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In My View: Firing Proves Rank Hypocrisy of the Columbian.

Ahhhh, yes.  The now hated charter scam, which has become everything the opponents (certainly THIS opponent) said it would be.

Take a look at the rag's headline:

In Our View: Firing Proves System Works

Dismissal of McCauley in keeping with home rule charter approved by voters

The democratian is spinning this as a win for the Charter Scam; you know, like McCauley somehow couldn't have been fired under the much more responsive, much more democratic system we had in place before this government abortion was rammed down our throats with a 60% "yes" vote in the 49th.

We have, however, the government we deserve.

It's kind of like my idiot brother-in-law being the county chair when 61% of us didn't want him to have the job.

That said, I'd already asked the question why, somehow, the idea of BOLDT firing McCauley was good, good... but the idea of MADORE firing him was bad, bad.

We will likely never know the true reasons for McCauley's dismissal; because the "reasons" my moronic relation has told us so far are bogus on their face.

I've already discussed that aspect of his dismissal... and this isn't about that.

What it's about are the hypocrites who savaged David Madore over even the perception that he was doing, or going to do... the exact... same... thing.

The "complaints about the Charter" remain and are dead on target.  Because this stain on the science of journalism SUPPORTED this legalized local coup, however, the false claim that those of us opposed to this insanity were wrong, or that our complaints "ring hollow" is as fallacious as the idea that McCauley, had he been the county manager 10 years ago, could somehow not been fired the same way for the same reasons. This fiction of an editorial sheds no new light and the actual reasons the leftist Stooges running the show suddenly found themselves in agreement with the idea that Madore appears to have been kicking around.

I did a quick search on the local news cesspool, and came up with article after article where the rag trashed Madore any time he crossed McCauley or the subject of his termination came up.

In the article trashing Madore over even the appearance of "making McCauley feel less secure," there were dozens of comments of outrage while Lyin' Lefty Lou stirred the fire.

THIS time, however, not so much.  In fact, the moron who wrote this editorial tends to want to make us believe this was some sort of triumph for the charter scam they so rabidly supported... even though the goal was to silence conservatives... with the obvious and resultant increases in costs, taxes, fees, size of government and regulation.

Gee.  Who couldn't see that coming with 4 councilors voting like democrats?

The verbiage in the comments under this one story... based entirely on the level of "security" McCauley felt went something like this:

Mark Martin
The charter should be amended to make the County Manager position elected by the people.
Hector Hinojosa
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John M. Kowalski ·

Someone wrote a blog post somewhere about this, that included the sentence "Watching the leftists lose what's left of their minds over getting their crank yanked is rather amusing, when you think about it."

I would not rule out dirty tricks being played.
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John Burke ·

Seems like this story needs a theme, which this YouTube video aptly provides...

That musical interlude was inspired by the following text [along with my own added interpolations and _emphases_] from the story's lede paragraphs:

"Growing friction between the Clark County council and Acting County Manager Mark McCauley is fueling _speculation_ that McCauley’s future with the county is in doubt.

["Speculation"? By whom? And for what purpose?]

"In recent months, McCauley has increasingly pushed back against the council as they pursue _c...See More
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Karl Johnson ·

...And again David Madore drops his political hand grenade into a new arena to deflect his incompetence. Like a child that does not get his way in the sandbox he cries out and takes his ball home This time, he thinks he owns the sandbox and wants everyone to get out. For the first time I will advance the "R" in recall. He is out of control, he represents his selfish personal interests first, and most important he cares little for the people who work at the county building and those he serves in our communities. David Madore: Recall Now.
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Karl Johnson ·

David Clark So let me get this straight...Craig Pridmore, Chuck Green and "others" are responsible for the charter? "Anti-corruption campaign"? I guess the voters of Clark County had no say in this. David Madore's political tactics are unconscionable. He needs to go. Your defense of him only shows your inability to see the damage he does. Or maybe your devotion to him supercedes your devotion to our county. Kind of like him serving the Republican Party before he serves his constituents. David Madore: Recall Now
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Frank Decker
Once again, just when you think the Columbian can't possibly reach a new low, they pull it off. Why they aren't required to file with the PDC as a PAC is beyond me.
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Chris Prothero ·

Frank, aren't you supposed to be boycotting by order of His Majesty?

