Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why does Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller have to be such lying scum?

Jimmy, throwing a hissy fit, spewed out this pile of crap after coming to grips with his political impotence (He tried everything... but he just couldn't get his scam in...)

Memo to chrome dome:  Get off the "dangerous" lie.  If the bridge was "dangerous," it would be closed.  Continuing to lie ain't gonna get a damned thing built, moron.

No one cares what you will or will not oppose.  The CRC is dead, in part because of your lying, arrogant assholeness.

You have no sway up there: they gave you the go-fer job because they don't want you to run a committee.  You're a coward, a bigot, and a leftist hack.

Oppose and be damned, scumbag.  Generally speaking, anyone who wouldn't want to "invest" up here would take that position because of you and your ilk, slimebag.

The Cleveland's morph into the moron zone: CRC Opponents ask: How do ya like me now?

Gee... Sen. Annette Cleveland and her hubby sure look like blithering idiots now, don't they?

Jim Moeller Hears the news
Andrew Cleveland finds out the CRC is dead.

Either of the Clevelands are like a fungus on this community.

Cast in the Molehill Moeller Mold (Get it?  Heh, heh) Annette frequently babbled about having the 25th vote (Which she never had)  while the unfortunate she is married to played games with the moronic "Washington for CRC" facebook page and web site, deleting most comments that didn't share their communistic group think.

When you become as blinded to reality as these two, this kind of stupidity is bound to happen:

Even yesterday, Andy refused to accept reality...
Andrew Cleveland While it's not over yet, I think the most embarrassing thing for the community is that it will have absolutely failed the next generation. In the longer run the net loss of jobs and population is going to make Vancouver someplace our kids won't want to live. Shameful.6 hours ago via text message · Like · 3
Of course, even as he was writing this garbage, it was, in fact, quite over.

Despicable lies, such as the very idea that being smart enough to reject this crap pile would result in "the net loss of jobs and population is going to make Vancouver someplace our kids won't want to live," was the hallmark of Andy's Goebbelian approach to the CRC Scam.

Facts had no place in their deliberations: they wanted it, screw the rest of the people of this county!  Tolls of $2000+ for the next 45 years to get loot rail into Vancouver?  NO problem!

That is why when the next transportation project comes up, those wrapped around the CRC Scam axle would serve us best if they were no where close to it.  Cleveland(s) and Molehill's support of any issue politically increases chances of it's timely demise geometrically; since there's no lie they couldn't babble about this... what else are they lying about?

The lied too much.  They ignored us too much.  They were too arrogant.  They were far too selfish.

And, by the way?

I would rather pay even MORE for the RIGHT project that will actually serve the people of this community than pay the horrific amounts of money they wanted for THIS rip off.

The hypocrisy of the pit yorkie, John Laird (He ain't gone, yet?)

As John Laird's unfortunate tenure for our community comes to a close (He ain't gone yet?) he becomes more and more a true character of himself, less and less constrained by his concern over the people.

Fresh from his crushing defeat on the CRC debacle, Laird has nothing to say about that.  His tenure of name-calling and personal attacks is a close second to that moron Brancaccio's, so when he's finally gone, he certainly won't be missed.

In today's installment, the slimeball interviews loser Tim Probst, who ran a campaign almost as filthy as a typical Laird column.

It was full of such scat as this:

Height of hypocrisy

Meanwhile, back at the circus, if you missed the latest melodrama involving Boss Benton, check out the column in last Wednesday's Columbian written by Peter Callaghan of The News Tribune in Tacoma. Callaghan describes Benton's performance as chairman of the committee that rules on complaints about violations of the Senate's respectful workplace rules: "One of his first acts was to lift all Senate sanctions against another senator, Pam Roach" who had bullied staff members in 2009.
While, I, too, have questioned many of Sen. Benton's actions here, that's not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to illustrate that no... Benton's actions, as questionable as they are, don't come close to the "height of hypocrisy" the scumbag who wrote this morning's screed has defined with his own words.

There's more of this type of tripe... but you get the gist.

Had Probst won, there would have been no Majority Coalition Caucas.  Had Probst won, we'd all be paying higher taxes.  Had Probst won, that fricking CRC would likely be getting built.  

Those two issues alone were and are enough to make me thankful that Benton won the election over Probst, his other issues aside.

Laird, of course, makes no mention of those inconvenient truths, because that's how they roll at the Lazy C.

