Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The bloom may be off the rose: the democratian backhands Ridgefield Barbie for lacking the guts to confront her constituents.

Since we were unfortunate enough to have her win the election, proving once again that we have the government we deserve, the democratian has pretty much been writing about Babs like she was paying them.

Today? Not so much.
In our view: Avoiding Attention

Herrera Beutler shuns the same spotlight that helped her get elected to Congress

Members of Congress often remind constituents that the August recess is no vacation but, in fact, is packed with events in which they listen to the people who elected them. This summer, though, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is listening only to the people she chooses. The Republican rookie representative from Camas has scheduled no town hall meetings during the recess, and every flimsy explanation for this dereliction of duty only worsens constituents’ frustration.
Herrera Beutler has given a few speeches this month, conducted highly controlled “telephone town halls” and held tightly scripted, invitation-only listening sessions with a few hand-picked groups who were on their best behavior. But she has abandoned the town hall meeting, which she had entered several times earlier with fairly good results. But by dodging the public now, Herrera Beutler opens herself to accusations that she is too fearful, too impassive or too lazy to appear on a public stage before the real people.
Ryan Hart, a Herrera Beutler spokesman, said in a Columbian story that she “has been trying something different this month, which is to hold community meetings at coffee shops around the district.” First, these aren’t community meetings; they’re interruptions of people’s private coffee time. Some of those people might not even want to talk to a politician. Second, chances are great that, at these impromptu sessions, Herrera Beutler will not encounter any of the people who most want to speak with her. Some of them are her critics. She should deal with it; it comes with the job.
Herrera Beutler’s retreat from the public spotlight is especially troubling because she used that spotlight to get elected. And she has held several town hall meetings since then, including Feb. 3 in Battle Ground and May 17 at Skyview High School in Vancouver. But a lot has happened since then.
Why abdicate the politically profitable public perch when people want to ask about the contentious debate over extending the debt ceiling? Why vacate the limelight when people want answers about simmering issues such as health care, job creation, Social Security, Libya, Afghanistan, presidential candidates and President Obama’s performance?
If it’s because of personal security concerns, then why did the congresswoman have several town hall meetings earlier? Is her new reclusion due to worries that rowdy critics will use a town hall meeting to immortalize their performances in YouTube videos? Whatever the reason, Herrera Beutler should know that real leaders prove their worth by tackling adversities and exerting control, not by retreating.

Herrera is everything I knew she would be, and less. A gutless, cowardly empty suit who's been screwing up by the numbers since she made it back to the DC party circuit she so loved while she was fetching Cathy McMorris's morning bagel.

This restatement of my last two posts on her may show a tempering of the slobbering love affair the democratian has seemed to have with the Camas Manikin.

In this instance, I long for the kind of representation an Allen West (R-FL22) brings to the table... leadership and integrity that Babs can't even fantasize about.

Boys Will Be Boys.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When Rob McKenna gets stupid: His shop wrongly denied baptism permit for Reality Church in Olympia.

So, RINO Rob McKenna wants to be governor.  Screwing around with the law ain't the way to get there.

The Reality Chruch in Olympia wanted to use Capitol Lake for a picnic/barbecue and baptism ceremony: McKenna's minions said yes to the picnic/barbeque, but no to the baptism, wrongly telling the church that:
“No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise or instruction, or the support of any religious establishment.”
Any 3rd grader knows better.

McKenna SHOULD have exercised his prerogative, reversed that decision and had the permit issued.  End of story.

But he didn't. And one has to wonder why RINO Rob allowed that to happen.

Way to go, Rob.

More proof of Ridgefield Barbie's cowardice, from the democratian: No town halls with Herrera Beutler; Congresswoman’s staff inviting small groups to ‘coffees’ while she’s home

From the "Great minds think alike" file:

No town halls with Herrera Beutler

Congresswoman’s staff inviting small groups to ‘coffees’ while she’s home

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has spoken at invitation-only meetings.
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has spoken at invitation-only meetings.

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has been back in her Southwest Washington district for most of the month of August, but the freshman Republican has scheduled no town hall meetings.
And some of her constituents are asking why.
“I’d love to talk to her about the debt limit,” said Jan Watson, a high school teacher in Rochester. “I’d like to have her listen to people. In a town hall, when somebody asks a question and the person responds, you can get a real good fact check by the groans. That gives a real indication that your comment isn’t quite right or isn’t reflecting the community.”
Watson said she encourages her students to attend politicians’ town hall meetings so they can experience democracy up close.
“The real underlying reason this congressional district has not seen public meetings is that the congresswoman is aware enough of the real world to understand that Congress, in general, is not held in high esteem,” said Tom Shofner of Kalama in an email. “If we add to that her allegiance to the far right, … she just doesn’t feel at home any more in this area, I think.”
Michele Molstead, a Vancouver writer, visited Herrera Beutler’s district office several times during the August break trying to find out whether she planned to hold a town hall, and if so, when and where.
“They kept saying, ‘Nothing has been scheduled yet, we haven’t firmed up any town halls yet,’ ” she said. “They told me the best place to get information about her events during recess was The Columbian.”
Molstead said she had hoped to ask Herrera Beutler what steps she is willing to take to raise revenue, encourage job creation and fund new infrastructure.
“I think it is possible to have civil discourse and to have a detailed, sound-bite-free conversation with my representative,” she said. “I think her constituents deserve that.”
Ryan Hart, manager of Herrera Beutler’s district office in Vancouver, said the congresswoman “has been trying something different this month, which is to hold community meetings at coffee shops around the district.”
Ryan, former Clark County GOP chair she bought early on in the primary with the illegal promise of a job, makes a lousy spokesman for such cowardice.

There can be only so many reasons why she's emulating the end game for our former cowardman, Brian Baird, who had a stellar record of accessibility up until his self-immolation at the end.

Apparently, the Camas Manikin not only couldn't find any reason to criticize Baird, she feels compelled to emulate his cowardice by refusing to confront her constituents unless they've been through the careful selection process her handlers require.

