Monday, December 31, 2012

"Demand a Plan?" here's mine: boycott the Celebrity Hypocrites.

Here's the plan: these fricking hypocrites have no right to tell anyone how to live.  They "demand a plan" THEY would NEVER live by, but they demand it... of us.  They "demand a plan" but then offer absolutely nothing to develop such a plan.

They've starred in shows firing weapons, yet they completely miss the point and if you told them, for example, that "the plan" they're demanding meant putting more guns IN to schools, their collective heads would blow apart.

These slimeballs are surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards who will use those weapons to protect them.

So, I've acquiesced:  I HAVE a plan:

Don't watch their shows.

Don't watch their movies.

Don't give them a dime

Then, relatively soon, these scum will sink into their well-deserved, hypocritical obscurity and no longer NEED bodyguards... the size of defensive tackles... who carry very... big... guns.

Right, Mr. President?

Because the lives of these preaching assholes are no more valuable than than that of anyone else.  And their hypocrisy... stinks.

I can live without their movies.  But I will NOT live without my guns.

Because I.... don't.... have to.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

End fiscal cliff negotiations.... now.

OK... it's time to pick up our football and go home.

Obama is gaming us, the dems think they've got the rest of the country on the ropes... so fine.

The GOP should just adjourn in the House and go home.

A bad deal is worse than no deal.  Any deal that adds to the deficit is, by definition, a bad deal.  Going off the cliff would reduce the national deficit by $607 billion between fiscal years 2012 and 2013, which amounts to 4 percent of GDP, according to the CBO.

If the GOP caves to Obama, there will be no deficit reduction.

Giving Obama anything/everything he wants is a bad deal.

Hold out for full disclosure and testimony from Holder on F&F; and Hillary, who's been lying about the bogus concussion to avoid testifying.

Otherwise, shut that f'er down.

When you start with the basic premise that the GOP is going to get the blame for anything even if that moron DOES get everything... then why should they stay?

The democratian blows it again, typically confusing motion with action.

Stuck in the middle of their all-too-typical confusion of motion with action mind-set, the democratian is urging that new laws be implemented that will accomplish absolutely nothing to address the problems confronting us regarding armed massacres in gun-free zones.

Their example, swathed in what they believe to be NRA cred, is this:
Require background checks for every gun purchase.
Require background checks on gun shop employees.
Prohibit individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.
Require gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen.
Establish minimum (federal) standards for concealed carry permits.
In their typically slanted and biased way, the fringe-left nutters running the democratian neglect to mention that the whack job behind this bill, Rep. Jim Moran  of West Virgina is a DEMOCRAT, best known for being forced to fire his son (campaign manager) because he was stupid enough to publicly discuss the ways he preferred his voter-fraud techniques...

That aside, these are just more unenforceable laws that would have done absolutely nothing to impact the Newtown massacre, thus making this just another effort of confusing motion... with action.  Most of these ideas are utterly moronic.  And taking it a step further, they are not POSSIBLE to enforce.

And most importantly... how would ANY of these NEW laws have done ANYTHING to stop Newtown?

They wouldn't.  And thus, the rag advocates putting further, nonsensical, irrelevant restrictions on an already over-regulated, unenforced segment of our population... those who don't want the bad guys to victimize us.

1.  Require background checks for every gun purchase.

Unconstitutional on it's face, what this would appear to require is the regulation of private sales, since all commercial sales already require a background check.

Nonsense on it's face, once again this is a punishment of those of us who obey the law for the actions of those who have, and likely will, continue to violate the law.

Further, this is back door gun registration... maybe a peachy idea for the leftist pogues of the rag who hate the very idea of carrying a gun... unless, of course, it's used to save one of their asses.

Cars kill thousands more than guns.  Are we going to require background checks on prospective car buyers?

 2.  Require background checks on gun shop employees.

Why?  Our own government sells hundreds of weapons to drug cartels... and the rag has YET to express any noted outrage over THAT.

3.  Prohibit individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.

Again, unconstitutional.  The TWL is a nebulous list with people on it that both have no idea they're there, and all too frequently have neither any understanding of why they ARE on the list, how they got there or who put them there... or why.

And of our mass murderers, which of them where on the list?  None?


4.   Require gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen.

To accomplish what?

Again, most law abiding gun owners already do this.  How does this requirement fix ANYTHING?

5.   Establish minimum (federal) standards for concealed carry permits.

Do we have "(federal) standards for" driver's licenses?

No?  Why not?

Again, the vast majority of gun crimes are not committed by those who've undergone a background check and who have such a permit.

Were this element to result in a nation-wide concealed carry permit law, including gun-free utopias like Chicago and DC, as long as those "federal" standards were reasonably achievable,  not costly, and recognized nation-wide.

That's not the point of Moran's back door confiscation plan, of course.  His effort is to eliminate guns from the law-abiding altogether... his security using concealed weapons and automatic weapons to keep HIM safe, notwithstanding.

More democratian stupidity:
"To be sure, these changes will not immediately solve the problem. But they will help, and we urge U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, to join NRA members in supporting Moran's bill. Republican pollster Frank Luntz confirms the NRA support that is described in Moran's bill."
"To be sure, these changes will not immediately solve the problem. But they will help."

Help what?  What possible difference will ANY of this make?  How will this garbage "solve" ANYTHING?

How would ANY of this stopped Newtown?

It wouldn't have.

And this one from these clowns is a hoot:
Also, we would like to see the creation and widespread use of a national database of people who should not be allowed access to weapons, including felons and those with mental health issues.
Odd, isn't it?  These people rabidly support giving convicted felons who haven't completed their sentences the right to vote.

Why not the restoration of their 2nd Amendment rights as well?

And this stupidity:
The Columbian's support of these proposals should in no way be construed as impinging upon gun owners' constitutional rights.
Maybe they shouldn't be... but since many of these idiotic ideas do that very thing, it's difficult to ignore.

And if you actually believe this garbage, feel free to set up an appointment with Brancaccio down at the Columbian and tell him you'll meet him in his building with a concealed weapon.

Did I mention the Columbian is one of those idiotic "gun free zones?"

Since Moran is just another democrat thug, much like, come to think of it, the clowns running this rag, I really don't care what he says, or what his DOA ideas are.

But it takes a blithering idiot to even begin to think that ANY of these ideas would have made ANY difference to those babies in that classroom.

And THAT is where our immediate focus has to be.  Not this self-flagellating crap that will accomplish absolutely nothing except an even greater expansion of government and erosion of our rights.

What is needed are new ideas.  What is needed is a plan to eliminate the stupidity of "gun free zones."

What is needed are new, EFFECTIVE ideas that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE; not this re-cycled advocacy of leftist hash.

Of course, that's far too much to hope for from the democratian daily newsletter.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


The problem with the Boldt political rehab article.

I read the political obituary of Marc Boldt this morning at 5:00 or so.  It was pretty clear that the point of the article was to provide some level of political rehabilitation for Marc, who I must claim as my brother-in-law in the interests of full disclosure.

The article tells one side of the story... provides quotes from democrats praising Boldt... and, of course, ignores the other side.

In the political realm, who was quoted in the story?

Democrat Commissioner Steve Stuart, who Marc made a habit of voting with against Republican Commissioner Tom Mielke.

Democrat former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris.

Not a single, solitary Republican, elected or otherwise, is quoted in the story.  Just Marc.

