Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Impressions of the 17th District elections last night.

Readers are likely aware that in reaching unheard levels of inanity and arrogance, the Chair of the Clark County Republican Party reached new heights of stupid yesterday when he sent an email to a candidate for 17th District Chair, Kalup Veneman, telling him that he could not make a speech to the 17th District PCO's because he was one of six individuals who, according to the chair, "got trespassed" by the Executive Board during executive session.

No, they in fact can't do that.

But even if they did/could, that drug-addled idiot knew he had the votes for his establishment lackey... so what was he proving by putting his idiocy in writing?

Anyway, I've been long-rumored to be on this mysterious list of those "trespassed" by the executive board... but I walked in and took a seat in a far corner of the room where I could see everything from the front door to the front of the room.

The PCO's came in, signed in... Wilson and Olson even crawled out from under their respective rocks as PCO's to show up... and someone on this mystery list made an effort to come in it appeared; Gellatly went out to talk to them... and told Karen he had "arrived at a compromise: That Kalup could come in and give his speech and then he had to leave." (and how moronic was that?) In the meantime it appeared that serious effort was made to get members of the so-called list who happened to be there ARRESTED.

Karen pointed out that the executive board could not take a vote in executive session, meaning that such a vote was illegal and no such action could be taken.  Meanwhile, Gellatly had (or told someone to) called the Sheriffs, doubling down on his stupidity.

Oddly, this is another issue.  Presuming the Executive Board COULD do what Gellatly claims... and DID do what he claimed... then who the hell is he to ignore/modify the actions of the board on his own?

Why even bother to have a board if the Chair can just blow it off?  Just askin'.

The meeting started, and some idiot got up and stomped to the door to tell the SHERIFF'S DEPUTY THAT HE WAS MAKING TOO MUCH NOISE.

So, Gellatly had called the CCSO... he was doing is job, ASKED to come here by the organization and this idiot claims they were making too much noise?

The Deputy came in soon after, stopped the meeting and explained that very thing.

Meanwhile, a motion was passed to remove all people not 17th District PCO's from the room.

In hindsight, that was a public meeting at a posted public facility and likely, as such, a motion out of order.

Executive Boards can't kick out the public except in executive session and they can't take action (vote) while IN executive session.

And the same rule applies to the 17th legislative district... does it not?

I kept my mouth shut.  I wasn't there to throw grenades.  When the motion passed, I knew that Kalup had no chance.  Davey should have known it as well, but hey, that requires a level of sobriety that may be beyond him.

So, I got up and walked out JUST in time to hear the Deputy tell Gellatly what I had been saying all along: that he was not going to do anything, that no one was being disruptive and that Davey himself had to handle it.

Go figure.

So now, Davey thinks he's going to have those on the list "served."  Well, as I said, I've never seen anything like that to begin with, but I look forward to him trying it... if he will.

Kalup was inside while all of this was happening since, in reality, Davey had no authority to keep him out.  Kalup gave his speech (I presume, I was outside so I didn't hear it) Barnes gave his and Barnes, of course, won.

As this soiree' ended, however, I did get a glimpse of what that moron thinks of those wise enough to oppose his continued tenure:

Davey was talking to someone out on the sidewalk, deliberately in my ear shot:

He said something like "Something like this brings out the crazies" to which I said, "well, it brought you out, didn't it?'

So, there you have it.  A great deal of sturm und drang over nothing when it came to that idiotic email Insane Clown sent out.  Gellatly cemented his position as the most asinine GOP Chair of this county that has ever lived... and with his actions, when the power changes at reorganization, those impacted by this clown will remember all of this.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Is Davey Gellatly on drugs, again? Gellatly sends out email to a 17th District LD candidate, claims he'll be arrested if he shows up for the election. Come on down!

Just when you thought the idiot chair of the Clark County GOP couldn't become even more of an imbecile, that moron just sys "here, hold my meth pipe."

The 17th District election is a public event.  Any idiot, including Gellatly, can go.

And the law is rather clear on that:

Criminal trespass—Defenses.

In any prosecution under RCW 9A.52.070 and 9A.52.080, it is a defense that:
(2) The premises were at the time open to members of the public and the actor complied with all lawful conditions imposed on access to or remaining in the premises; or

It has been well known for days that Kalup has been and remains a candidate for the 17th District Chair's seat.  This isn't even a veiled effort to keep him from winning that election.

This meeting IS "public," and as such, they have no right or legal ability to keep Kalup out.

But if anyone needed any more proof that Gellatly is a full on, complete and total whack job, you don't need much more proof than this.

Was Gellatly on drugs when he sent this?

Don't know.

Has he lost his fricking mind?

Is that even a question?

If something happens here, will Gellatly be held liable for it directly?


The ultimate stupidity of this?

It's not Gellatly's meeting.  He's got no say.  The Board has no say.  This 17th LD business. If the current 17th District chair feels like it, he can eject any executive board member if he were so inclined.  One can only hope he is.

Hello Kalup,
I have been informed[sic] you are running for the 17th LD Chair position which Tom Tangen will be vacating. Thank you for being willing to volunteer for this role.
However, I did want to reach out to you about a concern that was brought to my attention:
As you have received notification and are aware of, you have been trespassed from the CCRP Office and not allowed on the premises. Violating this trespass would result in legal action, and since this decision was confirmed by the board, and reconfirmed at the following meeting, it is a standing notice and your decision to run does not affect nor change this. As you know, this was a unamimous[sic] decision by the board without objection and therefore, my duty to uphold. If you are elected as the 17th LD Chair, then I would expect the board to take the vote of the 17th LD PCOs under consideration moving forward.
I would advise you [to] draft a letter that can be read on your behalf at the meeting, as has been done in the past by others unable to attend a meeting/election.

Thanks again.

David R. Gellatly
Clark County Republican Party
Pure Scum.  I would advise Gellatly to do an extended stay in rehab.

There is, you see, a HUGE difference between others being "unable to attend" and not being ALLOWED to attend.  To infer this is no different simply shows how brain damaged that mutt actually is.

The meeting is at 7:00 pm tonight.  Maybe we should all go to a part of this wonderful experiment we call democracy.

I'm thinking I'll be there so I can report on this blithering idiot's stupidity first hand.

Next election, remember who screwed us on Transparency.