It's shameful that the GOP elected such a cowardly slimeball to represent us in Congress.  As a Republican, I've concluded that even democrat Denny Heck would have been better.  Electing a gutless pretty-girl who can't face a crowd?  We truly do have the government we deserve.

At least Heck wouldn't have been terrified to meet his constituents, unlike this waste of skin.

And no, I was unaware of this article when I wrote the post below.

Cross-posted at Jamie Herrera Watch.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The ongoing cowardice of Ridgefield Barbie continuuuuues.

Open up the democratian web page and there's yet another press release job by Harshman... and yet another meeting between the Camas Manikin and her hand-picked loyal subjects... all carefully orchestrated for maximum press and minimum policy impact.

I never had much use for our local Cowardman, Brian Baird. Unfortunately for us, Babs thought he was fine as a congresscritter, stating during the campaign that we had never heard her criticize him.
Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington.”
Well, since there's damned little difference between them, that's not surprising, particularly.

The reason I mention all that is, well, like him or hate him, for many years he was readily accessible, holding literally dozens of town hall meeting per year for a decade.

Babs, on the other hand, holds carefully orchestrated, typically tightly scripted meetings with hand selected people who will behave.

Courage and integrity have never been particular strong points on her part; her ongoing failure to meet with the people without running them all through TSA-style nonsense serves to re-enforce how frightened she is to speak unscripted, and how, instead of being quick on her feet, she moves intellectually with the speed of set concrete.

The result?

This kind of nonsense:
Herrera Beutler focuses on health care

She says feds shouldn’t cut rates for Medicare reimbursement

“Making sure providers can continue to provide quality health care is important to me,” U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, said Monday.
“Making sure providers can continue to provide quality health care is important to me,” U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, said Monday.

More like this

A handful of local providers gave Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler their thoughts on the rising costs of health care, Medicare and health care incentives during a roundtable discussion Monday afternoon.
Herrera Beutler held the hourlong, invite-only listening session at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. The discussion included PeaceHealth Southwest President Joe Kortum; Dr. Bob Djergaian, physician director for rehabilitation services; Dr. Brad Jensen, laboratory medical director; Dr. William McBride, a pulmonary and critical care provider for Southwest Medical Group; and Dr. Robin Virgin, a primary care provider for Southwest Medical Group.
The congresswoman invited the physicians to offer ideas for changes that could be made at the federal level.
“Making sure providers can continue to provide quality health care is important to me,” Herrera Beutler said.
Looming cuts to Medicare reimbursement rates are concerning for physicians, Djergaian said. Current rates don’t cover costs. Reducing rates by another 25 to 30 percent would make it even harder to provide care for Medicare patients, he said.
Herrera Beutler agreed and said the federal government shouldn’t reduce rates when current rates don’t cover costs. Reducing reimbursement rates is not a way to solve the problem with Medicare funding, she said.
“I would support a fix,” she said. “What I’d really like to see is a long-term fix.”
When reimbursement rates don’t cover the cost of providing the care, hospitals have to make up the difference elsewhere, Kortum said.
For example, PeaceHealth Southwest will bill about $1.3 billion for services this year. The medical center will only collect about $650 million. As a result, the medical center has to “jack up” its charges to make up the difference, Kortum said.

Our economy is a mess. Barbie has done her part by taking a vote that resulted in our downgrade by jacking up our debt ceiling... again... ladling us under another couple trillion dollars in debt.

We all make sacrifices. While some local state legislators have taken pay cuts and reduced their travel budgets and printing budgets, I haven't heard that about Babs. Of course, I could be wrong, but I have yet to hear about HER voluntary pay or benefit cut. And, what's say I don't hold my breath, eh?

Hopefully, as some point, she'll kick her training wheels loose. Meanwhile, we're stuck with the same kind of clueless idiocy that marks our leadership at the very top in the White House. And that can't be a good thing.

US Air Force on drugs? Looks like it.

Gives "up in the air, Junior Birdmen," a whole new meaning.

45 of 86 airmen since March fail spice tests
By Joe Gould - Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Aug 28, 2011 9:33:58 EDT
More than half of the airmen tested for spice have had positive results, according to the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System.
Military tests for the synthetic form of cannabis began in March, the same month the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a one-year ban on five chemicals used to make spice.
The Air Force banned the possession and use of spice and all mood-altering substances except alcohol and tobacco in June 2010. Some bases have barred airmen from entering nearby smoke shops known to sell spice and other man-made chemical compounds.
AFMES, a joint agency that performs medical investigations, conducts individual spice urinalyses for each of the services at the request of their individual criminal investigation agencies.
Forty-five of 86 airmen tested positive for spice since March. In the other services, 164 of 242 soldiers tested positive, and 113 of 183 sailors and Marines tested positive.
These positive rates emerged from a population already under investigation, said Col. Timothy Lyons, top forensic toxicology expert at AFMES. The numbers are not indicative of rates among service members, he said.
Dozens of manmade chemical compounds can be described as synthetic cannabinoids, so their effects on users are unpredictable, said Buddy Horne, deputy chief of the Army’s drug testing branch.
“When you have something with no quality control, no inspection processes, the majority of one batch can be sprayed with more concentration than another part,” Horne said. “Somebody’s making a product to sell, and they don’t care how toxic it is.”
There's more at the link, but come on, people.

Another example of why teacher unions suck: Tacoma schools, teachers' union in contract standoff

Teacher unions are scum.  Teacher union activists are scum.

In case these morons haven't noticed, our economy is in the toilet.  Instead of hitting their knees and thanking God each and every day that they HAVE a job, these slimeballs are doing this kind of crap instead:
Tacoma schools, teachers' union in contract standoff
Posted on August 29, 2011 at 7:12 AM
Updated today at 9:49 AM

TACOMA, Wash. -- In three days, school starts in Tacoma, but the school district and the teachers' union continue to fight over a new teacher contract.