Not one.  Gotta wonder: why is that, exactly?

Together, the three of them, Boldt, Stuart and Morris voted to revoke our Second Amendment rights in the event THEY felt compelled to do so.

Unfortunately, Marc's protestation that "he's still a Republican" is betrayed by his votes and his scorn, expressed in the democratian, of Republican ideals.

Here's a county commissioner who joined with his democrat colleague to kill a promised county charter vote, a part of the local GOP county platform... which he then proceeded to acknowledge he hadn't even read.

One of many problems with the article is the exploration of Marc's destruction at the polls was superficial, at best.
"I have thought a lot about this," Boldt said in a recent interview. "The Republican party hasn't left me. The executive committee was mad at me. But I still believe in the platform and I still believe in the principles. I am a Republican."
This might have been just the tiniest bit believable if Marc hadn't admitted, publicly, that he hadn't read the platform before he voted with Stuart to kill the county charter vote... another critical and integral reason why David Madore ran against him because by breaking the pledge for the promised vote, Boldt showed both he was unconcerned about the platform AND that he was anything BUT Republican... while heaping additional wood on the fire of motivation to kick him loose from the GOP.

There was no mention of any of this sort of thing in the article, just the standard "Boldt as victim" schlock that served him so very well with the constituency last November.  And that was AFTER a primary where 70% of his commissioner district voted for someone else.

The pattern was set when Pat Campbell rather unceremoniously got his butt kicked out in the primary for his city council seat... a fate that nearly befell Marc in his last primary and one that should have sent him a message.  But tin ears don't hear what they don't want to hear.

In this, as in so many other matters, Marc showed his allegiance was to the democrats and special interests infesting us.

And is this where I point out that the real Republican candidate, David Madore, actually received the support of not ONLY the "executive committee" but the voters themselves?

Clearly, it was more than just the committee that was angry at Boldt.  And anger, as I frequently state here in this blog, is the number one requirement to unseat an incumbent.

Marc's self-delusion is likely comforting to him.  But it IS a self-delusion: one of the many facts the rag left out (and they do leave out so many inconvenient truths when the "journalism" doesn't go their way) is there were two incumbent commissioners who ran for re-election in the last cycle: one obstinately opposed to the CRC scam, one slavishly devoted to it.

One incumbent, out spent by his opponent over 10 to 1, received 21,000 more votes than the other, outspent by his opponent roughly 3 to 1.

One incumbent, who had every disadvantage in funding, organization and opposition by the democratian, who provided in-kind political advertising for his democrat opponent, had no support from the usual, allegedly GOP but actually quite RINO suspects... the BIA, the Realtors and the like...

While one incumbent was rabidly supported and endorsed by democrat elected and former electeds; such luminaries as Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, Steve Stuart, Former Commissioner democrat Judie Stanton, Former Speaker of the House democrat Joe "Boldt is too stupid to be in the Legislature" King,  Former Commissioner/Former State Senator/Failed Congressional/State Auditor candidate democrat Craig Pridemore; Vancouver city democrats Larry Smith, Pat Jolatta, Jack Burkman, Bart Hansen, Art Curtis, Former Senator democrat Al Bauer and, of course, the democrat daily newsletter, the democratian, an endorsement that certainly did more TO Marc than it did FOR Marc... and a host of others.

Why would these fringe-left whackers want Marc re-elected NOW, when they opposed him so strongly in the past?

Because he's one of them.  No amount of denial will change that.

They supported him.  They helped to finance him.  They helped to run his campaign.

What other "Republican" have they done that for?

The only "conservative value" that Marc may have remaining is his pro-life stance.  But it's amazing how well he was able to put that aside in an abortive attempt to get re-elected.

Boldt is quoted as saying in the article that: 
"I think the local Republican Party has a different view of a conservative than I do," Boldt said. "I believe being conservative means protecting the liberty and freedom of the people."
Which explains perfectly why he voted to dump our 2nd Amendment rights even though I warned him at the time that such a vote was unconstitutional... and his response?
"The legislature gave us that authority... if you have a problem with this, take it up with them." 
The newspaper article tells us "Boldt is uncomfortable taking the credit for what he's helped accomplish."

Perhaps that's because there's so little to be proud OF.

For a great deal of Marc's tenure, Clark County has been mired in either actual, or close-to, double digit unemployment.

The Salmon Creek interchange was a nightmare when Marc was elected; it's a nightmare now.

The continuing black hole of CTran and CRC taxes, fees, increased property taxes, inadequate roads and traffic management, a lack of significant movement of business development in the county to reduce traffic over the I-5 bridge... Boldt's complete co-opting by the special interests on the CRC scam... a co-opting that showed an astounding level of gullibility and resulted in a deafened ear turned towards the people... who found it very easy to replace Marc Boldt at the polls... all were happening and continued to happen on Marc Boldt's watch.

The article goes on to focus on Marc's efforts concerning Grace Lodge.  But isn't that a thin resume' to offer up for eight years?

I appreciate Marc's desire to serve his community.  I work at a food bank, the American Diabetes Tour de Cure, and have worked for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  But I do all of those things to give back... and I do them without being elected to anything. 

Marc Boldt served this community for a long time as an elected official.  But his inability to be responsive to the citizens he would govern, his almost cavalier disregard for advisory votes or any other way for the citizenry to express their opposition (or support) for ANYTHING the commissioners do... or refuse to do; his disdain for the bedrock foundations of Republicanism, his fear of the will of the people... his situational ethics when it comes to those who used him for so long... all make his election to any position highly unlikely.

And that's a shame.

But as long as the democratian continues to attempt to resurrect his tarnished political career... I intend to be here to set them straight.  And as far as his being a "Republican" is concerned?

Boldt was elected the Republican PCO from this precinct (620).  He has yet to show up for anything related to that job.

And how Republican is that?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Watch as the cowardly House GOP gets rolled.

There was a song out there that you don't hear much anymore for obvious reasons, entitled "Maybe I mean 'Yes.'"

Here's some of the lyrics:
When I say no I mean maybe.
Baby don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin' if it ain't a little hard to get.
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess.
When I say no I mean maybe, or maybe I mean yes.
That should be the title of the next GOP Caucus song.

It's what the left depends on, and it's what the right delivers EVERY FRICKING time.

This rape plays out with it's usual inevitability because the GOP is too damned dumb to see it coming, arm itself and put a stop to it.

We are going to get screwed... again... as the debt continues to pile up... again... with idiocy like MORE unemployment extensions as Obama continues to use our money to buy off those slime sucking us dry.

And again, we will cave.  And again, that cowardly moron representing us will vote for this scam... because she wouldn't want to risk her porkulous seat on Appropriations.


Top Stories for 2012.

In no particular order:
Jon Russell leaving

As I suspected, the absence of Jon Russell is much like the hole left in a bucket of water when you pull your foot out.

Sadly, it’s a matter of time until the organization that he scammed a job from finds out what he’s all about which typically has been the greater glory of Jon Russell.

His ongoing absence has been a breath of fresh air for Washougal, where I am sure he will not be missed.

Defeat of Marc Boldt

Marc Boldt lost.

I hoped he would.  I wanted him to.  I tried to get him sanctioned by the GOP at re-org in December 2010 but was overwhelmingly thrashed… but I planted the seed.   I reminded those in attendance that there was something wrong with supporting a “Republican” who had been endorsing democrats.

