Friday, November 30, 2012

Why the "fiscal cliff" does not bother me.

At first, I was concerned about sequestration... now, not so much.

Even that clueless idiot representing us in Congress voted for it.

Now, the equally moronic empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot in the White House is playing games.

Well, that's fine.  Make the cuts.

Folks, at SOME point, we ARE going to have to cut.... and I mean everywhere.  I, for example, really don't expect to get social security... and I expect that I'll never retire.

But at some point, we have to address the reality confronting us: out of control spending must end.

I say let it start now.

The options presented to us ALL suck to varying degrees.

We can continue to hurtle down the sewer to becoming an even larger version of Greece, AKA "The Obama Plan."

We can slow down the pace and become something somewhat more akin to, say, France; a somewhat more Republican plan where THOSE morons want to wreck the plane, just at a slower speed and a somewhat shallower angle.

Or we can turn away from the travesty and end all the politics of it while causing EVERYONE to sacrifice.

On one hand, the scum running the democrats want to jack up taxes on everything except the so-called middle class.  That's garbage, of course: who pays the jacked up taxes of business, corporations, the wealthy?

Does anyone think that any tax jack wouldn't be passed along to the consumer, regardless of category they may occupy?

Increasing taxes on the rich would solve absolutely nothing. Much like many psychopaths can become serial killers, the communists running the show have become serial indebters and serial spenders.

And now, they want to get rid of the fiscal ceiling.  (Which, come to think of it, our own waste of skin voted for increasing repeatedly)

During the I-695 campaign here many years back, John Carlson of KVI fame said of then Governor Gary Locke: "He can land the plane with the wheels up... or fly it directly into the ground."

Like Locke, Obama is choosing to fly the plane directly into the ground, with the throttles slammed directly into the firewall.

Call their bluff.  Implement the cuts.  Do it now.  Then we'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I think I heard it be said, what they might do is simply put into place a regime of passing the buck through legislation, propping things up to the next legislative session, similar to the budget has been passed with the government shutdowns? Remember that one?

And add to the fact, will be in on these new negotiation team between both sides, do you remember where that went?

Though I have to agree with you, Kelly. You make a good point, at some time and point in this existence, the axe will fall. If its not by federal spending controls, it will be private financial and equity markets along with ratings agencies that will take it out of their hide.
So if this congress can't get their act together, the world take care of it FOR them... And either way, it is to our peril. -- Jeremy

Martin Hash said...

Watching all the current drama, it looks to me like Obama is playing the Rs like major fools. Of course, Obama wants to go over the cliff! It's the PERFECT solution: taxes need to go back up (on everybody), expenses need to be cut (across the board), and the Rs take all the heat for the fall-out! Those guys are CLUELESS!

Hyperinflation will take care of the debt - but on some other president's watch - probably the next (Repubican) one.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to KEX radio this morning and from other news sources, I think Martin and Kelly are right, both sides are heading over the cliff... -- Jeremy