I goes without saying that any member of the Legislature who voted for this idiocy should never be allowed to hold office in that body again.  The "justifications" legislators used to excuse their votes are simply beyond the pale, and serve as yet another example of how the RINO clique and the democrats too often share an agenda which flies directly in the best interests of the people they, allegedly, are there to represent.

The way this insanity was handled and is being handled is absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable.

There were so many things they could have done instead.  And the across the board effort to provide cover for the communications to the special interests who own these people?

It's less like "representation" and more like "organized crime."
A bill requiring transparency would go a very long way to explain why, all of a sudden, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers flipped on her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases.  It might provide a glimpse of the conversations… and likely quid pro quo... which resulted in fake Republican Rivers being hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm in the middle of the "negotiations" that resulted in $5.5 billion getting dumped down the WEA's black hole… and the massive property tax increases that most of us have suffered as a direct result.

Is it any wonder "Gas Tax" voted against this?  And remember: EVERY LEGISLATOR IN CLARK COUNTY VOTED FOR THIS BILL... save for Rep. Vicki Kraft... even though their votes weren't needed.  Remember that when you're sitting there... looking at your ballot.

In the Senate, on final passage:

Every senator voted for passage except Baumgartner, Carlyle, Fain, Milsocia, O'Ban, Ranker and Waggoner.

In the House, on final passage:

Every Representative voted for passage except Caldier, Fey, Graves, Harmsworth, Kilduff. Kraft, Muri, Orwall, Pellicciotti, Reeves, Sawyer, Stambaugh, Walsh and Young.

If you don't see your legislator's name on these two lists?

They're wrong.

The decision of those who would obviously vote against the interests of the people they represent shows an absolute unsuitability for elective office.

Time for Legislature to learn from public-records debacle

Mark Weber / Op-Art

Lawmakers must not delay in dissecting what went wrong earlier this year with their unpopular plan to exempt themselves from the state’s Public Records Act. They must not make the same mistakes again.

By Seattle Times editorial board
The Seattle Times

Washington lawmakers had to issue a collective mea culpa earlier this year after they obtusely jammed through a bill to exempt themselves from the state’s Public Records Act.

More than 20,000 angry citizens called and emailed Gov. Jay Inslee to urge him to veto the bill, which he did on March 1. Caught in the headwind of public opinion, legislators backed down and vowed to do better next time.

To help make amends, lawmakers agreed to form a task force that would, over the next nine months, develop recommendations about releasing legislative records.

Yet nearly three months after the state Capitol’s meltdown over Senate Bill 6617, lawmakers have yet to form this vitally important group. Instead, leaders of the Legislature’s four political caucuses are still internally negotiating what the task force should look like.

“I have not heard a thing from anybody,” said Toby Nixon, president of the Washington Coalition for Open Government. “It does concern me.”

The task force is supposed to include open-government advocates, as well as representatives of the media coalition that recently sued for access to lawmakers’ text messages, calendars and other working documents.

A Thurston County judge ruled in favor of the media coalition in January, saying the Legislature was breaking the law by withholding these public records. The Legislature is now appealing the decision in that case, which was brought by 10 news organizations, including The Associated Press and The Seattle Times.

But lawmakers must not delay in dissecting exactly what went wrong earlier this year. They should ensure this is not a sham of a public process, from which they emerge with the same faulty bill that prompted this year’s sharp public outcry.

And, in this legislative election year, voters should question their representatives about their role in this rush to secrecy — and gauge the values of their challengers.

Washington citizens not only were angered that lawmakers introduced and passed SB 6617 bill in a mere 48 hours. They were also upset that the legislation tried to circumvent January’s court ruling by cutting off access to all past legislative documents, including old emails, disciplinary records and investigations into lawmakers’ conduct. At the same time the #MeToo movement was revealing previously unreported accusations of sexual harassment at the Capitol, the Legislature was desperately trying to keep its past records secret.

Did you know I was paid BIG money to drop the hammer on Gellatly?

One of the biggest problems with RINOs like Carolyn Crain is that if they can't come up with a reason for something... they just make one up.

And I get it... I really do.

Whenever they fail to have an explanation for something that hurts their position.... why, they just whip one out that is designed to kill the messenger.

It wasn't so far back that Jimmy Mains, who got destroyed running my insipid brother-in-law's campaign against David Madore back in 2012, had to come up with an explanation as to why I was beating on Marc like a rented mule.

The real reason... that I knew he would be (and has been) a complete and utter disaster one the commission/council, simply wouldn't do.  So what did that lying son of a bitch tell everyone?

That it was because David Madore was paying me.

The idea that terrible, horrific governance of the kind Boldt had/has engaged in since he was first elected a county commissioner is somehow off-limits for commentary to a family member out of principle is simply beyond those incapable of understanding integrity.

I loathe the government of liars and the corrupt.  I m going to speak out against it no matter where I find it.  Unlike leftists and RINOs, I'm not going to engage in their favorite past time of double standards and hypocrisy.

That Madore never paid me for anything?  Why let the truth get in the way of a RINO meme?

This brings us to Slimeball Carolyn Crain's idiocy.

Crain has emulated Mains by telling the world that the reason I smack Gellatly around is because I am being PAID to do it and Pike is the one who signed the checks.

Well, here's a bulletin: I bang on Gellatly because he's a thug.  He has threatened me and my family.  I am going to make it my mission to end that clown politically.

NOTHING I've written about Gellatly is either because of, or at the behest of, anything anyone has paid me.

The irony of all of this is what I've written about that punk is all true.

When I claim he's a druggie, it's because he is.  He has admitted as much, and he's admitted that it took place during his tenure as chair of the Clark County GOP.

When I claim he's used coke, meth and methadone, that's based on evidence provided a court.

The fact is that Gellatly has already shown a proclivity to sue those people he doesn't like... yet he doesn't seem to be suing me.

Odd, that.

Meanwhile, while Crain is out there flapping her pie hole about the alleged payments for breaking Gellatly in half, I've got to ask her:

When GELLATLY HIMSELF was providing me information so I could beat on Crain like a drum over her support of my dim-bulb democrat brother-in-law, who was paying me to publish it?  If, as that cow suggests, I got PAID to beat on people like her, I'd be a millionaire by now.

No one pays me to write my meager effort here.  No one ever has.  No one ever will.

