Friday, September 29, 2017

Cracks appearing in the NFL's racist play? Looks like they're folding like a cheap suit.

That took less time than I thought.

As the NFL continues to bleed millions in lost revenue and individual players lose endorsement deals AND NFL sponsors start to dump the League; suddenly, the weight of the empty seats and falling/boycotted merchandise sales appears to have been felt.

Since that non-playing, politically clueless idiot Kaeperpick began throwing the world's biggest hissy-fit up through the fall-out of President Trump putting voice to the anger and frustration many tens of millions of us felt when these dramatically overpaid, politically ignorant and in many instances, criminals who have remain utterly silent and without involvement in any attempt to end the Chicago Slaughter where over the past several years, thousands of blacks have shot and in many cases, killed other blacks... lecturing US.... telling US what WE have to do about the LEAST statistically important aspect of blacks killed during the commitment of crimes... by getting into contact with police officers... ratings have been decimated and these people have collectively lost tens of millions that they are NOT going to get back.

Statistically, this is what they're sniveling about:

This is the statistically insignificant crap these overpaid, unintelligent morons and their leftist winged monkeys are sniveling about by insulting those who've died for this country, those who've bled for this country, those who've served this country in uniform, our Flag and our Anthem...
The NFL's incomprehensible and moronic response to all of this... which is suddenly to SUPPORT the utterly nonexistent "right" (After fining players hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for uniform violations, unauthorized symbols and T-shirts, and for mouthing off about various subjects, the refs and others) of these spoiled rotten millionaires who, outside of their work, live a life of ease that most can't comprehend while their friends and neighbors get SHOT... usually by other blacks... and they, for their part, do nothing... was GOING to come at a price.

This is one of those times where Roger Goodell, now universally reviled by damned near anyone even remotely knowledgeable about football, will be infamous.

The owners were on the high-end version of whatever crack they were smoking, because these otherwise presumably business-savvy people simply could not see the vision of the immediate future where the reaction to these weekly insults and offense was GOING to explode... and they were GOING to get caught in the shrapnel.

As a veteran, it offended me like nothing else.

That these punk multi-millionaires who all are paid in terms of cash entirely for their skill at playing a GAME, believe they can presume to lecture US... while THEY do nothing to save their own people... or next to nothing?

I've ended my 40-year long allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks (being from Seattle) because, in part, I manifest physical symptoms of illness whenever I see that bird now... because to me, it's come to mean something entirely different from a symbol of a team I followed, a team I spent big (for me, anyway) money and time on, as they have become nothing more than a platform for loud-mouth thugs who do not know a moment of discomfort or financial want yet simply cannot shut up during a game and keep politics OUT of it.

Politics has been my life for the better part of the last 15 years.  In this case, it's not THEIR politics, as moronic as I believe them to be, that I object to.  It's ANYONE'S.  Football for people my age represents pure escapism.  It takes me back to junior high school, middle school, high school, Air Force football and finally, my abortive attempt to walk on at the University of Washington.

It takes me back to the days where many parts that worked then... don't work now.

I feel the hits, blows delivered and received.  I go back to a time where the dirt and heat and rain and mud and the snow were elements I took for granted... the sound and feeling of water bouncing off my helmet in practice and during games... the running, the weights, the hitting, the being hit...

And I am utterly sickened that athletes who live a life most of us can't even fathom use THIS to presume that WE have a need to be lectured to as if first, their tantrums accomplished anything and second, there is a damned thing we can do about their issues regardless.

THEY haven't done anything about them... black lives don't appear to matter, either to these jocks or to other blacks... so what makes these idiots believe that by angering us... by, in many instances, mortally offending us... we're remotely interested in doing a damned thing for THEM?

So, last night, to the best of my knowledge, nobody kneeled.

Instead, they linked arms.  For whatever good that was worth.  (Memo to Aaron Rodgers: I'm not interested in your fricking politics, either.  So go throw a football and make insurance commercials.)

To my mind, it was an effort to make their envelope a bit smaller... to still make people feel "bad," just not AS bad.

It was still a demonstration.  It was still an insult.  And it was acknowledgement by the NFL generally and these teams particularly that they maybe, just maybe, screwed up and the time has come to slowly.... ever so slowly.... back away from the land mine they've been stomping on.

Too late for many.  Likely too late for me.

Years from now, all of these scum that did this will be gone.  That might... MIGHT.... rehabilitate the NFL in the minds of those outraged and ENraged by the actions of these clowns and their owners... and a League who would cheerfully pop a player for writing something on his shoes and deny the Cowboys the right to put a sticker on their helmets commemorating the slaughter of 5 Dallas police officers in mid 2016 can finally make a sincere effort to repair the damage they've done by insuring this never, ever happens again.

Now, Goodell is looking for a way out.  Some might suggest self-immolation.  This flypaper is HIS doing... and his resignation would go a long way in UNdoing it.

Meanwhile, millions have walked away from the game that walked away from us.  And regardless of what happens next, I don't see myself going back.  Ever.  Because I'm PTSD'd over this.  And for the rest of my life, whenever I see an NFL jersey or stadium or TV broadcast in a bar or something, the memories of 40 years of connection to the Seahawks will have evaporated to be replaced with the juvenile antics of men who should have known better.

And when I go to Willamette National Cemetary to visit my brother... and I see those tens of thousands of grave markers... I'll think about the flag they served under and once again wonder.... how could those people in the NFL have been so stupid?

Stanford graduates indeed.

ICYMI: Prosecutor kicks Guard Investigation up to state Attorney General

Haven't been hearing a great deal from the RINO contingent about their buddy, Sean Guard and his, well, little difficulties.

Of course, since they're doing all they can to keep strip club raconteur David Gellatly's empty head above water, I'm not terribly surprised, being busy and all.

You remember, don't you?  ALL that whining, bitching and moaning by the greater RINO lights around here... Brent Boger and who is that leftist sock puppet high up in county government who's been rejected for county executive... and the clueless Bob Stevens who snivels with the best of them.

Well, you know, after awhile, ol' BB kinda went dark on the Guard matter.  In fact, save for attacking me, who he refers to as a "disgraced blogger" (which is kinda odd, considering)

While BB has cast himself as among THE biggest hypocrites around here because of that kind of crap, we haven't been hearing a whole lot from BB or any of his other sock puppets about how tough it is for Guard and how he's getting screwed and so on and so on.

In fact, they seem to have shut up about it. Ol' B.S. (Bob Stevens) may not be quite as 100% behind Officer Guard as he claimed.  And BB?  Well, he seems to have gone silent as well, when one compares his loquacious nonsense back then, with, well, now.

As it turns out, after an unnecessary, several week delay, our local prosecutor decided to punt on this issue and he sent it up to the state Attorney General.

Seems he did all that without word one from the RINO contingent.

Now.... why do you suppose that is?

Any way, the outcome for Officer Guard looks preeeetttty bleak.  But then, when one reviews the kind of thing he was texting... shouldn't it be?

Guard has yet to resign from the Mayor's position in Washougal or as a PCO for the GOP.

