Monday, August 13, 2018

What it's like living in Gellatly's head.

Saturday at the PCO meeting, you'd have thought that the recent embarrassment and waste of money represented by the "Be Bold" idiocy was the greatest political advance since the hanging chad.

It wasn't.

But our drugged out chair is not only convinced that it is.... (And how much was Bitner paid for this stupidity?) he and his minions can't shut up about it.

Well, I disagree with Snowman.  For me, the reason is obvious.  For the first time in years, several allegedly GOP candidates who SHOULD have won their primaries failed to do so.  Many others are far too close for comfort.

But Druggy is SOOOOO convinced of his omnipotence that he feels compelled to share his disdain with other RINO's.... in this case, Lefty Lew Waters:

The reasons are obvious, of course: the incompetent leadership of the Party by this moron is high on the list.

A slate of mainly RINO candidates that kept the base home in droves.

Incompetent advice by fake Republicans that some were moronic enough to listen to.  (Larry Hoff?  You paying attention?  It's not like I didn't warn your dumb ass.)

And yes, as he usually does, Gellatly has made his excuses: "Dems was obviously even more so but expected."[sic]

Yeah.  Their turnout exploded while Gellatly and his thugs depressed GOP turnout dramatically, comparatively speaking.

Because here's the thing:

I've been all over this county over the months and you know what I DIDN'T see?

Any signs by democrats begging their people to turn out and vote.

So, when you compare turnouts in this county, it would seem that the democrats were a little bolder.... and all without wasting a cent on pathetic signs that were the brain child of a pathetic GOP chair.

The question, then, is this: would any of the morons like Hoff who disgraced himself in the 18th district have done even WORSE (if that's possible) without this stupid advertising campaign?

How much did it cost the party?  When are these people going to start to fund candidates?

It's nice to know, however, that our theft afflicted, druggy chair reads my little effort that he so publicly despises... considering how many times he fed me information about that whack-job Crain.

So, what's it like inside that vacuous space?

In between snow storms, the echo is loud and endless.  It's weird that someone who takes so much delight in attacking, belittling and threatening me would follow along so closely with what I've written.

Let me leave a little memo for you, Davey:  Figures don't lie, but liars figure.  Just like your lies about how much money the Lincoln Day Dinner after the Tommy Cleavage debacle, your conclusions about how much more the turnout is and why it is what it is are as factual and justified as any of the rest of your lies.

You pull a number out of thin air.  You fail to mention that turnout was abysmally low for the primary in 2016 as well... at 32%.

Further, you naturally left out what the breakout numbers were if you have them... so instead, you threw out a random number as if you were telling the truth.

Whatever the GOP voter numbers were, clearly the democrats did much, much better than you.

And the reasons are simple: you and your cult have shattered the party, killed fundraising, failed to plan (For example, you didn't even know, of your own admission, that the endorsement/vetting committee had no members and had not met) which is, of course, just another one of your many abysmal failures.

The local democrats out think, out lead, out managed, our executed, out communicated and they were, in effect, able to do everything that YOU managed to screw up.

And you know what?

I doubt that they threatened any of their most devoted followers like you have, Davey.  And I also doubt that they lied about the money they've made off their JJ Dinners, or attempted to "defame" someone (and since we all know about how you feel about BEING "defamed," you scumbag...) nor did they sue any of their PCO's and electorally, they kicked YOUR head in.

Have to wonder how they managed to achieve so much success without doing anything to shatter THEIR party organization around here.... or paying for moronic, idiotic, say nothing, do nothing signs.

"Confused?"  Of course you were,  But to get away from confusion first requires you to achieve a state of sobriety.

If your lame campaign had made any real difference, these disgraceful results of your running the local GOP into the ground wouldn't look like this.

If you knew what you were doing as the guy running this show, these disgraceful results of your running the local GOP into the ground wouldn't look like this.

And no amount of whining on another RINO's thread is going to change any of that.

The responsibility for the political outcomes around here begins and ends with you.


And when you got involved, there was nowhere for the Party to go except down.  And you and your RINO cult have obligingly made that happen.

More sickening Crain hypocisy.

One of the biggest issues confronting the local GOP is the acidic impact on the Party by Carolyn Crain.

Much of that has been documented in these pages... for example, her fake Republican PAC which was designed to make sure a conservative wasn't elected council chair in 2015... when she rabidly supported the hopelessly-over-his-head Marc Boldt... and who again endorsed Boldt for THIS election over the only Republican running for county chair in this election, Eileen Quiring.

Eileen, of course, is a conservative Republican.  Crain, to the everlasting shame of the Clark County GOP is a RINO, conservative hating, Republican Precinct Committee Officer.