No matter how many times that lying hypocrite of a pig claims otherwise.

I really can't make it any clearer than that.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

This Memorial Day Weekend... (No Blogging)

First and foremost: be careful out there.

Second, try to remember what Memorial Day is supposed to be about: the Sacrifices of those who lay down their lives in battle and as a result of battle.

See the source image

While you're at your barbecues, parties or sales of whatever type, take at least a second to remember:

Without their blood, their pain and their love for this Country...

... this day would be completely different.

To those who serve and who have served... all of you wrote a blank check to Liberty payable to our country for an amount up to and including their (our) lives... thank you for what you've done...and what you've paid.

Here's hoping that your sacrifice will never have been made in vain.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The deafening silence

(Memorial Day - 2018)

I’ve arrived this day… this Memorial Day… to the stunning beauty… and proof of the stunning sacrifice.

The Gardens of Stone, the placards of metal attesting to the service of them all.

Flag upon flag… row upon row… the colors… green of the grass… white of the stones… bronze of the placards… red… white… and blue of the thousands upon thousands of small flags that can’t even begin to scratch the service of repayment for that unpayable debt that we owe so many..

The wind blows, the clouds have moved away.  The smells of newly cut grass, the sounds of a fountain… sprinklers share their water needed by the lawns covering those who gave their all.

The sun beats down on the faces of those who come to remember… to grieve… to think back… to recollect.

Children’s adventures, skinned knees… first day in school… that touchdown, that cheer, that first love, that graduation… their wives, their husbands, their children and loved ones of all description think back on what might have been… and could have been had they made through…

And those lives… oh those many lives… snuffed out far, far too soon… in service of and to their country.

They’re missed, at least by some.  I miss them all, but in the sense that each one of us who died in defense of this nation did so with an unbearable light of being that terrifies the darkness… the bright, shining essence of the blood shed by the young and the old who answered our Nation’s Call.

The sacrifice cannot be measured.  But when I come here, I make the effort to try.

I ponder this as I speak to my brother who joined those here years ago.  I look around… sometimes, a tear forms and falls unhindered to the hallowed ground where they rest. 

The answers do not come.  And again, the only certainly…

Is the deafening silence.

As expected, Non-Republican Crain continues to support democrat Boldt for County Chair, even with a Republican announced against him. So, what's the local GOP going to do about it?

Crain's endorsement of Green from Green's Campaign page
You can say many things about the local RINOs, but Carolyn Crain CONTINUES to be the very definition of the term "Republican In Name Only."

Among other things that hypocrite is known for was her dogged and inexplicable support of my democrat brother-in-law against Rep. Liz Pike's write-in effort.  She went so far as to set up a PAC with a fake Republican name to support that idiot, who has been the exact disaster I knew he would be, and clearly her hatred of Republicans to the right of Mao continues.

Boldt, who at one time USED to be a Republican, formerly renounced his allegiance to the GOP when he ran for county chair.  Before he tried (and, of course, failed) to get the GOP endorsement (and what a debacle THAT effort was) the formerly pro-life Boldt had sold his soul to the political devil to get the endorsement of the fringe-left "Young Democrats."  (And for those of you who continue to labor under the delusion of the fact that he is STILL "pro-life," ask yourselves... would the Young Democrats have endorsed him if he were?)

And if the price for that endorsement was a pledge to raise every tax and fee in Clark County Government, and to continue his rabid support of the CRC Scam, then he and the other Three Stooges delivered in spades.

That, of course, makes no difference to a nimrod like Crain, who passes out judgments of OTHER'S party loyalty like she passes gas, is THE current prime example of the very thing she cheerfully and quickly condemns others for.

Crain, of course, will tell everyone who'll listen that *I* am NOT a Republican, since I have in the past (and will continue to in the future) refused to vote for the corrupt RINO's who lied to get elected, lie WHILE elected and lie to STAY elected.  And I don't deny it for one minute.

I guess what's mystifying me is how she can do the exact, same thing as a Republican Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) and get away with it.

How is it that she can throw a fit over MY opposition to her pet RINOs... but then she can turn around and do the exact...same... thing... and no one on the Executive Board bats an eyelash.

Crain, who had endorsed democrat Chuckie Green in his race against Julie Olson (even though there was no way to tell Olson and Green apart) had this on her Facebook page:

Oh, his "leadership" WORKS, all right.  Every special interest that owns him gets paid back in spades.

The irony of Crain's babble in her Green endorsement (Green used Crain's mumbling on his campaign website) is that if she really believed that tripe she wrote, she'd ditch Boldt like he was radio-active.

Boldt, for his part, appears to be the only elected official in this state who has been permanently banned by the Public Disclosure Commission from handling his own campaign finances as fallout for making $5000 from his own campaign in 2012 disappear into his own wallet.

And in all the time there's even been a PDC, to have achieved such a distinction?

So Boldt, for his part, can't control his OWN campaign finances... but he's expected to control the multi-hundred million dollar budget of this county.  What could go wrong?

And, of course, as I knew it would, the announcement of Republican Councilor Eileen Quiring as an opponent of Boldt makes no difference to RINOs generally or to Crain in particular.

As a result of Crain's ongoing endorsement of Boldt, the local GOP Executive Board should toss her wide-glide out of every possible position they can that she has.  They ought to silence her.  And they ought to exclude her from ANY campaign related planning or knowledge, because whatever information she may glean from her involvement in that process will immediately be provided to Boldt's democrat campaign firm ran by Jimmy "The Liar" Mains.

Crain, BEING Crain will now, of course, do all she can to sabotage Quiring's candidacy because, you know, that's how hypocrites roll.

Meanwhile, one wonders: what IS our drug-addled Chairman going to do about it?

And everyone who reads this needs to ask Davey the Druggie that very thing... presuming he's sober enough to understand the question.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Who says the Washington State Senate GOP doesn't smoke dope?

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this:

The first line says:  We are very excited about our 2018 slate of tax-fighting candidates.

Well, no one else is.

Here was my response.  I doubt it will last long:

I'll let you know what their response is, if any.

"Tax-fighting" my left testicle.

Unplug your Alexis devices. They are listening.