He should have done both, of course... and you can bet his RINO buds are going to give that slimeball a ROUSING send off here, directly as he hangs on by his fingernails until the bitter end.

Depending on how long the AG takes to come to the obvious decision... it could be any time, now.  But the reality is that either way, Officer Guard is going to be gone... either now... or two months from now.  And we'll all be better off for it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gellatly is STILL stuck in the Twilight Zone.

In a place where time and space have no meaning, strip-club raconteur and alcohol consumer/scofflaw of some renown David Robert Gellatly CONTINUES to ignore the old saw that indicates the BEST course of action for a loser in a hole like he is, is to well, in fact, stop digging.

No one complains and whines like Insane Clown Posse, here.

The copies of emails and other correspondence that have been flying around the PCO net paint this guy as a childish, sniveling punk who shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, let alone a county political party.

Efforts remain front-burnered to get rid of this embarrassment who has already lied about resigning as far back as a month ago, as he plays games and continues to be the Establishment/leftist tool that has worked so hard to drive so many away by attacking us, threatening us, lying about us, and making efforts to intimidate us.

In my almost 30 years of politics, I have seen some low-life, underhanded scum... but THIS guy?

Gotta tell ya: Insane takes the cake.

-------- Original message --------
From: David Gellatly <> 
Date: 9/27/17 8:16 PM (GMT-08:00) 
Subject: **REQUESTED RESPONSE** - Treasurer Issues & Claims 

Hello All, 
I sincerely apologize for having to continue this type of dialogue. To address the egregious accusations and misinformation recently distributing by the CCRP Treasurer and inform you and address the further action taken by 5 members of the board, (included in the attachment) it was requested by multiple members that I send a documented response. 
Unfortunately, these are similar to the other recent wild accusations and the environment that certain boar members have created to for our party. I hope the members can assist in finding a resolution soon and cease this dragging of our party through the mud. I am dedicated to helping elect our candidates we have endorsed and the time required to respond to these as well as the multitude of special meetings these board members continue to call for the purpose of infighting in hindering our ability to fulfill our purpose. 
I will be sending an invite and request for this weekend for an exciting opportunity to help in a separate email! 
As a member of our party, I ask you review the attach document and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all for everything you do. I look forward to a brighter future and trust God will guide us through this together.


David R. Gellatly
Clark County Republican Party
OK. Here's MY response:

Drop dead, scumbag.

The problem, you see, is that you're a proven liar.  If you told me it was daylight out, I'd have to check for myself.

Your response is as worthless as you are and no amount of your babble here is going to save you.

When you announced you were going to resign the first time, you should have followed through.  But you lack the integrity to even do THAT.

And now, you break, bend and twist the rules as much as you do the truth as you do everything possible to keep the title you unfortunately received.

And how sad... and pathetic... is that?

Possible impacts of the Judge Moore victory here locally.

It is reasonably certain that what went on in Alabama...which is the complete repudiation of the Establishment... came with their usual efforts... so closely mirrored by the Establishment types here.

Locally, the Luther Strange type candidate is the guy who announced for Liz Pike's seat and against John Ley, Larry Hoff. (As for me, I'm not supporting any of these people, FWIW.)

All the ducks were lined up.  The RINO Bobbsey Twins, Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-does whatever Tracy Wants) and Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) along with Rep. Paul "Highest Union Voting Score in the House" Harris and most mysteriously, Rep. Ed "He must have been threated into it" Orcutt.

(Well, we've just seen the lack of impact endorsements have.... haven't we?  In Alabama, Strange had EVERY POSSIBLE ADVANTAGE... INCLUDING the President's endorsement, save one... and he lost.  In fact, he was slaughtered.)

The RINOs infesting us here locally will not care about the outcome in Alabama.  To them, Alabama is another planet and has NOTHING to do with them.

And until one of our incumbent RINOs is defeated in a primary... or one of their pets is destroyed in a primary, such as this Hoff guy... the vivisection of Sen. Strange will have little to no impact here.

To me, there is little doubt that a well-funded insurgent conservative could take any RINO out.  Their voting record, for the most part, can be used to politically beat them to death.

Our utter moron Congresswoman, for example, just came out in favor of a complete amnesty for the illegals here under DACA... like the good little leftist she is.
I believe we can uphold national security, protect opportunities for American citizens, and provide assurances to DACA recipients in Southwest Washington who have done nothing wrong that we understand their plight and that they can build a future here in the only country that many of them have ever known.”
Including those, no doubt, who have murdered, raped, robbed and committed other crimes against us.

That is just ONE of the outrages she has perpetrated against us as she's joined with her democrat heroes... Murray and Cantwell, in trashing the President and pretty much destroying any hope of White House dispensation for the 3rd Congressional District.

Because, of course, Herrera is an idiot politically.

A well-funded, focused candidate with a conservative message on fiscal and immigration matters could stuff the ball down her throat like she was going for a layup against LeBron James.

But up to this point, no such candidates  willing to seriously take these clowns on exists and those voting have foolishly continued to vote... not based on the issues... but based on the label these liars use to run under... and then vote like democrats once they get there.

Judge Moore, like Dave Brat (who took out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the most stunning political defeat in House history, perhaps back in, when... 2014?) showed that it CAN be done.  Wrap these morons in their voting record, marital history (politics really DOES make strange bed-fellows) and their video-taped lies and they'd drown in a bathtub.

If serious candidates actually do step up, they can win.  It won't be easy, but their ammo is laying around like this is a video game and all they have to do is go pick it up.

And then?

They have to use it.

These people ARE vulnerable.  It CAN be done... and the proof of that is simple: it's BEEN done.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

With the RINOs in charge, this was inevitable. Now what? (Obamacare)

As I feared all along and local RINOs assured us could not happen, the scum running the GOP-controlled Congress has failed us as much as the Washington State Senate, equally run by RINOs and fake Republicans have also failed us.

Eliminating the cancer of Obamacare was never an optional part of the plan, it was a MANDATORY part of the plan.

Much like actually prosecuting Clinton and the rest for their crimes.

Much like tax reform.

Much like cutting our out of control, bankrupting spending.

How many times did the RINOs tell us, year after year, that we couldn't do anything with just control of the House?

We could have, of course.

How many times did the RINOs tell us that having complete control of Congress wasn't enough and we had to get control of the White House as well?

Well, we've got all that.

We have a history of these same RINO scum gaming us to get elected and running  Obamacare repeal bill after Obamacare repeal bill, knowing that they'd be vetoed.

We've never received an adequate explanation as to why these same idiots couldn't run the last repeal bills that passed, only to be vetoed by Obama.  I mean, after all, isn't that what they promised us they were going to do?

But that the thing about RINOs... at pretty much all levels.

They lie.  A lot.  And these scum lied to US to get US to elect them.

And how's that worked out for us?

EXACTLY, PRECISELY the way I've said it would many, many times.

So, the next time a Wilson or a Rivers or a Harris or a Vick or a Blom or a Stewart or an Olson comes along and asks for campaign donations... remind them of all the wonderful things they and their fellow RINOs have done to us.

