Monday, June 27, 2016

Bernie the Betrayer.

First, it was clear from the outset that Sanders had no chance.  Less than no chance.

Second, it was clear from the outset that Bernie had no clue: less than no clue.

Third, and finally, in spite of everything he ever said about Hillary, what is he saying now?

That he’s going to vote for her.

What does that say about Sanders? 

Well, to me, it says he’s a fake.  It says he has no principles.  It says that, in effect, the tens of millions of dollars he took from people who could not afford it one the idea that he was “different” was somehow all a sham, a rip off, a fraud.

Here, locally, we have candidates who claim to be “A” but then turn out to be “B” when crunch time comes.

Bernie’s crunch time is here.  And what is he doing?  Just going along with the rest of the sheep.

When it comes to our local liars, our local political lowlifes who lie to us to get elected and then lie about WHY they lied, they’re likely to be reelected or elected in the first place.

But it won’t be with my vote.


Too many of us don’t do anything but look at the letter after the name and make a decision based on that and that alone.

We, as an electorate, need to move beyond that.  We need to understand that voting for a party that has betrayed us merely because of a letter is the RINO way, not the American way.

When you consider a candidate, don’t limit yourself to what they claim they’ve done or what they claim they will do.

Expand your sphere of influence to include what they actually HAVE done and what they’ve actually FAILED to do.

Too often, those like Rivers or Weber count on your disinterest or your cynicism to make it OK for them to lie to you.

Now, they’ve shifted gears and put up web sites that don’t specifically tell you ANYTHING they would do if you elected them, because the LAST thing they want is to be held accountable for their actions.

Next time you see Ann Rivers, for example, walk up to her and say “Ann, why did you lie to us about the gas tax and tab fee increases?”

Or Scott Weber and ask him, “Scott, why did you lie to us about getting rid of your job as an elected position?”

Or Tim “The Liar” Leavitt, and ask “Tim, why did you lie to us about your position on tolls?”

The only honest answer from them or anyone else?

“I lied to you to get elected.  That’s all that mattered.  What you want, what you don’t want…. That doesn’t matter a tinker’s damn to me.”

I warned everyone who read my blog what was going to happen with the 3 Stooges at the county if Liz Pike wasn’t elected… or if Julie Olson was elected.

If either of the two RINOs win in the council races, like the leftists want… it’ll just be more of the same.  More taxes.  More spending…More regulation.

And the sad reality is that it will be more of that anyway, because when we had our chance, we didn't do the right thing and now we’re all paying for it.  But if the RINO’s are successful, while we’d all pay for it the same, it will be to the deafening silence of conservatives in elective office (There won’t be any) and to the cheers of their democrat supporters who helped put them there.

Returning or adding these scum to office means zero accountability and a freedom on their part to do any damned thing they please.

It’s what can be called the Herrera formula: she’s the very model of “promise nothing, deliver  nothing, get re-elected.”

Yes, Bernie has betrayed his followers.  But that was inevitable, and like the sheep he trained them to be, they’ll follow his lead, never once asking themselves: “This is the guy who told us what a sell out Hillary is…. Why is he going to vote for her now?”

As for me, I will never vote for someone I know to be a liar.

Party be damned.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Response to Waters sychophantry in the 18th.

(Long, but forgive me. This will have to do for now)

Well, I went to a Mariner’s debacle yesterday in Seattle, but that’s likely for another post.

As I was coming home, I was texted a link with the question, “thoughts?”

The link, as it turns out, was Lew Water’s take on the 18th district legislative races that he knows so little about.

I read them… not particularly surprised at what he’d written, given how much he’s almost completely sold out to the RINO’s and how little honesty and intellectual integrity mean to him, and my first thought was this: Has Waters become gullible? Or is he so co-opted that lies, dishonesty and manipulation by our elected officials mean nothing to him?

I was, momentarily, surprised that he’s continuing to support Pike. After all, in the Rivers’ World of Hatred, Pike is persona non grata. Just like in Waters' world, *I* am.

Either way, I decided that his idiocy and self-delusion was worthy of a response, even though his intellectual cowardice makes responding on his blog verboten unless you slavishly agree with whatever he writes.

You see, in Waters’ World, anyone who disagrees with him is relegated to what he refers to as a part of the “party hierarchy” (of which I most certainly am not) or a part of the “fringe elements controlling the party,” (again disqualifying me.)

I have committed the cardinal sin of disagreeing with Waters. He refuses to discuss the issues I bring up, choosing, instead, to ignore them while his pit yorkie goes on the attack.

For the most part, Lew’s been a good foot soldier for the RINOs, even supporting C3G2 Hater Admin Carolyn Crain, who helps Chuckie Green run that leftist hate site... that leftist hate site that Waters himself isn't allowed to post at.... doing what he’s been manipulated into doing, allowing his hatred (or his “intense dislike” if “hatred” is too strong of a word) to drive his politics.

And that’s OK, as far as it goes. His blog, his rules. But I briefly lamented what happened to the man he was and grieved, also briefly, for the man he had become.

Meanwhile, he can have his own rules… and he can have his own blog… but he can’t make up his own facts. And in a few ways, easily illustrated, I can show here where, well, he has done just that.
You see, lying by omission is the same as lying by CO-mission.

There are a few things at issue here: first and foremost, he knows as much about the 18th District as he does brain surgery.

This is not his district: he has no vote here. And his façade that he knows these people so well is just that: a façade. He’s knows what they tell him. And foolishly enough, like his quasi-partnership with fake Republican Carolyn Crain, he’s self-delusional enough to believe it.

Let me set the table here, if I may.

First and foremost, no one knows Ann Rivers, politically, as much as I do.

No one.

We were in business together for a few years. I worked hundreds of hours on her effort to get the appointment to the House back in 2007 that Boldt screwed up by bending us over and sticking us with that worthless cardboard cutout of a congresswoman currently claiming to represent us in DC. The fix was in on that from the getgo. But it is what it is.