Crain isn't the only one, of course: the RINO scum former GOP chairs behind the hate letters attacking fellow Republicans running for PCO (Eleventh Commandment? WHAT Eleventh Commandment?) had her fingerprints all over them, and now, of course, she wants us all to pull to pull together and vote for her RINO list.

Yet, she has no problem ditching the GOP whenever the mood strikes has she has done in the last two elections for Boldt.

In spite of the RINOs continuing to support Boldt, he was hopelessly crushed in the primaries with 22 percent, no thanks to this hypocrite.

And now, having been humiliated by her efforts to torpedo the only Republican running for the county chair position, she's had an epiphany:

"Super excited?"

She had done everything she could to saddle us with that clueless idiot Boldt... again... and he got clobbered.

NOW all of a sudden, she's "super excited" to have the GOP endorse Eileen Quiring?

The PCO's made a huge mistake today for reasons that escape me:  Prior to endorsements, which were supposed to have recommendations from the endorsement committee that the simple moron Chair didn't care enough about to make sure was up and running, there was no discussion of any of these candidates.  Many of them, including Jaime Herrera, would NOT have been endorsed since the 2/3rds rule was in effect.

That's a discussion that needed to happen before the endorsement votes.  Just like Crain needed to be asked.... in public... why she tried so hard to hurt the GOP in this election like she's done in the past.

And, I would point out that the main reason the meeting was so "calm," was for the most part, Crain kept her RINO pie-hole shut.

Gellatly, for his part, did his usual miserable job, but Crain is all about ignoring the issues Druggy carries around like luggage while she kisses the RINO regime's ass.

The divide in the party, emphasized moronically by Joel Mattila in his opening remarks Saturday, is bigger than ever.  The complete lack of leadership made Mattila playing the role of the village idiot inevitable.  He wants to be national delegate again he tells us.

As it turns out, he's not even going to be running a political elevator.

Of course, those on Crain's little list; Hutchison, Stewart, Hoff and Weber are likely toast.

While our worthless congresswoman will likely be sent back, it will be close.  Do you actually help the woman who has betrayed her constituents so many times.... including voting against the repeal of Obamacare?

When she did that, who, exactly, was she representing?  Why is she so deserving of the RINO slavish devotion these people show?  What has she done FOR us, instead of TO us?

As for me, for over a decade, I've left the door open for Jaime Herrera to earn my vote. That door has now slammed shut. (With a minor apology to Ridgefield Barbie, who said "For months I've left the door open for Donald Trump to earn my vote. That door has now slammed shut." )

I'll be returning the favor she did for us by following her own example by writing in Paul Ryan for her seat.... just like she wrote Ryan in for president.

Kraft is in for a full-on fistfight. Is the local party doing all they can to help?  What about her own Caucus?  What about her seat mates, Rep. Paul Harris and Sen. Lynda "Property Tax" Wilson?

I get that the Wilsons and their pit yorkie, Steve Nelson, have likely screwed up Hoff's campaign beyond repair.  But that doesn't mean they can't transfer campaign dollars to Kraft.

Have they done so?

Atkins and Kimsey aren't running, and Kimsey could care less whether the local GOP endorsed him or not.

Crain has done and is doing geometrically more damage to the local GOP brand than anyone, outside of Gellatly. The democrats sit there... laugh... and eat popcorn because that nutjob is doing far more damage to the local GOP than all the democrats put together.

With people like that shooting off their collective mouths, is it any wonder the GOP had such a miserable showing in our recent primary election?  Will it be any wonder that the miserable showings continue as long as fake Republicans like Crain are involved?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Brent Boger, acting like a full on baby: "I didn't really want to win my PCO race anyway."

Thankfully, Brent Boger lost his PCO election to Connie Joe Freeman and effective in January when the Reorganization happens, he will no longer be a formal part of the RINO clique of the party.

His response to his defeat was, essentially, two-fold:

1.  I didn't really want it, and
2.  You all are amateurs who don't know what you're doing.

Both are utter nonsense.

Seriously.  That's what he wrote on Liz Pike's page before he Gellatlied his post:
Brent David Boger - I’m really not unhappy at all about losing. I was ready to move on. I only ran because I thought they might need my vote at reorganization.

Most PCO’s are like insect drones mating. Once they vote for leadership, they don’t have much purpose other than flailing around and fading away.

I may have lost, but you lost Berrigan, Delavar, Colwell, Silliman, Standal, Hotrum, Heckler, Rohan, Decker, Moon, Warren, Halle, Svehaug, Emerson, Ley, Cox, Austen, a Van Gelder, and two Metzgers.