The next time Jamie Herrera makes a money pitch (All of which is going directly to the caucus) remind her of HER Obamacare votes.

And then, slam your checkbooks shut.

SOMEONE has to hold these lowlifes accountable.

Isn't it about time that you become one of those who does?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What does Judge Moore's win in Alabama mean?

Incumbent (appointed to replace then-Sen. Jeff Sessions) Sen. Luther Strange had it all going for him.

He had the power of incumbency.  He had the better part of $10 million dropped on him from those funding the Establishment.  He had RINO Mitch McConnell's endorsement and "machine" behind him and a day or two ago, he had the President of the United States' (Obviously mistakenly) endorsement.

The counting isn't over, but as of this writing, the guy who "had it all" is getting beaten like a rented step-child by a guy who had absolutely NONE of those things.

What does that mean?

No one can be 100% sure, but educated guesses are certainly available.

First and foremost, the Trump mystique extends far beyond the President.  I don't see this as any kind of repudiation of the Trump wave as much as I see it as a repudiation of a candidate identified in the minds of many as just being another Establishment tool.

Face it, McConnell has done a mostly terrible job running the Senate.  If anything, I DO see this as a repudiation of the RINO Establishment that fines themselves incapable of delivering much of anything they ran on to get elected in the first place.

Last I looked, we still have the fiscal leprosy of Obamacare hanging around our necks.  We still have out of control, frequently moronic spending going on as we get buried further and further in THAT hole... and we don't even have tax reform in serious discussion.

So, the E wanted us to vote for a tool that would STRENGTHEN McConnell's hand?

I don't think so.

At this point, the unfathomable endorsement of Strange over Moore was just that: unfathomable.

I don't know why Mr. Trump endorsed Luther Strange.  But whoever suggested that would be a good idea should be fired before sunrise tomorrow.

This election to me reiterates that the people of this country did not elect the President or any of those clowns in Congress to continue the Status Quo.

I believe that had McConnell, et al, actually DELIVERED on those Big Three items, there's a bit better chance of Strange winning.  But their failure doomed Sen. Strange from the get-go, and Judge Moore, as far as I know, stands for accomplishing everything the GOP-controlled Congress PROMISED but failed to deliver.

The actual general election for this seat takes place in December.  Judge Moore is likely to easily become Sen. Moore, absent a murder indictment or something along those lines.

The typical cluelessness of the GOP was on full display tonight as it was when Mr. Trump won the primary... as it was when he became the President... and now, tonight, as the Establishment candidate who had it all got clobbered.

Maybe the GOP will get around to figuring it out.  But let's not hold our collective breath, shall we?

Moments ago, Steven Cox withdrew from the Vancouver Mayor's race.

He just put this up, publicly, on facebook.

Last night, 25 September 2017, I falsely accused an innocent man of wrong doing. Jack Burkman is an upstanding citizen and credit to his community and I sincerely apologize for mistakenly using his name. The shame is mine and not his.

I cannot explain my mistake other than to say if you are a Veteran with MTBI/PTSD you will identify with and understand the symptoms. There is a reason I am 100% disabled and it was believed I could lead a normal life with therapy. This is my third attempt at leading a normal, healthy and productive life and I have failed again, embarrassing friends and family, those people I love and harming those who are innocent. This scar of humiliation is not easily erased from one’s physique. Mine is only to love others, speak truth and live in the image of my Lord. With this in mind, there is only one honorable course of action remaining for me.

I hereby withdraw my candidacy for mayor of Vancouver. You deserve better than I can provide. I thank all my loyal supporters. Your warm friendship has meant the world to Cindy and me. I shall return donations to those I still can. I apologize to you for not living up to your expectations and any embarrassment I may have caused you.

I resign as Chairman of Burnt Bridge Creek Neighborhood Association. I know many of you put your faith in me and I regret letting you down. You are the greatest neighbors anyone could ever hope for and I know you will carry on without me.

I resign as Prescient Committee officer 692. You deserve someone who has full use of their cognitive abilities who can accurately represent you.

I resign from the Republican Party. I have dishonored our brand and you will be wise to distance yourselves from me.

Integrity violations are inexcusable and my only redemption is self-exile. My continued presence would only tarnish the legitimacy of my Comrades and our oath.

Cindy and I ask you all to respect our privacy and leave us as we came, in peace.

Humbly yours,
Steven Cox

Gee... imagine this: chief Seahawks whiner and sniveler Michael Bennett has been a registered Washington Voter since 2013...

... and has yet to cast a vote.

NFL player Michael Bennett has been registered to vote in WA state since 6/20/2013 and has yet to cast a ballot in a single election. #staywoke
Yeah, you know... those whining the most about how tough they've got it... being multi-millionaire thugs and all... are REALLY setting the example for their communities... by not even bothering to vote.

No automatic alt text available.

Maybe... just possibly... they ought to be protesting THAT.

Meanwhile, thousands of blacks are slaughtering each other around the country and what do these thugs have to say about it?


Sunday, September 24, 2017

The irony of the pro-jock's response to President Trump's remarks concerning their defilement of the Flag and the Anthem.


The needle on my irony meter not only pegged... it wrapped itself around the peg... twice.

Ever since that slimeball started the trend, several others of these overpaid, underworked, spoiled rotten punks, incapable of producing an independent thought, have joined with the unemployed moron in showing their disdain for their country, for those who sacrificed so these millionaires.... WHO PLAY A FRICKING GAME can act like idiots... for the people of this country and certainly, for those of us who paid for the palaces these scum play in.

Their antics don't make me care MORE as to whatever their goal happens to be: in fact, it has the opposite effect... It makes me care less.


Not to me, they don't.  Not until black lives begin to matter to other blacks and they stop slaughtering each other in places like the Chicago Shooting Gallery... where 751people were murdered, included in the number of just under 3,000 people shot.

They were mostly black.

The victims?  Were mostly black.

The shooters?  Were mostly black.

Seen these same scumbags in Chicago, attempting to DO something about this?  I sure haven't.

So when these clowns crap on our Flag in protest over.... what, exactly? 

Yeah, my heart pumps purple concrete over whatever the "Cause" is that these people do nothing... or next to nothing... about the rest of the year.

But the mortality of their insult to the REST of the people of this country... those of us who keep them in Lamborghinis...

Yes, this is Beast Mode's Lambo, yes, he put
velvet ropes up around it on a public street.
Of course, SOME of these players actually DO "give back" to their communities.
But not nearly enough to impress me.
For example, this bit of bling on the left, here.
How many patients could have been seen at a free clinic with the hundreds of thousands of dollars this toy cost Marshawn Lynch?

Yes, he gives his community lunch money.  But does it stop him from living a life most people in Oakland, California can't even imagine?

It's really easy to sit on your ass and insult tens of millions so you can claim you're DOING something.

Well, if the Lynchs and the Bennetts care all THAT much, why aren't they giving, say, 90% of their pay to efforts to STOP BLACKS FROM SLAUGHTERING EACH OTHER?