  • A Portland family contacted Amazon to investigate after they say a private conversation in their home was recorded by Amazon's Alexa -- the voice-controlled smart speaker -- and that the recorded audio was sent to the phone of a random person in Seattle, who was in the family’s contact list.
    "My husband and I would joke and say I'd bet these devices are listening to what we're saying," said Danielle, who did not want us to use her last name.
I have one in my office.  But I unplugged it and that's how it's going to stay.

Sen. Ann "Property Tax" Rivers admits to being a "rhino."

Yeah, the Hoff outing was quite the little soiree', I hear.

Every elected RINO and RINO supporter in SW Washington was there, but apparently "Gas Tax" Rivers was the only one who publicly admitted the obvious: that she, in fact, was a "rhino."

Of course, I know the different spellings.  And we all know that Rivers is the very definition of the term "Republican In Name Only."

But it's been reported to me that Rivers actually said something there to the effect of "you bet I'm a Rhino. Rhinos have thick skin." Obviously, Rivers is confused.  Rhinos are strong, stubborn, fearless animals, respected everywhere.  Rivers on the other hand, has long since morphed into something.... else.  Something dishonest.  Something disgraceful.  Something more suited to representing downtown Seattle than the 18th District.

Clearly, she's gotten her skins mixed up.

RINOs, on the other hand, are sniveling cowards with no integrity.  They'll lie to your face without a second thought and then vote like they're getting paid by a democrat campaign firm... kinda like, come to think of it, our fake Republican Senator was going to get paid by a democrat campaign firm while she was "negotiating" over the multi-billion dollar screwing she put on all of us.

Well, it's nice to know that she admits the obvious, that she is, in fact a RINO.  But I seriously doubt that the people of the 18th District will be thrilled by her admission of what most paying attention already knew.

And from other reports I've been getting, it's fairly clear that Rivers has the thinnest skin of all.

The RINO allegation lives in not only her head, but the heads of every one of the scum who betray us and betray Republicanism.  She's freaked about it before I'm hearing, and she'll freak about it again.

You see if it wasn't an issue for the woman responsible for the largest, most massive gas tax, tab fee and property tax increases this state has ever known?

She'd never mention it.  That she DOES mention it...and a lot?

That means just the opposite.

As we slowly gear up for the election in 2020, "Gas Tax" better get used to it.

The Hoff Problem.

Sigh.... Larry Hoff.

I don't know who's writing this pap for him (You can bet HE ain't) but man, come ON.

As I connect with the citizens of the district, it is my hope that over the next few months I will earn the respect and trust of those I seek to represent.
Too late for that, Hoff.  You've made it clear that while your political cowardice is the kind that RINOs love to see (And if you weren't a good little sock-puppet, there's no way any of your fellow RINOs would have endorsed you) the sad fact is that those you "seek to represent" ain't us.

Those you WILL represent... Rivers, the Wilsons, Vick and the rest of the special interest jockeys and such.... they already "trust" you.  After all, they know you're going to be a good little RINO sock puppet, even though you practically know absolutely nothing about the issues confronting this district or this community.

John Ley FORGETS more every day about transportation issues than you will EVER know.  But since your job is to simply further the RINO agenda of the CRC and to raise our taxes and fees as badly as Wilson and Rivers, you really don't need to know anything more except to vote for whatever you're told.  And how hard is that?

A quick look at your so-called "issues page" confirms it.  You've got a few words about a few things, but one thing IS for sure: YOU don't tell us ANYTHING about what YOU are going to DO... or HOW you are GOING to do it... or what you'll OPPOSE... if you ARE elected.

That makes you, at best, a political coward.

Yeah, those you represent "trust" you.  Sadly, it seems that the "those" you represent doesn't include your constituents.  And ask you a question you don't like on your Facebook page, and what do you do?  You delete it and block the questioner.

I've asked you a series of questions and you've ignored them all.  I'd vote for Jim Moeller before I'd vote for a clown like you, because in my experience, even when I've disagreed with him, he at least ANSWERS.

Unlike you.

And who are your keepers?  Just those responsible for the biggest property tax increases and gas tax increases this state has ever seen.

And how are you going to be any different?

You're not.  And that, frankly, is sickening.

Your win would be a loss for us all.  A gutless political coward who simply doesn't care what we think or want.

Your "campaign," which ain't been much, has at least made THAT clear.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

UPDATE: Teams are telling Goddell to drop dead. NFL obliterates bogus 1st Amendment argument but accomplishes nothing #TOOLATE

UPDATE:  The New York Jets have, effectively, told Goddell and the rest of the NFL to drop dead.

Jets' Christopher Johnson says he won't fine players who kneel during anthem

So, these overpaid prima donnas will, in many instances, continue their chidish behavior while Goddell fiddles.

Here's the reality: it has been my position and the position of employment law that these morons have no right to protest anything as long as they are in uniform.  That is the law for the military and that's good enough for me.  Meanwhile, those claiming some 1st Amendment right for these people to act stupid have clearly never read it and, as a result, have no understanding that the 1st Amendment ONLY applies to GOVERNMENT efforts... not those in a private employment situation.

I'd make it even more simple:  For the first offense, the offending player would be ejected without pay.  For the second offense, they would be ejected for the next 16 games AND for any post-season play.  And for the 3rd offense, they'd be permanently banned from ever playing in the NFL.

Let those morons go play in Canada and kneel during THEIR national anthem.

Further, I would apply this to ANY manner of protest... clenched fist, Hitler masks, you name it.

But clearly, as I suggested, this was a waste of time and, as I also pointed out, it came far #TOOLATE.


One thing was accomplished today and one thing only: the NFL proved that the bogus, "Pay attention to me" disrespect of the American flag, the American military and this country generally was NOT a "1st Amendment" issue.

My God, how many times did the left and some of the more ignorant on the right babble that these players had a RIGHT to engage in these childish theatrics.

They didn't, of course.  The First Amendment is both pretty clear and fairly literal:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

CONGRESS.  In short, THE GOVERNMENT... cannot stop these morons from doing this... but the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE certainly COULD.

They chose not to.  They chose to enable those punks to insult, belittle and disrespect those who died defending that flag that their sacrifice enabled these punks to demonstrate.

What they've done today... does nothing.  There are players that simply won't care... $20 million per year personnel who can play a game.  How much with the NFL fine them?  You note that the NFL isn't saying, write?

It makes no difference.  It's long since passed the time when they could have fixed this.

