Monday, March 31, 2014

Medical Pot and Collective Gardens ruled illegal in Washington State Court of Appeals.

Sometimes, people don't know when to keep their mouth's shut.


Today, Division 1 of the Court of Appeals issued a decision in the Cannabis Action Coalition, Arthur West v. City of Kent case, which may trigger some media attention.  That’s why I am forwarding this information.

The City of Kent banned medical marijuana collective gardens/dispensaries.  The Cannabis Action Coalition (Arthur West, Steve Sarich, John Worthington, & Deryck Tsang – Mr. Tsang owned a collective garden in Kent) sued the City of Kent, alleging that it could not ban collective gardens.  The Court of Appeals decided that the City of Kent (and any other municipality) may ban collective gardens/dispensaries and went further in its decision.

The Court said that medical marijuana and collective gardens are not legal in the state of Washington. The Court said that the section which made the possession and use of marijuana by medical marijuana patients legal was voided when the Governor vetoed the section in ESSSB 5073 establishing a voluntary registry at DOH for medical marijuana patients. Therefore, medical marijuana patients and collective gardens only have the ability to prove an affirmative defense if charged criminally for possessing marijuana.  They do not have the protection from arrest and prosecution, because the section legalizing marijuana was conditioned on voluntary registration with the DOH registry.

Here is the link to the Court of Appeals decision:

Of course they are: Fighting Words: German Finance Minister Schäuble Says Putin's Crimea Plans Reminiscent of Hitler

And Obama's responses resembles Nevil Chamberlin's.


German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: A questionable
comparison could add fuel to the fire in Crimean crisis.
Fighting Words: Schäuble Says Putin's Crimea Plans Reminiscent of Hitler

By Christian Reiermann

He's not the first to do it, but he's a big enough player that it could worsen tensions. On Monday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said he saw parallels between Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea and Adolf Hitler's land grab of Sudetenland.

As Germany's Mr. Euro, Wolfgang Schäuble is one of the country's best-known politicians abroad. When the finance minister speaks, people generally tend to listen. But on Monday morning, public statements at his ministry raised eyebrows. Schäuble made statements drawing parallels between the politics of Adolf Hitler and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Schäuble said Russia's actions in Ukraine remind him of the expansionism of Nazi Germany. "Hitler already adopted such methods in Sudetenland," Schäuble said at a public event at the Finance Ministry in Berlin on Monday morning. "That's something that we all know from history." Schäuble's comments were directed at the justification provided by the Russians for annexing Crimea. Russian officials claim ethnic Russian residents of the peninsula are threatened by Ukraine. The Nazis argued similarly in the 1938 that "ethnic Germans" in peripheral regions of what was then Czechoslovakia required protection.

Given stewing tensions between Russia and the West and the finance minister's political prominence in Europe, Schäuble's comments could further intensify discord.

The finance minister made the comments while speaking to 50 school children from Berlin participating in a government-organized EU Project Day. Schäuble answered children's' questions about European unity and the euro crisis. He made his remarks after a student asked if the Ukraine crisis could potentially intensify the euro zone's problems. Schäuble said the most important thing was to prevent Ukraine from becoming insolvent. He said if the government in Kiev were no longer able to pay its security forces, "then of course some armed bands would seek to take power." That, he warned, could serve as a pretext for a Russian intervention. "The Russians would then say they can't accept that, that they are threatening our Russian population. Now we have to protect them, and that is our reason for invading."

Much More:

The overwhelming stench of Brancaccio's hypocrisy.

Lou turned himself into a moron yesterday with his idiotic sniveling over a likely set up bitchfest about a small Benton campaign sign.

As previously described here, Brancaccio's hypocrisy is legendary.  But this?  This is way over the top.

Tiffany Couch, a heroine of the CRC wars, blew so many holes in Brancaccio in the comments section underneath Lefty's idiocy that he can't even hold water this morning.  But what pegged the hypocrisy meter from Brancaccio was this:
  • Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · Editor in chief at The Columbian
    Your damage control is appreciated Tiffany. I suspect you're not used to being challenged when you say false things. I knew you were a supporter of some folks but I never thought you'd wade into defending defenseless positions. I'm sorry to see that. Fair enough. At least we know where you stand. Thanks.
For THIS lying scumbag to tell someone else... particularly someone else instrumental in handing him his ass in a basket, that HE "suspect(s) she's not used to being challenged when SHE says false things?"