It's because in reality, they DON'T care.

They are, at core, as racist and bigoted as any Klan member who ever lived and the whole point of their escapade is to jam a stick in the eye of whitey.

Well, to jam a stick in MY eye, I have to watch.  Which I refuse to do.

The NFL is aiding and abetting these scum, as that slimeball Goodell, who pulls down what, $40 million a year because of this game? Proceeds to enable these massive insults... having approved hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for everything from wearing the wrong color shows to writing a message on their uniform with a felt-tipped pen.

NFL ticket sales are off and ratings are getting slaughtered.  Last year, their excuse was because of the election.  That, of course, was (and is) a crock.  Because THIS year, we don't HAVE elections to "distract" us.

As if.

So, yesterday, the President put a voice to the people who are sickened by these scum.  He told it the way many of us see it.

And what did that moron Goodell have to say?
NFL's Goodell says Trump's comments about league, players show 'lack of respect'
Wait.... what?

As near as I can tell, he's showing these scum the same level of respect they're showing the rest of the country... which ain't much... and Goodell doesn't seem to care about THAT, does he?

Some of these scum actually DID manage to graduate.  Presumably, they aren't ALL stupid.

They have to at least have an inkling of the damage this idiocy is causing.  Those of us who pay their outrageous salaries are staying home.

How much longer the NFL can take these loses is an open question.  But the NFL's hypocrisy is not.

I refuse to be involved in any way with these scum and their enablers.

And I am not alone.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

So, Trump, speaking for millions, bitch-slaps the NFL.

By now, you've likely heard of the President's reaction to those punks disrespecting our flag and this country at the start of many NFL games.

This same NFL has no problem fining players thousands of dollars for, say, honoring the slain Dallas police officers or writing other things on their uniforms.

But the NFL seems incapable of understanding that at least part of their ever-dropping TV ratings and ever dwindling fans-in-the-stands, like this one:

USC's crowd put the Rams' embarrassing attendance to shame in side-by-side

Last year, the excuse was the election was a distraction, because, you know, NFL fans are so buried into politics that it keeps them from watching/attending football.
I haven't seen the excuses they're using this year, save for the games take too long and they're far too expensive... but what else is new?

I, personally, have dumped my franchise-history long allegiance to the Seahawks starting last year with the idiocy of that moronic defensive back, Jeremy Lane, who felt he had to be Kaeperpick's bitch and disrespect the Flag and the Anthem just like he did.

This year, it's that thug Michael Bennett and others.
So, no.  I don't watch them.  I won't watch them.  And the anger the President expressed dovetails absolutely with mine.

You see, these scum believe... And the frightened NFL has so far gone along with... the idea that they have a "right" do engage in this middle-school bullshit.  A bunch of pampered, spoiled, multimillionaire jocks, disrespecting the flag on a field the grateful taxpayers for the State of Washington bought these low-lifes because obviously, Paul Allen couldn't afford it.

The President said, effectively, what every NFL owner AND the Commissioner SHOULD have said and SHOULD BE SAYING:
Disrespect our Flag and our Anthem?

You're fired.
Obviously, these clowns aren't getting the message.  It's gonna take some REAL financial hurt to get their attention.
I support President Trump's efforts.  And the irony of the scumbag Commissioner of the NFL whining about the President failing to "respect" the players?

Well, that kind of hypocrisy cannot be overlooked.
The President, it appears to me, is "respecting" THEM, EXACTLY as much as they're respecting US.
Yes, this same NFL made hundreds of thousands off fines for "uniform violations."  So, to the scum running the NFL, the issue isn't one of disrespect.  It's one of WHAT you disrespect.

And clearly, they have no problem disrespecting the Country that has enabled them to become prima-donna millionaires because they can play a game.

If these punks are looking for sympathy, one of my old platoon sergeants used to tell us "it's in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphilis.'"

I appreciate the President delivering the message to these light weights.  Screw them AND the National Football League.

Gellatly and his winged monkey Crain continue to trash the local GOP.

It's tough when you've got a psychotic-appearing slimeball as your local party chair.

And it's tougher if he's stupid.

It's difficult to find any marked difference between Chair Gellatly and Chair Stalin.  Both exist in a cult of personality: both are dictatorial and neither allow(ed) democracy to flourish.

Most recently, the Board voted to get rid of Insane Clown Posse 7 to 4... And one of those 4 had resigned.

Gellatly's whack jobs, including the local rag, call that a "coup attempt".  That's a lie, of course, but it pales in comparison to the lengthy list of lies and incompetencies this scumbag is responsible for.

Meanwhile, these two scum are out their busily trying to round up votes to get 4 of the 7 board members who, coincidentally, voted to remove Clown as Chair; kicked off the Board.

Posse is very big on getting the PCOs to vote to kick OTHERS off the Board.  Doesn't seem too keen on allowing such a vote when HE is the object of their democracy.

But then, among his other talents, Clown is best known for being the biggest hypocrite in local politics.

So, he sent this load of tripe out here not too long ago...
 Also, please consider the following. We all believe the current state of the Clark County Republican Party needs resolved. The board has reached irreconcilable differences and cannot move forward together, which all board member[sic] agree on. This Petition is solely to call the meeting, and is not a vote one way or the other. 
 The attached petition is to call for a meeting where the PCOs are able to vote whether or not to remove the disruptive members of the board. If at this meeting, the PCOs vote to resume with these members, the Chair and the Vice Chair will resign. If they vote to remove these members, then we will immediately elect replacements for their positions.  
Either way, this is the only way to come to a final resolution for a board willing and able to work together. As Lisa Ross so eloquently put it, let's rip this band-aid off. 
 At least 7 days prior to this meeting, there will be a fact sheet released so all members can make an educated decision. 
 If you are on this list, and you sign this today, we can call this evening this evening and resolve this thing. We would like to call this meeting Oct. 14th, so that it may be resolved prior to our next Central Committee Meeting. By doing this, you are helping the party move forward from this, no matter which direction it moves. I of course hope that we move towards one with a higher sense of integrity. 
 Thank you for all you do,
 David Gellatly"
There's so much crap and bogus nonsense in this one email, I don't know where to start.

The only "irreconcilable differences" are between the vast majority of the Board and Insane.

The Board certainly CAN "move forward," with or without Insane on it: After all, in most instances, a 7 to 4 vote advantage is plenty to make things happen.

The problem Insane has here is his incessant reference to the Board members smart enough to vote against him as "disruptive."  No one has come close to the level of "disruption" Insane has caused.  No one has lied more.  No one has threatened more.  No one has tried to intimidate more.

His actions are far more "disruptive" than anything these people have engaged in.

The BEST way to "rip the band aid off" is to put ONE name up to a vote for removal.

And that is David.

Aka Insane Clown Posse.

Any "fact sheet" from that scumbag will be even more worthless than he is.  It would contain lies, exaggerations, falsehoods and portray Insane as pure as the driven snow.

