Saturday, December 01, 2012

An idiotic democratian 2-fer.

From their weekend bitch slap:
Jeers: To continued suffering by the U.S. Postal Service. It's a no-brainer that as email and other forms of electronic messaging and communication proliferate, there's less traditional mail, particularly the most lucrative first-class mail. So the postal service has had to deal with declining revenue, even as its fixed costs rise. An especially onerous burden imposed by Congress is a unique requirement to fully fund employee health care obligations 75 years into the future. So it's understandable why costs must be cut.

Unfortunately, it looks like Washington voters will be among the victims. The planned closure of five of Washington's seven mail-processing centers could force voters in some rural areas to vote before Election Day in order to get their ballots postmarked on time. And it would lead to more delays in tabulating the votes, already the chink in the armor of what otherwise is a great way to practice democracy.
The blind idiocy of mail-only ballots obviously will have to be revisited.  But the idea that anyone should, could or would be forced to vote before election day is, perhaps, the most moronic of the many moronic ideas this rag has ever put forth.

The rag's slavish devotion to a fraud-ridden idea, much like the lack of concern over the built-in failures of a voter-registration system that doesn't require ID or proof of citizenship to either register to vote... or to vote at all.

The simple solution, and one certainly not worth their whaling, rending of garments of gnashing of teeth is to again set up polling stations, particularly in the effected areas... and to make mail-in ballots OPTIONAL.

Let's remember here, the purpose is to serve the voter... not the government, a simple fact that the state and various counties around here should keep in mind.

While fringe left publications view everything through the lens of victimhood, these closures just point out the weakness of a system that only relies on one element, the postal service, to operate.

It has always been a bad idea, and this issue just spotlights it.
Jeers: State Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, is certainly free to declare victory anytime he chooses. But the statesmanlike approach is to wait until someone else calls the race or the opponent concedes, preferably both. Benton, though, couldn't wait to proclaim "the beauty of this victory," which awaits a recount, and for which no certificate of election has been issued .

Sure, it looks like Benton will be the winner of a fifth term after a recount of ballots in his razor-thin race against Democratic challenger Tim Probst. If so, congratulations will be in order. And yes, politics is hard-ball; this particular race has been brutal from the outset. But it's too bad that Benton couldn't wait for the finish line to start celebrating and chose to abandon the more dignified approach.
As the democratian continues their jihad against Sen. Benton, it's this kind of petty BS that marks their world view.

This petty crap is just another sign of their hatred of Benton.  And when they bitch about his "failure" to kiss their asses while they're sharpening their axes.

The lies of the democratian, their failure to print the truth about Probst being bought by the Senate dem caucus like an MLK hooker.... precisely like Benton said they did... their now almost two-decade-long effort to get rid of Benton (Where yes, they failed again)  and now this petty, playground, Benton-can't-fight-back bullshit.

One of the problems with a paper that acts like an adolescent cancer on our community... a playground punk, if you will... is this kind of garbage.  And one of their many failures to this community, besides lies, exaggerations, frequently inconvenient facts they refuse to print and the like is this kind of garbage.

And it's just our burden to bare that the only daily rag we have is run and owned by such scum.

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