I really hope Evergreen voters see what kind of a bootlicker you are for the Madore Mafia. Carry on like a good little (expendable) trooper.
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Steve Lappier ·

Perhaps some of you have noticed there are three or four supporters of Mr. Madore here who think this is just a bunch of baloney. One of them, Mr. VanGelder continually tries to get you to look at Mr. Madore's FB page posting regarding this story. What you might note is these people are able to communicate on that FB with Mr. Madore. Many of the rest of us cannot. I'm sure they see this as good governance.
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Robert Pappy Moon ·

Oh I think its a bunch of baloney also. And the fact that you think there is this big Madore conspiracy is so beyond laughable that it is not even funny. Especially when this has been proven to be an all out falseification.
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Kevin VanGelder ·

Well, I'm sorry you did/said something that led him to blocking you on Facebook. It's his account and he can do as he sees fit. That said, his phone number and email address are readily accessible to anyone that knows how to use the internet or a phone book...
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Linda Noble Tubbs ·

Mr. Van Gelder, apparently not available by phone to Ms Gillespie. Would have saved a lot of ink if he had.
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Kevin VanGelder ·

Linda Noble Tubbs She called him on a Friday evening, of course she's not going to get an imidiate response...
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Hector Hinojosa
Mr. VanGelder thinks that 3 or 4 hundred people have been banned from Mr. Madore for being naughty. No Mr. VanGelder, we all simply asked questions or stated our difference of opinion. For all of Mr. Madore's talk of freedom of speech and "transparency", he seems to not really practice it.
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Steve Lappier ·

David clark - why did you attach Hector to Ed Barnes. You judged him yet you claim you don't know what he would have done to get banned.
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Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - Laughable response. Your response to me saying you didn't compare Hector to Ed, by comparing Hector to Ed again. phht
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John M. Kowalski ·

Steve Lappier It's amazing how much the Madoreans are like a cult:
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Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - No proof of anything you've said to me Mr. Clark. You just created your own reality. Good for you. I'm not part of it though.
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Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - No. Although I think it is rather telling that you would take the side of an elected official banning communication without knowing the reason.
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Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - There you go again. Not a hater. Don't like the way Mr. Madore governs. He's human, I've heard he does good charitable work. Good for him. Please don't act like "your side" is pristine and pure and only speaks in lollipop and rainbow fashion. I'm also done with this thread. How 'bout you?
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Hector Hinojosa
David Clark You are making assumptions and being extremely judgemental. If it's a question of rudeness getting banned, why is KJ Hinton still able to post any comments, his statement include name calling, insulting innuendo and outright discrimination. He is banned from the Columbian for his behavior, if you will notice we, including yourself, are on here stating opinions. You and I completely disagree, yet I am not calling you names, yet you are here making statements like "mobs of union goons". Do you feel that is appropriate? I do not. So there, you should now understand that I would not make those kind of statements on Mr. Madore's FB. I feel your double standards are quite interesting.
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Steve Lappier ·

Hector Hinojosa - Well said Hector.
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Hector Hinojosa
David Clark as a matter of fact I am. As a matter of fact there are at least a few hundred with the same issue. Banned for the simple reason that they do not agree with Mr. Madore, for the simple reason that they raised concerns and asked questions. Mr. Madore seems to go against the very principles he supposedly holds dear... the right to free speech.

And are you going to answer as to why you use terms like "union goon"?

Why is ok for Ed Elder to state "Typical smear job from Looney Lou and his flying monkeys" in the comments on this article? I don't see you calling him out for being rude and abusive. Is it because he sides with Mr. Madore as you do?
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Gary Hollmer
Very poor investigative reporting and FB responses by c3g2 members are out of line. I suspect that Mr. McCauley concession is a result of the implementation of the new charter and new board potential members which may have the result of many county employees feeling insecure!
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Michele Wollert
Mr. McCauley, well-respected by staff and citizens he serves, can assist us all by releasing the email he received from David Madore. I understand it may be exempt from public records law because it is a personnel matter. He can choose to share, nonetheless, and put this controversy to rest.

We cannot underestimate the loss of trust and collective trauma the community suffered when Benton was gifted the DES Director job outside the customary HR process. If this is a hair-trigger over-reaction, as you allege, it is the natural consequence of growing anxiety over poor governing and a fear th...See More
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Chris Prothero ·

Or...Smilin' Dave knows he only has about 60 days before he looses his cart blanche when the new council is seated. His reign is coming to an end, why not throw a couple more haymakers while he's standing?
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Lou Brancaccio ·

Let's be clear here. Madore is denying something that was never written or said. We did not -- did not -- report that the county manager was fired. So Mafore said the firing claim is false. But there is no such claim. Go ask Madore if he sent any e-mail to the county manager that was critical of the county manager's performance. I'll wait for his or your answer. Madore's move -- to deny something that was never said - is an age old political trick. Frankly, I'm a little surprised so many people have fallen for it. And -- again -- I'll wait for an answer to the question if Madore sent any e-mail to the county manager critical of his work.
LikeReply20Oct 31, 2015 9:18am
Lou Brancaccio ·