And when I say “no one,” I mean Lew Waters, who only shows his gullibility in his piece on who HE endorses.

I also worked hundreds of hours on other issues for Rivers, to the extent that for several years, she even paid for my cell phone... up until I shut it off after the gas tax debacle and got my own.

The nature of these issues were certainly not all political, but the hours spent and the nature of that effort speak for themselves.

I will not be voting for Rivers. The evidence is clear: she lied to get elected, she stuck Clark County with a $700 million dollar bill that Waters doesn't mention (and one must wonder why he doesn't say anything about it) and then lies about why she did it.

I will not vote for a proven liar. Waters, because he’s a Rivers' bud, is not that constrained when it suits him.

He goes so far as to point out that Rivers received 68% or so of the vote when she was elected to the Senate. Which she did. But that, of course, was before she became a known liar.

But Waters doesn't happen to mention in passing what the likely outcome would have been if, instead of lying about her support of THE largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state’s history AND her efforts to make sure that we weren't allowed to vote on that tax increase, she had ran on a platform to do that very thing. Does anyone reading this believe for a second that she would have been elected to anything involving the 18th District had she run on a platform of jacking our gas taxes up by the largest increase in this state's history?

In fact, purely in the interests of telling ALL of the truth, Waters seems to have left out any mention of the gas tax increase and Rivers’ part in that of any kind, anywhere, in anything he wrote.

Now… why do you suppose that is? It's not like he doesn't want to talk about it or anything... is it? And why wouldn't he if it were such a swell thing for Rivers to do?

Waters goes on to point out that Rivers' opponent’s web site is “short on where he stands on the important issues.”

When last *I* looked, Rivers’ web site says absolutely NOTHING of substance about the “important issues.” She makes no pledges, no promises and shows no plans.

Waters doesn't seem to notice that. And why is it that Rivers’ web site has a lot of words but nothing of substance?

It’s because THE last thing she wants is to be held accountable for her promises to those voting for her.

She certainly hasn't been thrilled about being held accountable for her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases... only to vote for them when the time came.

At best, this is Waters being disingenuous. At worst, he’s simply lying through his oversight, either deliberate or inadvertent.

Further, Waters of course makes no mention of the ongoing investigation of Rivers’ decision to lie, by in excess of $150,000 in her campaign account (that she didn't have) for over a YEAR… an investigation which has been going on for several months and for which, she has zero acceptable or believable excuse.

But those are the facts of the matter.

And as much as I viewed Ann Rivers as closely as a sister in the past… she has proven herself just to be another political hack and she is unfit for public office: because she has sold us out for hundreds of millions of dollars and then lied about it.

And that’s reason enough, no matter what the letter is after her name.

Now, when it comes to Vick, I've wondered why Rivers recruited a candidate to run against Pike, but not Vick. After all, he, too, voted against the gas tax that Waters DOESN'T EVEN MENTION in his sycophantic effort.

Buy 20 gallons of gas today, and $2.40 cents of what you pay is a DIRECT result of Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers’ efforts to screw us.

In Waters' world, it’s like it doesn't even exist. But that he doesn't mention it?

That speaks volumes. Volumes that say he wants you to forget about that as much as she does.

I disqualify Vick because of first, Waters’ lie about his absolutely do-nothing effort in his first term. Vick accomplished nothing that my cavalier spaniel couldn't have done had he been sitting in that chair.

Waters falsely claimed that Vick sitting there like a hood ornament when he was elected was what Waters NOW calls a “good move.”

Odd, that. I don’t recall him ever mentioning what a great move it was for Vick at the time, or that anyone ELSE elected to the legislature should take the first year off… just Vick. But he needs that blather to fit the meme of his now, so voila’! He produces it.

Secondly, Vick was THE worst liar of the 2014 cycle, trying to engage in damage control for his do-nothing tenure by claiming he was on SIX different legislative committees…. When both Vick and I knew that was a façade and, once the next session started, he’d be lucky to be on 3. I was right about that, of course, and for most of the session, he was only on 2.

But he kept hammering that particular drum and even the Democratian picked it up when they endorsed Vick… completely bogus as it was.

I will never vote for Vick for the same reason I am not voting for Rivers. He lied. And in lying, he manipulated the voters. That ain't happening for me.

It’s unacceptable to lie to get elected and those who do so should be held accountable for it.
And that leaves us with the last race, Rep. Liz Pike.

Again, I have stated and will continue to state that Rivers was instrumental in Bowman running against Pike. Bowman, effectively, killed himself politically by actually advocating a 15% food sales tax to pay for the McCleary decision (a decision I've repeatedly shown should be ignored) notwithstanding, I know for a fact that Rivers DID recruit Bowman.

Waters, of course, was moronic enough to swallow their denial, hook, line and sinker:

"Some of the more fringe element of the Clark County GOP," Waters wrote "claims that Bowman has been recruited to oppose Pike due to friction between her and Ann Rivers. Having spoken with both Bowman and Rivers, I find that claim incredulous and false."

See, this is additional proof: disagree with Waters and, by golly, you’re to be discredited as a fringe-element of the Clark County GOP. You know, the GOP I haven’t been a member of since 2012?


So, Lew has “spoken with both Rivers and Bowman.”

He finds the claim “incredulous and false.”

Well, here’s the thing. I have a source. The source has confirmed it. The source is a highly placed elected official who I have known and voted for over a period of many, many years. That aside, I suspected it was true because when Bowman announced, he indicated that he had little trouble with most of Pike’s positions, but that Pike was, effectively, to be condemned for ACTUALLY REPRESENTING HER DISTRICT AND OPPOSING THE GAS TAX!

Who knew? Rivers. Who else hammered Pike for doing that?


And kids, 25 years plus or so in this business has taught me a lot. And the first thing it's taught me is that in politics, there ain't no coincidences.