It likely will contain testimonials from his strip club buddy, and/or Carolyn Crain, who seems quite forgiving of Clown when it comes to his efforts to trash her through me.

Politics makes strange bed fellows, to be sure, but not the strangest that I know about... Right, Senator? (Yes... I know you're reading this... and I know what you tried to do to me.)

So, stay tuned.  This is about to get interesting.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Clearly, there is no lie Gellatly won't tell... or that the rag won't allow him.

It's tough to have an outright lying scumbag as your local GOP Party Chair.

Particularly when he emulates the actions of a pathological liar.

This blog is replete with examples of this nut job's actions: his lies about me, his lies about others; his brutal incompetence and his abysmal failure of a Lincoln Day Dinner debacle... one that I easily forecasted ahead of time.

In everything from bringing in a strip-club manager buddy to defend him to multiple DUI's and a record as long as your arm, this guy has shown himself to be an utter lowlife who is unfit to be a crossing-guard, let alone a major party chair.

In the local democratian, they posted this:
All Politics is Local

Clark County GOP infighting goes IRL

Efforts to de-seat Clark County Republic Party chair David Gellatly are unwavering. In addition to the recent coup attempt by members of the Clark County Republican Board, numerous social media campaigns to remove Gellatly have popped up. RemoveGellatly, for example.

But that’s not all. The party infighting made its public debut when signs, like the one shown below, were posted around town.

CCRP Gellatly sign
This photo was published in the Facebook group “South West Washington Opinions” shows one of the RemoveGellatly signs displayed in Clark County.

Some are taking their distaste of Gellatly a step further and creating parody accounts. Dillatory Dave is a cartoon that has both its own Facebook page and website. The Blind Onions features CCRP board members Leslie Meharry, Jimmy Johnson and Clyde Holland. A website called SwampMemes features more than 80 memes mocking Gellatly and a few select members of the Clark County GOP.

Last but certainly not least, the social media campaign went IRL Wednesday when a handful of protesters holding signs adorned with phrases like “Clyde Holland Protects Abusive Disgraced County GOP Chairman” stood outside the Holland Partner Group around lunchtime.

I asked Gellatly for comment. Here’s what he said:
David Gellatly“There are a very few people looking to cause disruption and spread lies. They went as far as to pay people to hold signs in front of Mr. Holland’s office, and create false narratives on ridiculous websites all while hiding their own faces. 
The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to office. Myself, along the majority of good people within our party, remain focused on this purpose, despite the attempts to disrupt this purpose from this small minority of extremist views. 
This attack has nothing to do with the false claims they think will damage the leadership’s reputation, the attack is solely due to extremists wanting control over our party and showing they are willing to say and do anything for their agenda. 
If anyone has any questions with regards to the Clark County Republican Party, I am always happy to answer them and provide accurate information.”

Of course, this Sword person shows her bias by falsely labeling the effort by the Board to get rid of this clown... a 7-4 vote FOR his removal, as a "coup attempt," which of course, the Board vote was NOT:
"Coup" defined: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government:
"he was overthrown in an army coup"
That this woman couldn't find anyone at the building or anyone involved to get a quote from THEM implies that what this lying slimeball said was actually the truth.

The problem is that those of us on the inside know that Gellatly is a liar, a hypocrite and incompetent.  He thinks he can intimidate people into silence.  Seems that kind of crap has sorta backfired with me.

That the man is a coward is indisputable.  If he weren't, he would have allowed the Board vote, he would have recused himself and he would have allowed his expulsion to be fought out where it should be: among the PCO's.  But since he knows what the outcome of THAT fight would be... and that "small minority of extremist PCOs would boot his ass to the curb in a New York second.

That the local GOP has this lying sleazeball as chair is a stain on local politics that will take years to wash away.  And his lying about what's going on doesn't change it.

Time for DACA recipients to be deported.

Naturally, leftists and the illegal aliens being protected under Obama's illegal executive order are upset that maybe, just maybe, DACA is going to get revoked.

Well, it should be.

And they should be deported.

I'm sorry, but I simply don't care when these people were brought here.

They were illegal then; they were illegal when Obama decided to try and get them to vote democrat, and they're illegal now.

That they may not have had any say in the matter doesn't protect them from the law.  The idea that some illegals are more or less illegal than others, or that families are being "broken up" because of this is absurd.

Of those protected by DACA, is the local democratian going to run the stories of the murderers, robbers and rapists?  Or even the drunks who killed others with their cars?  Of course not.

In the comments section under the story of this clown, this guy has been apparently charge/convicted of domestic violence and rape along with 4 other cases of some sort.

The newspaper story naturally didn't mention that.

I wonder why?

As for the "Vancouver man deported. leaving behind his wife and seven children," wasn't this HIS choice as well as his wife's?

Why didn't she, doesn't she, go down there with him?

You know, you can just see the GoFundMe page now:
"My illegal alien husband was deported according to the law.  We're split up.  Help me to raise the funds I need to move down to Mexico so my kids won't be without their father and I won't be without my husband."
Imagine the publicity of THAT!

See, the "leaving the wife and seven kids behind" or the tear-jerking "split up family" scam ain't the thing.

The THING is that these people want to wiz on our laws to stay HERE.

And my question is this: how does allowing that to happen deter those who want to follow in their footsteps?

It's doesn't.

That they came here illegally does not... MUST not ascribe to them ANY special privilege not afforded to those who follow the rules and wait their turn.  What it DOES do is result in the insanity Obama was looking for of kids jammed on trains and shoved over the border on the off-chance they could BECOME anchor babies.

So, no.  Send them all back.  Otherwise?

There's no end to those who view this country as an illegal alien destination resort... or the numbers  of those who will take advantage of it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why do I vote democrat? This:

As someone who held down executive director's job of the state GOP I saw a lot, learned a lot and did a lot in the political realm.  As someone who had fought to get Republicans and only Republicans elected, the same applied.

Which begs the issue: how can I possibly vote democrat?

It's easy, actually.

ho I vote for are those who have not lied to us and/or ignored GOP tenets. once elected.  Who I vote against are those who run under false pretenses and then forget all about those who worked so hard to get them where they are.  And the harshest less on of them all is this: Voting for a label is insanity.

How many in office today do you know who ran as Republican but then voted as if they were democrat?

Please explain to me why anyone should vote for them.  Why do we keep sending the same liars back into office?

For many, being lied to isn't a problem. Integrity isn't in their resume review so they keep supporting those who use us, abuse us, ignore us and then lie to us; not only lying TO us, but lying about WHY they lied to us.

If you're a politician and you lie to me, you're done. Do the bidding of the downtown mafia over that of the expressed will of the people? You're done.

You want my vote? Earn it. Understand that once earned, you can lose it in the blink of an eye.

Vote for this past horrific budget that accomplished nothing except to load the WEA up with millions to maintain control over government? We're done.

Vote for the new state income tax dressed up as paid family leave? We're done.

Vote to increase taxes or fees without asking us? We're done.

Lie to get elected... or lie once you ARE elected? We're done.