Still waiting for an answer.
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Tom Sharples ·

How do you people live with yourselves? Spinning a non-story about an implied non-event that never happened, then excoriate the folks in the know who deny the veracity of your non-story and non-event? Now there's an age-old political trick. In case it hasn't registered with you, policy disagreements and push-back are a normal and healthy part of any large organization or business. Have you ever heard of intellectual honesty?
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Kevin VanGelder ·

Burden of proof is on the one making the claim, in this case, the Columbian. So either provide evidence that your claim is true or apologize.
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Tom Thurman ·

Tom Sharples perhaps they are angling to join The Onion.
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Roy Valo ·

Classic straw-man logical fallacy by Madore.
LikeReply6Oct 31, 2015 12:43pm
Ed Elder ·

Typical smear job from Looney Lou and his flying monkeys
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Chris Prothero ·

Tom, don't even start questioning ethics with the First Bank of Madore funding a mockery of a write in campaign designed NOT to elect their sacrificial lamb, but to keep an opponent FROM getting elected.
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Troy McCoy
Lou Brancaccio make a false statement with corraboration from political advesaries, then wait for a denial of said accusation? I missed that journalism class. Is your goal to alienate 60% of the region to hasten the demise of the paper?
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Steve Lappier ·

Troy, 80% of the region doesn't care.
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Robert Pappy Moon ·

Absolute garbage article. The leftist rag should be ashamed of this.
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Alex Reinhold ·

There's a lot of assumptions and inuendo here. This reads like something from the Globe or Enquirer rather than a news piece.
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Michele Wollert
With this media attention, I suspect the public was finally privy to the chaos that is frequently endured by Clark County employees as they try to perform their daily duties.

Here's what is significant and disturbing to me: Madore appears to use the emotions of fear and uncertainty to control others. Abusers use that pattern, too. Flowers and denials always follow the blows and bruises.

What Madore did not count on was the surprising publicity he received for his latest stunt. What we saw unfold yesterday was just another day in the Clark County trenches under his controlling, punitive, crazy-making regime.
LikeReply15Oct 31, 2015 8:24amEdited
Gary Hollmer
I think your analysis of this unfair Columbian article is unfair to all!
LikeReplyNov 1, 2015 1:50pm
Stan Hatfield ·

The best explanation of Madore and his approach to all non Madorians I have read. He is a backstabbing, untrustworthy, dillusional, meglomaniac. He cannot leave Clark County politics soon enough.Thank you Michele.
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Kevin VanGelder ·

Katie Gillespie The Columbian Time to post a correction to this embarrassing hit piece. It has been confirmed to be untrue, unfounded, and baseless. We all expect an appology as well.
LikeReply4Oct 31, 2015 12:29amEdited
Katie Gillespie ·

And is it not true that this speculation was rampant well before we even had a story? My story is not saying the council fired McCauley. It's saying wide speculation from both community officials and your average Facebook Joe was rampant by Friday afternoon. Are those things not true?
LikeReply16Oct 31, 2015 8:33am
Roger Neilson ·

Katie Gillespie - From the timing of everything, it looks to me like you were set up. It would be interesting to have you talk with McCauley again - Verify the conversation Madore says took place, and (if true) then why his feeling of unease when speaking with you last time? Also, I'm wondering who started the rumor in the first place (which led me to thinking this was a set up).
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 9:42am
Michele Wollert
Roger, county staff reached out. If this was a set up, they were punked, too, and that makes Madore's gamesmanship all the more vile and abusive. I requested Madore/McCauley emails in an FOIA request, too, so we shall soon see. Why make McCauley feel less secure in his job to play gotcha with The Columbian? Beyond cruel, if so. What kind of leader takes pleasure in imposing harm?
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Honua Dee
Michele Wollert: Madore de Sade?
LikeReply3Oct 31, 2015 11:09amEdited
Steve Lappier ·

Roger Neilson - You're correct sir. It was a set-up by Madore. You've just got the wrong person he went after initially. What a waste of time by an elected official. Ver.y revealing what lengths he'll go to
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 11:55am
Tom Sharples ·

Dylan Normington "he might be fired in the future.' Wow. That is a newsflash. Glad the Columbian cleared that up for us all.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 12:11pm
Tom Thurman ·