That’s a nice trade for not having to go to these aggravating meetings any more or to Lincoln Day Dinners. I win all the way around by losing an irrelevant election as a result of outcomes in other precincts.
His list is inaccurate at this point: some of these names actually won their seats when additional counts had them picking up the needed votes.

Naturally, her failed to mention the hate mail his RINO sect sent out, replete with outright lies and exaggerations that caused many of these results.

That said, Boger and his ilk in the Party bubble simply can't count.  When reorg happens, the very thing this political moron claims isn't going to happen, WILL happen.

And who knew that Boger thought of himself as a drone while he was a PCO?

And that said, if you really didn't want the gig, then why sign up to run? 

If you don't really want to be reelected as a PCO, do you really go to the trouble of setting up a PCO campaign page?  I mean, why would you do that?

Are these the actions of a guy who doesn't really want the gig?

And then, when people set him straight, his playground response included garbage like this:
Brent David Boger -  Kathy Metzger Don't lecture me on character. You're little cult is out. Goodbye.
Boger and the rest of the RINOs, for their part, can't count.

Many of the PCO seats for the next two years will be filled by individuals like me:  Conservatives who filed at the last minute for unoccupied/uncontested seats.

The Boger clown types base their "invulnerability" shtick based ONLY on the outcome of the contested races those scum poisoned in the abortive effort to keep control of the party.

Then, there was this beauty:
Brent David Boger - You are, all of you, amateurs. And serious governmental affairs should never be run by amateurs. Do you have any idea of what sort of place you have created by acting on your ignoble instincts? What you need is not hyper-right politicians, but real ones. You need professionals to run your affairs, or you're headed for disaster! (With apologies to Kazuo Ishiguro)
Shortly afterwards, I arrived at the thread and nailed Boger to a tree.  His immediate response was to delete his idiotic posts, but not before they were screen captured:
Boger: "You are, all of you, amateurs. And serious governmental affairs should never be run by amateurs."

Says the sitting city councilman and Assistant city Attorney for Vancouver that just got his ass kicked in his own precinct by one of those very "amateurs."

Yeah. And Druggy is a professional, right?

Was Brent's buddy, Shawn Guard, who he used to email me what he believed to be damaging information for my blog a "professional?" Were those professional texts that Boger defended him over?

Went to a church awhile back (Ron Hart's, actually) and he would occasionally remind us that the Titanic was built by experts... and the Ark was built by amateurs.

That the lies the establishment scum sent out seemed to have an impact doesn't make those who ran anything but concerned about the damage Boger and the rest of the RINO morons are causing. 
And democrat gains in THIS election?

He and his fellow RINO's need to look around in ever-shrinking concentric circles that end directly in the middle of their chests.

And by the way, Brent, I DO "know why," and it doesn't have a damned thing to do with what you're babbling.

Hoff and the morons running his show don't have a clue. Gillespie is working her ass off and Hoff is mailing it in because those clueless idiots running his show told him all he had to do is stand there and they'd take care of the rest.

"Realignment" doesn't mean squat when you're too lazy and too stupid to do the work.

 As I pointed out, Boger immediately took his posts down when I nailed him here.

Now, the point of posting all of this is to illustrate the arrogance and stupidity of the Gellatly Cult running the GOP.

They think what they think.  As Boger admitted, the fake "big tent" doesn't have room for anyone to the right of Mao.

These same scum will, of course, demand the same party loyalty they ignore whenever they feel like it.

Clearly, to be one of these slimeballs is to be a political hypocrite.

Any idea that the local Party is unified is absurd on its face.  Boger's babble is an expose' of that exact, same thing.

There's little interest in working with these scum.  There's much more interest in politically neutering those like Boger, Crain and that ilk and in December, that is exactly what will happen.

This is a direct result of a complete lack of competent leadership, planning and execution.  Those running the show... or who THINK they're running it, have no more idea of competent volunteer organization management and leadership than they do about performing a breast augmentation.

And we all suffer for it.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Julie Olson: local GOP smacks her and gets a message.

It's fairly clear that the leadership of the local party seems to be in the midst of a (drug induced?) bubble of self-denial and self-delusion.

I went to the quarterly PCO meeting held illegally at prospective endorsee Julie Olson's restaurant... far too small to hold the number of people who SHOULD have shown up.

Like most candidates/elected, if she was there, I didn't see her.  (NOTE:  I'm told she was there.)  (I DID see Kraft, Weber, VanNortwick, Hinds. Wilson was also there as she is a PCO I believe.) But given the apparently illegal nature of the meeting being located at Olson's restaurant, it was probably better that she was gone, although Jennifer McDaniel was there.

