Friday, October 19, 2018

Will democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Most reading this are well aware of the Keystone Cops actions of the local GOP.  Letting at least 3 elective offices go unchallenged (County Treasurer and both House seats in the 49th) and former GOP party chairs are busy endorsing non-Republicans) while failing to hold alleged "Republicans" accountable for their actions and, of course, attacking conservatives (which they hate even more than the democrats do) and at least one and possibly more seats are likely to be lost this November.

But nationally, the leftists had the "mo."

And now it seems to be gone.  That doesn't mean the GOP can't still find a way to blow it; it's not like they haven't done it before.

However, the insanity of leftist actions, even before their Kavanaugh debacle, seems to have turned the tide.

The GOP, once again, appears to be fired up in ways rarely seen before.  A competent local party with competent leadership easily could have caught that wave, but we lack those essential elements to take advantage of it, thus the likely loss of eminently winnable elections.

But at the national level, the left has been busy firing "own goals" day after day, week after week, month after month.

Everything from McCaskill hiding planned murderhood's campaign contributions to Booker's "Spartacus" insanity along with Feinstein's lies about Kavanaugh and Maxine Waters being let out of the insane asylum have all added up and subsequently, built up like lead poisoning.

Taylor Swift's endorsement of Marsha Blackburn's opponent in Tennessee appears to have guaranteed his defeat.  The Irishman known as Beto has gone so far left there is now zero chance he could get elected dog catcher statewide in Texas.

The base around the country is fired up.

Around here?  Not so much.  But that, you see, is a result of the low-quality candidates and incumbents along with low quality leadership from the local party establishment.

But there is less and less talk about a democrat takeover of the House as they peaked far too soon and as I said... they've lost the "mo."

Now, the leftists are paying millions to bring illegals up through Mexico.  The election will likely rise or fall on the outcome.

The President has drawn HIS "red line in the sand."  If he does not stop these people from crashing in over our border, leftists efforts to have judges stop him notwithstanding, then the "mo" will likely go back over to the left and the GOP will possible lose both Houses.

The President MUST stop these illegals.  I am not concerned with how he does it.  Results are the only thing that matters here.  If they get through...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another example of the clown who is Clark County GOP Chair

Regular readers are aware of the disdain and disgust that so many, including myself, hold the the chair of the county GOP.

There is example after example of the efforts this clown has made to destroy the local party.  His incessant attacks on the many wise enough to be opposed to his continued involvement in the GOP, let alone his rank incompetence as the leader of a volunteer organization, his incessant lying, his defamation of those who see through his facade and believe that the best thing that could happen will be his departure from the organization.

Simply stated, he's scum.

His most recent example?

An individual who will become a PCO shortly, who ran unopposed in August, has asked for a copy of the bylaws and the latest treasurers report, which this ingrate promised to email out since the treasurer has blown off the last two PCO meetings and Mr. Chair looks at the treasurer's report like it's written in Sanskrit.

Now here lately, this lowlife has taken to attempting to attack, belittle and undermine the party secretary.

Burt when it comes to his buddy the treasurer who has completely failed in his job to keep the PCO's appraised of the pathetic finances of the local party which has resulted from Mr. Chair's incompetent mismanagement; who neither bothers to show up for meetings he's required to attend, nor does he make sure the PCO's know what's going on?

Not a peep.

The chair's efforts to libel and defame the secretary are, no doubt, based on the fact that I found out this pig is doing all he can to keep ME from being seated as a PCO.  As I pointed out in this post, he threw a hissy-fit to keep his remarks on the subject out of the official minutes of the September EBoard meeting.
Chairman [Gellatly] brought the topic of [a] Membership Code of Conduct. Being a PCO does not automatically make one a voting member [well, yeah... it actually kinda does] or allow easy access to the CCRCC.  Other counties and the State Party have some language in their bylaws to prevent Democrats or other people who are not really Republicans from becoming voting members even if they are PCO's.  He [Gellatly] is proposing a bylaw change that some PCO's who have demonstrated they seldom support Republicans would need to be vetted / checked out before they would be credentialed for CCRCC meetings.  He and Leslie [Meharry] specifically pointed out this would apply to KJ Hinton.  Leslie mentioned that on multiple occasions Hinton has said he votes for democrats in his blog.  David said he would check with other counties to see what language they use in their bylaws.

This is just another of the dozens of snapshots which clearly prove this asswipe, with his record of drugs while GOP Chair, his arrests for theft and his DUI's, would be best suited being a pimp on MLK in Portland.