The development of Madore’s candidacy obviously made that solution more palatable.  But whether it was used for that purpose or not, it had to happen.

The democratian’s incessant whining, the RINO’s bolting a party they were only peripherally a part of anyway; the amassed support of the democratian, the leftist politicians and those sucking from the CRC trough rabidly supporting Marc; Marc’s inexplicable and unsupportable positions on the hated CRC, including light rail and generational, ever-increasing tolls; his foolish lockstep with the other democrat commissioners to violate our Constitutional rights on arms; and his deaf, tin ear on the promised county charter vote… more lockstep with the democrats that spelled his political doom.

I was conflicted about this.  As Marc is my brother-in-law, I don’t bear him any personal ill-will.  But in the end, I had to make the decision as to how, exactly, I would treat him in this blog, politically and publicly.

I regret that it was necessary for Marc to be defeated.   But the choices were simple and stark:  reward a complete politician in the pockets of the democrats and the downtown special interests who was ran, strategized and financed by the democrats for his political perfidy… or elect the alternative.

I voted for neither.  But I hope that Commissioner Madore achieves the success his campaign promised… and that he will be successful in killing the Hydra that is the CRC vampire monster, the many-headed creature with its voracious fangs buried in the taxpayer’s jugular.

I will also point out, however, that although Marc Boldt had to know he was wrong on so many levels, he’s that rare politician who stuck to his guns… even when he knew they were the wrong caliber, with the wrong ammo and aimed in the wrong direction.  (Or he at least must have suspected) and that is the rare commodity in the political world today.

Defeat of the ballpark scam

Perhaps THE most idiotic project besides the CRC rip off and the Cowlitz megacasino scams, requiring 400,000 Clark County citizens to pay for the Yakima Millionaire’s new ballpark, located naturally in downtown Vancouver instead of where it SHOULD have been built (The fair grounds) and forcing all of us to pay for it with taxes on tickets to movies, the amphitheater, the fair, golf and a great many other locations around the county… all without asking us.

Commissioner Mielke rightfully opposed that stupidity from the beginning.  Boldt only became a “no” after it was made clear to him that he’d be the one left hanging when the Vancouver City Council rejected Tim “The Liar” Leave-it’s /Steve Stuart’s ballpark scam… finally, after tens of thousands of dollars of wasted staff time, bogus reports from CRUDEC on the fantasy financial benefits of $10 million a year (Paid for by the ballpark scammers)  lies and flip-flops from the democratian… only then did Boldt pull the trigger on this obviously moronic plan .

Zarelli resignation

Joe Zarelli’s resignation took most by surprise.  Rumors abounded…  it was to help RINO Rob and get an appointment… it was because he was under some sort of investigation (Not true, BTW)… it was so he could get a full time gig in Israel…. And so on.  But whatever happened, Ann Rivers became our Senator and was subsequently re-elected.

I don’t agree with Rivers on everything, but there is no question that she is the best one for the job.

Benton’s win.

Don Benton simply does not lose.

Why the dems keep trying… and trying the same old garbage to get it done, is beyond me.

This time, they came tantalizingly close.  But close doesn’t really count, does it?

A quick look at the numbers show that Benton raised and spent $471,000 and that Probst raised and spent $324,000.

Much of Probt’s  money came from, by or through local RINO’s like Arch Miller, Killian, Lynch, WA Restaurant Association,  Jerry Nutter and that ilk.  Wonder what kind of reception these clowns are going to get in Benton's office THIS session?
During Royce Pollard’ mayoral campaign, Benton endorsed Pollard because, even though Pollard was moronic about loot rail, unlike Tim “The Liar” Leave-it, he didn’t lie… repeatedly… about his positions. Better to have a truthful moron (Pollard) as mayor of Vancouver than a lying scumbag (Leave-it).  Pollard, of course, was far too dishonorable to return the favor: Benton's opposition to the CRC scam killed THAT deal.  
How... democrat of Pollard. 
The democrats and the RINO’s blew through over a half-million dollars on Probst to lose.

And, of course, at least Probst is out of government.  How can that be a bad thing?

CRC idiocy

There is no more criminal, idiotic, unwanted or unneeded project on the planet.  None.  And so far, we’ve done a pretty good job of stuffing it.  The next two years of defunding it ought to help… and hopefully will sink it permanently so we can begin to address realistic solutions to the problem of crossing the river while killing any thought of the idiotic loot rail sugar-plums dancing around fringe-left and special interest heads.

These morons can't even design a bridge tall enough... And all we've got to show for it is $150 million  hole blown in our wallets.

GOP senate takeover

Democrat heads are STILL exploding as the GOP wrests control of the Senate from the grubby, fringe-left mitts of the downtown Seattle liberal scum that control it.

Fringe-leftist Sen. Ed Murray (Communist-Seattle) had it mostly all figured out.  Hoping the Supreme Court would finally get around to tossing yet another initiative, this one hand-cuffing the democrats from following the catastrophic California taxation models they so admire, this time it all went up in smoke when reliably conservative Tim Sheldon (D-Mason County) and former Republican-turned Democrat Rodney Tom (D-Bellevue) decided they’d had enough and bailed on the idiocy that was (and is) the senate democrat caucus.

We can now anticipate the ending of state funding of the CRC rip off for at least the next two years… worth the price of admission to watch local leftists, the democratian and the special interests infesting us positively vaporize when the come to understand that funding is DOA.  Jim Moeller (Uber-Communist-Vancouver) and Mayor Tim “The Liar” Leave-it (Fringe-left democrat-Vancouver) are likely to publicly commit hara-kiri when they figure it out.

RINO losses

All this garbage about “re-branding”.  Well, the GOP “re-branded” the top of the ticket last election, with RINO Rob,  RINO Reagan,  Finkbeiner et al, and what did that “rebranding” get us?


Before there’s an effort to reinvent the GOP to meet the dem’s satisfaction, issues of competency and execution have to be addressed.  The GOP could run the greatest candidate who ever lived… but if the GOP is going to get its collective ass kicked in the basics, it really wouldn’t matter.

Outdemocrating the democrats does not a solid political platform make.

Every effort was made to reinvent the GOP for THIS election.  And what happened?

Where the issues favored the GOP and they stood up strongly for them and what they believed in, utilizing language and ideas that made sense… well, Clark County happened.  Running a campaign like RINO Rob, what happened?

We all know the outcome of that, don’t we?

CCGOP convention disaster/PaulBot take over

There’s no getting around it.  The convention was an utter and complete disaster, a failure in about every conceivable way.  For his leadership of that (and other) disaster(s), Brandon Vick’s impetuosity was rewarded with an election to the State House.

That impending disaster notwithstanding, it gave the PaulBots a rallying point.

While their efforts to win all the PCO races were an outright disaster, someone much wiser than I once said that the world is run by those who show up.

And they show up. 

At re-org, they won about all the positions… temporarily.  Because now, to prove their worth, they have to show that getting their group elected will result in material gain.

Taking out Moron Monica shouldn’t be too difficult… she’s already shown herself to be a cheating ingrate… and now, stupid, to boot.  But they’d better get it done.

Getting rid of Stuart shouldn’t be that hard: any pro-CRC candidate should get killed county-wide.  But the entire issue is one of results.  If the results are there…  and after 2 more years of democrat dictatorship, it SHOULD be…  then they likely will stay.

But they would be foolish to believe the establishment is just sitting back and doing nothing.  How wrong they are.