The rest, included our embattled empty suit of a congresswoman, simply didn't care.

Brent Boger was there, having been buried in HIS PCO race by Connie Jo Freeman, looking more like he'd just stepped in dog poop than he usually did.  According to Boger, WE are ALL "amateurs... yet he couldn't win his own PCO race.)

It started with a smarmy pile of dung delivered by the apparently quite clueless Joel Mattila, who took the opportunity to slam the PCO candidates who lost as a result of the RINO-sponsored hate mail campaign, referring to them in his opening remarks as "the Swamp" as he rather stupidly... and falsely...proclaimed the new "unity" that resulted... except the boy clearly can't count.

We're told, "well, if we lose the House and there's an impeachment vote, we'd want Jaime to be taking that vote."

As I was sitting there listening to Matilla's self-important horseshit, I was thinking, "why would we want that?  Our resident congressional twatwaffle just got done telling us that she doesn't know if she'd vote for impeachment or not." 

To my mind, Herrera, who has routinely trashed the President since her started running for the gig, is just as likely to vote to betray us AGAIN (having betrayed us with her vote against Obamacare repeal) if such a vote were to ever take place as she did the last time it mattered.

There wasn't a lot of bloodletting.  For reasons that escaped me, Kenny Smith suggested that the party just endorse everyone on the ballot with an "R" after their name.

I didn't understand that.  I believe that in the best of circumstances, each candidate seeking the endorsement of the local party is worthy of a discussion to go over what they have... and haven't done.  I believe a thorough discussion of what candidates/incumbents have done or failed to do is always in order.

But the party hierarchy, being as totally incompetent as they are, according to Druggie just didn't really know that those on the vetting committee didn't happen to have 1-year terms... so instead of KNOWING that like all chairs had to know it before, when he found out, what did he do?


And when the time came to go over the endorsement committee's work, well, guess what?

No committee on endorsements.  No recommendations.

I can understand that.  Candidate vetting is a not a particularly fun exercise.  Had such a committee worked Gellatly over, there is no way.... NO WAY... he wouldn't have been allowed to become Chair.

And now that his chairmanship has set the bar so low, any MS13 thug can get the job.

Slavish devotion to a label turned on and off like a switch (Look up Carolyn Crain's endorsement of non-Republican Marc Boldt over Eileen Quiring in the county chair race and the fact that none of the past RINO chairs had endorsed Quiring for the primary, either... although 3 of them endorsed non-Republican Marc Boldt) doesn't inspire confidence.  Coming up with across-the-board recommendations for the RINO slate would have been bad form.

But there is no excuse... none... for this....yet another failure on the part of Gellatly.

Then, of course, we find out why the 49th had no Republican candidates and why we found out there was no GOP treasure candidate:

Because, God Help Us, Carolyn Crain is in charge of outreach.

That explains why the party continues to get clobbered in the 49th.

How did THIS stupidity work out for us?
The moronic and abortive "Be Bold" campaign was lied about repeatedly.  We were told it was the greatest thing since canned beer.  That other counties have asked for signs... that, by golly, the STATE GOP even wants that insanity.

We're also told that the local GOP is now overflowing with volunteers as a direct result of that idiocy.

But that's what those in the bubble told us... repeatedly. 

It's a lie, of course, but expecting these idiots to admit to a mistake is as likely as finding a 1000 barrel a day oil well in your back yard.

How do I know it's not true?


Politics is like any other business.  Success or failure is measured by the outcomes.

And the outcomes in Clark County were close to uniformly miserable in the primary.

Neither Gellatly nor any of his cult took any kind of responsibility for these miserable outcomes.  Because, you know.... NOTHING is THEIR fault, right?

The GOP got clobbered across the board.  Excuses from the RINOs calling the shots came left and right.  But they had no solutions that will work and they failed to mention any possibility of an idea of what went wrong... what's GOING wrong... and what will happen when most of the candidates in trouble now will be beaten by democrats who shouldn't have come close.

So, what happened about the GOP endorsements?

Lacking a committee recommendation, a 2/3rds majority of PCO's present would have been required to endorse.

How embarrassing would it have been for Herrera when she failed to reach that number?  And I knew she wouldn't, had the votes for endorsement of all candidates gone forward.

Instead, all non-GOP contested races were auto-endorsed, missing a golden opportunity to pay Herrera back for all she's done "for" us.

But THAT meant Julie Olson's race WAS going to be voted on individually; since her opponent, Elisabeth Veneman, also ran as a Republican (oddly, no democrat ran in that race... although one can only wonder why) and voted on it was.