Here's a quick glance of his most recent arrogant megalomania.

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First of all, ANY Republican asking for this information should get it.  What does this puss-bucket have to hide?

It's hardly secret.  All of these numbers are available via the PDC.

But this scumbag's effort to talk this married man down as a "kid," (like Gellatly isn't a childish punk?) goes to the heart of the matter.  "No one cares what you want buddy?"

This is the kind of filth that has passed for "leadership" from this clown.

Gellatly simply hates all of us that oppose him.  And he uses his position to belittle, antagonize, attack, defame, and lie about those who want him and his cult gone.  You a conservative?  The Big Tent isn't big enough for you and me unless we go along with his program and you need to understand that at least part of his hatred stems from the fact that Kalup's wife had the guts to stand up against a RINO like Julie Olson.

We've had at least two PCO meetings in Olson's restaurant.  Hopefully, the new regime will put an end to that sort of thing.

Hatred, you see, is hardly the linchpin of leadership.

No single individual is more responsible for the damage the Clark County GOP has sustained.

Idiotic signs that make the local GOP the laughing stock?  An inability to raise money so that for the first time in memory the local GOP is not providing a dime for candidates?  A failure to make sure that ALL seats had GOP candidates and, of course, who can forget this moron actually thought that the democrat county treasurer was a Republican; at least until I bitch-slapped him into changing it on the GOP website:

His attacks and threats against me and my family, for example? Well, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

His efforts have buried and shattered the GOP around here.  His hatred of conservatives, even though he and his RINO buds claim to BE that which they loath?

His admitted cocaine use while party chair, his past record of theft of and DUI's and bench warrants for failure to appear.... that alone shows his unsuitability to run an elevator.

This is how he treats people who don't go along with his program.  This is his idea... and that of the Cult who supports him... of how to run the local GOP... which he has...

...directly into the ground.

Fortunately, it seems he's finally had enough.  So have we... and imagine how much better off we'd be if he had never gotten the job?

Who is in charge of vetting the announced candidates?

Both Jesser and Crain are trainwrecks for reasons well known to all.  Crain is looking to get humiliated... again... as her efforts to keep conservatives out of office are the crap of legend.

Jesser was an abysmal failure as Chair of the Republican Women and a total Gellatly enabler.  She's as unfit to take over... to be Gellatly light... as Crain.

Meanwhile, we're told, we have to put all of this aside and simply support with out most precious asset... namely, our votes, whoever happens to have an "R" after their names, regardless of their record, regardless of their history of selling us out, regardless of their efforts to shut out conservatives and regardless of their efforts to publicly attack those who might not see it their way.

I will not be bludgeoned by anyone into supporting anything.

Or anyone.

I will be voting Republican in this election and nothing but.  However, I will not do it blindly.  I will consider every aspect of every candidate.  And part of that consideration will be based on how the party has treated those they despise.

Interesting how the democratian doesn't care if you lie to get elected.

I'm referring to Scott Weber.

Weber, who has been our county clerk for 8 years now, is one of those who simply lied to get elected.

He told the whole world that if we elected him, he would do everything he could to abolish the office.

But those yearly 6 figure pay checks seem to have changed his mind.

The local rag knows this, but lying is one of their favorite past times, and hell, how can they condemn a man for doing the same thing they do most every day?

They're aware of it, of course: in their endorsement of Weber, they wrote:
 In 2010, as a political novice, Weber ran for the office with the platform of abolishing it. For that election, he wrote in the voters’ pamphlet: “We need to manage our public money better. One way to do that is to eliminate elected offices that have very limited functions. … If elected I will work to eliminate the office which will save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. While I work to phase the office out, I will do everything I can to save taxpayer money.”
Now Weber has a different view of the job, which has an annual salary of $114,509.

Money talks.  Six-figure money apparently screams.

Meanwhile, does it matter that he was a "political novice?"  I remember Brent Boger telling me about the plan before they hatched it.  I told him then... and I since told candidate Weber on more than one occasion... that it was a GREAT plan.

As long as Weber followed through.

He did not.

He wasn't a child.  He was a man and he made a promise he had zero intention of keeping.  The rag suggests that we should reelect a man THEY admitted did not tell the truth.

He has made no serious effort to do what he pledged, and he used the elimination of the job as a hook to get elected.

Had he made any such effort, I would cheerfully have voted for him but we have so many lying politicians in office now that I simply cannot support any of them and I am not about to support another one, no matter how good of a job the Lazy C claims he's doing.

I won't do it.