Hundreds of teachers will meet at  4:30 p.m. Monday at Mt. Tahoma High School for an update on the contract negotiations. School signs around Tacoma still say school starts on September 1, yet negotiators have not yet reached a new deal.
On Wednesday, teachers could vote to strike or work without a new contract.  Some teachers said they don't want to go on strike, but think it is a possibility.

Both sides are having a tough time agreeing upon three major issues: class size, salary and new classroom policies.

The school district wants to add up to two more students per classroom and cut teachers' salaries up to 1.9 percent. But last week, the school district said it was surprised and frustrated when the teachers' union asked for a pay increase and less kids in class.

If we had a government that wasn't a wholly-owned WEA subsidiary, we'd have these slime arrested if they went on strike.  That would end it, in a hurry.

But the idea that in THIS economy, these worthless morons think we should pay them MORE?


Monday morning racism:

Yes, it's real.  I caught an ad for it last night on TV.

But it got me to thinking: how would "" be received?

How would a "White Congressional Caucus" make out?

How would a "Muscles: for men only" gym chain fare, as opposed to the discriminatory women-only "Curves?"

Well, fortunately, most Curves have gone out of business.  But while they were in operation, women seemed strangely silent about THAT little tidbit of discrimination... like because when discrimination is done in YOUR favor, it's perfectly OK.  Right, Ladies?

It's kind of like the overt discrimination against males being the only ones required to register for the draft.

No mass demonstrations demanding equality THERE, eh?

And that brings us to the race-based ""

I wondered: is there a ""

No, there isn't, per se'.  But use of that url redirects you to an age-based discriminator,, requiring you to be between the ages of 18 to 39 to sign up.

Odd, isn't it?  Apparently you can't be a black gen x'er. 

So, there's also an ", and perhaps a host of others.

It's nice to know that someone has found a way to commercialize bigotry and racism.  Well done.

McKenna's cowardice on the Cowlitz suit: politically driven... fear?

I'm not wild about RINO Rob McKenna.  I suppose I may vote for the guy, who killed the deal for me given his response to Gov. Scott Walker's union dealings, wherein he referred to Walkers actions as "terrorizing" those same thugs... not the attitude I want in a governor... but right now I'm leaning 50/50 for staying home.

Here locally, RINO Rob's non-response to the Clark County request for intervention by his office appears to be political cowardice.

Not because suing to keep the Cowlitz/Mohegan/Paskenta organized crime mob out of here is wrong; on the contrary, it's dead on.

But because RINO Rob has this forlorn hope that somehow, selling out to the tribes will keep them from pouring "heap big wampum" into Inslee's checkbook to get HIM elected instead, he's dithering.

Admittedly, Gregoire set the bar fairly low... as in, below sea level, when she rejected a tribal proposal to pay the State of Washington as much as $140 million per year in exchange for... well... nothing... while allowing the tribes to screw us on the gas tax.

Gee.  I wonder if the state could use $140 million a year about now?

Anywho, RINO Rob is afraid of the tribes, apparently.  They smell fear, ya know... political fear.

And RINO Rob's vacillating on the lawsuit has the stench of terror.

RINO Rob's apologist, Janelle Guthrie, told us this:
“The Office of the Attorney General has been asked to consider intervening in this case. We are considering our options and will be discussing these options with the Governor and our clients (relevant state agencies) to determine the most appropriate course of action.”
On the surface, at least, that doesn't seem terribly unreasonable.  But when you dig a little deeper, skunks smell like roses in comparison.

As almost any sentient being knows, RINO Rob joined the Obamacare lawsuit.  That blivet was and is unconstitutional in about every respect.

The question: did RINO Rob do this:
“The Office of the Attorney General has been asked to consider intervening in this case. We are considering our options and will be discussing these options with the Governor and our clients (relevant state agencies) to determine the most appropriate course of action.”
BEFORE he joined the suit?


Why didn't he?  So, he turns that crap on and off like a switch.  The result?

RINO Rob is prevaricating.  He's tap dancing.  He's hanging Clark County out to dry because he rather moronically (RINO Rob is, after all, a smart guy) thinks that he can either make a deal with the tribes or he can somehow lessen their impact on the elections if he throws Clark County under his campaign bus.

And that's the irony in all of this: Inslee gets the tribal money.  The democrats get the tribal money.  If McKenna were a tribal member, the democrats would STILL get all their money... so he's tap dancing for nothing.

And we're getting hurt because of it.

Thanks for nothing, RINO Rob.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More democrat hypocrisy: Gregoire TALKS about "diversity..." but doesn't practice it.

Given Laird's multiple rants against the right for slights real... and (mostly) imagined, it's notsurprising he's let Queen Chrissy slide for her white-bread cabinet/administrative offices.

This article sums it up far better than I ever could:

Gregoire touts diversity but fails to model it
Gregoire touts diversity but fails to model it 
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Gov. Chris Gregoire has spent part of this summer reshuffling her leadership team, adding two new people to her inner circle, elevating another to chief of staff and naming a new cabinet secretary.

All of them are white.

Gregoire's staffing selections have prolonged a trend that runs contrary to her vow to make diversity one of the chief initiatives of her administration. Minorities now account for more than one-quarter of Washington state residents, but Gregoire's entire senior staff is white and her cabinet of 26 has only two people of another race.

It's a gap that extends to rank-and-file workers. Just 18 percent of state employees as a whole are minorities, according to an AP analysis of state personnel records, and there's even less diversity among managers — only 16 percent of them are non-white.

The numbers are not getting any better: The percentage of minority hires has fallen from 18 percent in 2007 to just under 16 percent this past year.

Gregoire spoksman Scott Whiteaker said the governor understands the importance of diversity and has placed an emphasis on minority recruitment and retention.

"It's a challenge we don't shy away from and strive to continue to improve," Whiteaker said.

Supporters of diversity in state government believe an expanded minority presence would help officials better understand and work with the people they serve. Some pointed to a lack of diversity in social services that provide aid to a large segment of minority residents.