And how many people are going to launch a campaign that has precisely ONE THING in common with Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers without her involvement?

How many of them are going to sound EXACTLY like Rivers on that issue if she had zero involvement with their decision?

What *I* find “incredulous and false” is that Waters was gullible enough to believe them.

If Lew were sitting across from me at my desk, I’d look at him right now and ask, ”Lew… seriously: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT THEM TO SAY??

YEAH? You were right? Of COURSE I recruited Bowman?”

Good God. Apparently, Waters actually expected them to admit it if they had done what he knows they did do, but refuses to write.

Waters, dealing with a proven liar, simply buys off on her claim that Bowman, ON HIS OWN, simply decided to challenge an entrenched incumbent merely because they disagreed on an issue, ONE issue, an issue that would not have profited Battle Ground or anywhere else ONE ADDITIONAL CENT EVEN IF HE HAD WON?

That seems like an awful lot of effort to go through for one fit of pique.

This, you see, flies in the face of the Lincolnesque axiom: while you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, you sure can fool Lew Waters when he wants to be fooled.

Of COURSE Rep. Liz Pike is the only choice here. And that’s why Waters endorses her… because he knows that politically, Bowman has as much chance of winning in the 18th as he does mastering the art of levitation.

And, naturally, the easiest way for Rivers to clear her name on this is simply to come out and endorse Pike while condemning Bowman’s effort… and hold a fundraiser for her or appear at one and speak for her… you know, like she did for that idiot Crain the other day?

But how likely is that to happen? I have, I would say, a better chance of winning the lottery.

With Bowman’s obvious upcoming destruction at the polls, she might… MIGHT… do it now to provide herself with political cover.

But I wouldn't hold my breath.

You see, if Rivers was GOING to do it… she’d already have done it.

Pike is the only Republican I will be voting for legislatively and above.

But that’s just me. And if you've made it to this point, I look forward to taking on all comers. But they likely won’t include Waters, Rivers (Who hasn't even answered my now over 4 month old email asking her to clarify her idiotic, $7 BILLION response to what would have happened if she had voted ”no” on the gas tax… after all, I’m just a constituent she disagree with, no need to respond to ME.) Vick or Bowman.

Because in their world?

Disagree with them, even if, allegedly, they either WANT to work for you or actually already work for you?

You're not worth talking to.

A common sense explanation of the BRExit

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Massive increase in military men claiming to be women. Seriously.

And, by the way, under the new rules in the military, there are men claiming they want to be women so they can get the relaxed PT rules/standards.

Just sayin'. Because right now, all you have to do is CLAIM you are a female to get the benefits of being female, which include much lower PT standards AND the fact that you can have MUCH longer hair, as well as avoiding shaving.

Those are the rules in place. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's right up there with contract marriages so both service members get married benefits, even though they're the same sex and don't have to live together.

Because ALL military jobs are open to women, this hasn't yet led to any reassignments to different locations or jobs.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Thanks to Crain's fake Republican outfit for this handy list of candidates to oppose:

Thanks to fake Republican Carolyn Crain for having her fake Republican group put together this handy list candidates to oppose in the upcoming election:

Understand that if a candidate's name appears here, it's because they've been vetted and found to be as much a RINO as Crain.

State Senator Partisan Office 4-year term
Curtis King Republican

(King is Chair of Senate Transportation and is the one, along with Rivers, primarily responsible for screwing us on the gas tax.  Naturally a leftist like Crain would support him.)

State Representative Pos. 1 Partisan Office 2-year term
Norm Johnson Republican

State Representative Pos. 2 Partisan Office 2-year term
Gina McCabe (Prefers Republican Party)"

State Senator Partisan Office 4-year term
Lynda Wilson, Republican

State Representative Pos. 1 Partisan Office 2-year term
Jerry Oliver, Republican

State Representative Pos. 2 Partisan Office 2-year term
Paul Harris, Republican

State Senator Partisan Office 4-year term
Ann Rivers Republican

(Rivers, of course, most famously lied about her opposition to the gas tax and tab fee increase and then lied about why she did it.  Again, one liar supporting another made this a natural selection for Crain and her RINO crew.)

State Representative Pos. 1 Partisan Office 2-year term
Brandon Vick, Republican

(Vick also voted against the gas tax, but somehow seems to have escaped Rivers' Wrath.  What killed the deal for me was Vick's lies about being assigned to 6 different committees as a reason to re-elected him since he had, effectively, mailed it in for his first two years in office.)

State Representative Pos. 2 Partisan Office 2-year term
Shane A. Bowman, Republican

(Recruited by Rivers to punish Rep. Liz Pike for her vocal opposition to Rivers' efforts to screw us on the gas tax, this moron advocated a 15% tax on food to pay for the stupidity of the McCreary decision.  With a history of imposing taxes and tab fees on the people of Battle Ground, this guy shouldn't be in elective office, period.)

State Representative Pos. 2 Partisan Office 2-year term
Carolyn Crain, Republican

(It's Crain's RINO outfit.  Who else would they endorse?  Not surprisingly, there's no mention of Crain's involvement in this crew, but then ethics have never been her strong suit.

Crain bears responsibility for the 2% property tax increase by strongly supporting my idiotic leftist brother-in-law as county chair and we've all suffered because of it.  She will be crushed, again, and hopefully that will be the last we hear of her.

Note that this moron is also an admin of the ultra-leftist C3G2 fringe left hate group, and she also endorsed Chuckie Green over Julie Olson for county council... not that Olson voted any differently on anything than Green would have, since they were essentially the same person, just in two different bodies.

Note that this thug group also didn't endorse anyone else in the 49th for anything, because SHE wants all the attention and whatever resources might be wasted here.

She has no chance of winning.  And she's unfit to hold elective office.)