And now... for me... and millions of others... it's just #TOOLATE.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Was I prescient? The last memo I sent out to the WSRP as a newly "former" Executive Director

Some 17 years ago, I sent out my vision on what the future under the new Regime of Chris Vance was going to be.

That's why many of the references (Gov. Locke) seem so dated.

This was how I saw it then.  And almost two decades later, nothing really has changed.

So, the next time folks wonder why this state is stuck in it's deep, dark blue hole, remember this memo.  And remember, one of the more popular definitions of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, while continuing to expect a different outcome.

February 10, 2001 if memory serves...
Given my tenure as Executive Director of the State Republican Party in 2000, I have been following with great interest Chris Vance’s party marketing efforts and the Times’ greasing of those particular skids.

The problem with the Republican Party, unlike what the Times would tell us, is not the positions that we take, or don’t take.  It’s not a “Rural vs. Urban” issue, either.  After all, Republican values and ideas have, among other things, resulted in the freeing of slaves and extension of the right to vote for women… two facts that media never seem to mention.  Republicans have supported a variety of initiatives, opposed by the Times, that have passed by wide margins… clear evidence that Republican vision is superior to that of the Editorial writers of this august publication.

No, in this case, the problem is basic competency, or the lack thereof.  Competency in understanding the people.  Competency in strategizing.  Competency in understanding that the state of Washington is made up of 39 counties… and not 39 counties plus Bellevue.

In the last year, the Times has shown its lack of competence in doing everything it could to make Reed Davis chairman of the Party.  Given the utterly abysmal record of Mr. Davis and the organization he runs (He is chair of the King County Republicans, who managed to only come out 120,000 votes behind in Slade Gorton’s senate race) the idea that he should bring that incompetence to the entire state level obviously was appealing to the Times editorialists.  Fortunately, it had no appeal of any kind to the State Committee, and Mr. Davis, the three editorials urging his election notwithstanding, received 3 votes for his election… out of 78.

As Joni Balter has said in the past, “I don’t have to be fair, I just have to dish out opinion,” any position taken by the Times concerning the future of the Party must be viewed with more then a little suspicion.  As a rule, it is safe to say that the Times does not wish the Republican Party well, either as an organization or for the majority of its candidates.  That the Times advocate any given position requires a default mode on the part of Republicans that the position in question is wrong.

Given the widely known fact of Ms. Balter’s ultra-leftist position, that Chris Vance did more then say “hello” to her is cause enough to question his competency.  Ms. Balter has her vision of the world, and that vision is liberal and democrat.  Anything she writes is unabashedly filtered through that vision, a fact any Republican who’s ever read the Times already knows.

During my tenure at the Party, there was an edict against talking to Ms. Balter because we all knew what she would do with her words… given that she has, in the past, acted as if she was on Brian Baird’s campaign staff, attacked the party chairman directly, and, in general, done everything she possibly could do to destroy the Republican Party in this state, that would be a wise course to continue.

Certainly, doing what she, and now, Mr. Vance, advocates, will avail us nothing.  Both of these fine folks want us to become more like democrats.  Of course, there already are democrats, so to take that advice will only result in losing our base everywhere, but, by golly, we can pick up a dozen votes in King County.

The selection of Mr. Vance to run the Party was a mistake.  Mr. Vance’s insistence on Party registration in the face of overwhelming public opposition just gave cover to the democrats, and that was another mistake.  (“Why should I vote?  There’s no real difference between the two main parties, are there?  I mean, both of them want to get rid of the primary system I’ve worked with for my entire life,” etc…) Mr. Vance’s decision to attack the Libertarian Party and it’s members was a mistake.  (How much did Erv Hoglund lose by?) Mr. Vance, who could only muster just under 35% in a congressional race centered on his council seat, proved himself an indifferent fundraiser, a poor strategist, and a man unable to define himself in any meaningful way… talents he now brings statewide… thus the outcome.  His selection, therefore, was a mistake.

The main problem with the State Republican Party is leadership, or the lack thereof.  There is no vision… no plan… no clue.

Why have the number of Executive Board meetings, with their unhealthy King County influence, increased, while the number of State Committee meetings decreased?  Why hasn’t Mr. Vance or the Executive Board executed the will of the State Committee and moved Party Headquarters to Olympia, like 48 other state’s Republican Parties have their Headquarters in their state’s capitols?  The answer is quite simple:  It has been the desire of the Executive Committee to emasculate and ignore the State Committee, and that is exactly what they are doing. 

There can be no greater example of the cancer within the Party hierarchy then this:  If the leadership of the Party cannot be responsive to those they, allegedly and by the by laws are required to answer to… then how can they possibly be responsive to the people of this state?

Where is the vibrant and aggressive minority outreach program?  Failing to implement such a program reinforces the democrat position that Republican concern for minorities begins and ends with elections.  There can be no excuse for this… (Go to and see… is there anyone listed there that can even be directly contacted for minority issues?) except for the obvious and incompetent reason of poor leadership.

Where is the immediate and wide-spread response to anything the democrats do, or attempt to do?  Why aren’t the democrats held accountable for their actions?  As a party, we should be hammering Governor Locke over the gas tax vote issue.  We should bring it up… and keep bringing it up… and not let it go away, like we should publicly hold him accountable for every single one of his campaign promises… but don’t.

And the Times and Mr. Vance think they can fix all this at a conference?

The leadership of the Washington State Republican Party is directed by the few who are far more interested in their own personal agendas then they are the successful outcomes of elections.  Far too many view their mission as an outgrowth of the “Bellevue Mafia,” who directly controls the activities of the State Party.  (Does anyone REALLY have to wonder why the Executive Board has ignored the State Committee in the matter of moving Party Headquarters?  (An action I predicted in January last year?)  I’ll tell you:  Having the office in Olympia is just too darned inconvenient for the Mafia, and for the 10 or so Puget Sound/King County members of the Executive Board and the National Committeewoman.  Having the headquarters in Olympia would make it too difficult for Bellevue to control the Party due to its lack of proximity… IF it ever were to move to Olympia.)

Until these “housekeeping” issues are successfully addressed; until the representation of King County on the Executive Board is reduced to reflect their unsuccessful abilities in their own county, until those who are in a position to make these changes will find the courage and the drive to get it done, the State Republican Party will continue to be the Seattle Seahawks of this state’s political scene.