Gregoire herself has long touted the benefits of diversity.

"Because diversity is as important in the workplace as it is in the community, the Governor has selected a diverse staff within her office," Gregoire's website says.

Mighty white of her, eh?

I'm sure Laird will come after her as if she was opposed to loot rail or the CRC.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Russell: Christian?

A lot of Jon and Sarah Russell's shtick is their alleged "Christian" lives.

First, I believe that Jon Russell is as much a Christian as my Cavalier Spaniel.

As a general rule, Christians neither lie, nor cheat, not steal, nor allow a misleading silence to continue.

Odd then, isn't it, that every time he posts using a fake name to attack a political opponent or support a political ally, Jon Russell is, well, lying. Every time he told us he had a degree, he was, well, lying. Every time he referred to Sarah Russell as a doctor or physician, he was, well, lying.

Not very Christian of you, Jon.

And Sarah's failure to confirm both that she is the source of the comment posted here and that Jon has been posting under various fake names for years?

That's not very Christian of you, either.

Integrity is hard to come by in the political world these days. But for a couple involved in politics, and particularly when one of them is an elected official who holds himself up to be special because of his alleged religious foundations... to lie this way, to mislead this way... to neither confirm nor deny this way?

I think both of you are going to have a lot to answer for.

For a Christian, telling the truth is not a sometimes thing. For posers who turn that stuff on and off like a switch?

Not so much.

Situational ethics as opposed to spiritual. It's what's for dinner.

Friday, August 26, 2011

More rank hypocrisy from Brancaccio: When will he offer his newspaper to be taxed for this?

There are no limits on what he ladles out: Lou Brancaccio is the biggest hypocrite in SW Washington.

Any amount of public money to subsidize the Yakima Millionaires' effort to rape us here in Clark County is unacceptable... except, of course, to those who will benefit directly from the move.

You know, like Steve "The Liar" Stuart; "Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, those same millionaires, Clark College, prospective concessionaires who'll crank out their $6 beer in plastic cups, and, of course, the hypocrites at our local daily paper.

To them, ANY amount of public money spent for THEIR purposes is just swell. 

This garbage from Brancaccio is just another case in point.

Stuart came up with some more idiocy yesterday on his latest wild pitch to get just barely above amateur baseball, into Vancouver... sort of the nose-under-the-tent-flap approach for the bigger and better things he envisioned, culminating, no doubt, in his major league fantasy.

"The Liar" Stuart is a failed baseball player.  Aided by another failed player, Mike Bomar, they want to start the process of "bigger and better things" by subsidizing millionaires to come here and start setting up the equivalent of putt-putt baseball while they have US; that is, the 400,000 plus of us who will never set foot in this crap pile, pay for it.

To date, the taxpayers of Clark County have already wasted tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on staff time as Stuart does everything he can to pull the trigger.  That, of course, included pumping a few more rounds into the carcass yesterday with Stuart's bizarre "bribe the communities into accepting this scam" plan which is even worse then his usual idiocy.

So, along comes Brancaccio, who blabs about how unacceptable Stuart's "dead horse" plan is.  He goes on to comment below the article:
Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · University of Florida
When you read the entire editorial Friday you will see we still favor baseball coming here and we still support an entertainment tax to make that happen. What we strongly oppose is this new idea of giving the money to the cities and then cutting them off after five years. Many politicians have trouble stopping spending once they start.
 "Once they start?"  Brancaccio WANTS them to start... on us... with his continued, blithering support of this rape of those not ever going to watch this softball beer league play anything while further enriching the Yakima Millionaires.

What he FAILS to do is offer up HIS product, which is, after all, a purely optional product like entertainment (And given the amount of pure fiction this rag publishes, it may be best described as such) to be taxed... like he wants everything else unrelated to this crap pile taxed.  He has been asked... repeatedly... about this hypocrisy, but he refuses to answer.

No.  Not one taxpayer dime for this scam.

Not one.

You morons like Brancaccio, Stuart, Bomar and Owens want this crap? (Entirely fictional reports concerning the entirely fictional "economic benefit" for downtown Vancouver notwithstanding)

Then YOU pay for it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another strike out on the baseball scam.

We already know that Steve "The Liar" Stuart doesn't give a damn about our money; he spends it, not only like a drunken sailor, but like a drunken fleet.

I get that such an application could be pasted to anyone scamming us on the CRC.  But the fact is this: for a man bent on raping us for billions, $20 million, more or less, is like a tip for lunch in comparison.

The problem the ballpark has it the owners are demanding that we, the taxpayers, gratefully bend over for their barely above amateur baseball team by spending 17 million or so for the baseball equivalent of putt-putt golf.

The initial proposal of the Yakima Millionaires, a 30/70 split, was a non-starter.  That those shilling this tertiary syphilis in the guise of a "must have" ballpark didn't care that this would screw 400,000 people in Clark County as they put THEIR hands in OUR pockets to build THEIR ballpark.

That deal is over... because apparently, Stuart wasn't thrilled about looking out the 6th floor of their puzzle palace and seeing the people of this county massed below with pitch forks and torches, hanging him in effigy... presuming he's sober enough to see them.

Instead, he's performing the government equivalent of CPR on that dead horse, and bribing the communities that would get stuck with the tab by advocating that application of this ballpark tax begin immediately, but allowing the "jurisdictions" to KEEP what they steal for the first 5 whole years... if they promise to turn over the rest to the thieves from Yakima for the next 20 after the 5.

Boldt, who seems to find himself incapable of saying "no" to fellow democrat Stuart, is going along with this garbage... practically guaranteeing a challenge from his right since he's forgotten what the label "Republican" is SUPPOSED to mean.

Effectively, Stuart is attempting to bribe the revenue hungry "jurisdictions" by providing them with a few pieces of silver up front, so they can get the rest of the 30 pieces they need later... because "later" means some nebulous date down the road... "out of sight, out of mind" and all that rot.