Sooner rather than later, the yorkie's last column will yap.  And while I fear Laird's replacement will also be his clone, I fail to see how much worse it can get.

Leave, John.  And soon.  You've done enough damage to our community.

That I-5 Drawbridge looks prettier every day to me, you lying cockroach.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

More sniveling from the CRC Scum

In an amazingly well-written article describing the demise of the biggest scam in the history of the Northwestern United States since the Leave-it election, the Columbian cited the cause of death for the CRC Scam tonite on their web:.
UPDATE: CRC meets demise as Legislature adjourns 
Washington lawmakers’ denial of funding ends project; governors pull plug 
The Interstate 5 bridge from the Oregon side looking northwest toward Vancouver.
 The Interstate 5 bridge from the Oregon side looking northwest toward Vancouver.

By Eric Florip Columbian Staff Reporter 
Originally published June 29, 2013 at 12:16 p.m., updated June 29, 2013 at 10:34 p.m. 
The Columbia River Crossing is dead. 
After intense political wrangling, tens of millions of taxpayer dollars spent, and a controversy that embroiled Clark County for the better part of a decade, the Washington Senate delivered the fatal blow to the beleaguered project Saturday. Lawmakers there turned back a last-ditch effort to push through a transportation revenue package that would have steered crucial funding to the CRC and other projects across the state. The full Legislature’s adjournment without approving that money left the planned Interstate 5 Bridge replacement with an aggressive schedule and a $3.4 billion finance plan ready to fall apart. 
Instead, both states’ governors said Saturday that they’d pull the plug. The project’s downtown Vancouver office will begin shutting down. Its dozens of employees and consultants will land elsewhere. Funding that Oregon lawmakers had already committed will evaporate. And Clark County will move on to life after the CRC. 
Gov. Jay Inslee will meet with Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and transportation officials to decide next steps, said Inslee spokesman David Postman. But the assumption all along was that the project would fold if Washington lawmakers made no commitment this year, he said. 
“We’re now looking at what that means and exactly how that’s going to proceed,” Postman said. 
Kitzhaber confirmed the CRC’s demise in a statement expressing disappointment Saturday. The failure of Washington lawmakers doesn’t eliminate the safety and economic risks on the existing Interstate 5 Bridge connecting Vancouver and Portland, he said.
The development is a major political defeat for Inslee, Kitzhaber and other high-profile forces that had lobbied hard for the CRC in recent months. U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., was among those leading the charge. Then-U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited Olympia in the session to put additional pressure on lawmakers to act.
Inslee was essentially ofer in this session, as he immediately forgot all about his campaign lies of not raising taxes and set out to screw the very people gullible enough to elect him... although it's unfortunate that his RINO opponent likely would have taken the same tack.

Jay, who played too much football without a helmet, tried to scam us with a gun-grabber bill, this transportation rip off and the idiocy of bringing that whack job LaHood out here... as if that would do anything but make Inslee look even more idiotic.

In showcasing his fringe-left partisanship, this hack babbled:
“Where have you been for the past six months? Has anyone here heard leadership from the Senate majority caucus?” Inslee said on live television. “I think not, and that’s very regrettable.” 
He later added: “This was supposed to be a bipartisan majority. But it has turned into nothing but a roadblock to a transportation package.”
Of course, had this simple idiot taken the CRC off the table, there's a damned good chance he would have at least got the package out with a referendum clause, but that leadership failure he ascribes to Senate Republicans was absent in his own failure to act.

"Leadership" to a leftist nut burger like an Inslee or a Moeller means only one thing: doing it the way the democrats want.  And that dog won't hunt.

In short, this whinny bitch has no one to blame but himself, because he lacked the guts to do what had to be done to get a package out... assuming it could even have made it out of the House, given that they lacked the necessary votes in the democrat controlled House to vote for bonding authority... which killed this bill long before the Senate.
It’s not clear the House even had the votes to pass the bonding authority bill, which would require a three-fifths majority. Earlier components of the transportation package scraped by on slim majorities, and only after an unsuccessful first attempt.
Among those sniveling the loudest are some of the biggest morons most responsible for the defeat of this idiocy:
Local reaction to news of the CRC’s death varied. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, a strong supporter of the project, called the outcome “politics at its worst.” 
“It’s hard to find diplomatic words to describe the disappointment at what is really the failure of leadership in the legislature — by some of our representatives — to invest in the future economy and safety of the roads and bridges in our state,” Leavitt said. “Of course, it’s not just the CRC project that comes to a halt, but all the other important projects around the state that other communities were hoping would be completed, addressing the challenges they face in their local economies.” 
Leavitt continued: “Sadly, that’s politics. This is unfortunately a poster child of poor politics.”
Leave-it, of course, is the epitome of the very thing he's bitching about now:  "politics at it's worst."