Barbie cowardice/ CRC fake out.

We continue to have, perhaps, THE most worthless member of congress “representing” us today. 
Babs talked a great game as part of her campaign.  But what has she done?


In fact, she’s done nothing of note since she was parachuted in here back in 07 to get the appointment to the 18th District after an 11 year absence without knowing the issues, the people or the communities in the district… because Marc Boldt set that up.

She accomplished nothing in the Legislature, and she’s accomplished nothing in Congress… nor is she likely to, since she puts the “back” in the phrase ”back bencher.”

In addition, she’s a coward to boot.  Her fear of meeting the people in a town hall meeting makes her a disgrace in ADDITION to her lies concerning the CRC.

Hopefully, she’ll get tired of the commute, as infrequently as she does come back here, and move on, or take somebody on (and get her ass kicked) for the US Senate.

Then, maybe, we can get somebody who can actually do something for us… instead of TO us.
These are the top ten so far about what has happened HERE  But who knows what can happen in the next 96 hours or so?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moron Monica Stonier: better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a moron...

...than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

So, the rag finally got the word that Rep.-Elect Liz Pike (R-Camas) is LOOKING at POSSIBLE legislation to design a system to arm SOME teachers .

So, what does that blithering idiot from the 17th, the brand new WEA Union hack Obama Superdelegate, Moron Monica Stonier say?
"Bringing guns into the learning environment is absolutely the wrong approach," state Rep.-elect Monica Stonier, a teaching coach in Evergreen Public Schools, said Thursday. Stonier said she supports current gun laws, and that public schools make safety a top priority.
But does she tell us what the RIGHT approach is?

Nope.  Of course not.  She advocates continuing the current insanity, that accomplished the outcomes and bodies of those children.  She offers up absolutely NOTHING that would have changed the outcomes in Newtown one wit.

She is, instead, a leftist automaton that just mouths what her union bosses tell her to.
"I have been working in schools for 10 years, and we run a variety of safety drills for a variety of emergency situations," Stonier said. If a stranger enters a school, "they are approached by several adults in a very short amount of time."
You mean... like that guy in Connecticut?

How in THE hell did Moron's idiotic scenario help THAT?

This kind of knee-jerk, WEA hackery is why this ignorant bozo shouldn't have been elected dog catcher.

If an intruder is armed, and "approached by several UNARMED adults" what does this silly idiot think is going to happen?

She doesn't think that far ahead, being a moron and all.

The idea that "teachers wouldn't be able to access their their guns in time to make any difference" is total stupidity: The entire school heard the shooting going on; at that point, had every teacher been armed (In the unlikely event such an attack would have happened in a school where it was known teachers were armed)  they ALL would "have been able to access their guns in time."

To all of the naysayers, including the total idiots quoted in this article, I would ask you this:

It's your classroom that slimeball is going to be busted into.  You know he's coming.  You heard it.  You heard the screams, the noises, the yelling.  You've got 20 babies who are screaming, crying, running around.  You're heroic, you would give your life to protect them.

You now have a choice in this hypothetical:  You can shield as many of your children as possible with your body and get killed first... hopefully before you see him slaughter any of the rest.


You can pull your weapon the moment you hear the threat, wait for the door to your classroom to get broken in, or shot in... and then blow that unsuspecting Son of a Bitch to Mars.

The idea that teachers are too stupid to do this is bizarre.  It's amazing what someone can do when their lives and the lives of others depend on it.

Moron Monica would just have those kids... and those teachers... killed all over again.  Because the "... current gun laws, and that public schools make safety a top priority" did such a MARVELOUS job at accomplishing their aims.

Didn't they, Moron?

Congratulations to Rep.-Elect Pike for facing the storm of ignorance and leftist partisanship that was bound to happen by those who didn't want to face the new reality... those particularly bound to punish those of us who obey our laws because of what those who neither know nor care about "our current gun laws" have done or may do.

Moron Monica has show herself to be dangerously short sited and ignorant.  She needs to be defeated as soon as possible and removed from government.

Debt ceiling moved up in a complete scam; will cowardly congresswoman cave... again?

Jaime Herrera is a coward.

I've mentioned this on occasion, and it's based on her cowardly, inexplicable, unjustifiable decision not to be bothered with town hall meetings.

That sort of cowardice, by itself, should keep her from being elected to the position of dog-catcher: there's only one reason she lacks the guts to face is, and that's the idea that she'd have to answer for her incompetence.

This complete waste of political skin scares her handlers with her lack of intelligence and grasp of events.  They don't want her to have to answer questions on the fly.  They fear her lack of smarts and dullard intelligence will result in her either crying (she does that a lot, sources have told me) or sticking her foot in her mouth up to her knee.

Even the democratian plays along because this RINO shills their agenda, by lying, once again, that this slimeball is a "bedrock conservative."

The fact is that, like Marc Boldt, if you fail to vote conservative, then you're not a conservative.

Turbo Timmy Geithner lies about moving up the debt ceiling two months to add to the flavor of GOP efforts to cave on the fiscal cliff... a cliff I advocated weeks ago that we needed to go over.

To the dismay of many around here, Herrera has yet to vote "no" on any effort to expand Obama's ability to spend.  Out national debt, now climbing at warp speed, has been increasing at that speed in part because of Ridgefield Barbie's "yes" votes on allowing the debt to increase.

That was one of the weird things about Romney endorsing Herrera: he HAMMERED Santorum... for voting several times to increase the debt ceiling.  She did the same thing... and Romney endorses her.

Well, kids, we apparently have another debt ceiling vote coming up: expect our continually vacuous congresscritter to bend us all over.

And remember this: The reason we have a debt at ALL is because Congress wants us to.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Opposed to armed personnel at school? Why is this OK?

So, you've got a problem with armed teachers or other personnel?

Then why is THIS ok?

School Obama's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards


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Some interesting news has broken in the wake of the latest push for gun control by President Obama and Senate Democrats: Obama sends his kids to a school where armed guards are used as a matter of fact.

The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as we speak
If you dismiss this by saying, "Of course they have armed guards -- they get Secret Service protection," then you've missed the larger point. 
The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school, period. And this is the reason people like NBC's David Gregory send their kids to Sidwell, they know their kids will be protected from the carnage that befell kids at a school where armed guards weren't used (and weren't even allowed). 
Shame on President Obama for seeking more gun control and for trying to prevent the parents of other school children from doing what he has clearly done for his own. His children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans are sacrificed.

Why is it that their children are more important and precious to save than everyone else's?

Major Thomas Egan: Why'd you do it? (Originally published 24 Dec 08)

I originally posted this four years ago today (24 Dec). And it bears repeating.

This story was in the paper... although, unfortunately, not on the Columbian web.

It is the story of a retired Army Major, one Thomas Egan; a veteran of 2 years on the Korean DMZ, a Master's graduate of the University of Oregon; a retired Oregon Army National Guard officer.

He was found dead, apparently frozen to death, next to a bottle of booze, in Eugene, Oregon within the past few days.

Unfortunately, the story speaks for itself. Sometimes, the desire to destroy one's self can overwhelm all other instincts.

I never knew you, Major, but we served in the Army together at the same time. I have no idea what happened to you, but I wish I did... and I wish it could have been fixed.

Tomorrow is Christmas. If you know someone who needs help, take the time and the effort to try and get that help to them. Major Egan had help available, but made a bad choice when it came to using it.