Bob Knight lied yesterday when he told the world that all the $60 million they're sitting on... and no part thereof and no FUTURE increase in that number can't be applied to the ballpark.  There is a HUGE difference between "can't" and "won't."  And this is a "won't."  The simple solution is to look at Bob and say "Bob, if you won't, we won't either.  C'ya, and tell the Yakima Millionaires they can take their ballpark scam down the road to Milwauke."

The underlying problem remains unchanged.  Scum like Stuart want to use our money so he can catch a ballgame every now and then while he continues to tax the people of this community while ignoring those who should be taxed.  He continues to demand that those who actually GO to one of these putt-putt ball games pay next to nothing, while the money to pay for this crime be extorted in larger amounts from the hundreds of thousands of us who'll never set foot in their steaming pile. 

No tax on those making money off of us.  No tax on the newspaper.  No tax on the concessionaires.  No tax on the owners.   No REAL tax on those buying tickets.... just on those of us living our lives perfectly well  without getting screwed by Stuart and the rest.

Nothing he spewed yesterday changes any of that.  This proposal, like the first extortion note, should be rejected out of hand and these slimeballs should be shown the door... permanently.

If Stuart and Bomar and the rest of the slime shilling this want it, then they should pay for it.  This crock pile that claims, on a bought and paid for study by the baseball team , to actually bring in over $200 million over 10 years (An obvious and outright lie; if that were true Yakima would be falling all over themselves to keep these people instead of yawning with jaw-breaking boredom at the thought) should have no difficulty acquiring completely private financing to build; and those who stand to profit off this turd should be the one's stuck with the bill.

You've just struck out again, Stuart.  And if Boldt keeps stringing you along, come November of 2012, he'll be striking out as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The democratian's non-response on the Russell scam: Memo to Ray

The clowns at the rag have weighed in on the evidence Sarah Russell provided that Jon Russell has been using fake names on the newspaper and other comment areas and blogs to attack political opponents.

First of all, she did, in fact, make the comment. One thing the writer, Ray Whateverhisnameis could have done... you know, like a real journalist? Is to call me or email me and ask me.

Second, my sources tell me that Jon Russell has been identified as having as many as 20 different identities... in the old Columbian alone.

Third, I have proof that it was Sarah Russell.

Fourth, her comment is still up; had you bothered to click on the link that was her name, you would see that it was posted in the bottom of the comment section here:

Fifth, her failure to confirm or deny pretty much tends to be an acknowledgment, both that she made the comment and that Russell uses fake identities.

If this is what passes for "journalism" here, then there's really no wonder that you people are bleeding money every day.

I seem to recall the massive outrage screamed about here because I had bee writing letters using a fake name for years. I had a front page story, and at least 3 columns as I recall.

But in this case? The response was, well, muted. Where's the "outrage?" Where's all that principled nonsense that you clowns pull out whenever you need it?

This is confirmation that an elected official, and official who has lied about his education for years, an official who oversaw the debacle of Washougal finances and the Stacy Sellars drama... feels compelled to use fake names on multiple publications to attack his political opponents.

I remember what you people tried to do to me. One wonders: was all that faux outrage because I disagree with the fringe left politics of those running your show, and wasn't afraid to let you all hear about it? Or was it the real deal?

Well, this blog nonsense here tends to confirm that, doesn't it? And your failure to treat Russell the same way you've come after me? Well, that certainly speaks for itself.

Earthquake news breaking in DC: Obama has just confirmed...

President Obama has just confirmed that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure fault-line, apparently known as "Bush's Fault".

Just sayin.  (HT Americans Against Acorn)


Fake college graduate and failed candidate Jon Russell must have missed the classes on irony.

Things have been a bit difficult for Jon Russell since his wife, Sarah, confirmed that he'd been using fake names and identities to attack political opponents on blogs and on comment sections of various newspapers.

So, imagine my surprise when I read this:
Washougal Councilman Jon Russell said during last night’s meeting he understands it is a process that involves a public hearing, but he does not have “high hopes” of people giving their names and addresses while speaking in favor of medical marijuana collective gardens.
Russell, who has lacked the courage to attack his numerous political opponents openly, has relied on lying about who he is and where he lives for years.

Irony is defined as, among other things, a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.

For a Jon Russell to make such a claim as the one above, is to manage to peg the Irony meter in ways the developers never imagined.

Just sayin'.

More idiocy from the democratian: Do Your Homework.

Two of the top issues on the rags moronic agenda are screwing us with a ballpark they won't pay a dime for and shafting us with yet another tax increase for yet another agency that doesn't need it, C-Trans.

The reply?

Simple: No to both.

The ballpark is something the local stain on the science of journalism wants because they stand to make money off of it. They wants US to pay for it while THEY don't pay a dime. That kind of rank hypocrisy is reason enough to do everything possible to kill this deal... but when added to no vote on the project and the idea we're enriching the Yakima Millionaires baseball team?

The fact is that this rag has lied, exaggerated and ignored "inconvenient truths" when it comes to the massive, unconscionable waste of tens of millions for replacing a bridge that does not need to be replaced while stuffing loot rail down our throats without asking us.  And yet, they demand that WE do OUR "homework," homework THEY ignore with every reeking endorsement they spew out.

The slimeballs running CTrans don't care what we want: they won't listen. They gerrymandered the tax district to exclude tens of thousands of "no" votes that forced us all to pay a tax we did not want to pay and were not asked about. Their ability to waste money and support of the CRC kills the deal for me, forever... and a "no" vote on those infrequent occasions when we're ALLOWED to vote is the only thing clowns like you... and on the CRC can understand.

That the slime running this rag want it is reason enough to oppose it. And when it goes down to defeat, watch this paper spin like a top to explain it.

Vote NO on Prop 1.

Troubling signs of the Nazi mentality springing up amongst the democrats.

Most who have a basic awareness of 20th century history have some vague understanding of the Nazi's use of the Jews as a tool to assign "blame" for the post-World War One Germany economy, among other things.