COUNCILOR, DISTRICT NO. 3 Partisan Office 4-year term
John Blom, Republican

COUNCILOR, DISTRICT NO. 4 Partisan Office 4-year term
Jennifer McDaniel, Republican

(Both of these people were recruited to silence conservatives and remove any conservative voice from the county council because, you know, a 5-0 RINO vote makes a decision so much MORE of a decision than a 3 - 2 vote.

Boldt is crumbling under the pressure of constantly stomping on the conservative minority, going so far as to break down and cry during council meetings.  And we can't have that, can we?

Blom has bigger things in mind and doesn't care how many bodies he steps on to get to wherever he thinks he's going.  Jennifer is being used as a tool by leftists, who are flocking to this effort with money and support as if these two had the letter "D" after their names.

Follow the money.)

COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT NO. 2 Nonpartisan Office 6-year term
Nancy Barnes

Sorry, Nancy, but your endorsement by these clowns will cause me to vote for whoever runs against you.

BRExit (British Exit from the European Union)

I was watching the vote totals coming out live over SkyNews and stayed tuned until the netwoerks called it for Exit.

I was reasonably sure that the people of England had reached their limit of outside interference in their lives... one of the talking heads called it the "Toast and tea rebellion."

Apparently, there was a decision about to be implemented which would have removed toasters from British kitchens and hair dryers from British bathrooms (likely making it illegal to operate those appliances if they'd been built before some date as a cut off) requiring them to be replaced by newer, more energy efficient technology.

This, it was said, resulted in people "waking up," and asking themselves "what's some guy in Brussels doing in my kitchen and bathroom?"

There are parallels between that situation and our own.  It goes without saying that Obama looks, once again, like a blithering idiot as the people of the UK effectively, flipped him AND HillBilly off.

Does it have meaning here?

First, it acts as a model for what can happen here.

In this instance, the EU model part is played by an out-of-control, clueless federal government clamping down on our freedoms.  It can, in fact, extend all the way down to the local level.

Second, HillBilly represents the ideas and the reach of an equally out of control EU.

If the American voter (and their secure vote) WAKE up to how our government is screwing us, stealing our money for their projects and income redistribution and a growing welfare state where foreigners are brought in to take our jobs and steal our money to keep the democrats in power with "stuff," then there is no question that this country is facing a titanic shift to the right.

Locally, the EU types are the leftists and the RINOs who've banded together to get rid of conservatives from government all together.

They may be successful at this point.  But the vote in England gives me hope that the RINO reign will be short-lived and that the insanity gripping the leftist in the GOP will pass and they will shift their allegiance to the democrats where they more properly belong.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

When hatred drives your politics.

I've been playing this game for some time now.

The one thing I've worked very hard to attempt to accomplish is to keep emotion out of politics and stick to the core virtues of being a politician: tell the truth, remember who you work for, and don't betray those who elected you.

I've never been one of the "when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it" school of thought.

In my effort to discuss this issue with Lew on his blog, as documented here, someone who I do not know but who presumes to know me told me that my " of a Republican Utopia doesn’t exist. It never existed (at least as you see it)"

In fact, here's the entirety of their cryptic comment in response to my observations.

There is a level of that "oh, so superior" snark typical of the RINO.  And that inability to identify themselves, though In have an idea who it might be...
“Local politics has been my playground since 88 or so…” So what? Does that give you some special insight? It doesn’t you know- you’re just like the bitter dude who’s been at his job for 25 years when you’re in your first week at a new job: he “knows it all”, and he isn’t afraid to tell you. BUT, the bitter dude doesn’t own the company.
Myself, I’ll listen to the bitter dude- then form my own opinion. What I’ve found is 100% of the time the “owners” like to see someone who’s a team player, willing to listen to others, compromise, and think for themselves.
KJ- your vision of a Republican Utopia doesn’t exist. It never existed (at least as you see it). As Lew said, we’re all tired of purists on both sides of the aisle. Reasonable people on both sides recognize this, so don’t worry. It’ll all be OK.
And here was my response. likely never to be posted by Lew since he's grown rather impatient with being skewered on his own petard:
And 911, here's the responses to your question:

Do I have some special insight?

None in particular, save that resulting from consulting on a dozen different local campaigns, having my own local political consulting business since 2004, spending 6 years on legislative staff, having a degree in government and acting as the state GOP's executive director provides me.

So, in retrospect, I'd say, yeah, in fact it DOES provide me with "special insight."

Since you asked.

Well, 100% of the time the owners loath team players who do a terrible job.  Go to work for someone and lie to them about what you'll do if you get the job.  See how long you last.

Team players who are incompetent, or in this case, lie to join the team, who sell out to the left are, in fact, not what the conservative owners want.  The outcomes here are designed to silence those who disagree with the RINO take and who disagree with the prevailing wind or in the case of Lea's rant, who disagree with whatever conclusion Lew might arrive at.

His blog.  His privilege.

That you are shallow enough to be incapable of understanding that concept of keeping one's word, or doing the will of the people and understanding that "representing the will of the people" is not a partisan issue goes to your lack of depth in the field in question.

It's ALWAYS important to keep your word.  It's ALWAYS important to tell those who would elect you the truth. 

That, of course, is not based on any party allegiance.  And this "...when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it" attitude is part and parcel of why our legislative bodies have a lower approval rating than the Nazi's during the war.

I've never signed on to that scam.  Some, on the other hand, have certainly achieved a level of comfort with it; they expect little and receive little... and are perfectly happy with it when they certainly don't have to be.

This has nothing to do with the issue of "purist," whoever "we're" (Or in this case, you) might happen to be. 

I, on the other hand, purely expect people to keep their word.  I expect them to do what they pledged to do to manipulate the people into electing them.  And I expect them to be held accountable when they don't.  And I certainly understand that if, for example, Ann Rivers had run for her seat in the Senate pledging to support the largest gas-tax increase in this state's history, she wouldn't have been elected dog-catcher.