As I look outside at the foot of snow, I ask myself: "how many Major Egans are there? Is there more that could have been done?"

Probably not.

But I wish there had been.

Good bye, Major. From all accounts, you served us honorably and well. I never met you, but I won't forget you.

I could have been you.
Soldier’s death resonates
Homeless veteran froze to death though services were available 
(Eugene) Register-Guard

EUGENE, Ore — Thomas Egan was a scholar and a decorated soldier. He was also a homeless alcoholic whose life ended last week when he froze to death in Eugene during an unusually long and harsh cold snap.

His body was found covered in snow near the corner of West First Avenue and Blair Boulevard, a bottle of liquor by his side.

News of the demise of the longtime Eugene resident troubled many local veterans — especially those who knew that with some effort and some help, the man they called Major Egan could have had a roof over his head.

“The whole National Guard community is taking this very hard,” said Bud Dickey, a vocational rehabilitation coordinator with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ community reintegration service center in Eugene.

“It’s very disturbing for all of us, because Major Egan was retired and could have been drawing his (veterans’) benefits,” Dickey said. “He had options that he did not access.”

Egan collected monthly Social Security checks, but the amount was a pittance compared with the payments he was entitled to as a retired military veteran. When he turned 60 in July, Egan became eligible to receive $909 each month in National Guard retirement income, Dickey said.

Egan also could have applied for a separate pension check based on unemployability. “That would have gotten him an apartment if he wanted one,” said Jay Rea, a Springfield resident who served under Egan in the National Guard in the late 1980s. “I shed a tear when I heard he died,” Rea said. “It breaks my heart because he was the friendliest guy, and so smart.” A New York native, Egan joined the Army in 1971 after graduating from Quinnipiac College in Hamden, Conn., with a bachelor’s degree in history.

He was stationed at the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea for two years, and was reassigned to the Oregon Army National Guard in 1977.

Earned master’s degree 
Egan earned his master’s degree from the University of Oregon in 1983, and ultimately attained the rank of major with the National Guard.

He retired honorably in 1991, following a 20-year military career during which he was awarded several service medals and ribbons.

Dickey said Egan’s desire to drink made him ineligible for VA housing programs that require sober living.

Egan had declined to enroll in substance abuse treatment programs offered through the veterans agency, Dickey said.

According to those who knew him, Egan worked sporadically. He did some landscaping, and most years helped deliver telephone books.

Sometimes, he found an apartment to stay in for a while. At other times, he lived on the streets. In August, Egan spent two weeks at the Eugene Mission — which is less than one block from the spot where a passer-by discovered his body last week.

Mission officials said Egan never caused any trouble there, and could have stayed any time. Dickey said Egan has no relatives in Oregon, and tracking down members of his extended family on the East Coast has been challenging.

Dickey, who served five years with Egan in the National Guard, is helping to direct an effort to have Egan interred at the Roseburg National Cemetery.

“He will be buried as a veteran in a veterans’ cemetery,” Dickey said. “He was a good soldier, and we’re going to get him the burial he’s due.”

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Food for thought: 2 problems - Illegal Aliens and Weapons.

Just sayin'.

Legislation on school security, aka arming teachers.

There's been a fascinating discussion over on Rep. Liz Pike's facebook page concerning a proposal she's considering to offer up a version of the Federal Flight Deck Officer program that would allow some teachers to be armed in the classroom, much like flight crews.

While I don't think it goes nearly far enough, I do see it as a good first step.

On the issue, I believe that legislators are likely to get three main responses:

1.  Arm all teachers.

2.  Don't Arm any.

3.  Leave it to the school districts.

4.  It costs too much.

5.  I didn't sign up to do this, I just want to teach.

Arm all the teachers.

I strongly support requiring all teachers to be armed.

In the military, I learned the concept of "backplanning."  One plans for the mission, backwards, from mission completion to where you're standing tight now.

In this case, I am planning for a Newtown, backwards, to determine what, precisely, could have been done to stop it from happening... and keep it from happening anywhere else.

Oddly, one of the more popular responses from those of the leftist bent is to do absolutely nothing.  Teacher's teach, and, well, if a few dozen school kids get slaughtered, that's tough.

Don't like it?

Home school.

What that does, precisely, to avoid further incidents like Newtown, however, is less clear.  The answer is, of course, nothing.  But then, those advocating this position have always been very big on the Ostrich-head-in-the-sand approach to planning... which is why we get idiocy like assault weapons bans and so forth.... which also accomplish absolutely nothing... since, for example, Columbine was dead in the middle of the LAST assault weapons ban... and how'd that work out for us?

We could turn all of our schools into prisons: build barbed wire fences with armed guards in each room.

Hardly practical, and cost prohibitive.

Or, we could do what I advocate: arm the teachers.  Because for me, it is inescapable that, had the teachers been armed, this would not have happened.

The first option changes nothing and everyone remains an inviting target for the nutjob.  The second object transforms the school into a hard target but adds horrific costs to the already astronomical costs of education.

The third choice also turns schools into hard targets, making it less likely that schools will be attacked.  The costs are minimal, the time required to up-armor is very short, and beginning next year, the training could be added to all college curriculum as an additional requirement to get a teaching degree.

In short, this is a new era.  This is a time when sickos want to go out in a blaze, causing as much pain and suffering as possible. 

Their choice is between hard targets and soft targets.

Unarmed, "gun free zone" schools are, of course, about the softest targets you can find.  You can go there, kill a few dozen people, take your time, reload, do it right, and just about turn any school into a slaughterhouse.

Right now, just about every school in the country is a Newtown or a Virginia Tech just waiting to happen.  And rapidly training and arming the teachers is the fastest, cheapest way to address that and to provide the necessary deterrent.  If they don't want to be armed or can't be armed, then they should be fired.

THE number one concern of ALL teachers MUST be the safety of the students in their charge.  And there is no other practical way to achieve that safety.

When you look at the president, his family or any of the upper echelon, they are surrounded by automatic weapons.  Sen. Feinstein and others even admit to carrying weapons... thus, I think it odd that they would value their own life more than the lives of children not around them.

The knee-jerk reaction of people to ban or register or strengthen requirements to have a weapon of any kind in addition to a so-called "assault weapons" and large magazine ban would have done nothing to stop any of this.  And stopping this must be our primary concern.

Don't arm any teachers.

Well, what did that get us?  Any time any school is shot up, what did an unarmed teaching corps achieve to protect the students?


Keeping schools an unarmed soft target changes nothing, except to increase the likelihood of more Newtowns or Columbines.  And how does that solve anything?

Leave it to the school districts.

To me, that's the same thing as putting junkies in charge of pharmacies.

You can likely count on the fingers on one hand the school districts who will allow arming teachers.

These people SHOULD ALL be required to see the crime-scene photography and autopsy photos from the bodies of Columbine and Newtown before this decision is made, BUT, teachers will not as a rule WANT to be armed.  And if it's left up to the districts, most teacher's unions will threaten to go on strike or some such if that offer ever sees the light of day.

If it's a LAW, however, then that would be different.  Unions would complain, but not be able to do anything about it.

It costs too much.

Really?  How many tens of millions will the Newtown lawsuit settlements run?

Seems to me it would be cheaper to arm the teachers than to pay the settlements.

But then, how much is a pint of child's blood worth, spilled because of inadequate school security?

How much are we willing to pay?