This from, perhaps, the biggest liar this county has ever SEEN?

This kind of arrogance is just one of the reasons to despise scum like him.

For Lefty Lou to seriously challenge someone ELSE'S veracity given his year's long record of lies, distortions, attacks, insults and cancer on our community?  To say this to someone ELSE is the very height of hypocrisy.  It is, in fact, the very definition of the word.

Not everyone smart enough to disagree with this ass clown has a hidden motive or agenda.  Most actually have the common sense missing from Lefty's world that is given to a box of rocks.  Lefty lies by inference, and walks directly into Tiffany's fan, where she slices his lying ass into sushi.

And then Greg Owens of all people whacks him upside the head with a reality check, and THIS moron comes back with a claim that "It's important to develop personal responsibility?"

Since when has Brancaccio shown a scintilla of it?

Lou, you seriously need help.  Your journalistic irresponsibility and jihad against those smart enough to cut you under at the knees shows your obsession about retaliation and your inability to grasp how much you look like a bully, a playground punk.

All of this reflects back on the guy who owns your paper.  And he would be money ahead to kick your ass to the curb, pronto.

Here, unedited, are the facebook discussions in question:
Tiffany LeMay Couch · Top Commenter · Principal at Acuity Forensics
I did a stupid thing. I watched this stupid video, and found some problems with these "allegations". First, I live in the 49th district. This street is directly below my house and is IN the 49th district. How did not one, but two Benton signs get there in the first place? Strike 1. In the last 2 months or so we have had an inordinate amount of road construction on HWY 99.... with streets being opened up and repaved. You can imagine the amount of dirt, grease, and debris that would be on this pristine white sign given this, a major snow storm, and the latest round of rainstorms. Strike 2. You can't be a good citizen and pick up the trash and the suspect sign?! Strike 3. I cringe at the embarrassing stuff that the Columbian continues to do. It is so totally unprofessional and juvenile that there are no words for it. Truly unbelievable!
  • Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · Editor in chief at The Columbian
    When you make a charge like this against a citizen like Jim Carrie I hope you have something to back it up. Why would he have Don Benton signs like that from months ago waiting for -- what? -- his anticipation that Benton would months later decide to level a litter fine against us? You funny.
  • Tiffany LeMay Couch · Top Commenter · Principal at Acuity Forensics
    I made no charge against any citizen here - only a charge against the Columbian for not doing their own due diligence, as one would expect from a responsible, reputable newspaper. If you're going to make an allegation that there are signs littered by Benton - or anyone for that matter - than you have to look at all potential sides. You didn't. I'm just pointing out additional information that might allow for readers to make an informed decision.
  • Tiffany LeMay Couch · Top Commenter · Principal at Acuity Forensics
    I'm sure a fine editor like you "knows" when to use "know" and "no"....SIGH....Mr. Brancaccio - I hate the stupid stuff that is happening with our County government. Most of us do. But, to let yourself and your newspaper stoop to such blatant and juvenile tactics on a regular basis is truly cringe-worthy. Seriously, just elevate yourself to a higher standard, at least above the curb level and out of the gutter. It would be the first step towards bringing this County together, as you claim you wish to do. Just back up your words with actions. That is all.
  • Tiffany LeMay Couch · Top Commenter · Principal at Acuity Forensics
    One more thought and then I'll go. It's beautiful and sunny where I'm sitting right now. There's no greater place to live or work than right here in Clark County. There are so many great people and great stories to tell. Stories about work, stories about giving, stories about kids, stories about selfless acts, stories about the awesome place we have the privilege of residing in. I know for a fact some of those stories are happening in the County offices, among other places. I encourage you to seek out those people and those stories. Start telling people about all of the POSITIVES about where we live and work and how we come together for the good of each other. Just like this beautiful spring day, it would be refreshing. A welcome change. Heck, it might even sell some newspapers!
  • Ed Ruttledge · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
    Tiffany LeMay Couch : " Start telling people about all of the POSITIVES about where we live and work..."