Using a relatively small in numbers and stereo-typically well-off demographic of people, the Germans used that blame, and that focus as a way to whip up the more bigoted, lower socio-economic masses and unite those masses in support of the Nazi Party/Hitler et al and their policies.

While we know the results of that effort, not many Americans are aware of the Nuremberg Laws, laws that when implemented, aided in the suspension of civil rights, subjecting Jews to confiscation of their property and their subsequent slaughter in concentration camps.
So, what does this have to do with democrats?

Easy.  For the fringe left nutters, the Tea Party is the modern day equivalent of the Jews of the 30's in Germany.

For racist bigots like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a legendary nutjob form Compton, who, like Himmler wanted to send the Jews to hell, wants to send the Tea Party and its members to hell, their effort to ramp up the rhetoric, particularly and rather hypocritically in the wake of the Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shooting and the subsiquent civility pleas, has the same overtones... and to a greater or lesser degree, the same goals.

It's not just Waters, of course.  Joltin' Joe Biden, the legendary democrat hypocrite who first, rightfully, tried to warn us that Obama wasn't ready to be president, only to abandon that principled stand so Obama could avoid the embarrassment of Biden nipping at his heals, telling people that Obama wasn't the guy.

He refers to Tea Party types as "terrorists."  That's OK, I suppose: I refer to Biden as a drunk.

And then this racist bigot,
REP. FREDERICA WILSON, D-FLA.: Let's all remember who the real enemy is. And the real enemy is the Tea Party!
WILSON: There is no compromising with them. They have one goal in mind, and that's to make President Obama a one-term president.
So now, those wise enough to oppose the fringe-left neo-communism advocated by the likes of Biden, Waters and Wilson are now to be classified as "enemies."

Well, I got your enemy hanging.

It's also bizarre to discover as a brief aside, that when the GOP elects a president, it is NOT, apparently, the goal of the democrats to make that person a "one-term president."


But the ramping up of the rhetoric is troubling.  I get that the fringers are desperate.  I get that nothing is working for them, their Golden Boy president is an abysmal failure and their chances in 2012 look suicidal.  I get all of that.

But that does not entitle them to emulate the Goebbels of the world in an effort to Nazi-fy our elections.

Because one could only imagine what the results would be were the GOP to engage in the same.

Additionally, Waters and Wilson happen to be black.  They are charter members of that organization that were the whites in Congress to engage in would have seen them hounded out of town: The Congressional Black Caucus, a group no white can join.  By definition, membership in a race based group that excludes based on color is both racist... and bigoted.

And, BTW: I condemn this kind of thing from ANY source.  It's the kind of thing that ultimately results in blood getting spilled, and the United States is SUPPOSED to be above that sort of thing.

More leftist hypocrisy: Dems slam McKenna car lease that Gregoire got too

There's been a minor dust up over McKenna's car lease.  Democrats, inculcated with the double-standard so wildly displayed by the fringe-left editorial page editor of the democratian, John Laird, went bat-poop crazy when they "discovered" by reading another Goebbelian-type fringe left nutter propagandist by the name of Joel Connelly that McKenna was getting use of a car for his campaign.

That such use, if declared as an in-kind up to the $1600 per cycle cap is perfectly legal is beside the point:

The point is that Queen Chrissy got the exact, same, deal.

Precisely.  To the last period at the end of the last sentence.

To the nutters infesting the media and the democrats, that matters not.  THAT, you see, is somehow, well, "different."

Because, as we all know, it's ALWAYS "different" when one of their own does the precise same thing they accuse the GOP or its candidates of doing.
Dems slam McKenna car lease that Gregoire got too
Posted by Jim Brunner
The state Democratic Party is trying hard to make hay this morning out of a media report that Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna was getting "free" use of a leased car for his campaign.
Party Chairman Dwight Pelz seized on a report by columnist Joel Connelly about the Honda Pilot. The headline on the story said McKenna was getting "free" use of the car.
Actually, the $475-a-month lease from Honda Auto Center of Bellevue was reported as an in-kind contribution to the McKenna for Governor campaign. That's a legal campaign donation, subject to the $1,600 per-election limit. Once the cap is reached, the campaign will have to start paying directly for the car.
Connelly suggested the use of the car was somehow troubling because McKenna, as attorney general, oversees consumer complaints against auto dealers. (Though he noted the Honda dealer had no recent complaints against it). Democrats plan a news conference this afternoon to highlight what they call a "clear conflict of interest."
Left unmentioned in the Connelly piece and the Democratic attacks was that Democrat Chris Gregoire did the same thing when she was attorney general running for governor in 2004. (A GOP spokesman made that point to local political news site this morning.)

Now, the dems should have known better.  Joel Connelly is the same kind of fringer who would have been put in charge of writing opinion pieces for the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party newspaper during the run-up to their take-over of Germany before the war.

The dems, who only see and hear what they want to see and hear (Which provides a great explanation as to why they're dems in the first place), were hung out to dry by the PI's major reason for bankruptcy.  So, instead of utilizing common sense, they just made a big political deal out of it based entirely on Connelly's say so.

Big mistake.

And now, it's blowing up in their collective face.

I'm not wild about McKenna.  I probably will not vote for either of these candidates running; I know Inslee isn't worth it.

But this kind of playground BS is part and parcel of the democrat shtick.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Laird climbs another rung on the hypocrisy ladder: The biggest fringe left complainer complains about anyone to the right of Lenin "complaining."

Years go by and this scumbag has yet to take his fellow fringe-left slimeballs to task for destroying our economy, wrecking our foreign policy, killing and wounding American troops and allowing others, namely Iran, to do the same and get away with it. (Although in the interest of fairness (an unheard of element in Laird's bizarro world) I will also blame Bush for the same thing: allowing Iran to kill us with impunity) and having a party and president that's biggest mark on this country has been guiding our economy into a downgrade.

I don't mind loyalty.  I was loyal to the GOP for years... decades... until I discovered that blind allegiance to anything results in stupidity.  John Laird's blind allegiance to his fringe-left whack job ideology in the form of this column being just his latest case in point.