In short: we’ll have high hopes at the beginning of the season, but sooner or later, reality will set in and we will continue to be the epitome of mediocrity.  Because, due to the blinders of those who lead us, we have been mediocre for so long that we don’t know how to be anything else.  And becoming neo-democrats won’t fix that.

Time, of course, will tell.  But the outcome for the GOP in this state looks pretty bleak.  And becoming the result of the RINO flavor of the week isn’t going to do a whole lot to change it.
Most people are unaware that the WSRP is run by the Bellevue Mafia.  That's why we do not have a party headquarters in Olympia to this day... because it's simply too inconvenient for the Seattle area RINOs to drive to Olympia.

Most people are likely not aware that the Executive Board of the party is based on "Regions" And then the question is, how many of these Board Members are from King County?

Other than the obvious (far TOO many, given their miserable record of electing Republicans in King County) the number appears to be 6, 6 out of 22 committeemen and women.

They have far too much power and impact. King County dominance, a dominance that extends statewide, is a dominance that the GOP must rid itself of.

Or, in the alternative, we can keep doing what we've been doing.

And how's that worked out for us?

Yes, every year we have high hopes.  Then incompetence comes along like it has down here in Clark County, and while those elected have an "R" after their name... they routinely vote like their name is Jim Moeller... which is why they've saddled us with billions upon billions of gas tax and property tax increases... just like the democrats always WANT to do... but rarely HAVE to do... because our RINOs will have no problem doing it for them.

So, how'd I do?  February, 2001 was a long, long, LONG time ago.

But the more things change... the more they seem to stay the same.

Or something.

Brian Gellatly and the very definition of irony:

Yeah... he REALLLY went there.


That IS "the real story..." just not quite the way Brian means it.

David's behavior "leading to this" includes drug use.  It includes theft.  It includes DUI's, bench warrants and failures to appear.... with the odd eviction thrown in.

It includes attacks and direct threats against those wise enough to disagree with his incompetence.

And yeah, Gellatly's pathetic failure to do the right thing to rectify it IS despicable.  His failure to disclose who's paying for the lawyer is another mystery.

And his RINO cult of enablers is just as culpable as he is.

So, yeah.  To that end, I'm sick of David Gellatly as well.  That he would actually sue a PCO over this shows both his insanity and that of those helping him.

But when the evidence suggests that he's at least used coke, meth and methadone... I suppose this kind of idiotic outcome is what we should have expected.

I almost feel sorry for him.  But the problem is that his efforts to destroy someone else's life along with his efforts to threaten and intimidate me have actually beaten that out of me.

The party is an ongoing train wreck thanks to him and those enabling him.  But soon enough, it's looking like they'll all be gone.

And that day can't happen soon enough.

Monday, May 21, 2018

What IS a "Republican?"

OK... so it looks like I'm likely to be the GOP PCO in Precinct 620.

The local RINO contingent is not happy about that.  Some... particularly some who not only don't live in this precinct... BUT WHO DON'T EVEN LIVE IN THIS LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT... claim that I am not a Republican.

So, I guess that begs the issue: If I'm not... than who is?

Most recently, I voted for Mr. Trump for President.  Does that make me a Republican?

What if I had trashed Mr. Trump during the campaign and then publicly refused to vote for him, writing someone else in instead?

Would such a person be considered a Republican?

Am I MORE of a Republican than the person who refused to vote for the President?

Or less?

I have been rabidly opposed to Obamacare since its inception, and I continue to view that program as one of the... if not THE... biggest governmental disasters since Jim Moeller's "What is, what isn't" Candy Tax.

I would repeal it in a heart beat if I were in a position to do so.

What if I were elected to office and voted to KEEP Obamacare in full force and effect?

Would such a person be considered a Republican?

Am I MORE of a Republican than the person who refused to vote to repeal Obamacare?

Or less?

I was and continue to be steadfastly opposed to the biggest gas tax and tab fee increases in the history of this state… PARTICULARLY if we are not allowed to vote on a such a massive increase... an increase that yoked the men, women and children of Clark County to a $700 MILLION bill... $700 million sucked out of our local economy, our local businesses and our local homes to benefit King and Snohomish County's transportation issues.

What if, as a part of getting elected to office, I wrote this:

And then, when the time came, instead of keeping my word... my pledge to the voters… I completely flipped and voted for that which I had promised to vote AGAINST?

Would such a person who lied to get elected be considered a Republican?

Am I MORE of a Republican than the person who refused to keep their word, PARTICULARLY KNOWING their district was... and is.... overwhelmingly opposed to such a series of increases?

Or less?

Last session, I was RABIDLY in favor of full disclosure by legislators on all of their communications; email, hand written, texted.

Were I in a position to do so, I would have voted YES to full disclosure.

Yet many... who happened to be Republican... voted to keep everything secret.

Am I MORE of a Republican than the person who refused to vote for full transparency?

Or less?

I believe that those elected to government work for US, and not the other way around.

Many, claiming to be Republican, believe just the opposite.

They refuse to communicate with those who disagree with them.  They refuse to acknowledge you, even if you're either a constituent, or a prospective constituent.

Am I MORE of a Republican than the person who refuses to defend their positions to those who may disagree?

Or less?

In situations like this... all of which are real life, actually happened, actually involving real people who CLAIM to be GOP and much... much... more...

What... EXACTLY... am I supposed to do?

I wouldn't hire any of these people to wash my truck.  Most reading this are not interested in hiring arrogant liars who don't want to "waste their time" on you... or me, as it turns out.

I have dozens of these types of situations documented.  Some, in elective office RIGHT NOW, have called my clients to get me fired from work because I come after them for their dishonesty and lies.

Others claim *I* am not a Republican, but THEY have no problem burying their GOP "allegiance" whenever it suits them, setting up fake political action committees to campaign for those who have FORMERLY renounced their Republican ties and working very hard to trash a TRUE Republican working to get elected as a write-in to take out a disastrous, Young-Democrat endorsed "independent."

Others have spent time, money and effort working WITH democrats to make sure that a Republican DOESN'T get re-elected here locally, all the while trashing Mr. Trump and endorsing a democrat for local office here.

They claim that *I* am NOT a "Republican."

