Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April was a rough month of fund raising for the M&M Twins.


The entire month was a disaster:

First, Mussolini Mikey.

Cash Contributions for: BRIGGS MICHAEL W           
Total Raised: Total Spent:
Total IE Supporting: Total IE Opposing:
(Cash Contributions (Inkind Contributions (Anonymous (Personal (Loans (Miscellaneous (Small Contributions
$2,175.00 $280.67 $1.00 $0.00 $5,450.00 $0.00 $0.00
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Report Name
Date(sorted descending)
Report STALEY JACQUELINE 4/18/2014 $100.00 P GREEN BAY WI 54301

4/8/2014 $950.00 P BATTLE GROUND WA 98604
Musso reported a grand total of TWO donations for the ENTIRE MONTH.

And if it wasn't for the union... well, horrific doesn't begin to cover it.

And Bully?

Cash Contributions for: WINNINGHAM MAUREEN           
Total Raised: Total Spent:
Total IE Supporting: Total IE Opposing:
(Cash Contributions (Inkind Contributions (Anonymous (Personal (Loans (Miscellaneous (Small Contributions
$5,700.00 $3,800.00 $0.00 $0.00 $600.00 $0.00 $50.00
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Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column
Report Name
Date(sorted descending)
Report BLOCK PAUL 4/3/2014 $50.00 P PORTLAND OR 97202
Report LANE GILA 4/3/2014 $50.00 P PORTLAND OR 97202

Her record of futility?

FOUR donations for a total of $1100.  Again, take out the union money... and wow: a whole $150.

This has GOT to be discouraging.  These numbers truly suck.

Is there a message in there somewhere?

A lesson for some here locally in politics.

Rise #imandaily

Read and heed.  You know who you are.

Democrat Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson: the tunnel may never be completed.

WADOT, having already wasted hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars may very well waste a few hundred million more.

Here's one Oregon export that should have stayed home.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today in Tunnel News: Our State Transportation Secretary Admits the Tunnel Might Never Get Finished At All

Posted by on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 2:51 PM

Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson last May, when Berthas cutter head was being lowered into the ground.
  • Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson in happier times—last May, when Bertha's big head was being lowered into the ground.
Oh, boy, it's time for another episode of Today in Tunnel News™! Where we learn anew each day just what fresh horrors the state has to offer us! What happened today?

Washington State Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson went on Dori Monson's KIRO radio show and admitted that the 99 tunnel project might never actually get finished. Sure, that's just a "small possibility," Peterson said, but she wants to "make sure that everybody understands that it's a possibility."

Here's how that admission came about. Monson asked Peterson if "there's a 100 percent chance that this tunnel project gets completed," to which Peterson answered, "You know what? No." She said WSDOT would "remain skeptical until we get more information, because we still have incomplete information from our contractor." Monson asked what it would take to shut down the project.
Peterson's answer: "The fact that the machine is not actually going to be fixable." Is that a possibility, asked Monson? To which Peterson replied, "I'd say it's a small possibility. But we want to make sure that everybody understands that it's a possibility."

So, everybody: Now you understand that there's a possibility that Bertha is not fixable and the whole project is completely fucked. Feel better now?

Some other truly amazing quotes from that interview:
"We have a project that is almost all complete, minus the tunnel."
"I have actually never said to you that I can predict the future and that we won't have cost overruns." 
"The viaduct, at this point, is not dangerous to drive on." 
"There is a high probability that if there was an earthquake that it would fall down... But if it was dangerous for people to drive on, we would shut it down." 
"The only case the taxpayers would be paying for a cost overrun is if we go through our contingency money, and we have not done that yet.
I'd say "Unbelievable!" But... all this shit is totally believable. Even, you might say, predictable.

In related news: I JUST LISTENED TO DORI MONSON FOR YOU GUYS. Somebody buy me a drink.

As expected, the petulant CRC Scammers now stand in the way of any alternative.

Poor losers.

Reading the comments under the sadly inaccurate, misinformed and misquoted article concerning the Bi-state Bridge Coalition (BBC) development shows the accuracy of my prior prognostications:  the losers in the CRC Scam... besides the taxpayers they bent over by wasting $200 million on a half-stack of paper... will now condemn any effort to do anything else to resolve our cross-river transportation problems.