    Here's some! We're gonna have a third bridge real soon! Your FB friend, County Commissioner David Madore promised not only would there be an East County Bridge crossing the mighty Columbia River, he implied we'd all be driving on it in five years! Wow! That's great news!
  • Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · Editor in chief at The Columbian
    Your damage control is appreciated Tiffany. I suspect you're not used to being challenged when you say false things. I knew you were a supporter of some folks but I never thought you'd wade into defending defenseless positions. I'm sorry to see that. Fair enough. At least we know where you stand. Thanks.
  • Tiffany LeMay Couch · Top Commenter · Principal at Acuity Forensics
    Sorry to hear that you continue to want to get in the weeds with me. Damage control? Sorry you see it that way. It was a sincere attempt to be nice. Also, defending a position? Nowhere in my comments have I defended Don Benton or his actions or this proposed tax. Nor will I. I solely wanted to point out the idiocy of the video you chose to post and the fact that additional considerations should have been mentioned.
  • Tiffany LeMay Couch · Top Commenter · Principal at Acuity Forensics
    As for Mr. Rutledge, you seriously don't want to get in the weeds with me on the CRC. Please. I'm so over that....aren't you? I for one would like to see us come together and move forward. If Mr. Madore supports a third bridge or an 8th bridge on the west or the east or on the moon - then more power to him. That has nothing to do with me. He's not been a client of mine for more than a year, now. But nice try. Did you know that RTC supports an eastside bridge (as well as a westside one).... and if you look at the numerous corridor studies that occurred between 1999 and 2004, before the CRC office opened, you'd see that the very same engineers who became the contractors on the CRC project actually proposed one as well. Here's a link to one of many reports that include the concept. I can send you more, if you'd like. Message me at and I will send them to you. Have a great day!

The responses here automatically assume/presume the worst from Tiffany.  Because for Lou, any time he deals with someone he despises, they're guilty... until proven innocent.

During Boldt's abortive re-election campaign where I hammered him like a nail over his failures as a commissioner, I was routinely... and falsely... charged with being paid by Madore to beat up my own brother in law.

Within the last month, at least one of the fringe-left CRC Scammer types alleged that Madore was continuing to pay me... even though neither he nor anyone connected to him, directly or indirectly, has or ever will pay me for what I write here.

To these clowns, the very idea that people can object to their idiocy, stupidity and arrogance MUST be because there's a dollar figure attached.

The idea that one could, in fact, live here and demand that those who are SUPPOSED to actually PROVIDE the truth do so and be held accountable when they don't (You know, like Brancaccio, Leave-it or Stuart?) can ONLY be driven by dollars, or a lust for power,  or a crank political philosophy is the red meat of the left.

When did anyone from Lou's side of the political spectrum EVER make an effort to fight for political compromise?

His response... and the response of all of those on his side from Royce to Craig to Ed to Tiffany to Ed to Steve... is uniformly to attack... to ignore... to belittle... to insult.  When has Lou or any of his ilk made a sincere effort to work with those in government with which they disagree?

The basis for our government at all levels is the support of the people.  The will of the people is supposed to be the primary concern of those who would govern.  After all, this isn't China or Russia or Iraq of Syria.

What has Lou done... what is Lou doing to help?  What is Lou doing to make this community a better place?  Why is this all about what he thinks, what he wants, what he demands?

It isn't.

Elections have consequences.  And the rather stupid, self-centered conclusion that everyone in this county wants what Lou wants, and that his word processor dictates to the people and that everyone who doesn't jump through the hoops he holds up will become victims of his vindictive, fringe-left ink jet is as empty a threat as any he's ever uttered are but a symptom of the sickness he represents.

The loss of Lou's most recent pet project has been primarily greeted with a spectrum that goes from celebration on one hand to yawns on the other.  Lou is livid because of his now proven irrelevance.  Driven by his blinding hatred, he's searching for the now-eluding him relevance.

Living in his leftist cocoon, with a proven record of not caring what the people of this county think: someone who believes that if he lies enough, it will somehow, magically, become the truth... he is determined to destroy, instead of showing equal determination to build up.

And the weak willed, weak minded so drawn to being told what to do... an ever-shrinking universe for him, to be sure... lap it up.  And this community is much the weaker for it.

Obama continues to shatter the laws on immigration: GOP does nothing.

Internal 'Homeland' Document Revealed...

ICE released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year...

872,504 ordered removed by immigration authorities have not left...

So, here we have documentation that Obama gave de facto amnesty to almost another million illegal aliens.