Known for losing control of the city council and lying... repeatedly .. to get elected by claiming he was opposed to tolls when he was lying all along about that, is a total and complete hypocrite on this and a variety of other issue.

For this lying son of a bitch to claim OTHERS are engaging in "bad politics?


Again, had this slimeball advocated taking the CRC out of this rip off, there likely could have been a package sent to the voters.  But this lying scumbag didn't want the voters to have any say at all here... and lost everything as a result.

Find a mirror, Liar: take a good look.  Staring back at you is one of the major reasons this scum blew up in your face.

Other scum like both Annette and Andrew Cleveland, Mike Briggs, Jim "Molehill" Moeller, Steve "Sellout" Stuart, much of the Taliban City Council of Vancouver, and various other leftists are no doubt contemplating the damage they've caused to themselves politically and how stupid they look at this point for supporting this cancer on our community.

The latest video on the CRC:

Inslee's snivel-fest on the trans package... a whinny putz of a governor.

Of course, the moron of a governor doesn't say anything about the democrat failure in the House to get a bonding bill out, does he?

It's like he's a reporter for the Lazy C.

June 27, 2013


Jaime Smith, Governor Inslee’s Communications Office  |  (360) 902-0617

Statement by Gov. Jay Inslee on the Senate Majority’s failure to act on a transportation plan for Washington

“I’m beyond disappointed in this inaction. The failure by the Senate’s Republican-led majority to act on the transportation plan stops us from making important investments in maintaining and preserving our roads and bridges and ensuring the safety the public deserves.

“It also means that Washington has lost $850 million in federal funds that would have helped us build a new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River.

“If the transportation plan had died by a negative vote, at least the public would have known the Senate tried and where their senator stands on the important question of an improved transportation system and the biggest job creating bill of the year.

“Inaction is a terrible way to deal with important issues like this.

“I appreciate all the hard work by Judy Clibborn, Tracey Eide and others that led to a successful vote in the House – which many people didn’t think was likely.

“I said on my first day in office that ‘no economic strategy would be complete without a transportation plan.’ Six months later – after multiple House proposals, repeated attempts to engage the Senate Majority and great work by a broad coalition of business, labor and environmentalists – I believe that even more strongly.

“It is disappointing to hear the Senate Majority say they didn’t have time to deal with this important issue that could have done so much to help Washington continue to climb out of the recession.”

# # #

Jaime Smith
Director of Media Relations  |  Office of Governor Jay Inslee
Cell: 360.688.0253
Desk: 360.902.0617  |  @GovInslee @WaStateGov   |

Mike Briggs, one of the bigger CRC pimps, needs mental help.

I was checking over some of the bodies resulting from the CRC demise, among them Senior Civilian (Non-Elected) CRC Scammer Mike Briggs.

Briggs is, hopefully, gearing up to run against Liz Pike.... which is a good thing because I will crush him when he does.

But when I was looking over one of the bigger lying CRC Scamming scum, Paul Montague, I saw this little bitch post this as Montague was whining about Pike's steadfast opposition to his idiocy:
Mike Briggs Unfortunately Paul, Rep. Pike has NOT been representing my desires very much in "our" district, the 18th LD. The only issue, to date, I believe I was in favor with was her actions along the storm water lines. As a result I am forced to consider other representation for myself and others here in the 18th that reflect A BALANCED if nothing else approach to all of the voters here in the 18th.  May 5 at 2:49pm via mobile · Like · 2
Briggs has some truly bizarre ideas about democracy.  He actually believes that Rep. Pike should ignore everyone else and only vote the way HE wants... like he's something special.

His approach is UNBALANCED, since he believes himself to be superior to everyone else.

Rep. Pike has done an amazing job representing the people of this district.  That Briggs actually opposes much of what Pike is doing is more a badge of honor than something to be concerned about.

There is help available with those like Briggs afflicted with this kind of rampant narcissism.  He should seek it out... and hopefully, soon.

Meanwhile Mikey, feel free to bring it on.  Your Pike Derangement Syndrome?

God, but you're going to make this easy.