As expected, their arrogance and their fringe-left partisanship allows for no other possible effort save for the CRC Scam... as if no other option was or is available.

Part of the problem is based on the misinformation contained within the article:  for example, the caption under the picture of Sen. Rivers and Rep. Pike is totally false:
State Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, and state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, are among Southwest Washington lawmakers who have invited their Oregon counterparts to form a new coalition to discuss an Interstate 5 bridge replacement project. 
The coalition is being formed to find common ground on a wide variety of cross-river solutions.  There's no emphasis on replacing the I-5 bridge save the bias of the reporter.  To CRC Scammers, thus misinformed, they whine and snivel that their take on the rip off they were advocating was the ONLY take that could ever see the light of day.

It's not: far from it.

But as I've stated repeatedly, their only purpose in life, driven by their fringe-left hatred, will be to attack and attempt to delay/destroy any other possible course of action besides their hated CRC Scam.

They lie about "compromise," having offered none either during the CRC Scam's halcyon days of vaporizing our money and none now... their mission is to punish those who actually worked to represent the will of the people instead of the will of their downtown special interests who own them.

In punishing those they refer to as "them," they're punishing all of US.

But then, by supporting this rip off, they were going to punish "us" anyway, so I can see where it makes no difference in their view.

But their problem?

They lack the chops to stop it.

The people are watching.  And when viable solutions are offered to these same people, the people will support them.  And when the people support them?

They ARE going to happen.

I get the whines... the sniveling... the being left out.  But they had their chance... and they blew it.  So, it essentially means they can get on board with progress... or they can get run over by it.

Either way, it's going to happen because this time, when the people demand it... it's going to happen.

Molehill Moeller: can't rape the willing.

So, the democratian did an editorial where, like the broken clock being accurate twice a day, they actually nailed it.

The subject?  THE WEAocrats caving on the legislation that caused the state to lose control over $40 million or so for of federal funding.

Rep. Jim "Molehill" Moeller (Neo-Communist Hypocrite - 49) immediately displayed his WEA union "hackism" by writing this garbage:

  • Elect Jim Moeller
    I did not "cave" to the WEA. I stood proudly with teachers and principles and voted against the unfairness of the NCLB federal law that stated (among other things) that teachers, principles and schools need to be evaluated by that which they have no control over - namely student test scores to continue getting 40 million dollars. It's like a dentist being evaluated by how many cavities their patients teeth have - its absurd. Teachers and principles need and want to be evaluated - but make it fair and useful to both teachers and principles. Not simply punitive to everyone and every child left behind. The Columbian extolls politicians to "Don't do stupid stuff". The wavier (that exempts the law from 48 other states and using student test scores on teacher evaluations) and the NCLB law IS stupid.

Moeller, who slaves for the WEA like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion, makes no bones about being their bitch, so to speak.  Of course he didn't "cave" to his masters.  He carries their water like Gunga Din; no "caving" required.

Of COURSE he "proudly" bent us over.  That's what he does... from stuffing millions of dollars to waste on the CRC Scam into the budget to suing his own constituents to unfetter his efforts to raise our taxes.  That's his shtick.

That his vote... or position... had no impact and made no difference is beside the point: where the rubber met the road on this sell out was in the Senate, where WEA lackey democrat Sen. Rosemarie McAuliffe  voted "no" on her OWN BILL... making the fringe-leftists positively giddy.

Moeller's lies, while typical of his ilk, are also obvious.  The phony claim that outcomes in the form of test scores are beyond the school's wasting our money's control is nonsense: if that were the case, then that would put the lie to the WEA Scam that more money somehow means better educational outcomes.


Nonsense, of course.  That's as idiotic as striking teachers lying that it's "for the children," when, as they cavalierly break the law, it's clearly for their own wallets.

And, like the typical fringe-left nutter union slave, he offers up absolutely nothing that would address the issue; just whines over the efforts to hold teachers and schools accountable to date.

Got to wonder: will his 30 pieces of WEA silver be worth it?