Katie Gillespie I believe the article lists ONE community official ( not actively involved in county government)? Sorry anonymous, unnamed folks don't count as real folks.
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 12:20pm
Loren Lee
Dylan Normington . . .from where I sit, Sharples, Thurman, VanGelder, and the other 2 Live Crew members from the Madore gang would believe it if Madore pronounced "Cuba has relocated to Denmark for freedom". The group think is stunning in its grip on these true patriots. Lots of unexamined authority issues going on there too.
LikeReply5Oct 31, 2015 7:23pmEdited
Traci Meyer-Jones ·

If this is true - just disgusting. Madore and Mielke are no longer just an embarrassment - they are truly frightening, we are watching as absolute power is corrupting absolutely. When a County employee has to fear for his or her job simply for disagreeing in any way with a County Councilor - - we have lost the very heart of our government: of, by and for - - the people.
LikeReply9Oct 30, 2015 11:24pm
Tom Sharples ·

Yep. Too bad the story is total baloney.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 2:28pm
Traci Meyer-Jones ·

Tom Sharples not quite.... as much as he would like to spin it that way - some of us are not quite as fooled by smoke and mirrors.
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 3:10pm
Danielle Hinton ·

Wow! I know The Columbian hates Tom and David with a white hother passion. But you would think they would need some kind of confirmation before they "report " something. This is just another example of how they act more like The National Enquirer , rather than a respectable local news source.
LikeReply8Oct 30, 2015 11:23pm
Tom Sharples ·

Dylan Normington a senior staff member has a disagreement with a councilor about something. What a news flash and what a disaster - the sky is falling - let's call a few staffers down at the county ofices and see if we can't stir the rumor mill a bit!
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 12:16pm
Tom Thurman ·

Tom Sharples in other news, the sun is hot, water can be wet, and it might rain today!!
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 12:22pm
Tom Sharples ·

Dylan Normington
There are always going to be disagreements among and with executive staff, senior staff, or whatever you want to call them. That doesn't mean anyone is going to be fired merely for disagreeing. The basic premise of th\is "story" is nonsense. it's just another attempt to stir the pot. I'm frankly surprised that anyone with an ounce of sense would fall for it.
LikeReplyOct 31, 2015 2:32pmEdited
Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - No, he wasn't. You also changed the subject. What have you to say about "whistleblower" status? Nothing as usual. Just change the subject.
LikeReplyNov 2, 2015 4:46pm
Tom Thurman ·

A great article that is based on a facebook posting about supposed conversations with unnamed "several staff". Sounds like hard facts and something newsworthy one might read in The Onion. This is probably a spolier, but whether it's the current guy or any county managers in the future as long as they can count to 3 they have job security. Serving "at the pleasure" of the County Council means exactly that. As far as the baseless list of "former county officials cut off from the tax payer gravy train, there's that old saying: "Elections have Consequences". Trust me one day the pendulum will shift to the other side and those who bemoan what the perceive is going on now, will have no problem and will celebrate those who a new council puts in positions of county leadership through "their" county manager.
LikeReply4Oct 30, 2015 11:05pm
Carolyn Crain ·

I would ask Councilor Tom Mielke to reflect on his struggles with Bill Barron and to realize that Mark McCauley has been an awesome administrator for the county. I would hope that Tom could see his way clear of reaching out to Mark and communicating about any issues he has concerns with. There is NOTHING in the charter that would stop Tom and Mark from having a meeting. I am sure that what is currently stressful election blowback will mitigate itself with some calmer heads reflecting on things in the rear view mirror. Anything less than this on the part of the councilors is poor form. David Madore can do as he pleases in his own company but right now he is in the people's house and we are the bosses. We pay the bills and we spend the money on the lawsuits he causes or brings forth. I'd appreciate it if he'd conduct himself with some decorum and reduce the cost, the risk, and the losses of good staff. People are the largest asset we have. Let's treat them with respect.
LikeReply18Oct 30, 2015 9:36pm
Terry Whipps Conner ·

Beautifully stated, my friend.
LikeReply3Oct 31, 2015 11:38am
Stan Hatfield ·

his all knowing supreme leader has no time for human assets, unless it is the super secret ninja, butterknife benton.
LikeReplyNov 3, 2015 2:40pm
Ed Elder ·

Just another hit piece.
LikeReply5Oct 30, 2015 9:29pm
Kyle Greenwood
How do you mean?
LikeReplyOct 30, 2015 9:51pm
Hector Hinojosa
If by "hit piece" you mean reporting the truth of what's happening at the council, then yes.
LikeReply6Oct 30, 2015 10:29pm
Kevin VanGelder ·

Hector Hinojosa Truth? Are you really that clueless that you can't figure out that this is completely baseless? How about this for some facts?
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 1:06am
Steve Lappier ·