That, of course, is in no way limited to the political world.  It includes the familial world, the business world, the contractor world and the like.

It's just so odd people such as yourself... whoever you may be... are so willing to accept so little from those you contract with.  I'm reasonably sure that you would have a different attitude if you were talking about, for example, your mechanic, your home builder, your dentist or anyone else who gives you their word to do X in exchange for Y.

You call that "purism."  I call it common decency.  Some have that concept.  Some don't.

What you call "reasonable" has proven repeatedly to, in fact, be "gullible." Lew, for example, completely bought in to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's "no tolls" scam.
I warned him.  He didn't listen.  How'd that work out for him?

And if what, for example, the 3 Stooges have provided us with in their haste to screw the people of this county is, in fact, "OK," then I want none of it.

But hey... what do I know?
Keeping one's word transcends party politics.   It, in reality, has zero to do with "party" and everything to do with humanity.

And for many, it does that very thing.  But when your judgment is clouded by hatred... when you'll say anything to get elected and then take zero responsibility for lying and manipulating the people...

That's not political.  That goes to your basic character or lack thereof.  And when your conclusions are based on your own nose being bent out of shape instead of the reality of a given situation... that goes to something else as well.

The House democrat hissy-fit.

By now, there's a reasonably good chance that you've heard of the leftist hissy fit going on in the House.

In yet another sign of weakness by RINO Ryan, the Occupy democrats have literally taken possession of the floor of the House of Representatives while the RINOs run away and hide... instead of acting as the situation demands, namely that the Speaker order the Sergeant at Arms to clear the Chamber.

The leftists, of course, are being allowed to do whatever 

I was pondering this last night after word slid out that these clowns were sitting on the floor, literally as opposed to figuratively, and the thought occurred to me that it was all rather formulaic:

The democrats tend to throw laws at an issue much like they tend to throw money at an issue:  massive amounts and numbers hoping that something... anything... will stick.

As yet another golden opportunity to stick it to the democrats blows by, one has to wonder: is anyone awake at the helm of the GOP?

Some of the issues confronting our country are, I believe, worthy of being addressed.

And that includes those issues which fall under the umbrella of "gun control."

It sounds counter-intuitive to allow those on the terrorist watch list to purchase weapons.

The very name "terrorist watch list" strikes a cord among the rank and file of the people of this country for the most part.  But it has a somewhat different reaction for me.

Membership of the "terrorist watch list" is a rather exclusive club.  Most card-carrying names on that list are unaware of their membership.

It is of note that amphibious driving expert, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) was also on that list.

The irony of all of this is that this list, in and of itself, is the wrong discussion to have.

The RIGHT discussion is this:

1.  Declare war on ISIS.

They are directly or indirectly responsible for the slaughter of Americans and innocents generally.  Our failure to act by declaring war on them is not unlike the insane idea that the German invasion of Poland was just a misunderstanding and we need to stay out of it while others do the fighting.

ISIS, of course, has already declared war on the people of this country.  An unconventional war, to be sure, but a war, nonetheless.
"You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."  (Attributed to Trotsky)
2.  Add the element of due process to the terrorist list.

Here's where it fell apart for the democrats: they refuse to allow due process to be a requirement for membership in that club.

Due process, you see, would foil the leftist plan to put EVERYONE of the terrorist watch list as a reason to keep EVERYONE from buy or possessing guns.

The GOP had the chance to use political jujitsu here by taking the leftist's bill away from them and turning it on it's head by forcing through a due process clause which would have notified everyone on the last that they were, in fact, members; while providing them, at government expense, the opportunity to get themselves OFF the list.

3.  Utilizing the powers of the declaration of war, engage in the time honored tradition of a limited suspension of habeus corpus, as practiced by, if memory serves, Lincoln and Roosevelt during their wars...

Taking all of those on the list and, if non-citizens, deporting them and if citizens, placing them in protective custody until such time as the war against ISIS is over.

Using this method, the issue of the purchase of weapons becomes a non-issue since those ultimately on the list as a result of the time-honored and Constitutional tradition of due process would, by virtue of their deportment or their imprisonment, be deprived of their ability to purchase or maintain possession of firearms.

Ultimately, however, it would make little to no difference in the outcomes.

I know that.

The reader knows that... and most assuredly, those propagating this kabuki theater know that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another response to Waters.

I'm sorry, Lew.  Should I throttle back the term "hatred" to one of "intense dislike?"

It doesn't really matter what one calls it, in the end... the emotion of this is what's driving you.

I totally understand your failure to respond to the issues I brought up.  There are, in fact, two options as to the why of it: you can't... or you won't.

It's much like the reasons those who govern us or those who would govern us show the level of arrogance that enables them to ignore those of us who disagree with their actions or conclusions... even though they work for us.

To address the issues... the support of those who, in reality, represent everything you used to despise about politics and government... would be to arrive at many of the same conclusions I have.

An honest exchange of views would certainly include addressing each of the issues I brought up, but how can you defend the indefensible?

You effort to deflect is just that.  And you will go on supporting those who would do the most damage to us... who have done the most to reject the stated will of the people at the polls... who have lied to us to get elected... who have raised our taxes... who have busted the rights of the rural residents (Unless they happen to be Marc Boldt's brother, who he helped turn into a millionaire... or will...) and the one common thread they all have... all profess to?

They share your feelings... or some version of them... for Madore.  It's the commonality of the C3G2 hate group... the commonality of the out-of-power establishment types... the commonality of the leftists using you... it's the one, singular thread that binds you all together.

You see, I am not and never have been one of the enemy.   I have attacked Madore and his actions repeatedly.  I am not a part of the party mechanism.  I have fought them tooth and nail.  So, I don't fit into your box of how your characterize those who may have another view of your positions.

We've shared and fought many battles together... and the reality is that one of us has changed.

For the worse.

And I don't believe it was me.

It's been real... enjoy your new found fandom with your friends.

