Thursday, May 18, 2017

Who to believe on the Guard Scandal.

There are a great many images purporting to be screen captures pinging around the ethernet, locally, of Sean Guard, Washougal Mayor, having some issues pop up that put him in less than a perfect light...between himself and another woman.

Now, none of us are perfect, to be sure; me least of all.  But we expect a higher standard of a sort from those elected to serve us.

And, once again, we are disappointed as Guard is no exception.

Guard is no stranger to controversy; he was arrested for impersonating a police officer when he was busted with a woman and her two children, in a city of Washougal car that had at least the appearance of a police car, while using the flashing lights to clear traffic out of the way on the freeway.  Ultimately, he pled guilty.

Washougal mayor faces charge of impersonating a law enforcement officer

Sean Guard to appear in court for arraignment July 6

His arraignment for the gross misdemeanor of impersonating a law enforcement officer is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6, at 2:30 p.m., at the Hall of Justice, in Kelso. Guard could face 0 to 365 days in jail, and the maximum fine for a gross misdemeanor is $5,000. 
He was stopped by a State Patrol trooper on Dec. 24, 2010, along I-5 near Kelso. The trooper responded to a dispatch issued after someone called 911 about a person who was using emergency lights in order to get slower traffic to move out of the left lane. 
Guard said the car – a 1995 Ford Taurus previously driven by former Police Chief Bob Garwood – does not have emergency lights. He said he was alternating between the use of no front lights to high beams to get the attention of drivers who were traveling in front of him at speeds lower than the speed limit. 
“The left lane is the passing lane,” Guard said, in December. “That’s the way I drive. There are signs along I-5 that say the left lane is for passing only.” 
When reached by phone Wednesday, Guard said he did not know a charge had been filed. 
“I have not had any communication with the prosecutor’s office,” he said. “I have not received any notice. 
Guard was a Camas reserve police officer for approximately five years in the 1980s.  
At the time of the traffic stop, he was traveling to the South Tacoma area with a woman and two children.  
Guard continued to decline to identify them Wednesday.  
“It’s still not important,” he said. 
Guard has previously said they had been out to breakfast and Christmas shopping. 
In January, the Washougal City Council amended a chapter in the city’s personnel policies, to include language that prohibits the assignment of take home vehicles to elected officials. 
Guard returned the former police car to the city’s surplus fleet on Jan. 3. It had been assigned to him in the early part of 2010.
Was the woman in this story the same one he appears to have been messaging?

How many married men actually engage in this sort of thing with a woman and her children not related to them?

Does that pass the straight face test in light of this situation?

This episode is also how he earned the sobriquet "Officer" Guard.

Oddly, the people of Washougal re-elected this juvenile delinquent who clearly allowed his position to go to his head.

Also nicknamed "Big Chief Train Sitter" for a typically moronic display of counting trains as they went by on the tracks running through Washougal... which should have gotten him committed... Clearly, this guy has issues.

Guard, of course, BEING Guard (he also, rather falsely I might add, claims to be a Republican... who also ran for a GOP PCO position so he could be a dick in PCO meetings as well.) denied everything initially in a FB post... claiming that it was false and it was only being done to injure him politically.

Oddly enough, not too long after he put it up, he took it back down.  No explanation was given... and now?

Now Guard is acting like none of this happened.

Gotta wonder who he's getting advice from on that front... Another city council type in his neck of the woods, perhaps?

Certainly he is not the only one in local politics that I know of to have engaged... and continue to engage... in this sort of activity, to be sure.

And I pity his, by all accounts, lovely wife and their family for getting caught up in all of this.

Mrs. Guard has vociferously denied that any of this is true.  Who, on their part, would expect her to say otherwise?  How would she know?

Meanwhile, threats of lawsuits have been ongoing but in yet another move that brings all of this into question, to the best of my knowledge nothing has happened on that front as yet.  Threats can be effective, but save for a great deal of heat being successfully applied to a small, local publication which published every word from the FB messages between Guard and the woman in question on THEIR FB page... causing them to be forced to pull the messages down (all... 913 of them) nothing else has happened that I'm aware of.

I copied them all, of course.

Meanwhile, the question is this: will this FINALLY drive the proverbial wooden stake through Guard's political regime?  Is THIS enough to arouse the people of Washougal?  (Well, maybe "arouse" isn't quite the word to use, but you get the gist.)

Who is telling the truth here?  Why has Guard gone silent on the matter?

Ask yourself: if you were being falsely accused of this sort of thing, would you?

Meanwhile, Mr. Mayor, I offer up the services of my meager effort here and if you have anything to say about any of this, you have the run of the place to respond however you may like, unedited... the same offer I have made and will continue to make to any elected official or candidate.


Ayer Ke said...

What do you know about Sean Guard and his involvement with Columbia River Veterans Org. (CRVO)?
Hunting for more info regarding his position as director of CRVO.

Just a guy said...

Unfortunately, I know very little. Presumably, you have to be a veteran to run that show but I haven't seen anything to indicate that he is (Doesn't mean he isn't, but I can't find it)and I really haven't heard anything about the group one way or the other.