The problem for Olson? 

The vote was 31 to 25 for endorsement... not even close to the 2/3rds requirement.

As a result, there will be no endorsement in the county council position 2 race, a humiliating defeat for a sitting, allegedly Republican incumbent and her RINO fellow travelers.

That outcome sent a message to Olson... and it SHOULD have sent a message to the party hierarchy.

But it won't.  Their bubble hasn't yet been popped... and Gellatly/Mattila seem bent on acting like political scum at all costs... which is bizarre when you consider that they don't have to act that way.

The RINO Establishment think the war is over and they've won it.

They have no idea.

Meanwhile, The Wilson Brain Trust did such a completely miserable job in Hoff's race (Like nobody saw that coming?) that they actually sent a field director down here to not only continue working in the 17th, but also to try and undo the tremendous damage the RINO morons running Hoff's show have done in the 18th.

Hoff's opponent, Gillespie, has been working her ass off.  Hoff has been mailing it because of the morons who've been running his show.  But in the end, that's no one's fault but his.

The RINOs lost a GOP seat they didn't need to lose.

Well done, folks.

Too little.... too late.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Low turnout, particularly in the primaries, will naturally continue.

Low voter turnout, particularly in Washington State, has become the new norm.

Voters are dispirited.  For years, elected officials have routinely ignored those they would govern.  Voters are apathetic and for good reason.

The result is a mass attitude among the non-politically involved of "why bother?"

Will we see a 40% turnout in this primary?  That's likely to be a stretch.

That makes candidate driven Get-Out-The-Vote efforts even more critical.

I believe that candidate-driven GOTV efforts such as their own campaign phone banks and the like easily exceed party-driven efforts as more and more people become increasingly disenchanted with party labels, particularly on the GOP side of the ledger.  When candidates break through and make that personal connection?  The ripple effect of that can make all the difference.

Who is going to have emotional buy-in for uninspiring puppets like Larry Hoff in the 18th?

Who is going to chomp at the bit to vote for the RINOs like Jeanne Stuart, Julie Olson, Paul Harris or even Brandon Vick?

What have these candidates done FOR us... instead of TO us?

I want those who actually KNOW the issues to vote.  I want those who KNOW the positions and records of these candidates to vote... but why vote for a Hoff when you have absolutely no idea what the hell he'll do if he DOES get elected because like so many RINOs, he won't TELL us?

The local GOP provides zero reason to vote.  The worthless idiocy and waste of money on an inane slogan... "Be Bold - Vote Republican"... inspires no one and explains nothing.  How does that serve as any incentive to get people to vote?

How did THIS stupidity work out for us?
The RINO Chair clique will be voting, en masse, for a non-Republican (Boldt) yet they expect us to vote for their fellow RINOs.  No hypocrisy there, eh?  They set the example and allow others to ignore party loyalty precisely as much as they ignore it... precisely as much as Boger supported a democrat for mayor of Washougal, for example; precisely as much as 5 of them ignored it to endorse a non-Republican for county chair in 2015 while those still with us refused to endorse the only Republican candidate running for this same position now.

The Republican base already (rightfully) believes it's being ignored... does anyone realistically think they're chomping at the bit to vote for anyone but those few conservatives running that the local party despises and attacks every chance they get?

Our congresswoman ignores us and hates our President, typically voting with the democrats when it matters; our late-starting US Senate candidate backed by the party is far too little, far too late in the Washington State Soviet.  She doesn't even know, she claims, if she would vote to impeach him or not. Is it any wonder that she's at risk of losing to a carpetbagging rank amateur?

That's why, locally, voter identification is the critical element for candidate GOTV efforts. Identified supporters called by the candidate or a candidate's family member can have a ripple effect among their supporters.  But that won't work at the party level.

If democrats lead in the primary, that will be yet another symptom of exactly how worthless the local party has become under the ignorant and incompetent leadership we must endure for the next few months until reorganization... until the insanity of the past several months can be reversed.

But until then... there is no real voter enthusiasm for these candidates.  Voter's opinions are diluted by illegal votes, and below average candidates combined with incumbents who have given their allegiance to special interests at the expense of their constituents.

They GUT any incentive to vote unless you're a hard-corps, politically active individual who understands that the lack of enthusiasm and lower turn out amplifies the value of your vote... and you can climb past the barrier of disgust and worthlessness your effort makes you feel.

Most can't.  As a result, most won't bother.  Until such time as voters believe their vote makes a difference?  Apathy will be the natural result.

And until the obvious causes for this voter apathy are reversed... who... and how... can anyone realistically expect any of it to change?