As for Lea and whatever scales911 happens to be, I appreciate your involvement in this discussion that had nothing to do with either of you... particularly those of the anonymous ilk.  But in the end, that you foster corruption in supporting those who would bastardize government is but a symptom of the greater disease.  And the next time those whom you profess to admire screw you, know this: your blind support of them helped to make it happen.

I'm sure you'll find comfort in the thought of it.

And Lea, I'm sorry I misunderstood, or that Lew, apparently, could not speak for himself on these matters.  I had no idea that dogged acceptance of his views were a requirement to post here.

It's just amazing how you've both become a caricature of that which you've both professed to despise the most.

Message received.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Responding again to Lew Waters

Well, I am not, I believe, on the fringe right of anything and yet, these efforts at dividing us are not limited, as you would infer, to merely those who happen to run the local GOP.  Further, few have done more battle with the local GOP than I have.

We have three county councilors who have voted in every way, precisely the same way their democrat opponents would have voted had they won. (Certainly, I'm willing to be schooled on this: how have they voted in any way differently than their democrat opponents would have?)

So please, help me to understand why they shouldn't be tossed out of the GOP?  There's a party ready, willing and able to take them in.  They're called "democrats."  And if someone who claims to be a part of Party A to get elected subsequently governs like Party B is their affiliation, then why should they be allowed to remain in Party A?

The label, you see, has to have meaning.  If you're going to run as a Republican, why, exactly, is it so hard to believe you should then govern like a Republican?

And, having committed what amounts to fraud to get elected, how are we as a constituency supposed to respond to that fraud?  How is the party that supported their election supposed to respond to it?  Bend over and scream, "thank you Sir, may I have another?"

Divisive groups like Crain's fake Republicans wanted that outcome.  At a minimum,, we all will now pay higher property taxes thanks to achieving the outcome she desired... precisely and absolutely as I said would happen during the run up to the election.  Thus, I believe she's already shown that regardless of what she might SAY as a part of her campaign, her RECORD is clear: higher taxes are no problem for her.  And she should be supported because of that?

Crain also seems to be an admin of the fringe-left C3G2 hate group... not surprising, given her endorsement of Chuckie Green.

Is that OK with you?  You know, the group that blocked you... and me... from posting because if you don't agree with them, they don't want to hear it?

I would ask you, Lew: is it OK for anyone to lie to get elected?  And if they do lie... and then, like Rivers, lie about WHY she lied... what is our response SUPPOSED to be?

"Well, you lied... and in your case, Gas Tax, it's only going to cost this county $700 million... and then, you lied about WHY you lied ($7 billion?  Really?) and now, if you don't happen to "like" a constituent (me) it's perfectly OK for you to tell the world you'll be happy to communicate with them... unless, of course, you don't like them... then, well, you can just feel free to ignore them.

It's ALSO OK for you to go out and recruit other tax and spenders, like a moron who wants a 15% food sales tax to help pay for a Supreme Court order that the legislature can feel free to ignore.

We want to reelect you so you can lie some more... ignore us some more... betray us some more... AND WE WILL CHEERFULLY VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN!"

Do you, for example, believe that it was perfectly fine for Gas Tax Rivers to pledge not to support gas tax or tab fee increases to get elected, only to betray those of us who supported her and my case, worked my ass off TO get her elected, voting against the vast majority of her district?

Can you explain to me why people like Crain and Rivers should be rewarded with election or re-election for THEIR divisive efforts that you never seem to take THEM to task over?

Do you believe, for one minute that the democrats would put up with that political treason at any level?

How is it that it's somehow "bad" for those you dislike to "divide" us, but perfectly OK for those you like to ignore GOP principles and ban together with the democrats to silence conservative voices in government through their efforts?

We look at the Senate and the House and those who lied to get elected there... (Still got that Obamacare thing?  Well, damned near every Republican in that joint promised to do away with it as a part of their campaign... and not only duid they fail to keep their word, they completely funded everything Obama wanted... and more!) and we re-elect 90% plus of them... and that's OK with you?

See, this is the part I don't get.  These same democrats working to toss the local conservative voices in government would run over Sheldon, Kastama, Tom and the like if they had the chance.  You mention the democrats who helped us to waste $200 million on the CRC scam, but then, you give Rivers and her $700 million betrayal... what her self-admitted so-called "political maturing" cost us... a complete walk.

I'm not easily confused.  Local politics has been my playground since 88 or so... but I must admit: you've got me stumped.

You seem to applying multiple standards to multiple candidates.  You seem to infer that those who betray us to get elected or to hold office should not suffer any consequence for that at all, as long as they hate Madore.

In fact, hatred of Madore appears to be the only litmus test you have.

And frankly... I just don't get why that seems to relieve them of any responsibility for where they fail us or betray us anywhere else.

Can you help me with that?


More on the disaster of women in Combat Arms:

86% fail the physical standard at thee beginning training phase.

Under 3% of the men fail.

It's a matter of time until the standards are lowered for women to increase that number, since none of this has anything to do with increasing or improving our fighting capabilities as a military.

I apologize for the effort by this article to justify women in combat arms: no such justification exists.

The number of men disqualified by this test is statistically irrelevant, particularly when compared to women. This insanity will weaken our Armed Forces as well as dramatically increase the casualty rate of units cursed with a gender mix in an unneeded, unwanted and unsustainable effort of PCdom run amok.

You can bet, for example, that none of the morons behind this insanity will ever have to live with the results.

There is a less than zero chance that, like their parents, either one of the Obama kids will ever be caught dead wearing the uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States, let alone in Combat Arms.

And that's a question that every one of these idiots should be asked when they're out there shilling this nonsense.

The few, the proud, the physically fit

New physical standards established so women can compete for combat posts in the Marine Corps have weeded out many of the female hopefuls. But they're also disqualifying some men, according to data obtained by The Associated Press.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The pain of the Rivers betrayal.