Thanks to Obama and his fellow fringe-left nutters:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Molehill Moeller hits new heights with his psychotic lies.

There's scum.

Then there's Moeller Scum.

Under the article that took a run at explaining the effort by two local legislators to make something happen, Scumbag Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller wrote this tripe:
Elect Jim Moeller
Unable to get a transportation package even to the floor of the Senate let alone pass it - in two years, Now, the Republicans want to play ball? Not only were we elected to represent our districts, but we were also elected to lead - which sometimes means hard choices and compromise.
Now, Scumbag is, of course, entitled to his own opinion, no matter how delusional and twisted it may be... but he's not entitled to his own facts.

Of course, none of the fringe-left scum like Moeller OFFERED any "compromise."  The ONLY "compromise" "offered" was for the GOP to abandon their positions and do everything THEY wanted.

Well, that all begs the question: precisely how and what did Scumbag offer to compromise on?

Did he go to war over building a bridge with no light rail?  Of course not.  For the leftist morons like Scumbag, it was his way... or no way.


So now, their choice is to either watch something happen or to make something happen.  Revisionist history won't get them anywhere.

More confirmation that Mussolini Mikey Briggs doesn't get the district.

Memo to Musso:  Mikey, you seem to think you're running for a seat in the 49th. 

The LAST thing you want to do in the conservative 18th is to tie yourself to fringe-left, downtown owned pols like Larry Smith (Who was one of those who sold out Clark County... including the 18th District) to TriMet by giving this out of state agency eminent domain rights in Clark County and who, like you, is one of the nut jobs who rabidly support the CRC Scam... and fringe-left nutter Rep. Sharon Wylie (Neo-communist, 49)

You make it too easy.

Your opponents won't even have to define you... your idiocy in going hard left with arrogant know-nothings who, like you, ignore their constituency makes it so easy that you are running a campaign tailor-made to lose... almost as if someone was paying you to be the GOP wingman!

OF COURSE the fringe-leftists are going to babble at your kick down.  These same people support Marc Boldt as rabidly as they support you, and how did THAT work out for them?

The problem you've got isn't your fellow leftist nut jobs.  The problem you've got is that there's so few of them in this district.

So, you babble that so far, left wing nutburgers like Wylie and Smith are going to come around for free beer (Or whatever).  What do you expect?  That they'd say "no?"  You getting your ass kicked next November is a foregone conclusion, but your impending defeat won't cost them... or any other coat-holder... anything... so why wouldn't they bring their leftist cult of personality to your soiree so you can bask in their glow?

Reveling in your leftist trough isn't going to win you a thing.  Your only hope is to shift your message from your cowardly, leftist meme that might work well in the Vancouver Soviet but will get you nowhere east of I-205 and north of 39th to something approaching the main stream of the 18th.

And dooder, you are a universe away from that.



Monday, April 28, 2014

Things that cause Bully to grind her teeth to stubs.

It's tough to take on an incumbent.  It's doubly tough when you lie.  It's triply tough when you're broke.  It's geometrically tougher when your positions are in direct opposition to the views held by the vast majority of the district you're trying to take over.

Caught in multiple, unnecessary and childish lies... busted in a bogus, false portrayal of a hard working representative of the people... a fringe-leftist so far out there that even her amateurish efforts to kowtow to the WEA were an abysmal failure... only to see this on this evening's democratian:

Here's Rep. Liz Pike with Rock Star Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers.

The focus of the story?

The effort of Rep. Pike and Sen. Rivers to put together a bi-state, bipartisan effort to address our cross-river transportation issues... a transparent effort to actually act on behalf of the people instead of at the bidding of the downtown special interests who screwed up the CRC Scam so badly.

And earned media that Bully can't even dream of.

Likeability cannot be over-estimated in a political campaign.  Our Liz has it.

Bully, on the other hand, is possessed of that strident arrogance that's such a turn off.  With an ego matched only by her ignorance... both the size of, dare I say it... Bangladesh? 

Bully can't figure it out.  No money... no traction... no clue.

And it will get worse... without getting better.

Mussolini Mikey Campaign Website Review!

When you're a fringe-left hack with no chance of winning in a district that stands in opposition to everything you support, it's hard to slam together a web site that doesn't sound like you're running in the Vancouver Soviet.