So yeah... I vote democrat when the candidate running under the GOP banner doesn't even bear a passing resembleance to that actual variety of candidate... or person.

Wilson, Rivers, Weber, Vick, Kimsey, Harris, Herrera, Boldt, Blom, Stewart, Olsen... I will always vote for/support their opponent.

My vote is my voice. I refuse to simply ignore the fact that I AM lied to... I AM ignored... my taxes are MUCH higher now than they were when those pledged, allegedly, to protect us from that sort of thing took office... as willing participants in the act.

Simply not voting for these scum isn't enough. Voting for their opponent doubles the impact of my decision by cancelling out one of the suckers who did vote for them.

I can disagree with someone politically and still vote for them. I will vote for a democrat who I KNOW is going to vote in the legislature like a democrat over a fake Republican who TELLS us they are, allegedly, "conservative," but who, given the chance, will vote just like their special interest masters.

Do you believe, for one minute, that Ann Rivers isn't entirely owned by these people?

The fake Republican holding the job now bears no resemblance to the one who was elected.  She's been entirely coopted and if she fights at all, it's for the special interests who own her like the 13th Amendment was the 13th suggestion.

Why vote for a fake Republican who votes like a democrat when you can get the real thing?

And I match my conservatism to anyone's. What I refuse to do is to ignore the record.

If you have no integrity, then I don't want you in my government  And many... far TOO many... wearing the GOP button lack the integrity of a Broadway pimp.

I can't shoot them. But I can vote against them. And that's what I do.

At least we know up front that when you vote democrat, you ARE going to get screwed. With the RINOs in office around here, anyone's guess is as good as mine.

And I would rather have the certainty than the hope that those who pledged to fight bigger government, pledged to protect us from scams like McCleary, pledged to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases and pledged to oppose the CRC scam... managed to ignore all that when the time came to do what we sent them there TO do.

As a result, they've lost me. They've lost others. And they deserved to.

And THAT'S why I vote democrat.

Not because they're any better, per se'.  But because they haven't lied to me.

The GOP types aren't supposed to lie.  That's what the OTHER guys supposedly do.

They're SUPPOSED to have integrity and guts.

But from the highest levels of Congress to the lowest levels of county government, the GOP types fail.

Again and again.

And *I* am NOT going to reward them with my vote.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

So: are the anti-Gellatly signs a good idea or a bad idea?

Many have commented on the signs and the surrounding campaign designed to remove David Gellatly as Chair of the local GOP.

Naturally, those who support Gellatly are opposed to the entire matter.

Naturally, those opposed to Gellatly support the campaign.

There are those in both camps with varying degrees of support or opposition.

There are those who parse it from an outside-in perspective, not particularly tempered by political experience.

There are those shooting off their mouths without the first, faint clue of what they're babbling about.

Let's take a look at this, shall we?

Perhaps if we defined terms?

What's happening here is a political campaign.

What is the definition of "political campaign?"
A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within a specific group.
These are used for a variety of reasons and causes... for election campaigns, of course... to activate people to take certain actions (Call your Senator and tell them __________________ ... that sort of thing.) to raise money... and...

To raise awareness.

There are many that ascribe to political party identity that have zero understanding or idea what goes on under the surface.

Sometimes, situations in the organizations in question become so acute, so horrific, so likely to damage the outcomes, that the entire point of the exercise to out... and oust... this rotten leadership is to increase the bandwidth of those in a position to be activated to actually impact these outcomes.

There are many, relatively inexperienced in strategic politics, who view this as what is being called a "bad idea."

The problem boils down to this: It is always better to do something.... than it is to do nothing.... even if it's wrong.

Those complaining about this exercise seem bereft of viable alternatives.

Many don't see the "why" of it.  They view it from an academic, non-political perspective.  They look at all of this much the same way they looked at President Trump's campaign and many of them (most) are equally convinced that what's being done about Gellatly with these signs and other actions are negative in the overall sense.

How many of them felt the same way about the President's outcomes during the campaign is an open question.

As for me, there is zero down side.

Some of the naysayers complain about the airing of dirty laundry and so forth.  But they forget the power and effectiveness of negative campaigning when it comes to making things happen.

Local RINO clowns have been airing it like they're a public broadcasting station.  Nothing out there today, post sign placement, wasn't already out their 7 days ago, pre-sign placement.

The RINO attack dogs have been attempting to single out people in much the same way Gellatly has attempted to cull people out of the herd from the group opposing his continued association with the GOP in any capacity.

A leader wouldn't be reduced to bringing in a strip club manager to defend him.  One of his hangouts, no doubt.

Those opposed to his continued tenure and the damage his actions have caused as an Establishment puppet; combined with his juvenile delinquent behavior, his pathological lying, his threats and intimidation and his inability to understand that his job is to battle democrats (which he has yet to do) ...and not to expend thousands of words and hundreds of hours attacking those wise enough to oppose his incompetence and the incessant attitude wherein he views the CCGOP as his personal fiefdom to do with what he pleases; find themselves in a position where doing the same things while expecting a different outcome becomes political insanity.

In this instance, the worst that can happen is, well, nothing.  Gellatly continues on as Chair, even though the Board voted 7 to 4 to get rid of him.  He continues to destroy the party, allowing the establishment scum to run roughshod over the people of this county as we continue to get buried by out of control taxes and fees imposed by the fake Republicans who we mistakenly elected to spare us from all of that.

Short of acting like a conservative, I have long since pondered what it would take to earn Gellatly's political enmity  I mean, what does a lying senator have to say or do?

And like Gellatly, they will continue to lie.  As they have been doing while Gellatly has looked the other way, they will continue to turn a deaf ear to their constituents, continue to yoke us to additional unnecessary billons in taxes that will accomplish nothing, continue to vote like they're named Jim Moeller and in the case of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, seek employment with democrats paying them off for their votes.

Doing nothing is the worst possible thing if we are to avoid disaster.

If Gellatly doesn't leave, one way or the other, the base will not only stay home, they're liable to do what I did in many (most?) races on the ballot: vote democrat.

This is not going to end here, regardless.  It won't be all that difficult to educate the base as to what the Gellatly's, the Rivers', the Wilson's have done TO us instead of FOR us.

The elections in the 17th, for example: a campaign where the voters are asked "since the GOP is voting like democrats, what difference does it make who you support?"

The local GOP will be directly responsible for losing seats.  The GOP Senate is going to lose in the 45th and lose the majority in the Senate because of it.

Ironically, we as the taxpayers will notice little to no difference between democrat control and GOP control. After all, what can the dems do to us that the GOP hasn't already done?

Not that GOP control has done much FOR us, instead of TO us, but here locally, the responsibility will rest with the local RINO sect holding the rest of the local party organization hostage.

The BEST that can happen is the removal of Gellatly and his cabal before the next election.  Removal of a punk who attacks people... who threatens and intimidates... who fails to show a modicum of competence... cannot help but to invigorate the party and restore the base (to the extent the base can be restored after the horrific betrayals of the state GOP Senate and the GOP US Congress)

Restoration of the GOP... a GOP that has to hold their candidates and elected accountable for their actions has to begin somewhere... might as well begin here and now.