It has been, in fact, the most painful experience of my political life to watch her become completely co-opted by special interests like the pot lobby, the contractors, the downtown mafia and that sort.

It's like she's being blackmailed... as if someone's got incriminating video of her in a compromising position or something.

Rivers was the one who was going to be "different."  She was going to be the "woman of the people."

She was, in fact, going to be a Woman of Honor.

Now, she's just for sale to the highest bidder.  A cynical, arrogant betrayal of everything I stand for and, at one point, everything SHE stood for.

My major job with Rivers, once she was elected, was to keep her "grounded." To, in effect, make sure that she did not morph into the very thing she morphed into.  I tried my very best to do that... but when the time came... she completely lost touch with that version of Rivers and she's now become everything in politics I despise.

She won't even tell the truth about recruiting a tax-and-spend RINO like Bowman to run against our Liz Pike.

It's been agonizing to see someone with so much promise and talent turn into the very caricature of a political monster... the type she swore to me she would never become... an out right liar, the very cartoon character of a corrupt politician that when she started out, she swore to avoid becoming.

Now, she's the fake Republican version of Jim Moeller.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Gun control?" Actually "rights control." And we let it happen.

I have the right to own a gun.  I, along with millions of others, prepaid that right by serving our country.

That right, however, is running headlong into a political realm that's rapidly spinning out of control.

Formerly respected generals band together with anti-gun nuts.  Why would military figures be so intent on disarming us?

Nothing to suspect there, eh?

David Petraeus and Mark Kelly AP Photos
The politics of deflection rear their ugly head: another muslim killer slaughters Americans and, instead of talking about the root cause for the slaughter (muslim religion) we're deluged with the idea that somehow, it's the gun's fault and those of us who are wise enough to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights are the ones who are to suffer.

We are deluged with the increasingly false idea that we should not judge the entirety of the islamic cult by the actions of those who seek out ways to kill us.

And we are also somehow held responsible for the actions of those very cult members who are spilling our blood.
I remain troubled that those who've led many of our armed forces have come together with anti-gun hypocrites like Gabby Gifford's husband, Mark Kelly, to do their best to convince us that we have no right to own or operate so-called "assault rifles."

Image: Gffords' Facebook PageThey will, no doubt, join Bloomberg's anti-gun, weaken-the-people empire.  (Are these clowns being paid to sell us out?)

As a soldier and an officer, I remain acutely aware of the Constitutional rights I was sworn to uphold.

Words, of course, have meaning.  The phrase "shall not be infringed" is a phrase made up of words which, you guessed it, have meaning. I, along with every other soldier, including the ones involved in this general's coffee klatch, swore to uphold every word in that document.

And yet, they turn their backs on that very language.


We are currently governed by people  at every level who find their agendas to be superior to that of those they ostensibly answer to.


It appears to be part of a pattern I detected a few years back.  It's at all levels of government.

Even local.

Who can forget this:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Having read the writing on the wall: Stuart bails.

Look: Steve Stuart had no chance of re-election, and he knew it.

No matter what reason(s) he give(s), that's the bottom line.

Stuart cannot win; no democrat can.  The people of Clark County hate the CRC Scam generally and loot rail particularly.  It is impossible for Stuart to separate himself from the pet project he has ignored the people over for so many years: he knew that he was likely to get blasted right between his political eyes if he ran again.

It is equally impossible for any other democrat to run in this county and NOT have the CRC Scam draped around their neck.

Thus, it's better for him to move on than it is to be thrown out.

But make no mistake about it: the excuses he gives will be anything BUT the truth.  He may whine about "ideology" but the "ideology" out of touch here is HIS.  He knows he would lose.  The result?

Walk away on your own terms.
When he babbled this:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
I thought: What a bizarre philosophy of governance.  That he'd actually say this on video must mean that he's not running again, or else he's got a political death wish.

(YouTube courtesy of Lew Waters)

You people... what you need... what you want... none of that means a damned thing to me, Slimeball told us.

It became fairly clear that he was done. This video alone would have found him slaughtered at the polls countywide, because there is no excuse for this kind of rank arrogance.

Well, I appreciate his honesty in the matter.
So MANY politicians are in this school of thought.  

Locally, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, who blatantly lied to get elected and betrayed her district by hanging a $700 million bill around the necks of the people of this county on the gas tax she had pledged to oppose.

The 3 Stooges, who lied to get elected (And who'll lie to stay elected.)

The two RINO goons running against incumbent conservatives.

None of the 5 want to be held accountable to the voters who send them there.  None have a vision.  None have made any promises or plans.  None of shown us a damned thing... because, like Rivers, they don't want to be held accountable.

And that means they are free to vote exactly the way the special interests tell them to vote.

They will, no doubt be successful.  Because the one thing they all have in common is that the last thing any of these scum care about is what those of us they allegedly answer to actually want.

That's why Rivers lied to get elected.  That's why County Clerk Scott Weber lied to get elected.  That's why Tim Leavitt lied to get elected.  That's why Julie Olson lied to get elected.  That's why Marc Boldt lied to get elected.  That's why the US Senate lied to get elected.  That's why they ALL lie to get elected.

To control us.  To manipulate us.  To run our lives without accountability on their part.

And we will reelect them... and elect these RINOs... all.  Because they don't have to answer to anyone... and we, as a people... don't care.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Whining about a ban on so-called "assault weapons." Leftists, you can't have it both ways.

You ever stop to wonder why, in the minds of a leftist, they have zero problem with an 11 y.o. girl getting an abortion without her parents knowing?  Or why many of them think that it's perfectly OK tyo abort a baby up to the last moment before birth... months past viability?

It's because to them, the over-arching issue is the so-called "control of their own bodies."

Of course, those advocating that control don't have to bear responsibility for any of the outcomes; medical, psychological or social.