And, in that regard, Mussolini Mikey Briggs, the next of the two democrats to lose in the 18th, nails it perfectly.

Overall, except for Brigg's picture (Which, unfortunately for him, there's nothing he can do anything about) it's not a bad site for appearance.  His web guy, Roman Battan as I understand it, follows the principles that all candidates should follow: understand that people don't have a lot of time to drill down in an effort to figure out your website organization; don't overwhelm with verbiage, use colors that work well with each other.

But is that the reason we're here?


I haven't read them yet, but my guess is that since Briggs doesn't stand for anything he's already fallen for everything.

Issues!  When you combine fringe-left positions with political cowardice in a conservative district... the result is disaster.  Brigg's problem is that as a political coward.  For example, he doesn't communicate with those smart enough to oppose his idiocy.

As I read this tripe, his cowardice REEKS.  Like most leftists, he wants us to waste billions on his pet projects, doesn't want you to know he is a rabid CRC Scammer, that he doesn't give a damn that this district voted overwhelmingly against BRT AND Loot rail, AND that he wants to jack your taxes to Mars.

He starts by lying... never a great platform for a candidate.

Briggs has been sniveling about his fringe-left positions failing to meet with the approval of the representatives in this district.  Of course with Vick, who's been mailing it in since he was first elected, it's hard to say.  But Briggs' entire "balanced repres3entation" shtick is a lie.

It's a lie because he has no balance in his positions.  For example, while the district was rabidly opposed the CRC Scam, Mussolini Mikey was just as rabidly in favor of it.

Thus, were he ever, God Forbid, elected to this or any other office, he would ignore the majority of this district and vote the way HE wants, because like most fringe-left nutters, he's from the Steve "I never speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart school of thought.

His entire "balanced representation shtick is because he's pissed that he was ignored over the past several years.  Much like, come to think of it, he'll be ignored THIS year.

His own words clearly show that he has precisely zero understanding of the district he wants to represent:
We all live in a democracy that is also a republic. That is, we are involved with our own governing through our elected representatives. However, for our democracy to flourish and to operate well and fairly, we need a balanced and a fair representation. Right now, in the 18th District, we do not have this.  Currently our two representatives, both conservative Republicans, are only concerned with the wants and needs of themselves and of other conservatives. They do not represent the moderates or liberals of either party and they surely do not represent progressive people like me who favor a bi-partisan approach to our local government.
He never explains how his fringe-minority positions SHOULD be represented, particularly given the fact that most of the district hates the positions he favors.

He is, in effect, claiming that the majority should be IGNORED in favor of the fringe-left view.  He never explains how he can be a "balanced" representative by IGNORING conservatives... and he seems incapable of understanding that the reason all 3 legislators (Well, the Senator and Rep. Pike, anyway) ARE conservative is because this DISTRICT is conservative.

"Balanced representation?"  Mussolini won't even ACKNOWLEDGE those smart enough to oppose him.  How can he even write with a presumably straight face that he'd "represent" us, since the majority of this district hates his positions?

And that's the lie of it.  Deliberate or no, this entire section is a lie.

His next lies are by omission.

Under "transportation," he'll run away from his rabid support of the now thoroughly discredited CRC Scam and his loot rail fetish.

Oddly, he fails to mention either.  And that just goes to his political cowardice.

Anyone running for anything should be proud of their political positions.  After all, we wouldn't want the people to get the wrong idea, would we?

So why doesn't he mention that massive waste of hundreds of millions of dollars on the CRC Scam and other transportation boondoggles in Seattle, where a half-billion or more has already been wasted?

Because first, he's something of a hypocrite.  It's always different when his fellow democrats do it.  And second, he rabidly supported those scams as much as he rabidly supported keeping any of us from having the right to vote on any of it.

And how pathetic is that?

Second, he doesn't want us to know where he really stands.  Otherwise, he'd be a great deal more forthcoming on all of the issues.