I've been a Republican PCO, a Republican District Legislative Chair, an elected delegate to the State Convention and I attended a National Convention... as I've also been an Executive Director to the State Republican Party.

But *I* am, according to them, NOT a "Republican."

As I pointed out in a conversation with our local Party Chair one night, I refuse to vote for a liar.  I refuse to vote for someone who has EVER betrayed us.  I refuse to vote for someone who lied to get into office or to stay in office.   I refuse to vote for someone who supports the CRC Scam.  I refuse to vote for anyone who supported the last budget under GOP Senate control, which caused our property taxes to explode... even after those involved assured us that said budget would NOT have that effect.

So what then, exactly, is a Republican?  Someone who has quit the party a half-dozen times, endorsed democrats and done all they can to keep conservatives out of office?

Or someone who wants to hold these slime accountable for what they promise... and what they do.

Odd that these same people don't seem to have any problem with people like that... when they're RINOs.

Establishment hatred of conservatives on full display: Carolyn Crain.

It's no secret the local RINO contingent actually... literally... hates conservatives.

They hate those holding office... and they hate those supporting them.

They expect us... to act like... them.  That is, to mindlessly support anyone with an "R" after their name, even if... ESPECIALLY if... they vote like Jimmy Moeller.

They value the appearance far more than substance.  It's not what they TRULY are that matters, you understand.  It's what they APPEAR to be.

And it's perfectly OK for the RINOs to ditch conservatives.  After all, who can forget the 5 RINO former Chairs who ditched Republican Representative Liz Pike in favor of declared non-Republican, Young Democrat-endorsed Marc Boldt? (Rasmussen Sr., Donnelly, Gaston, Ferris and. of course, Boger)  I haven't been able to get much of an explanation as to why it's OK for them to vote for a democrat over a Conservative, but not OK for a Conservative to vote for a democrat over a RINO.

Recently, Representative Liz Pike became the only elected official to react to the news of the obvious drug problem of our local Clark County Chair... and she did so openly by demanding the resignation of that disaster.

The RINO clique expressed outrage as well.  Not at the self-professed use of Cocaine or any of the other evidence of illegal drug use, including meth and methadone.  Not at the news of his arrests for theft, his multiple DUI's, the bench warrants or the time he's spent being evicted.

No, they expressed outrage that this information... which is publicly available in the court house... was actually made public.

They've expressed outrage at me... and they've continued to express outrage towards Representative Pike.

I've got to wonder: This guy's somewhat less than legal record has been well-established.  NONE of these people would hire someone with a record like this for ANYTHING.  Yet they doggedly maintain that Davey is their guy.  None of his attacks against conservatives; his lies and false allegations, including that *I* was dishonorably discharged from the Army... makes any difference to the members of his cult.

And with a record extending back years... and now self-confirmed drug abuse on top of it... abuse no longer required to be disproven by tests... these same people continue to support that embarrassment to politics while the local democratian newspaper buries the story to the extent that few here locally are even aware of it.

Can you even begin to imagine what the coverage of all of this would be if you swapped the name "Madore" with the name "Gellatly?"

Rep. Pike's demand is, of course, totally ignored.  The RINOs slavish devotion to this punk reminds me of Hitler Youth and their beloved F├╝hrer... Overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he's been their tool from the beginning and so, instead of getting rid of this inexplicable embarrassment to the political realm, they sink their claws in even further.

For her part, Crain is best known for getting destroyed in each of her efforts to run for office and her support of "Independent" and Young Democrat-endorsed Marc Boldt... a blithering incompetent who has since been banned by the Public Disclosure Commission from either controlling... or having any family member control... his own campaign finances... instead of Rep. Pike during her write-in effort to become county chair.  (Boldt won with 39% of the vote... meaning 61% of the voters of Clark County did not want him to get the job.)  This as she worked hard to make sure that the SAME Rep. Pike she now continues to condemn is vilified for speaking out against the idiocy of the leadership of the local GOP.

Hatred of conservative Republicans isn't just confined to the leftists.  Oh, no.  The local moron running the Clark County GOP has ACTUALLY FILED SUIT AGAINST A PCO.

And the RINO scum in his cult SUPPORT that.  His actions have SHATTERED the local party, destroyed any unity and kept thousands of dollars from being donated to the organization, because THEY will ONLY support their fellow RINOs.

So, the money that would have gone to the local party... or to the Lincoln Day Dinner... is going to that PCO's legal defense as we ponder who is paying for Gellatly's lawyer as he tries to bankrupt a PCO into silence.

Crain and the rest of the Conservative Haters are actually fine with that.  One wonders: if the past party Chair had, for example, sued Crain... would they have been OK with THAT?

One wonders.  But not too hard... given the rank hypocrisy of who they are and what they do.

In Crain's latest "discussion," she attempts to school a prospective PCO candidate... as to who the "good Republicans" (meaning her fellow RINOs) and the "bad Republicans" are.  Her words drip with hatred.  But see for yourself:

Crain herself can't understand why she does... what she does.

"I do not understand why people do not stand up and tell the truth when degrading treatment or comments about the party are being made."

Effectively, Crain fails to understand why she, Crain, is compelled to lie and degrade others when comments about the truth are being made.

It's obviously a truth she doesn't happen to like about the Head Tool in the Shed.

And that's the biggest mystery of all.  Perhaps someone can ask these RINOs: "Just out of curiosity, why is it that you clowns are more interested in attacking our own... then you are in attacking the democrats?"

Maybe you can ask them:  "How is it if you morons are so great, how did you manage to avoid even  finding token candidates in the 49th?  How did you avoid putting up a candidate for county treasurer?  How can you idiots BE so incompetent?"

Unless, of course, it's what's known as a "deliberate oversight."

Inquiring minds want to know.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

I apologize for not running against Hoff.

I simply could not do it physically.

But when I see pictures like this?

I should have done it if I were dying.

With the close of filing today the field is set. I'm incredibly proud of the team I have assembled and with their combined expertise I'm confident that this campaign will be efficient, effective, and successful. Let's roll!

The problem is obvious:

As a RINO sock puppet ran by His Keepers in this picture, there is no way that if elected, HOFF would be "efficient, effective OR successful."  He would ignore us like Wilson and Rivers ignore us... like he ignores those of us who have questions NOW, while he's in campaign mode.

And really, is cowardice that great of a platform to run off?

