Sunday, November 25, 2018

The narcissim of Druggy Dave's "Retirement Party"

Druggy Dave has a mud problem.

As events have played out, I freely admit it may be genetic.  But genetics are only responsible for so much.

As most readers are aware, he ran an utterly bogus Motion of Censure against me.  It was moronic for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was that he then contacted the Columbian to make sure they publicized it.  And they did.

But stunningly enough, they did the one thing he failed to anticipate and that was to allow me to comment on his petulant playground bullshit.
Gellatly said the board felt it was important to create a formal, permanent and public record.
“We felt having a public record that this individual does not represent our party and confirmation his actions are disavowed by our party was important,” he said. The party can take the censure into future consideration for decisions with regards to membership and access to the referenced individuals.”
Personally, Gellatly said Hinton “represents everything wrong with politics.”
He continued:
Using blatant lies, smearing and attacking good people, attempting to intimidate and bully people, all while trying to suggest everyone else is doing what in fact he is. His political history is plain creepy. Most of those in the county who know him are disgusted by him. But now by Kelly trying to bring these types of extreme and lowlife actions into our party, it had to be addressed and firmly rejected, and we did just that.
I understand our community has a lot of different views and welcomes diversity of opinion, but there is no place in it for spewing blatant lies and hate.
I heard back from Hinton late Thursday. Here’s what he had to say.
The idea of censuring someone who is not a part of your organization and has not been a part of it during your tenure is absurd. For all the good they did, they may as well have censured Holt, or Harris or Gillespie.
This is, you see, a snapshot of how Gellatly’s mind works. On January 5th, he is quoted in your paper as saying, ”If there were previous issues with Marc Boldt then that was the previous board and we are not bound their actions.”
And neither is the next board bound by Gellatly’s actions
I get that Gellatly is upset  … I have gone after him by constantly reminding people that he actually sued a PCO  because he didn’t like what that PCO had to say. This is merely an extension of that kind of narcissism.
Soon, the guy behind all this will be gone, as will this censure, which neither survives his tenure nor encumbers the next Clark County GOP organization in any way
A fun side note for those thinking, wait, wasn’t someone else censured by the GOP? Hinton’s brother-in-law Marc Boldt was censured in 2012 for actions deemed out of line with the party. His censure was rescinded when the board voted to undo all previous resolutions in January.
For his part, our resident narcissistic cretin was NOT happy the Columbian printed this.

He expected, as he always does, to come in, beat the hell out of me in the public eye, and then walk away, dusting his hands like a cartoon character.

I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when he found out what I had written... and what the paper had printed.
Screen capture of Davey G's comment under this story

But, what was almost as good was getting a screen capture of what he wrote in the comment section under the article (above).

As he frequently does, after awhile, he deleted it.  Packed with every imaginable lie (The headline is right on, the criminal charges are documented in this blog, his illegal drug use while party chair, false allegation that I "publish lies" when some of what I publish was provide BY Gellatly TO me to hammer Carolyn Crain, his drug use and his failure to bother to show up in court which has yoked the local party to the tune of what, $75,000 or so? His multiple DUI's

One has to wonder: what OTHER blog has this overgrown juvenile thug declare, among other things, to be "poorly written?"

Who knew I had anything in common with our local daily paper?

Now, having crapped all over his own nest by allowing me to, once again, hand him his own head in a basket, this megalomaniac is holding his own "retirement party".  Purely, it would seem, so he could further enrich whoever it is he owes at Warehouse 23, where the local GOP has spent a LOT of money... in excess of $10,000, if memory serves.

Now, generally, the guy being "retired" doesn't HAVE to hold his OWN party.  Usually, someone else does that for him.

But Davey, BEING Davey, has to have a sockpuppet that no one has ever heard of, set one up for him.

How... Gellatly of him.

He isn't "retiring."  He stands about as much chance of surviving a reelection bid as he does ever showing an ounce of integrity.  So, he wants to avoid the public humiliation of the PCO's sending him the message directly that he's worthless.

No automatic alt text available.

Since he knows that, he's trying to leave the impression that the end of his horrific tenure was purely voluntary on his part.  Instead, the writing is on the wall and we're well rid of him.

As it is, the final impression most will have of him is that he has been the single-most destructive individual to ever set foot in the local political scene.  A screw up of Titanic proportions, who, had he been vetted, wouldn't have even been allowed to attend a PCO meeting, let alone run a party.

We suffered for it; it will take years to undo his damage and even longer to clear out the stench. 

Many bear responsibility for him, many of his RINO enablers have a great deal to answer for.  They stood by and allowed him to do this.  They supported him and turned a blind eye to everything from his drug use while Chair of the Party to his failure to show up to court to defend the Party, resulting in a massive default judgement against the Party and a huge debt... a debt he has not paid one cent to if memory serves.

That's his fiscal legacy.  It smacks of a deliberate, destructive act to me.