Then he goes on to admit the will of the people as expressed at the polls is meaningless:
I also am a strong supporter of C-TRAN for folks who rely on our public transportation system. This agency provides service to many areas in the 18th District allowing our residents to reliably travel wherever they need to go in Clark County. I support mass transit advantages found in the BRT, Bus Rapid Transit project, now under consideration. I also support using smaller feeder buses, in the outlying areas of the 18th district, to bring people to the main lines of CTRAN bus transportation. This will facilitate the many people who do not have transportation and cannot travel to the main line bus routes to travel.  
And nothing about the advisory vote concerning BRT: Every precinct in the 18th District, except for 3 (at first glance) voted AGAINST the very scam he SUPPORTS.

Is that out of touch.... or what?

What more proof would one need to show that he doesn't give a damn what the people want?

And his final lies are on education... once again, lies of omission:

He tells us that he "supports McCreary," which was the state Supreme Court's illegal demand to waste additional billions on education.

Clearly, the concept of government and the phrase "co-equal branches" are meaningless to this clown.

But support it or no, the lie of omission is Briggs' failure to explain how he would pay for it.

What taxes would he increase?  Does he think these billions are going to coalesce out of thin air?

He's talking about raping OUR wallets... except he lacks the guts to explain what HE would do to make it happen.

And I don't want that kind of political cowardice anywhere in my government.

So, for a framework of a campaign website, I'd give it a B.  It's not bad... not spectacular... but when you've got no traction and no money, I guess it's as good as it gets.

For content?  It's as much an abysmal failure as Briggs himself is.  And that means it's a little less than worthless to the people of the 18th District.

Grade: F.

See what democrats can do when they're wasting hundreds of millions of YOUR dollars? Uncovered Oregon!

Oddly, I have yet to see Jim "Molehill" Moeller or any other fringe-left whackadoo rush to Oregon's defense of this particular idiocy... a symptom of the underlying stupidity pervading the entirety of the fringe-left stupidity known as "Obamacare."

Not sure what the hold up is, but they'll get around to it.

Meanwhile, relax and review these executive summaries.  This is also a language warning, because, what the hell, the slimeball democrats who caused this debacle, the CRC Scam and the blithering twin idiocies of the floating bridge pontoons and that ST&^)d F*^&%ng hole in the ground in Seattle will have wasted well over a BILLION F#^%k*&g DOLLARS when it's over and NONE of them WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

Democrats.  They'll pee their collective pants over a local hiring around here, and remain absolutely silent in the face of democrat malfeasance and misfeasance.

Because, well, it's "different" when THEY steal us blind.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

From the woman that brought you Jaime Herrera.

Add Cathy McMorris to the list of RINO sell outs.  And oh yeah, by the way?

She's the one who built Jaime Herrera out of spare parts laying around the office.
April 25, 2014 in City

McMorris Rodgers says ACA likely to stay

Campaign talks cover health act, Air Force tankers, immigration
 The Spokesman-Review

McMorris Rodgers
(view Full-size photo)
With the news this week that more than 600,000 Washington residents have acquired new health care plans through the state exchange, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said it’s unlikely the Affordable Care Act will be repealed.
“We need to look at reforming the exchanges,” the Eastern Washington Republican said Thursday.
The five-term congresswoman and chair of the House Republican Conference kicked off her re-election campaign this week with visits to Walla Walla, Colville and Spokane. She faces Democratic challenger Joe Pakootas.
McMorris Rodgers has been part of the Republican leadership in the House that has voted multiple times to repeal parts or all of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. GOP members have said the law is unworkable, will increase costs for some and force others into inadequate coverage or plans they don’t want.
McMorris Rodgers continued those criticisms Thursday, but said the framework established by the law likely will persist and reforms should take place within its structure.
“It is a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to health care,” she said. Consumers should have more choice for their coverage, and Democrats should abandon the idea that everyone will enroll because of the mandate, McMorris Rodgers added.
The congresswoman also said that the 85 percent of enrollees who received Medicaid coverage is a sign the program is not sustainable and many will receive subpar care.
“You’re seeing where they’ve had to reduce programs for the very people it’s meant to help,” McMorris Rodgers said. “Somebody’s going to have to pay the bill.”
She also discussed the assignment of a new fleet of Washington-made jet tankers to an Air Force base in Kansas instead of Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, the feasibility of immigration reform this year and efforts to address the need for more medical education opportunities in Eastern Washington.