They don't have to bear the costs, either financial or psychological, whatever those may be.  And, as we all know by now, that those same people fight for "control" over their bodies somehow means that we are expected to pick up the tab for birth control... or their irresponsibility in failing to use it.

So, when the ignorant twat leftists, like those on various editorial boards demand the re-institution of the so-called "Assault weapons ban," it's because they "feel" like such a ban will make some sort of difference.

It won't, of course.  The last one didn't.

And if weapons bans of any variety worked, Chicago and Paris would be Utopian Safezones instead of the slaughterhouses they are.

In fact, they stand as examples of why weapons bans not only do not work; they actually result in more slaughter of more innocents as those foolish enough to follow the law are the ones who suffer the most because of it.

Do we NEED "assault weapons?"

Do leftist women NEED to have unprotected sex?

As of this writing, I don't have such a weapon.  I'm limited to hand guns.

But I am shopping for the very weapon these clowns want to ban...  because as each day goes by, I have less and less trust in my government: either to govern... or to protect us... or to protect our rights.

The leftists see any attempt to regulate abortion as an infringement on their rights.

But somehow, those of us who own guns are NOT supposed to see efforts to take those guns away from us or to limit our ability to purchase such guns or ammunition or parts or tools to maintain them as the very same thing: an infringement of OUR rights.

I will never give up my guns.  The 2nd Amendment protects the First.  And I AM going to buy one of the very weapons these leftists are sniveling about.

It's my right.  A right far more enumerated in our Constitution than any such fictitious ability to get an abortion.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Politics is a discouraging business.

As I anticipated, this cycle is the filthiest I have ever known to date... at all levels, including local... with more, no doubt, to come.

The latest is that the local fringe-left and the RINOs are joining up to get their RINO candidates elected under the RINO banner, even though the whole thing is based on their hatred of conservatives and even though these scum already control the fringe-left county council... and would continue to do so in their effort to silence anyone to the right of Mao.

Among others are political mercenaries like Kathy McDonald, alleged Republican who would sell her own children if the price is right; one need go no farther than to see her efforts in sticking it to us with the Port Commission tax along with the CTran tax where tens of thousands of the rural voters were cut out of the voting block but not cut out of the tax-paying block.

Well these leftists be successful?  Will the conservatives be silenced?  Will the monied GOP types step up to counter this idiocy?

Well it stop with the council?  Will it extend to the legislature?  Will it matter if it does?

The reality here, when it comes to the council, is that it doesn't matter, really, who wins.

The Three Stooges will continue to control the operation no matter what.  A 3-2 vote is no different in outcomes than a 4-1 vote or a 5-0 vote: the results are the same.

I oppose them essentially because they're the Establishment. And I despise the Establishment at every level.

The scum behind the PAC effort are democrats and fake Republicans who foisted the bogus charter on us that was designed to do one thing and one thing only: divide us and conquer us.  And that it has done brilliantly.

My next primary goal in life is to get out of this shithole county so the scum running it can finish destroying it.

In the interim, I will never vote for any RINO candidate nor any candidate or elected official supporting a CCRINO candidate.

Nothing to it.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

In the shadow of the Orlando slaughter.


Now ISIS has slaughtered 50 of us… 50 or, likely, more…

The question is this: what is that clown in the White House going to do about it?

First, we must identify every avenue of what CAN be done.

And what CAN be done is a lot.

Once that list has been compiled, the next question has even more difficulty.

What do we have the will to do?

The first thing we do is to declare formal war on ISIS and fully commit to their destruction.  That means we must stop this insane drawdown of our military strength; we must activate Reserve and Guard units and we must do now what we should have done back when the Moron-in-Chief referred to ISIS as “the JV Team.”

And that means we put everything we have into the outright destruction of ISIS, its surrogates and its assets.

And if the Islamic world perceives this as an attack on islam, that’s simply too, damned, bad.

Next, we stop muslims from coming here.

Inviting more cancer growth into this country will just result in a sicker, weaker, increasingly more vulnerable country.  Japan doesn’t have these problems.  Guess why?

They don’t allow muslims to live there.

Simultaneously, we begin the process of shutting down mosques or any other muslim organization… while we deport all non-citizen muslims.

Fourth, we examine, thoroughly, all muslim-American citizens and deport any with any terrorist ties, stripping them of their citizenship.

Fifth, when terrorist ties are suspected, we must take an approach of guilty until proven innocent.

What is inarguable is this: doing what we are doing now is simply not working.  Continued reliance on current efforts and programs is the very definition of insanity, for such reliance will accomplish no more tomorrow than it did today and we will still be dying.

I know that many reading this will recoil in horror at the obvious violation of civil rights I advocate.

But the Constitution of the United States was never meant to be a death warrant.  It has been suspended before and this is one of those times where I advocate its salient portions be suspended again.

Many reading this will disagree.  That is their privilege.

But those of you who oppose my suggestions will only have credibility if you can come up with something else.

You see, that begs the issue: this is certainly not going to be the last attack from these scum.

This morning, we awoke to discover at least 50 of us had been slaughtered.

I am ALWAYS willing to listen to ideas.  But I have to hear them to listen to them.

What if the number had been, say, 5000?  Would that have been enough to get our government to act?

What if it had been some sort of backpack nuke and the number had been 500,000?

And why aren’t we doing now… what we would do then… in the event the casualty figures were, instead of 50, in the hundreds of thousands?

Does anyone doubt that if these scum had a nuclear capability, they would use it?

THEN what?

We must commit to total, World War 2-style war.  We must restart the draft, rebuild the military and begin the process of doing those things we SHOULD have done, literally, years ago… INCLUDING invasion of the regions were ISIS is located… things we failed to do because of the cowardice of the current occupant of the White House and the GOP acting like they are his sycophants in Congress. 

Additional attacks WILL happen.  How many more will it take before government acts?  Do we all understand that this is war?

How many more will have to die?