How much would YOU pay if it were YOUR child in that classroom?

I didn't sign up to do this, I just want to teach.

Some teachers have already whined that they didn't become teachers to do this.

I don't care.  Adapt or quit: it's all the same to me, but if you cannot fulfill YOUR paramount duty in the classroom... then go make lattes for a living.

But you should carry while you do.

Meanwhile, for those who think this way, if you can call it "thinking," you might want to ask yourself this question:

In hindsight, do you think she would rather have become a target for that clown, or that she would rather have had at least a chance to defend her children and herself?

She's dead, now, thanks in part to the idiotic policies currently in place.

(Just as a brief aside, can you imagine the results if she had been, say, carrying illegally and had managed to shoot that slimeball when he came thought the door?

Think they'd have fired her and locked her up?)

I can't speak for her unspeakable bravery during the time.

But I can put myself in her position, and I know damned well what *I* would want under those circumstances.

And if my child had been in her classroom, what do you think we'd all want for our children?

And the last question, out of all of this, is the only one that really matters the most.

More democratian CRC idiocy.

The GOP-controlled Senate is a "no" on CRC funding.

That is, Gregoire left it out of the budget because she knew there was no point in putting it IN to the budget... and the democratian knows that as well.

They stupidly support Ridgefield Barbie in Congress because she does, in fact, support this project; all of it, the bridge, loot rail and tolls.  She works really, really hard to make people believe she doesn't, but in this outcome-based business, there's only one question:

What has Babs DONE?  Nothing.  Except talk.

The democratian knows all this. They went nuts in their efforts to keep Boldt in and get Benton out, in large part because Boldt's their bridge butt boy and Benton would blow it into the river if he could.

So now, they're faced with their worst nightmare:

A commissioner-veto block and a GOP Senate with a Vice Leader and Whip who will not allow CRC funding.

The democratian, of course, wigged out:
Budget Gregoire must, so budget she did. And for those of us in this part of the state, the most noteworthy aspect was a lack of new funding for the Columbia River Crossing project. Which may have been more a fit of frustration than an editorial commentary on the importance of the project.
Since the vast majority of humanity in "this part of the state" don't want the largest rip off in the history of the NW United States to GET funded, her decision to leave it out, prescient as it is, might be the one thing she did that actually reflects our sentiment of the people she would govern.

 Then, the democratian just flat out lies:
That could be a problem, considering that Washington must come up with some plan for financing its $450 million portion of a new I-5 bridge and surrounding highway and mass-transportation projects.
The lie, of course, is obvious.  The people of this area don't want this steaming pile; therefore we "must" do no such thing.

The potheads writing editorials down at the Lazy C "MUST" learn the difference between "want," and "have to have."

The rag and the downtown mafia WANT this.

The people of Clark County don't.  Just ask soon-to-be-former Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Then Gregoire, thankfully on her way out, really blows it:
"The CRC is a top priority," she said. "They're going to have to put a package together. They can't kick the can down the road. They did that last year; we can't wait. There's federal money at stake."
First, it's not any kind of "priority" when the people don't want it.

Second, that there's federal money "at stake" is reason enough to kill the state funding: that way, we lose the money and this gigantic rip off will finally be killed.

Third, there won't be a package.

Gregoire's idiotic use of gasoline and diesel taxes for non-highway purposes is reason enough to kill all of this deal:  we will not be able to meet the requirements of the Supreme Court decision.

And this idiocy that shows it's long past time to get rid of her:
"If we had to go to the public for both K-through-12 and transportation and one of them has to be kicked off, that wouldn't bode well for transportation," she said. But she remains confident that the Columbia River Crossing will be a priority for lawmakers.
"I think people have come to understand it's an economic corridor for the West Coast," she said. "I think people recognize it's a vital economic corridor."
She seems to believe we can just crap money whenever we feel like it.  And "the people... understand" that it's a massive, unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable rip off.

What Gregoire, Inslee and the rag don't seem to understand is this: there will be no money for the CRC.  None.  It's over.  And those involved should be investigated by a federal grand jury, tried and convicted for wasting tens of millions of dollars on a theft that would make Al Capone blush.

The morons at the lazy C ask:  "will the Legislature take up the challenge?"

Nope.  There is no challenge: this thing is dead, and getting deader by the minute.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Memo to teachers: don't want to be armed? Then quit.

I don't think all that highly of teachers.

A 183 day work year (The rest of us have around a 250 day work year) massive pay rises, substandard products, a sense of arrogant entitlement and messed up children as a result of most of their efforts.

And now, I advocate arming teachers as a way to keep our children safe.

Predictably, the fringe-left nutters who can't find any other job (and wind up, God help us, teaching) want nothing to do with being armed. They stupidly think that their security, and much more importantly, that of our children, is someone else's responsibility.

There isn't anyone else. We can't afford anyone else. They are always there, and armed teachers result in a hard target: hard targets will rarely be attacked, whereas soft targets... like the school in Connecticut... ill be tempting to the whack jobs out there who break the laws to get their guns.

You know what they call teachers... and students like those in that school?


Teachers whine about it. Because those teachers have never been at the business end of a weapon.

I got into it with one of these self-anointed paragons: she offered no solutions, of course, just that as a teacher, she shouldn't have to concern herself with this sort of thing: to which, I said:
The moment I put him on the school bus, his security becomes the school district's problem. Schools all over the country are failing in that responsibility.
When I put him on a school bus, alive and in one piece, both he... and I... have the right to expect him to come back home in the same condition he left home in.

What am *I* doing about it? I'm communicating with my state legislators and demanding that teachers be armed.

See, my ONLY concerning is fixing the situation so that Connecticut will not be duplicated. YOUR only concern is how this will put YOU out, living up to the stereotype of the typically selfish, self-centered, don't give a damn about the kids teacher. Don't want to be armed? Then, as I said, feel free to quit. Because here's a bulletin: This ain't ABOUT you.

The times are changing. If you can't change with it, go pump gas for a living.

Children HAVE to go to school. This isn't about going to the grocery store... this is about following the law, which in this state REQUIRES school attendance. And when my kid rolls into YOUR classroom, his life is in YOUR hands.

And here's the hoot of all of this: not only do I carry a Colt Government with me everywhere we go to defend them, I would even do my best to keep people like you from getting killed as well, say in the Clackamas Mall situation. You, on the other hand, would rather just play "target."

Here's the deal: I don't care what YOU want. YOU, work for ME. And if you don't like the working conditions, then go work somewhere else.

Meanwhile, what I know is this: in your classroom, you and everyone else would be dead. And I have yet to see anything from you that would have changed that outcome one wit. *I* want to solve the problem. You want to deflect and complain.

While I personally equate teachers with grocery store clerks out of all of the spin you're trying to spew, there is only ONE place where children MUST go every day: school. And unless you come up with a SOLUTION, stop trying to duck responsibility for what YOU SHOULD be doing: protecting our children.

And this ("I'm not a conservative?" Really? You REEK of deflecting responsibility. Of COURSE you're not a conservative. You come across like a WEA, "where's my damned pay raise" union hack.) equating apples with oranges tact of yours solves nothing.

Requiring teachers to be trained and armed does NOTHING to "expand government." And it's far cheaper than the 10's of millions the Newton School District will have to pay for THEIR inadequate security when the inevitable lawsuits fall... because the district has NO DEFENSE.

