Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I'm a "disgraced blogger" acording to Teddy Bear Brent Boger... Then why...

...have close to 1900 people read my meager little post about ol' Brent needing a hug?  (As of this posting, the number is 2033)

And why would Boger have this "disgraced blogger" work on his do-nothing campaign for prosecutor?

When you have the slavish devotion of Tim Probst, uber-leftist democrat candidate wannabe, how else is one to be classified?

And when a group of leftists and democrats believe that the Chair is now "leading the CCGOP in the right direction," that is TRULY cause for concern.

Here's the thing: the current version of what this clown thinks of me aside, this hypocrite had no problem with my free effort to help him get elected to prosecutor which, considering how lazy he was, was a putt far too long for him to ever make.

Odd, isn't it?

Boger used to be so helpful to the blog he now calls "disgraced."

Take this beaut, for example:

And the picture he sent me?

And then this dandy little article:  (Hey, Sean... if you're wondering what Brent REALLY thinks about you, well, wonder no more!)

I have a ton of this sort of thing archived, much of it from those trying to attack me now.

Right, Sen. Rivers?

Clearly, of the two of us, someone has changed.  And with equal clarity, the political chameleon and opportunist here is named Boger.

And did I leave out "hypocrite?"

I guess I didn't.

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