In sum, the downside is that nothing happens and this agonizing, ongoing train wreck where David Gellatly is engineer continues.

I support what's happening here.  I support every legal effort to remove this clueless, incompetent thug who knows nothing about human decency, let alone leadership.

And as much as he and his thugs would like to believe I have some involvement in all of this, I must admit I do not.

I wish I did, however.

I wish I did.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Resolving the CCGOP divide.

Of those politically active around here in the Clark County, WA GOP area, we seem to have devolved into two distinct camps.

The divide is pretty straight forward.

Like those of us who cling to our Bible and our guns, there are many who view the ideal of Republicanism as the political Gold Ring or something like that.

Smaller, more efficient, cheaper, more effective government that serves the will of the people.

A government made up of elected officials, particularly of the Republican variety, who have integrity; who give their word and stand by it.

Sadly, around here, we no longer have that or anything even resembling that.

The other side of the issues could care less about those issues.  They are in it for whatever they can get.

No lie to get elected is disallowed by its practititioners.  No exaggeration, no desperate attempts to avoid accountability and no untruth is out of bounds.

Personal attacks are the order of the day.  Threats and intimidation are prominent features of their tool box.

They do not care in the least what the reality is; they only care about the myth of the label they use and then discard like old socks when they see it as convenient to do so.

We are lied to on a regular basis in an effort to placate those who become increasingly alarmed at what they see.

When we protest about those who lie as a part of their political act, they and their supporters vilify and attack those who would question... those who would demand accountability from those who lied to get elected... and once elected, who lie to stay that way.

Efforts to hold these RINOs accountable are met with disdain.  Those whose efforts to elect democrats and their fellow leftist RINOs unleash their attack dogs.

The current embarrassment of a party chairman, David Gellatly, even went so far as to enlist the aid of one of his friends who runs a strip club for a living.

Those of us opposed to this incompetent buffoon are conservatives.  We have tools.  We have abilities.  We have loyalties to a philosophy that rises above the insanity of the leftist, fake Republicans infesting the local party.

The current chair of that organization has, by himself, done more to damage the brand then all of his fellow RINOs put together.

The Board voted to get rid of him 7 to 4,  but that vote required a 2/3rds majority... so he packed the vote to avoid the question going to the PCO's, the bed rock of any party organization.

He did not want such a vote because he and his lackeys know that he wouldn't survive it.

The critical element, then, in resolving the GOP divide is for the current chair to resign.

He needs to be replaced by someone who, unlike the current chair, can tamp down any megalomaniacal, narcissistic tendencies they may have.

He needs to be replaced by someone with competence, someone who understands that opposition to a position or to an action does not always equate to a personal affront.

Whoever replaces Gellatly has to be someone of maturity, someone who can avoid the playground histrionics, someone who can avoid having private detective buddies dig up information on opponents and then threaten to use it... inaccuracies notwithstanding.

Someone who makes a statement and then stands behind it... unlike Mr. Delete.

That person has to understand that the organization does not exist as their personal play thing.  They must understand that the social idiocy so craved by the current chair comes in a distant third or 4th or 20th to the primary duties of a party chair:  enlarging the volunteer organization, supporting proven Republicans who' like us, "cling" to the tenets of Republicanism, and who will hold candidates and elected Republicans accountable when they lie, when they exaggerate, when they fail to utilize integrity as their watchword.

Those who refuse to support those characteristics support the current chair that lacks all of those innate qualities of the variety of leadership a volunteer political organization requires.

Those who lecture us that lying is "how politics is done" have no place in that realm, where they pollute it with the stain of their dishonor in every possible way.

They are a part of the fetid swamp that has resulted in the mess we're in at just about every level.

Only after Gellatly is replaced with someone focused on the singular goal of spending more time opposing the left than being co-opted by the left, the singular goal of instituting integrity, truth and adherence to Republican principles can this divide begin to be healed.

And until that happens... the divide will grow far beyond the current gaping maw that he has worked so hard to turn it into.

It will be a long and difficult course; much like undoing the horrific damage caused by the Obama regime will take a long, long time as well.

But it must be done.  Or when it matters, the base of this county will stay home.  And the gap between ever achieving the majority... and the governor's mansion... will continue to grow beyond what we have now... because those in power at all levels have betrayed us one time too many.

I tell you this now: I will always vote against any RINO who is running for or holding office.

Locally, I will always oppose our worthless Congresswoman, who earned White House enmity by trashing the President during the campaign by joining with our two worthless democrat Senators.

Additionally, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) Sen. Lynda "Liar" Wilson (D-Tracy) Rep. Paul "Look for the union label" Harris (D-CRC Scammer) Rep. Brandon "I wasn't listening" Vick (D-CRC scammer) Auditor Greg "What, me lie about the Charter?"  Kimsey (D-Downtown Mafia) and County Clerk Scott "Sure, I'll lie to get the job" Weber will always be on that list.

There are some teetering on the brink.  There are others on the list.

But I would rather vote for a democrat who tells the truth, even though I may be politically opposed to that truth, than a liar who uses the GOP shield to get elected... and who then votes... or acts... like a democrat anyway.

Somewhere... at some time... we MUST draw the line and refused to be crossed on it.  We CANNOT continue to support those or vote for those who view us as mere chattel, to be pushed around and abused on their whim, hoping that our typically ongoing lack of attention to these matters continues to insure their ongoing tenure in office.

Your mileage my vary.  But that's how I see it.

And the first step to getting rid of these and those like them is to replace the guy doing the most to enable them: David Robert Gellatly.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Kim fires another missile: President Trump CAN'T "Obama" this; he MUST act.

Our foreign policy has been an abysmal disaster for the past several years (more than 8, by the way) and now we have a new sheriff in town.

The North Koreans (NorKs) are tweaking our collective noses with these missile flights.

Do not believe, even remotely, for a single second that they are doing this in a vacuum. I find it impossible to believe that at the least, China isn't in on this big time.

Does anyone even remotely believe that this punk would be doing any of this without China's forbearance?

They watched in amazement as both Obama and that criminally incompetent cow, Clinton allowed our people to be slaughtered in Benghazi.

Russia began slicing up choice parts of the Ukraine while Obama sat on his hands... as they expected he would because it fit the pattern.

Fast forward several months later.

I get it.  What better way to test the new guy?

Is he going to be a pansy-assed coward like Obama?

It's not like the rest of the world, China and Russia for sure, didn't know they could get away with literal murder on Obama's watch.  Who can forget the infamous "red line in the sand" nonsense that pathetic imitation of a president spoke of?

So now, how do we find out... for sure... what Trump is made of?

The clown that was president did his part.  He allowed combat effectiveness to disappear.  He turned the military into a social test tube the will negatively impact readiness for years to come.

Meanwhile, both the Russian and Chinese militaries have been increasing in size and capability while ours has been decreasing in both.