Solutions. That's what this is all about. And if this, or any other classroom had been a hard target instead of a "shoot me, shoot me," target, we both know this wouldn't have happened... it wouldn't even have been tried.

God help the school district that allows my children to be killed... particularly when arming the teachers would likely end the threat.
For me, I have a simple filter concerning this situation.  In fact, out of all this sturm and drang about assault weapons and magazines, there's only one question: Would any of this leftist crap have changed anything in that school?

And the answer is "no."

But a school full of armed teachers would have... wouldn't it?

And that is all that matters.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Big whoop: Herrera got an amendment tacked on to a bill; why can't she do something about the CRC?

When you've spent 5 years in elective office and accomplished absolutely nothing, I suppose any deed, no matter how minor, needs a press-release; which the dolts at the democratian will dutifully publish.

In this case, she managed to get an amendment hung on the Defense Authorization Act, which, like her total effort in any legislative body, will really accomplish nothing of note... for anyone.

I have a small business.  Been in operation for 9 years or so this March.  Her amendment does squat for me, but then, I haven't ever sent her a check.

What this DOES show is that she CAN do something... if she gets off her wide-glide and is motivated enough... no matter how minor and inconsequential.

Which begs the issue: in the 2 years that simple idiot has been in office... why hasn't she done something about the CRC scam?

There is no bigger issue confronting the people of this area.  If this steaming pile actually get's built, it will be, in part, because our own local empty suit allowed it to happen, all the time trying to convince people that her support was contingent on the CTran-scam vote outcome... which is, of course, an outright lie.

It's kind of like budget deficits: if Congress didn't want them, we wouldn't have them.

If Herrera didn't support this scam, to include the unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary replacement of a paid for, fully functional I-5 Bridge with massive, generational tolls and loot rail, it would be completely off the table just now.

But it isn't... and that's because she does want this crap.

She's not smart enough to pull off this tight wire act to continue to fool people into actually believing she gives a damn about anything but herself.  On one hand, she's publicly, amateurishly and incompetent engaged in verbal combat with the lying sleazeball running Vancouver.  But it was a half-hearted effort at best and the memo for her is this:

There is no "try."  There is only do, or no do.

On the other, she has accomplished absolutely dick on this.  No attempt on her part has been made to actually DO anything to effect this rip off...

We now have a county commissioner with both an attitude and a checkbook.  I'd hate to be his next political target.

And Herrera should hate to be that target as well.  But you can't tell from her inaction on this scam... can you?

It's black, scary looking and part of a group of weapons that killed 32,367 people in 2011. BAN THEM!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The gun-grabbing debate misses the point, I believe.

When it comes to schools being targets, I believe most are missing the point.

The issue is the difference between a "soft" target and a "hard" target.

"Soft" targets are locations where it's difficult to impossible to fight back on the attackers terms.... i.e., return fire. "Hard" targets are those with a high likelihood of responding in kind.

The problem, then, isn't "guarding" schools. I honestly don't believe that is necessary and the expense would be outrageous to hire effective deterrent-qualified individuals to perform that function.

The problem is that every whack job out there knows schools to be soft targets.

Why this is important is simple: does anyone here recall the last time a hard target was attacked with a resulting massacre?

The solution to the "soft" target classification is simple: turn "soft" targets into "hard" targets. In schools, that solution means arming the teachers.

Leftists typically recoil in horror at the thought of it. But, as we know, when there are so many OTHER soft targets out there to hit, why would your run-of-the-mill whack job try and take on a hard target?

I say: arm the teachers. I say, add the requirement as a part of their curriculum. I say run the background checks, set up the policies, and arm them.

Gun control as the gun grabbers are preaching it now won't stop any additional slaughter: the only thing an assault weapons ban would do is ban the law-abiding from owning such weapons. The types who would use them to slaughter really don't care all that much about following the law. This, then, is the classic case of confusing motion... with action.

Do we, as all the leadership and management training and experience I was engaged in during all those years in the military, allow this situation to control us?

Or do we control the situation?

Panicked responses from the ignorant, inexperienced, ostrich-head-in-the-sand set is just that: allowing the situation to control us.

Chances are that, were a plan to arm them ever realized, teachers would rarely be called upon to ever use those weapons... but the deterrent value alone would save lives. 

And isn't that what this is supposed to be all about?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Marc Boldt's last day as commissioner.

According to the democratian, it's finally arrived.

There's a lot of emotion expressed in the article in the rag.

I have a lot of emotion as well, but it's not what most people might think it would be; given the tone, tenor and posts of this blog, partially detailing why he should have been defeated for re-election... and, in fact, becoming the only incumbent in Clark County to actually lose his re-election bid.

My emotion is based on the waste of it all.  My emotion is anger that Marc lost touch with those who believed in who he use to be and loathed what he became.  My emotion is that Marc seemed to be completely co-opted by those who used to hate him; using him and then discarding him now that he's gone... all to get what THEY want no matter what WE want.

And, as Marc now knows, it's all about what WE want.

Tom Mielke, who spent cab-fare on his campaign, won with 21,000 more votes then Marc lost with in the last election... even though Mark spent (badly) 5 times as much.

Tom didn't win because he was a nice guy and Marc was not.  My political differences with Marc notwithstanding, he's one of the best people I know.  He had to be to put up with me for 6 years or so in his front office.

Tom won because like most of us, he despises the CRC rip off.  Marc lost because only the special interests and their supporters like the CRC rip off.

But when you pledge to be a "servant leader" as Marc did; you must always, always, ALWAYS remember that the word "servant" comes first.

Sadly, co-opted by the downtown special interests, Marc forgot that promise, and began to work diligently against the will of the people of this county.  The result?

He lost almost everywhere in the county as he was abandoned by the democrats he was counting on but refused to acknowledge, as he continued to cling to a Republican identity in the face of a fringe-left voting record.

And yes... all of that angers me.

Had Marc mirrored Tom Mielke's Republican positions, David Madore would not have announced and Marc would still be commissioner.

Those surrounding Marc managed a strategically horrific and poorly executed campaign.  Marc failed to poll, so he never knew he was in as much trouble (70% of his own commissioner district rejecting him in the primary notwithstanding) as he was until the first numbers hit on election night.  Those who supported him were, in large part, confirmation of everything I've said.  Their support... the leftist, pro-bridge/pro-loot rail/pro-toll scammers and the cloying, sickly-sweet support of the cancerous rag of a newspaper... were ultimately responsible for his downfall.  When combined with a completely inept campaign obviously ran by someone, or a group of someones lacking any clue... there was just no way he could win... a thought that never occurred to him until the first numbers dropped.

He knew then it was all over.  And all of that angers me.

Because it was so, very, unnecessary.

It's likely that he and my sister-in-law and the rest of her family will never forgive me.  But since they never listened to me before any of this started, I expect I'll find a way to get over it.  But I had no choice except to treat Marc like any other political enemy of the people... the way I'll treat Steve Stuart, should he decide to run, since he is likely to suffer the same fate as Boldt.

Marc's political days are likely done.  The CRC issue will likely be decided long before this term is up... and hopefully, be long over and a distant memory.

But Marc will forever be known as the man who willingly and repeatedly violated Republican tenets and worked to serve the special interests who seemed to own him like the 13th Amendment was never passed... instead of the people who he was sworn to serve.

Had he remained true to what made him such a great legislator, you would not be seeing this post and we would not have been seeing this article in the paper.