Cited as a priority issue by many members of Congress and Obama, 2013 came and went without an immigration package, to the chagrin of many advocacy groups.
McMorris Rodgers said she still thinks a deal could be struck before the election. “I believe there is a path that we get a bill on the floor by August,” she said.
A bipartisan plan was passed in the Senate last spring but made no headway in the Republican-controlled House. McMorris Rodgers echoed the concern brought up by many in the chamber, saying she wants to see stronger border security. But she said she’d support a bill that grants legal status to those undocumented immigrants working toward citizenship, allowing them to remain in the country to work and go to school while they wait their turn in the current system.
“We’re going to have to push that this is a legal status, not amnesty,” she said.
She can call an apple a watermelon, but that won't make it so.

Out-democrating the democrats has never proven to be a successful strategy.  Apparently, the upper echelons of the House GOP learned nothing from the last cycle.

Let me help you with that Greg: Democratian makes leftist propaganda into an art from.

Greg Jayne has long since cast off any pretense of fairness or equity in his writing; not terribly surprising given who he works for.

There's no doubting that every chance they get, someone... or a group of someones, takes the opportunity to express their fringe-left political bigotry towards the remaining commissioners generally and David Madore particularly.

This bizarre effort was no exception.

Greg takes a shot at Madore because he occasionally relies on homily  Because, as we all know, Greg Jayne is perfect.  Everything he's ever written?  Perfection. 

Well, as the saying goes, never try explaining anything to anyone who's bound and determined to misunderstand you.

In this instance, Greg relates the fact that he believes the GOP is "winning the war on rhetoric."

That's utter nonsense, of course. While, as one commenter below points out the truth:
(1) Conservative rhetoric is powerful because it articulates many plain truths. The words you cite from former Congressman West are compelling because they are righteous.
Where Greg goes off the rails (As he so frequently does) is he, like the rest of the rag he works for, is very selective in presenting the entirety of the truth to buttress their positions.

Leftist radio fails because a network of liars mouthing lies isn't all that attractive... even to many who lean in that direction.

After all, how many times did this same newspaper lie, exaggerate or ignore the truth of the CRC Scam... the gift that keeps on giving?

He mentions that the GOP in Congress "insisted upon cutting food stamps in this year's Farm Bill."

Who knew the GOP in Congress ran the entirety of government?  Who knew that bills from the House didn't have to also be passed by a democrat-controlled Senate?

Why, I had no idea!  He also neglects to mention that more Americans (And, of course, illegal aliens) are now on food stamps then in the entirety of our history.  But facts like that don't fit the meme... so they don't get mentioned.

And it's that kind of fringe-left rhetoric that puts the lie... again... to what Greg wrote in today's column.

Greg's focus on the GOP is exclusive to all else.  Because he, of course, is perfection when it comes to his job... all integrity and crap as he writes to entertain leftists (Who make up the vast majority of his rag's readership)

He recites the fringe-left talking points flawlessly, all the while complaining about the GOP's rhetoric.

Thus, he stands as an example of that very thing he's whining about in this column:


Another tough week of fundraising for the M&M Twins.

So, keeping a watch on  the dynamic duo isn't all that difficult.  But I do it so you don't have to.

For the entire month of April, the delusional Bully has taken in a grand total of four donations for $1100.


And Mussolini Mikey?

For the entire month of April, Mussolini has taken in a grand total of two donations for $1050.


Briggs has raised a total of $2175 for his entire campaign.


She's raised a total of $2900 if you separate out relatives... and a total of $5700 over all.

Given the pathetic response, might there be a message in all of that?

Discussing our lack of representation in the House with Rep. Raul Labrador (ID1)

Spent some quality time with Congressman Raul Labrador, a genuine conservative representing Idaho's first district.

Actually, given our lack of competent representation, I asked him if he'd consider moving to SW Washington.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make the deal.

But he sure seemed surprised when I told him that our congresswoman didn't have Town Hall meetings.

"I love town hall meetings," he told me.  "I have them all the time!"

Any competent representative would.