You know, beyond the millions he's allowing to break our laws, take our welfare, sign up for his horrific health care scam, take slots away from us in our colleges and get in-state tuition in our schools while those here legally stand by helplessly... wondering when those in government who CAN be involved in stopping this maniac will actually find the courage to fight for principles... and fight against the arrogant ego-maniac running the show.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Need more proof the democratian doesn't get it? Read today's editorial.

This absolutely looks like a case of the tail trying to wag the dog.

Hopefully, Reps. Pike, Harris and Vick learned a lesson on Friday: do not waste your time with the democratian editorial board.

In all my years in the political realm, I have rarely seen such a hatchet job done to three apparently trusting individuals who believed that Brancaccio wasn't so far over the edge that he'd engage in textbook yellow journalism.

They were wrong.

For example, THIS lie:
Pike, who joined representatives Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, and Brandon Vick, R-Vancouver, in meeting with The Columbian’s editorial board, said she is working with state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, and others to bring together a coalition of Washington and Oregon lawmakers to discuss the bridge. “Any bridge isn’t going to get built without both legislatures coming together,” Pike said. “Let’s start at the beginning.”
The "coalition" is not to discuss THE bridge.  The coalition is to discuss MULTIPLE bridges in a VARIETY of locations. The I-5 span is but ONE of the options available and under discussion.  And no amount of delusion, bias, slanting or outright lies on the part of the newspaper can change ANY of that.

Rep. Pike herself said:
• I want to re-visit a "West Side By-pass" (yes, this would be a third bridge). A bridge that would connect Felida/Salmon Creek/Ridgefield area with Oregon. My Senator, Ann Rivers, and I are actively arranging for a meeting between OR and WA legislators.
Her position on Columbia River bridges is shared by the RTC as far back as 2008:
1. Rebuild rail bridge west of current 1-5 bridge to line up swing span with high point of 1-5 bridge to eliminate 90% of all I-5 bridge lifts (approx. $200 million)

2. Build west side bypass as shown in RTC study - 2008 (approx. $400 million)

3. Build east side bridge as shown in RTC study - 2008 (approx. $400 million)

4. Eventually replace I-5 bridge after 1, 2 & 3 crossings are complete and need exists. For approximately $1 billion, we could have four crossings between Clark County and the state of Oregon, less than one third of the cost of the now defunct CRC at $3.7 billion. OR and WA could jointly fund 1, 2 and 3. WA would pay for interchanges on WA side, OR would pay for interchanges on OR side. Senator Rivers and I have met with BNSF officials to discuss public/private partnership to rebuild rail crossing. Cost to taxpayers could be less if BNSF agrees to share some of the financial burden.
Why does the rag have to lie about this?  Why?

Then, this long disproven lie:
The insistence upon light rail on the part of the federal government — and the governors of both states — became a rallying point for critics of the project, and it served to obfuscate the primary issue in the discussion — the bridge itself.
The bridge was never the "primary issue."  Why Lou or Greg has to keep lying about this is honestly beyond me.

As previously shown:
The Oregon Supreme Court said it best:
But Chief Justice Paul De Muniz, writing for the majority, highlighted an inconvenient set of facts for CRC backers.
He wrote in the Feb. 16 opinion that most of the project—namely the 10-lane freeway bridge and new interchanges—was put forward to get Clark County to agree to the light-rail line.
De Muniz cited statements that Metro made in the land-use process and Metro’s lawyer repeated before his court.
“It was politically impossible for the light rail project to proceed without also building new interstate bridges across the Columbia River,” De Muniz wrote.
“Or as Metro later summarized it: ‘There is no light rail without the freeway bridge[s] being replaced.’”
Backers have cited traffic and safety issues as the top reasons to build the CRC. But the court ruling means those and other justifications were created after officials decided to give a sop to Clark County, now worth $2.5 billion.
The focus has ALWAYS been loot rail.  It's what drove the CRC Scam from the beginning.  It's why they cheerfully sacrificed the bridge when loot rail was taken off the table.

Why they keep lying in the face of overwhelming evidence to the truth is beyond comprehension.

That Lou keeps insisting that any other alternative is a "diversion" is his fantasy speak... his obsession... his compulsion.  Because except for the CRC Scammers, no one is saying that it's either a diversion OR a miracle.

That Vick may have used that word just serves to show how out of touch and ignorant he is.

As I said earlier, hopefully, those involved have learned a lesson: avoid talking to Brancaccio.

He is not your friend and he no more writes the truth than he can levitate.