Wilson was a key player in raping our property taxes that has resulted in so much harm being done in so many places around this state, including ALL of Clark County.

This is the SAME Sen. Wilson who lied to the Clark County PCO's when, along with Gas Tax Rivers, SHE assured ALL of us that as a result of their brilliance on voting for the horrific GOP budget that they helped to jack up at least $5.5 Billion, our property taxes would be going DOWN.  I knew they were lying at the time, of course.  But since when have they... or their butt-buddy Rivers.... been honest?

And like the rest of their lies... how has that worked out for us?

The reality is clear: Electing this coward simply means more of the same.

That this moron would equate that sad day where men and women stood up to terrorism at the cost of their own lives with his campaign?

"Let's Roll" indeed.

That's as sickening and disgusting as those sitting around the table pulling his puppet strings.

He will do precisely what, when and how they order him to do precisely what, when and how they tell him to do it.

Both now... during his campaign.... and after, if he's elected.

And that's the most sickening thing of all.

If there is a point to electing a Republican who you know will vote like a democrat merely because of the label he and those who own him have chosen for him... I simply don't see it.

But that's the pattern the RINOs endorsing him have followed... and that's the pattern HE will follow.

Like he gives a damn what those of us in the district think or want.  Just like, come to think of it, Wilson and Rivers.

Yes... I apologize.  It won't happen again.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Helpful hints for candidates facing the democratian editorial board: don't bother.

Actually, I've come to learn in life that there are three things that are inevitable: death, taxes and the democratian endorsing the leftist.

Thus, there's no point in bothering to allow yourself to be strapped to the gratings so Lefty Lou can flog you around the fleet.

For example, no one to the right of Mao is going to be endorsed by the rag.

Oppose the CRC scam?  Oppose the pot rip off?  Oppose illegal aliens?  Oppose tolls for an I-5 Bridge replacement? Oppose anything on the democratian's agenda?

And you're done in their eyes.

Fail to oppose anything on their agenda, thereby getting their endorsement, and you're unfit to hold political office anyway.

The rag's fringe-left bent on the issues most important to the people of Clark County is well known.  Their double-standard in news coverage is the stuff of legend.

For example, the recent exposure of what appears to be Davey Delete's drug problem got buried and whatever mention of it was carefully framed so that Davey could trash those talking about it.

If, however, had the subject of this news been, say, David Madore, it would have been front page, above the fold news for days.

In fact, we'd have never heard the end of it.

As far back as 2008, the Columbian endorsed democrats and only democrats in every open seat you could vote on in that election.

And which incumbents did they endorse AGAINST?

Why, only one.  And that ONE would have been Sen. Don Benton.

They endorsed David Carrier, a democrat who didn't even live in the 17th District as I recall. And in 2000, the rag endorsed Sen. Benton's opponent by saying this:
“... (Peterson) although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton. And on that admittedly flimsy basis, we endorse Peterson.”
The rag's hatred of anyone politically to the right of Mao is both legendary and documentable.  That any publication would admit that the candidate they endorse has no clue?

That kind of hatred is hard to find... unless you look at the Columbian.

Which brings me back to my advice:  Don't bother.  It's a waste of time.  The history of the rag speaks for itself.

Upon further review: Is David Gellatly really getting help?

Orders in a legal action are tricky things.  Subject to change at a moment's notice, sometimes things are not always what they appear.

This looks like one of those times.

A few days ago, this blog reported on certain allegations, complete with certain evidence (including his own admission) which indicated that David Gellatly, Chair of the Clark County GOP, has at least twice over the past year used cocaine and that it's likely he also used both meth and methadone during his tenure as Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party.

Earlier, the temporary order from the Court required Gellatly to be tested for drug usage.

It also required supervised visitation.

For his part, Gellatly denies he has a drug problem.  But one might ask, who on illegal drugs in a high profile political position actually admits drug use or drug problems?

If, however, one in such a position is under such a cloud... what better way to prove that drugs are no longer a problem than by undergoing voluntary drug testing?

No positive drug tests... no problem, right?

Yet, the formal temporary order, signed by the court commissioner, deletes this requirement... while keeping the requirement of supervised visitation.

I find this odd, in the face of the finding earlier in the same order that says:

These changes were made by the court commissioner assigned to this case. Their reasons for making these decisions are mysterious based on our laymen's understanding.

But that's neither here nor there.

The question is this: is David Gellatly getting help?  Is he getting better?

If he is... then what better way to prove it than through random testing?

Under these circumstances, why would he object?

If the executive board of the local Republican Party were of a mind to, THEY could impose this testing on Gellatly as a condition of his continued occupation of the chairmanship.

Look at all of the many issues that might resolve.

I know that some of his cult of followers actually believe he's getting help for this issue, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

If they are relying entirely on the Court's order as the basis for that belief, then they now have to fall back to Plan B, since it would appear, for whatever the reason, that the Court is no longer requiring this testing... even though the Court acknowledges the evidence of a "problem with drugs, alcohol or other substances..."

And Plan B in this case is a requirement, placed on him by the local GOP, that he prove he is not engaging in further self-professed cocaine use or the use of any other illegal substance... say, between now and the end of the rest of his term.... weekly random testing ought to do it.

Who can argue with that?  How could anyone oppose it?

If, as Gellatly has seemingly led so many to believe, he has no substance abuse problem, this should put an end to it and be nothing but evidence both to the Court and to the local GOP that he has put all of this behind him.

If he refuses or objects... or misses even a single test... than that might send a completely different message... and both the Court and the local GOP can take the appropriate action... and at least on the local GOP's part, that would be for his immediate and voluntary resignation which, of course, should be the main part of any agreement between the Party and Gellatly.

The agreement, which should be reviewed by attorneys on both sides, would require Gellatly to undergo random testing; that he should pay for it like he's making Richard Colwell pay thousands of dollars for the legal fees he, Gellatly, is causing; and that if any test is missed or comes back positive for any illegal substance, then he is immediately terminated as Chair of the CCGOP.  Included with this agreement would be an immediate, unrevocable and undated resignation that would have the date filled in of the first missed or positive test results, which would also be reported on a weekly basis.

What say you, local GOP?  Still believe that Gellatly is getting help and staying clean?  If you do, then prove it.  If you don't... then explain again why you haven't gotten rid of this guy.