A genuinely nice individual who actually seems to give a damn.  Thank you for your time, sir.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Clarifying my positon on the Charter issue.

I'm hearing from some who seem confused by my "evolving" position on the Charter movement.

Simply stated, that position its this:  what is best for the people of Clark County?

In all that I write, I speak precisely and only for myself.  No one else controls my words in any way.

Everything I write, every position I take... is based entirely on what I believe is right and best for this community.  I live here.  My family lives here.  I intend to die here at some point.

My positions are thought out conclusions based on the information I'm provided and the subsequent education, knowledge, experience and analysis that results.

With the issue of the Charter, the question that resonates with me is this: of all the options confronting us, which is the best for the people?

The initial push for this effort was to force government to listen... when government had long since turned a deaf ear to the people (Steve "I never speak for the people... I only speak for Steve" Stuart's shtick comes to mind)  and each effort to force government to actually hear us was not only rejected, it was belittled and ridiculed by those most rabidly opposed to a Charter THEN and most rabidly in support of it now.

I had to ask myself the magic question: why?

My support of a Charter effort was based upon what's best for the people.

Those rabidly supporting the Charter effort now are, for example, those from the C3G2 fringe-left hate site... among the very ones who ridiculed the effort before.

And why are they so hot for it now?

Because they see it as a vehicle to emasculate the commissioners they hate, and to undo the will of the people that so opposes them.

Stupid and unconstitutional ideas such as an effort to restrict county employees from running for ANY partisan elective office... requiring a super-majority to fire a manager... a phantom separation of powers... each and every tenet designed to retaliate... based entirely on rank, partisan hatred... the hiring of Sen. Don Benton as Environmental Manager... a perfectly legal hiring using a system put in place by democrats for years... a system similar to that of the City of Portland who has used it for years... and most recently, used it to hire 80% of the department heads now running that city.

I  completely get that in the end, the people will have the final say.  I also see the dichotomy between the left's rabid support of keeping the people silent on all matters concerning the late, unlamented, CRC Loot Rail Scam and their rabid support of this legalized lynching.

But in the end, I must defer to my judgment that what was SUPPOSED to be about what is best for this community has been successfully bastardized into something warped and twisted by those who act entirely on partisanship, hatred and political bigotry.

And like Steve Stuart, I only speak for me and some of you may like it and some of you won't.  But I am responsible only to myself, unlike Stuart... and to that entity to which I try to remain the most true.

The only acceptable, non-partisan and altruistic way to present this is without condition save for one: the right of citizen initiative.  That way, the PEOPLE can determine this other idiocy.  And while the current iteration of the Charter is a vast improvement over the past versions, it still reeks of "Benton did this, Benton did that" and "Madore did this and Madore did that."

For me, what those two did or did not do isn't a reason to change a thing.  And those haters pushing this the hardest?

If they were to look inside themselves in a moment of sober reflection... they'd know I nailed it here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Is anything about Bully real?

I and others have already documented her rather bizarre series of lies contained within her dem goat rope rant a few days back... but that got me to wondering: is ANYTHING about this woman real?

It started with the obviously fake premise that this woman... which no one has ever heard of... has almost 1200 obviously bogus "likes" on her campaign fiction page.  That's when I knew she was going to be as artificial and plastic as anyone could be, holding up a false fa├žade to send an equally false effort to get anyone to believe anything she has to say.

Ask yourself: how did this executive job outsourcer manage to get over a thousand likes in 2 days?

She paid for them.

The equally abysmal candidate positioning himself to get flattened in the 18th has been making a nuisance of himself for months... and HE even got the WEA endorsement that seems to elude her since they rarely give it to obvious whack jobs.

Yet, he's only put together 213 or so.

In fact, take Bob Dingethal.... who, although floundering as much as the other two, IS, after all, a congressional candidate... has put together a paltry 771 likes.

So, how is it that Bully has 500 more?

And remember back in the 2012 cycle, how Stephony or one of those made such a huge deal over David Madore's "likes?"  Why the double standard?  Why the silence now?

Other than the obvious?

One of the biggest issues I've had with the democratian is their institutional double standard.

This is an example of that.