We've been far too focused in the insanity of sex change operations and putting girls into ground combat which they are ENTIRELY incapable of handling.  We've seen our budgets and manpower sliced in the MIDDLE of a war. We've kicked out combat veterans, including NCO's who have LED men in combat because of fricking TATTOOS.

And now, we've got a guy playing the role of psycho, ramping it up and aiming his missiles at us or our allies.

We CANNOT NOT respond... and when we do, we must do so in ways that will make him hurt.

Some are afraid war will result.

Time has shown that acting like cowards and backing down to psychos like Kim inevitably leads to war.

Look up Neville Chamberlain for a short history.  He assured the world that when Hitler signed a worthless piece of paper, they had "achieved peace in our time."

It is ALWAYS better to start... and fight... a war on OUR terms.

The alternative is to fight such a war on theirs.

People ARE going to do.  MASSIVE destruction s going to be the result.  But as we wait, the possible of mind-numbing, inconceivable destruction increases by the minute.

If we do not act against Kim... and soon... even if such action is unilateral... then this will just be the start of the destruction.

If we do not act... then why should any of these punks... including Russia or China... stop their territorial, political and economic aggression against us and the entire Western World?

Why should ISIS worry?  Why should al Qaeda?  Why should any terrorist outfit give a damn what we say since they know that odds are we won't follow through?

My niece, of all things, is a brand new, newly minted 2nd Lieutenant who is going to be assigned as a tank platoon leader in Ft. Hood.

As it is, relatively speaking, she is going to have about 60 seconds before the shooting starts.

I pray that she doesn't get killed or get anyone else killed.  But she is soon going to get the opportunity to discover the killing part of Combat Arms.

She has to.  Because if President Trump doesn't start shooting... and soon... we haven't begun to suffer what we are GOING to suffer.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Waters and the politics of hatred.

For quite some time now, we've noticed an interesting perspective on the political realm towards the left end of the political spectrum: the politics of hatred.

During the most recent presidential campaign, the left engaged in violence, slander, lies, distortion and exaggeration to try and make their point.  Their opposition to now-President Trump wasn't based on his policies so much; after all, in many instances, a sizable majority of this country supports at least some of those policies.

No, it was based on their hatred of the man himself and the threat he represented in his stated quest to undo the damage inflicted by the 8-year-long regime of the Obama.

Arguably, no other president had done more to damage this country domestically or in the foreign policy realm than Obama and his winged monkeys.

I won't bother to recite the list of offenses perpetrated against the American people by that cancer on our society:  those paying attention already know what he did to us and those not paying attention wouldn't be interested.

But the opposition to our president today has a commonality, a singular thread that binds them altogether.


The #NeverTrump/Leftist types simply hate the man.  Their hatred has been reinforced and pushed into their DNA.  It's the basis for the fascist actions of antifa.  It's the basis for the obstructionist actions of the RINO-controlled Congress.

Their guy (or woman as the case may be) lost.  ALL of their predictions that President Trump would never be the GOP nominee?  Out the window, making them all look like idiots.

Their prediction that Clinton would clobber Mr. Trump in the general?

Well, we all know how THAT turned out, don't we?

And the butthurt of the naysayers continues unabated.

It's spilled blood, resulted in efforts to reign in presidential powers they allowed the criminally incompetent Obama without a second thought and it's caused a great deal of harm when it comes to the agenda the man was elected to put into place by the American people.

And that hatred, of course, has seeped through at all levels.

Locally, the prime example of that hatred is Lew Waters.

Waters used to be a man of principle.  He had his guns, so to speak, and he stuck by them.

And then, all of a sudden, he became infected by the politics of hate.

It was like he'd caught a virus.

It started with his hatred of David Madore and his subsequent desire to sell out to the left in his quest to get Marc Boldt elected to county chair... and to be "liked."

He joined with the fringe-left types financed by David Nirenberg to make sure that Madore was defeated in the last election.  This fake, self-proclaimed conservative opposed the only conservative running, albeit through a write-in campaign, in the general election in 2015 and we've been suffering for his opposition along with the rest of the RINO crew (The Wilsons particularly have... and continue to... screw us on these levels) to the only hope we had of continuing to reign in government around here.

He banned together with the RINO element of the local GOP, and did all he could to make sure that local conservatives were not elected.  He got what he wanted.

Most recently, he announced this:

Support or opposition to anything should be based on the thing itself.

An idea, a philosophy, a plan... the source of those things is not important: what's important is the substance of those things.

A good idea is a good idea, regardless of the where it comes from.  A good candidate is a good candidate, regardless of extraneous crap like that cited by Lewy to excuse his abandonment of principle.

To take a political position on anyone because of issues completely irrelevant to that candidate.... to support or oppose candidates, not because of their merits (or their lack of merits) but because of extraneous crap, real or imagined, is the act of a child... a punk teenager-type.

And it is just as much the politics of hate as anything antifa has done or will do.

Leftists count on it; the reaction to Waters giving into his hatred by his leftist cadre' was immediate:

Anyone believing that the thought process that brought Waters to this position was anything BUT his hatred simply doesn't know him.

And I appreciate Steve Nelson being a faithful follower of my meager effort here, though I have to wonder:

What difference does it make what *I* think or say?

Lew will tell you that nobody reads my blog.

Right, Lew?

Meanwhile, this entire sorry episode makes as much sense as me starting to hammer Greene because Waters supports him.

Given Lew's recent leftist proclivities, there's little doubt that Dan Coursey is thrilled that Lefty Lew is supporting another one of his leftist buddies for mayor of Washougal... as if anyone there cared what Lewy thinks about the government of a city that he doesn't live in and has no say over.

Crain's rabid support of Greene is troubling: generally, anyone Crain supports is going to be utterly worthless.

And, I'm reasonably sure that Mr. Greene is going to lose anyway.  After all, if he relies on Crain for political advice... is this a good time to ask him: how many elections has SHE won?

Nevertheless, that's not my circus and not my monkeys.

For my part, I freely admit that I have and will continue to vote for democrats whenever someone claiming to be a Republican lies to us, abuses us or ignores us.

I will be voting democrat whenever a RINO is running, and GOD Knows we have more than our fair share of those claiming to be GOP out-democrating the democrats.

Locally, the RINO/Liar list is very long.

But those votes against those people are driven by policy and a definitive lack of integrity.  Those who lie to us   like Rivers, Wilson, Kimsey, Weber and the like, I will always actively oppose and use my platform here to remind the voters that integrity is as arcane a concept to these scum as Sanskrit.

For example, I will always vote for anyone running against Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) as she is a proven liar.  Her claim to being a Republican is as meaningless as Lewy's claim to being a conservative.

But that decision will NEVER be based on what someone else has said or done that's irrelevant to the candidate.  My decisions are not based on the color of apples, the most recent Seahawks loss or the fuel problems in my race car.

They are based on actions, polices and the integrity of the candidate... or, as in Rivers' case, the lack thereof.

But Water's hissy-fit here is a prime example of political hatred driving a position.  It's antifa in different clothing.

It's the worst that politics has to offer.