Had he governed much more like Tom Mielke and much less like Steve Stuart... all of this would have been different.

I take no joy in it.  But it was necessary.  And now there's a new sheriff in town.  The only question is this: has the message been received, and has it made any difference?

And that's my emotion on this very emotional day for the Boldt family... but not for most of the rest of the county.

What Barack O'Boehner SHOULD do: pass the bill and send everyone home.

The fact is simple: no matter what the GOP does, it won't be enough.

No matter what the GOP does, they WILL get blamed.

So what's O'Boehner to do?

Pass his original bill... and then go home.

When anything you're going to do will be adjudged wrong and make that simpering idiot in the White House into some sort of hero... you might as well do the RIGHT thing and then go home.

But caving to this clown is just the death of a thousand cuts.  Because cave or no, the GOP?

Will still get the blame.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boldt votes democrat to the very end: screws us by wasting $200,000 on his fellow leftists

Congrats to Tom Mielke and David Madore for standing up for the people of Clark County in David's efforts to stop funding that massive waste of money known as CRUDEC.

CRUDEC, or the Columbian Rip-Off Underhanded Screw the people of Clark County Council, is, perhaps, best known for this idiocy:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There are lies, damned lies and the CREDC study, a scam likely paid for with Yakima Millionaire funds.

We've been assaulted by bogus studies before with pre-ordained outcomes; the slime ramming this horrific bridge and loot rail scam down our throats immediately come to mind as a case in point.

The CREDC study, with it's impossibly high numbers if full of lies and deceit... and it was a result of a $5000 check from, you guessed it, the Yakima Millionaires trying to scam this community the same way the scum behind the prospective waste of  billions of dollars are trying to scam us on the CRC.

The REAL facts speak for themselves:  There's no groundswell of support demanding that the Yakima Millionaires stay in Yakima, as there no doubt would be if, in fact, the economic impact were anything like the fantasy presented in this study.

We've heard words like this before.  You know, "If we just blow this $867 BILLION on a pokulous, unemployment will stay under 8%."

Those working so hard to screw this entire community will no doubt trumpet this massive lie.  But that's the problem for them; it IS a lie, and we KNOW it's a lie.

The numbers are clear: the expectation is that 100,000 attendance would actually generate $10 million a year for 20 years.

The lying numbers?
The $206.5 million figure includes $34.5 million from construction, $4.6 million annually from the Yakima Bears and another $4 million annually from using the stadium to host regional and national tournaments.
Odd how a $22.7 million dollar ballpark manages to generate $34.5 million in construction.

And the other figures?  These slimeballs can't figure out a way to divert $1 million a year from the fantasy $8.6 million they claim this cesspool will generate?

I was born at night... but not LAST night.

And since these scum have to lie to get this thing built like this, there's only one answer: "No."


You clowns claim you've got "alternatives?"  Then use them.  Use any one of them, or all of them.

But don't build that manure pile here, rip us off to pay for it, pee on our legs and then tell us it's raining.
When any organization makes up lies-on-demand, they shouldn't get a taxpayer-paid dime for the privlege.

Boldt, a total sellout to the downtown mafia on the CRC scam, continues his full-democrat pattern of wasting our money to keep his buddies happy... but not for the betterment of Clark County.

As she leaves, Chrissy shows common sense: no funding for the CRC scam.

Look, I get that Gregoire hasn't been much of a governor, doing much more harm than good.

A total tribal sell-out, Gregoire has been a pro-CRC hack from the getgo.

Until now.

Knowing that the GOP-controlled Senate won't allow a dime of CRC money to go through for the next 2 years, Gregoire didn't waste the paper such a request would be printed on.

Combined with a locked up county commission, things are looking pretty bleak for the CRC scammers.

The start of major construction on the Columbia River Crossing is now set back to late 2014.
The start of major construction on the Columbia River Crossing is now set back to late 2014.

Gov. Chris Gregoire largely passed over the Columbia River Crossing in her recommended budget released Tuesday, identifying no new state funding for the project. 
Instead, the outgoing governor will leave it up to state lawmakers to find Washington’s contribution to the planned Interstate 5 Bridge replacement, said spokesman Jason Kelly. 
“The governor believes this is a priority project, but there continues to be a lack of consensus around transportation funding and what a comprehensive statewide revenue package should look like,” Kelly wrote in an email. 
Washington, like Oregon, must find a way to pay a state share to hold up its end of the CRC finance plan. And lawmakers in both states will have to act soon for the CRC to stay on its current schedule, starting construction in late 2014.  
Washington and Oregon are expected to jointly pony up roughly a third of the project’s $3.5 billion cost, or about $450 million each. The rest would come from tolling revenue and the federal government. 
Gregoire’s budget doesn’t finalize any spending for the next two years. The Washington Legislature holds final say over the next biennial budget ending in mid-2015.
 I imagine Moeller's head exploded.


Need more proof of the leftist slime that is the Columbian?

It's our curse that the only daily paper we have is a paper of lies.

Lies of CO-mission, where they deliberate tell falsehoods (Fake polling results to support their take on the loot rail scam, for example) and lies of O-mission, where Brancaccio deliberately withholds information (Deliberately failing to do stories on the truth behind the light rail scam by failing to ever mention the Oregon Supreme Court decision that provides the entire background on the CRC scam these scum are pushing so hard) like today's typically scummy editorial.

In Our View: Reform Filibuster Rules

Two quick and easy changes would break the gridlock in the Senate

Many changes will be required for Congress to overcome its current soul-crushing and will-sapping partisan divide. But even the longest journey begins with a single step, which is why the Senate should enact two quick and easy reforms when the 113th Congress convenes in January.No, this has nothing to do with the so-called "fiscal cliff," which is a crisis that for now is wholly owned by the House of Representatives. But it is a reminder that there are pressing issues in addition to the nation's financial crisis. 
Among them is the fact that there is gridlock in the Senate. Yes, the austere, august Senate, originally designed as a refuge of nobility and decorum, is no more noble than the sandbox fight that is the House. 
During the past six years, Republicans used the parliamentary procedure known as a filibuster almost 400 times to waylay legislation. That is about twice as often as the procedure was used during the previous six years, and it included the filibustering of simple procedural motions. All of this suggests the Republicans have been more interested in obstructionism than productivity, and we would hope for a little less paralysis and a lot more action from the next Senate.

First, and most obvious: when the GOP controlled the Senate, did these slimeballs put a column out like this when the GOP controlled the Senate?

Of course not.

And secondly, there was these comments under the article:

Dennis M Snook · Top Commenter
You notice how they leave out the information that Majority leader Reid won't allow Republicans to add any amendments to bills?

  • James Edmondson · Top Commenter
    Or vote on a ton of bills coming out of the House. Keeping bills off the agenda is just filibustering by the majority. But yes, pretty sure the Columbo[sic] cares not for such consistency of thought. It doesn't match their mindset.
    So, in the stilted, fringe-left minds of the democratian, the GOP and filibustering is the ONLY reason for "gridlock in the Senate," and the leftist scum running the show are blameless.

    Well, guess what?  I hope the GOP KEEPS IT UP.

    "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session." - Gideon Tucker

    Let's remember: the first two years of the Obamanation's tenure, democrats had complete control of government, and he failed to turn it into the socialist utopia he'd dreamed of.  Gridlock, then, when those shilling the bills are such out of touch punks, is most definitely a good thing.