Friday, September 29, 2017

Cracks appearing in the NFL's racist play? Looks like they're folding like a cheap suit.

That took less time than I thought.

As the NFL continues to bleed millions in lost revenue and individual players lose endorsement deals AND NFL sponsors start to dump the League; suddenly, the weight of the empty seats and falling/boycotted merchandise sales appears to have been felt.

Since that non-playing, politically clueless idiot Kaeperpick began throwing the world's biggest hissy-fit up through the fall-out of President Trump putting voice to the anger and frustration many tens of millions of us felt when these dramatically overpaid, politically ignorant and in many instances, criminals who have remain utterly silent and without involvement in any attempt to end the Chicago Slaughter where over the past several years, thousands of blacks have shot and in many cases, killed other blacks... lecturing US.... telling US what WE have to do about the LEAST statistically important aspect of blacks killed during the commitment of crimes... by getting into contact with police officers... ratings have been decimated and these people have collectively lost tens of millions that they are NOT going to get back.

Statistically, this is what they're sniveling about:

This is the statistically insignificant crap these overpaid, unintelligent morons and their leftist winged monkeys are sniveling about by insulting those who've died for this country, those who've bled for this country, those who've served this country in uniform, our Flag and our Anthem...
The NFL's incomprehensible and moronic response to all of this... which is suddenly to SUPPORT the utterly nonexistent "right" (After fining players hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for uniform violations, unauthorized symbols and T-shirts, and for mouthing off about various subjects, the refs and others) of these spoiled rotten millionaires who, outside of their work, live a life of ease that most can't comprehend while their friends and neighbors get SHOT... usually by other blacks... and they, for their part, do nothing... was GOING to come at a price.

This is one of those times where Roger Goodell, now universally reviled by damned near anyone even remotely knowledgeable about football, will be infamous.

The owners were on the high-end version of whatever crack they were smoking, because these otherwise presumably business-savvy people simply could not see the vision of the immediate future where the reaction to these weekly insults and offense was GOING to explode... and they were GOING to get caught in the shrapnel.

As a veteran, it offended me like nothing else.

That these punk multi-millionaires who all are paid in terms of cash entirely for their skill at playing a GAME, believe they can presume to lecture US... while THEY do nothing to save their own people... or next to nothing?

I've ended my 40-year long allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks (being from Seattle) because, in part, I manifest physical symptoms of illness whenever I see that bird now... because to me, it's come to mean something entirely different from a symbol of a team I followed, a team I spent big (for me, anyway) money and time on, as they have become nothing more than a platform for loud-mouth thugs who do not know a moment of discomfort or financial want yet simply cannot shut up during a game and keep politics OUT of it.

Politics has been my life for the better part of the last 15 years.  In this case, it's not THEIR politics, as moronic as I believe them to be, that I object to.  It's ANYONE'S.  Football for people my age represents pure escapism.  It takes me back to junior high school, middle school, high school, Air Force football and finally, my abortive attempt to walk on at the University of Washington.

It takes me back to the days where many parts that worked then... don't work now.

I feel the hits, blows delivered and received.  I go back to a time where the dirt and heat and rain and mud and the snow were elements I took for granted... the sound and feeling of water bouncing off my helmet in practice and during games... the running, the weights, the hitting, the being hit...

And I am utterly sickened that athletes who live a life most of us can't even fathom use THIS to presume that WE have a need to be lectured to as if first, their tantrums accomplished anything and second, there is a damned thing we can do about their issues regardless.

THEY haven't done anything about them... black lives don't appear to matter, either to these jocks or to other blacks... so what makes these idiots believe that by angering us... by, in many instances, mortally offending us... we're remotely interested in doing a damned thing for THEM?

So, last night, to the best of my knowledge, nobody kneeled.

Instead, they linked arms.  For whatever good that was worth.  (Memo to Aaron Rodgers: I'm not interested in your fricking politics, either.  So go throw a football and make insurance commercials.)

To my mind, it was an effort to make their envelope a bit smaller... to still make people feel "bad," just not AS bad.

It was still a demonstration.  It was still an insult.  And it was acknowledgement by the NFL generally and these teams particularly that they maybe, just maybe, screwed up and the time has come to slowly.... ever so slowly.... back away from the land mine they've been stomping on.

Too late for many.  Likely too late for me.

Years from now, all of these scum that did this will be gone.  That might... MIGHT.... rehabilitate the NFL in the minds of those outraged and ENraged by the actions of these clowns and their owners... and a League who would cheerfully pop a player for writing something on his shoes and deny the Cowboys the right to put a sticker on their helmets commemorating the slaughter of 5 Dallas police officers in mid 2016 can finally make a sincere effort to repair the damage they've done by insuring this never, ever happens again.

Now, Goodell is looking for a way out.  Some might suggest self-immolation.  This flypaper is HIS doing... and his resignation would go a long way in UNdoing it.

Meanwhile, millions have walked away from the game that walked away from us.  And regardless of what happens next, I don't see myself going back.  Ever.  Because I'm PTSD'd over this.  And for the rest of my life, whenever I see an NFL jersey or stadium or TV broadcast in a bar or something, the memories of 40 years of connection to the Seahawks will have evaporated to be replaced with the juvenile antics of men who should have known better.

And when I go to Willamette National Cemetary to visit my brother... and I see those tens of thousands of grave markers... I'll think about the flag they served under and once again wonder.... how could those people in the NFL have been so stupid?

Stanford graduates indeed.

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