Being a total moron, Laird doesn't understand that the issue isn't Obama going on vacation; the entire country would benefit if he went on PERMANENT vacation.
It's that this simple idiot in chief is going on vacation NOW, while people are going jobless and the market is in a freefall.

Anyone who didn't put his fringe-left affiliation ahead of his country, as Laird so obviously does, would question the timing of this scumball heading to a multi-millionaire enclave for yet another vacation instead of staying in the White House to address the problems... the pain... the generations of debt he's caused the people of this nation.

He claims he's got a "plan," but is such a careless idiot that he won't tell us what it is until he gets back from his vacation.

Political cowards like Laird know that.  Cowards like Laird know the damage his fellow travelers have caused us all.  But that is meaningless to a rank hypocrite like Laird... the biggest complaining crackpot this region has ever known.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What the American Cancer Society Relay for Life is about:


Taken last night at around 11:15 at Battle Ground Stadium.

Thanks again to the Battle Ground School District and Superintendent Shonny Bria and Kevin Jolma, Director-Facilities and Operations.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rest of today through Monday, light blogging: ACS Relay for Life in Battle Ground Stadium (My alma mater, class of 2009)

Doing my yearly bit for the American Cancer Society for the rest of the weekend.  Come on by starting around 9:00 am Saturday and give us all a look.  My wife and I will be working the Luke's Lego-cy booth.

We'll be there through Sunday morning and then taking time to recover.

Memo to Pat Campbell: Go. Away.

You and your pro bridge/loot rail position were rejected by 68% of the voters.

Didn't you get the message?

Go away.


The continuing self-delusion and reality failure of the democratian: Campbell lost because of his moronic position on the CRC and loot rail, period.

There is nothing... no argument, no set of facts, no scenario, that would peel the democratian off their moronic positions on replacing a bridge that does not need replacement while stuffing loot rail down our throats with it.

Pat Campbell shares that view. And he got his ass kicked at the polls because of it.

The rag, of course, refuses to acknowledge the impacts of the ever-increasing horrific news about financing our local bridge turd. So, forgetting how Campbell got elected in the first place, the rag tries to sell the idea that his defeat was based on his failure to campaign.

They write that nonsense forgetting all about how he was elected in the first place.

Among other things, they write:

Pat Campbell this year chose to avoid campaigning and let his service on the Vancouver City Council speak for itself.
It did.  And THAT is why he lost.

But to acknowledge that is to acknowledge how horrifically wrong they've been about the project that was Campbell's political undoing.

As a brief reminder, the two candidates who combined achieved 67% of the vote are somewhat more opposed to the proposition that wasting $8 to $10 billion on a project that will achieve none of it's aims... and doing that without asking us... is not a good idea.

Campbell was infected with the arrogance of a "Liar" leavitt, an inexhaustable ability to spend our money.

And THAT is what defeated him.

This kind of idiocy from the democratian represents why they've become such a cancer on our community.  They are ALWAYS right, ALL the time.

Even when, as this column proves, they're terribly, terribly wrong.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drag Racing at Portland International Raceways on Aug 13, 2011 (109.03 @ 12.71)



Sarah Russell, wife of Jon Russell, confirms that Russell has been using fake names to comment on articles and blogs.

It has been long alleged that Jon Russell has repeatedly made up identities for purposes of commenting on blogs and in newspaper articles on line.  Russell, himself, has repeatedly denied such allegations.

Today, his wife confirms the allegations are true.

This comment was left on my Jon Russell Watch Blog by Sarah Russell, his wife:

Sarah Russell said...

I'm sure no one will believe anything I have to say on the topic, but I promised someone that if I had the time and energy, I would jump on an refute any known fallacies on this blog. SO, Here's for one: Jon Russell may have used aliases and fake names in the past but has not commented, blogged or otherwise produced written material under any fake names for over 6 months. I personally have no idea who these fake names belong to, but I have to refute the false allegations. I know it must come as a shock to some that there might be other persons out their using fake names and disliking this or that political figure, but I'm breaking the news now: there must be! Thanks for letting me set the record straight. Sarah Russell

This acknowledgment of Jon's basic, dishonest nature may be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Jon has REPEATEDLY denied the truth. 

And now, you confirm it.

Well, here's my response:

I appreciate you stopping by, but your admission here... now... when you knew he was doing this 6 months ago?

It amounts to what we in politics refer to as a "when did you stop beating your wife" moment.

The issue isn't that he's stopped... although my sources tell me he hasn't come close to stopping and that he had numerous identities on various newspapers...


For elected officials or candidates, using fake names to attack others and to engage in character assassination is NOT a luxury any elected official can afford. And then... to lie about it?
I freely admit I used a fake name and may continue to do so in the future.

But what am *I* elected to? What have *I* EVER been elected to?

Jon Russell has shilled himself as this honest, Christian kind of guy. He looked me in the eye over two years ago and solemnly told me that he'd "changed." That "holding his newborn daughters in his arms" has made him different.

Even invoking his children, he couldn't help but lie to me.

Because he had not changed... and in this regard, you have confirmed it.

Jon should resign. Now. Today.

He has lied REPEATEDLY on this issue... which begs the question: what else is he lying about... and to who?
This, of course, now amounts to what the democratian euphemistically calls "a paper trail."

Will they act and do what has to be done?

Because if they don't treat him the same way they've treated me... well, that will confirm a great deal... won't it?

Are we going to see Brancaccio hold Russell up and beat him to a pulp?  Or will he get a pass because I beat the hell out of Lou and the despicable rag he runs?

Cross posted at Jon Russell Watch.

The unbearable arrogance and ignorance of Jon Russell.

Every once in a while, the rag's political blogger hit men and women take a break and put something up they believe to be"funny."

Showing Steve "The Liar" Stuart and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt to be overgrown adolescent drunks was, well, both illuminating AND funny.

Getting Jon Russell's take on ANYTHING?