Kevin VanGelder - Re-posting Mr. Madore's post repetitevly doesn't prove anything. In fact you want people to go read his post, fine. But you also know many of us here cannot dispute that FB page post you point to. So you want us to read what an elected official has to say, but we cannot communicate with anyone else on that post. So what. He doesn't have the courage to confront his questioners, and usually when he does, he posts something pithy and then blocks them. Transparent, not.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 12:00pm
Chris Prothero ·

Kevin VanGelder Madore's post in nothing more than a fluffed up "NUH UH!". He quotes an American classic author. Well, like I said, I can do the same: “I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” - Mark Twain.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 2:55pm
Loren Sickles
Two things are evident if this concludes the way it appears to be headed. 1) Mr. McCauley believed he was hired to fulfill the role of County Manager as it was established by the Home Rule Charter and 2) a majority of the current County Council did not. One is a pleasant surprise and the other sadly is not.
LikeReply8Oct 30, 2015 9:29pm
Chris Prothero ·

Maybe it's time for county employees to take a stand. A general walk our would perhaps draw enough attention. The tyrant and his puppet think they can do everything...let them try.
LikeReply6Oct 30, 2015 9:28pm
Chris Prothero ·

Rallying around a tyrant who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar makes you complicit.
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 8:09am
Steve Lappier ·

Kevin VanGelder - Waste of time link.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 12:01pm
Fran Hammond ·

Disgusting. The entire well-being of Clark County is "less secure" under the leadership of maniacs Madore & Mielke! 2016 just can't come soon enough!
LikeReply10Oct 30, 2015 9:20pm
Chris Prothero ·

Kevin, you can keep pasting that link all you want, but His Majesty got caught and exposed. I trust his as far as I could throw him.
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 8:11am
Fran Hammond ·

Kevin VanGelder - No thanks, don't visit that garbage page of Madore's! It is filtered propaganda! A fake news site, at best.
LikeReply2Oct 31, 2015 9:51am
Steve Lappier ·

Kevin VanGelder - Waste of time link.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 12:10pmEdited
Debbie Nelson
Here's a partial list of county leaders and staff who have fled or been ousted during Madore's and Mielke's rein of terror. Who else will be added to the list?:

Bill Barron - County Administrator
Glenn Olson - Deputy County Administrator
Steve Stuart - County Commissioner
Bronson Potter - Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Jim Dickman - Budget Manager
Rekah Strong - Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Kevin Gray - DES Director
Pete Capell - Public Works Director...See More
LikeReply8Oct 30, 2015 9:04pm
Lorretta Thomas
Yes... it's the showcase achievement of Madore's 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs' campaign promise. Who knew he was referring to attrition?
LikeReply8Oct 30, 2015 9:43pm
Christopher Gudger-Raines ·

LikeReplyOct 30, 2015 10:19pm
Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - That would be sort of an odd statement, since many of the people on the list are actually women. There are 30 people on the list, think it's all on big cabal? You know the story of each one of them?
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 12:13pm
Chris Prothero ·

David Clark "Responsive"? Are you kidding? Madore and his defacto puppet cast out anyone who dared shoe one iota of discent or pushback and wouldn't simply roll over.
LikeReply1Oct 31, 2015 2:58pm
Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - Women usually don't belong to a good ol' boys club David. It's called "boys" for a reason. Which leads me to believe you probably don't know what "figure of speech" means anyway.
LikeReplyNov 2, 2015 4:48pm
Steve Lappier ·

David Clark - With your theory it would be called The Good ol' Peoples Club wouldn't it. Never heard of it in that manner. It's called "boys" for a reason.
LikeReplyNov 3, 2015 7:52am
Roy Valo ·

It's time for a change. This is just disgusting.
LikeReply10Oct 30, 2015 9:03pm

So, my brother-in-law-led county council actually FIRES this guy and what are these same people saying?  What are they doing?


No outrage on the part of the democrat daily... little-to-no anger on the part of the leftists infesting us.

And why aren't the scum who run the Columbian going after HIM?

Because Boldt is their boy.  They have YET to challenge ANY decision he's made... because this isn't about the council representing US... it's about the council representing THEM.

Why?  Why aren't these same clowns getting ready to storm the Bastille when that clueless idiot running the show actually SUCCEEDS in achieving what, apparently, Madore had been only THINKING about doing?

Why, on so many occasions, did the waste-of-wood-pulp CONDEMN Madore for even CONSIDERING doing what Boldt actually did... and then issue Boldt a complete pass for doing it?

It's the local version of the Trump derangement syndrome in the flesh.

The stench of their hypocrisy, their double standard, their hatred of all people to the political right of Mao permeates.

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