyers do for a client: cast doubt on the credibility of the accuser.

Words, allegedly, have meaning in the legal profession.

Note that Boger doesn't come right out and deny anything on behalf of Guard.  And Guard, something of a bullying coward, rumor has it... has gone to ground, no doubt following some lawyer's advice... in the sincere hope that this will all blow over while he counts on the legendary short attention span of the average voter.

Boger and Guard are a part of the RINO tag team that tried... and failed... to join with the fringe RINO fake Republican Carolyn Crain element to wrest control of the local GOP from anyone to the right of Mao.

They both became GOP PCO's for that express purpose.

So, when Boger leaps to the defense of his fellow RINO, he, too, is acting out of something that he alleges is behind the release of this information: political motivation.

Boger, you see, has a great deal of malice toward anyone on the right who doesn't share his leftist view.  I think it comes from the fact that he's a RINO Precinct Committee Officer... there are some divisions in the Clark County Republican Party (and by all means, leave it to a fringe-left RINO like Boger to publicize those divisions) ... (and) Boger is part of the far left.

As a result, Boger, obviously covering for his, well, "different" buddy Guard... is ALSO "politically motivated."

And if Kincaid's motivations are political and, therefore "bad," somehow... what does that make Boger's?

There.  Aren't words fun?

Now, it is up to the voters.  And one way or the other Washougal will have the government it deserves.

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