Not funneh.  Actually, rather pathetic.

Russell has never won a competitive election... anywhere.  A rank political hypocrite who recently was moronic enough to call out Ridgefield Barbie, for HER "feeling of self-importance..." the same Herrera he endorsed after bailing out of yet another of his miserable campaigns; this time, laughingly enough, for Congress; the idea that his spin is meaningful, or he has insights not readily available to a board fence is absurd.

Who Russell labels what is meaningless.  His positions are meaningless kabuki theater, all designed for the greater glory of Russell.

His efforts to pack the city council so he can become the defacto mayor are as transparent as the wind whistling, unimpeded, through the ear holes of his head.

Russell's tenure on the Washougal City Council has been marked with disaster.  He's done everything he can to get OUT of Washougal; he's done everything he can to screw UP Washougal; he markets himself as some sort of expert on a wide variety of things, using the worst of leadership techniques (Take credit for ANYTHING good; deflect and blame others for anything bad.) as his meme because he can't seem to help it.

The terminology he uses on his blog, for example, is language typically preserved for Senate campaigns... or presidential campaigns.
"They will advance with great momentum into the General Election,"Russell observed.
They.... what?  Who talks that way?  This sounds like a failed English exam.

And this crock:

He remarked that 60 percent of voters in each race rejected the "status quo."
And about 70% of the voters rejected his shills.  He doesn't seem to mention that.

It's this kind of nonsense... this self-important arrogance that plays a major role in Russell's numerous defeats.  He's convinced people are stupid, and if he lies enough and paints them a false enough picture, they'll support him.

He simply does not understand that honesty really is the best policy.

Claiming to be a conservative who picked up his 30 pieces of silver to ram the biggest tax increase in local history through in the guise of the Vancouver Port Levy he worked so hard to pass.... lying about having a degree but writing like he has a doctorate off a matchbook university.... overseeing the disaster of the still-missing $100,000.... signing off on Stacee Sellars excess in Vegas using the city checkbook.... using his position as a failed campaign prop... Lying about his wife being a doctor.... failing to follow the reporting laws for his campaign.... using state representative campaign funds to pay congressional campaign debt...

These are the DNA of Jon Russell.  His remarkable ability to lie, to twist, to exaggerate. to blame others for his own failings... these things represent the very worst of politics.

And so does Jon Russell.

Cross posted at Jon Russell Watch.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Legacy of the Oregon Cons (Ducks) continues: Star QB and others get stupid; busted the SECOND time for going 118.

Character of any organization extends from the top down... just one of the reasons, as a brief aside, why I despise the local rag.

In this case, the band of thugs Chip Kelly puts together and coddles is a case in point.

A while back, one of his thugs decked a Boise State player, after the game, something that would have seen you or me in prison.  He's now in the NFL when, instead, he should be in prison.

A star QB engages in the Ducks time-honored tradition of burglary and trafficking in stolen goods.

Now?  118 MPH and pot.... for the second time... IN TWO MONTHS.

And let's see... driving while suspended, no reckless driving, the smell of pot, and no search of the car.... and no arrest.

Nahhhhh.... no special treatment THERE, right?

Some programs are just stuck on stupid.  ANd so are some state patrolmen.
Trooper to 118 mph Cliff Harris: 'Who’s got the marijuana?'

Trooper to 118 mph Cliff Harris: 'Who’s got the marijuana?'
»Play Video

NEAR ALBANY, Ore. – Unedited dashboard camera footage from an Oregon State Police patrol car acquired by KATU News shows a trooper scolding Oregon Ducks stars Cliff Harris and Darron Thomas after pulling them over at 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning in June.
The following incident unfolded over an hour and two minutes.

Harris was ticketed for going 118mph in a 2011 Nissan Altima and driving while suspended. His family paid the fine, which was over $1,600. The car had been rented by a University of Oregon employee.

Telemetry recorded on the video footage shows the OSP trooper, David Stallsworth, pushing his patrol car to 141 miles per hour to catch the speeding Altima near Albany. Once his blue and red lights are activated, the Altima quickly pulls over.
&Watch the dashboard camera video

Stallsworth then approaches the car with a flashlight, tells the men in the car they are being recorded and asks to see the hands of all those inside.
Players with cars.  Players with money.   Players recruited illegally.  Players committing felony assault. Players suspended for about 10 minutes.

Harris and the other guys will likely have to run 5 extra laps.  They should be expelled.

The Oregon Ducks.  You've got to love these guys.

If you need a prison team.

The playground ethos of Jon Russell.

Russell is an interesting guy.

He doesn't know squat about politics or elections; has the integrity of your basic alley cat and would lie to your face, as he has to mine (and many others) if he thought it would get him elected  to something....  In fact, he's just like Steve "The Liar" Stuart and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt in that regard, as well as sharing their fringe left democrat views about jacking up our taxes.... if he can scam a paycheck out of the deal.

Why Delavar views his involvement in his campaign as anything but an anchor around his neck is a mystery to me.

And this is the kind of crap that proves the point:

While these two are partying their socks off. Delavar and I were hitting some high altitude on Mt. Adams.
Lew Waters · Top Commenter · Works at Curmudgeon & Blogger
Pathetic Jon, really pathetic.

Some things are done just for fun, not to further politics.
You take yourself too seriously Lew.

  • Kage McClued · Owner/Writer at Clark County Politics Blog
    I'm reminded of the kid never picked for kickball on the play ground.

    While these two are acting like idiots OUT of the office instead of just acting like idiots IN the office, NO ONE CARES what you do. Comes with the territory of being an ego-maniacal politician that gives the rest a bad name.
The "mee-too, mee-too" element of this is undeniable.

It's the kind of thing which serves to confirm that faux-conservative Jon Russell is unfit for any elective office... this among many others issues he has.

And Jon, spare me the hypocrisy of your "forgiveness." You are not in a position to provide it, and if your responses do not directly address the substance of these matters, you will not be posted here.

Cross-posted at Jon Russell Watch.