I will, instead, be writing in Republican Baine Wilson, Weber's deputy.  She ran for the job in the term before Weber's.  She ran a solid campaign but, you know the Lazy C and their leftist earned media shtick.

Whatever anyone chooses to do is, of course, up to them.  But as always, I urge you to VOTE REPUBLICAN.  I will be voting Republican in every race and I urge you to do the same.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The two hot rods.

The top one is my Supercharged 16 Mustang GT A6 (Around 700 HP)

The bottom one is our 69 Camaro.  Big block 454 T400.  Got it up to a 12.5/110.03 at PIR.

I owe them both to a wife with a high level of forbearance.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

What ever happened to THIS Ann Rivers?

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Ann Rivers.

Like me, Ann was (is?) a political consultant.

Like me, she was a populist; in this case, defined as someone far more concerned about the will of the people than the dictates of the downtown mafia special interests.

And outwardly, at least, she was a die-hard Republican.

The key word in all of this is "was."

We worked together for various clients for a decade; she and her family became very close to me and mine.

In 2010, she made the decision to run for the open House seat left behind by Ridgefield Barbie when she ran for Congress.

She defeated several (5?  6?) men in the primary and then, using populist conservative themes, she crushed her disinterested, bottom-of-the-barrel democrat opponent and became a rising star in the GOP, delivering the GOP response to the Governor's State of the State early on in her first few weeks as a State Representative.

My job in all of this (outside of busting my ass for hours every day to get her elected) was, as she put it, to "keep her grounded," and to "keep her on track."

Visions of Congress danced in her head.  Rivers told me there was no way she'd ever think about running unless I agreed to go to DC with her and her husband, Fred.

As it turned out, Jaime Herrera soon confirmed her performance as an utterly worthless congresswoman, quite the embarrassment and a waste of a seat.

Over time, it became clear that Herrera was simply over her head.  Ineffective and utterly clueless when it came to addressing the massive transportation problems confronting her district, a situation that has remained static since her election, some 8 years ago.

Rivers shared in that conclusion and for a variety of reasons, we were always planning to announce the moment Herrera decided she'd embarrassed herself enough and failed to run for reelection for this seat.

Herrera has yet to achieve that conclusion.  After all, she mails it in like the gig is a correspondence course and it pays $174,000.  What job could she hope to get that paid anything close to that?

Many have been fooled into supporting her and chances are, she will win reelection easily.

Certainly not because she deserves it, but because that's how this district was carved out.

This brings me back to Rivers.

The death of the CRC/Loot Rail scam, which really wasn't a death as much as it was, like with most leftist positions a temporary hibernation, was brought about in large part by Rivers herself.

Back when she viewed her constituents as her reason for being in office... something we haven't seen in the last 3 years... she'd walk into fire to kill this downtown mafia idiocy.

And kill it she did, earning the nickname "Bridge Killer."

Since then, of course, she's been flipped on that and many other issues that show her for what she truly is.... which has nothing to do with conservatism, nothing to do with Republicanism, and nothing to do with her keeping her word to her constituents.

This article from the Willamette Week, Bridge End - Oregon backers of the CRC think they've won the day. They haven't met Ann Rivers. is a portrait of who Ann Rivers used to be.  That Ann Rivers has long since departed, replaced by not even a credible facsimile of the champion of the people.
She hates the project, even though she knows some residents of her Clark County district might benefit from the massive freeway bridge and light-rail. She knows the CRC has influential backers—business and labor unions, and that she will feel heat when the time comes to stop the project.
Doesn't seem to "hate" it any more, does she?
Now Senate majority whip, Rivers says the project's costs aren't worth shaving only a minute off the rush-hour commute from Portland to Vancouver.
Odd how that changed, isn't it?

How it is they weren't "worth it" then, but somehow, magically, they've seem to become "worth it" now?

The reasons to kill this insanity haven't changed.  The current I-5 Bridge is still paid for.  The bridge is still safe.  We don't have to waste $100,000,000 plus (to start with) per year in tolls to use it.

So what DID change... and why?


Because they got to her somehow.

Now, as her multiple massive tax increase votes that blew our property tax statements to pieces, hammered our gasoline bill and tab fees while adding billions to the state budget, and, of course, her flip on resurrecting the CRC Scam that she had worked so hard to kill a few short years ago have shown that Rivers has become that which, when we started, she allegedly so despised.

I mourn the passing of who she once was... and loath the development of what she has now become.

Which begs the question:  Whatever happened to THIS Ann Rivers?