The main people who think he deserves ANY kind of "party" include, for example, Chuck Green, the guy who set up the leftist hate site known as Clark County Citizens for Good (Leftist) Government, a page for all things locally to beat the hell out of all politically to the right of Mao and this democrat candidate for the county council, twin brother of Julie Olson (Seriously, if Olson had lost, the voting record of a Green would have been the same as hers... why is it no democrat ran against Olson except there was no need for one?)  Who sent his "regrets."

I have to wonder: isn't the entire point of a political Party to be the exact OPPOSITE of "bi-partisan?"

Now, why would a fringe-left nut like Green feel compelled to be a Gellatly supporter?

Never mind.

As for me, I wish him well on his rehab, and hope that ultimately, whatever he does that's legal outside the political realm is enough to keep a roof over his head.

But if he ever runs for anything, anywhere?

His political opponents will be getting my little treasure trove of documentation that shows him to be unfit to run an elevator.  ANd I don't see any path available to him to retire THAT.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Initially posted early last year: So... what happens when you get threatened, directly or indirectly, by a Gellatly groupy?

Imagine my surprise when someone connected to our erstwhile local party chair actually threatened me. And imagine my further surprise when I figured out that it was David Robert Gellatly himself.

The text came in saying (and it's an odd turn of a phrase) "Please stop forwarding all hate messages to David G."

But before that, there was a rundown of all kinds of personal information... my social security number, DOB, past and current addresses and the like, a lie about my current marital status (common law? Seriously?) and information about my wife...cell numbers and the like.

It came from a phone number... 360.931.3601.  The person in question, naturally, didn't identify themselves.

It looks like this:

Then, this person went on:

And at the EXACT same time the text messages were coming through, the Facebook messages were coming through as well:

Clearly, the individual texting me... and David Robert Gellatly are one in the same.

So, what does this kind of thing look like to you, the casual reader?

I know what it looks like to me.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Crain proves she's unfit to lead: email response to Crain's screed

I appreciate Carolyn Crain’s most recent missive designed primarily to trash me as a part of her typically clueless campaign for county GOP chair.

It's an effort to somehow discredit my observations concerning her conduct; the damage she, personally has inflicted on the local party and to cast doubt on anything I may write or say in opposition to the utterly hideous idea that she be elected 3rd grade hall monitor, let alone chair of a party organization she was instrumental in helping to shatter.

I appreciate her effort because that effort, far better than anything I could ever write, proves beyond any doubt her utter unsuitability for any position of leadership or responsibility.

Here’s the reality…

Have you ever noticed that when someone disagrees with you publicly, they frequently refer to you on social media as a “liar,” but then fail to provide any proof?

Under the guise of trying to separate herself from those who threw their playground hissy fit in the form of “censoring” me, (and don’t they wish I’d shut up?) Carolyn Crain used that episode to publicly trash me in an effort to discredit my observations about her complete lack of fitness to run anything, let alone Chair of the local GOP.

This basic lack of honesty and whining victimhood, combined with the biggest, most disruptive mouth at any PCO meeting is just a prelude as to why she’s unfit.

While both Druggy Dave and Crain feel compelled to trash me because they claim I’m not a Republican, for example, Crain tells us:
We (who’s we? You’ve got a mouse in your pocket?) do not feel that under Washington State Law, it says that we do not register by party; there is any measuring stick to assess who is and who is not a Republican.
It’s that same measuring stick she wants to try to avoid. And that is the entire basis for the screed she sent out attacking me and holding herself absolutely blameless for the train wreck of a party we have now.

Well, let’s see.

Most recently, (and by “recently,” I mean “in the last election”) Crain endorsed and campaigned for nonRepublican Marc Boldt.

As shown here, posted under the guise of the fake Republican PAC she put together to oppose conservatives generally and Republicans running against Marc Boldt particularly, her endorsement before the primary was for, you guessed it: Marc Boldt.

Never mind that Eileen Quiring was on the ballot. Crain, once again, endorsed Boldt over a Republican.

There. See why she doesn't want that same yardstick those 4 on the EBoard used against me… to be picked up and used against her?

Locally, she was instrumental in her backstabbing campaign of lies and exaggeration to do all she could to make sure that no conservative was elected to the PCO ranks; again, joining with past RINO chairs like Ann Donnelly, Brent Boger, Ryan Hart, Stephanie McClintock, Margie Ferris and Mike Gaston.

By ramrodding this campaign of RINO hatred, Crain proved her true colors and showed that the basis for her peculiar politics is hatred… and nothing but.

For example, she is a staunch Gellatly supporter, even though Gellatly fed me information for use on my blog that he now so publicly claims to despise so that I could trash her with it. She is well aware of that, but it made zero difference to her: her rabid support of Gellatly continued unabated because principle is a meaningless construct to her... and when it comes to power, there is no lie she won't tell or allow others to tell to get it.

How many of you reading this now, for example, would doggedly support someone who had gone behind your back to get you hammered through a surrogate?

And this go-round of endorsing Boldt over a Republican is not the first time that happened:

THAT honor goes back to 2015, when Crain used her fake Republican PAC (RINOS of Clark County PAC) to oppose David Madore… and then, when Madore lost in the primary… to oppose Rep. Liz Pike’s write-in campaign in favor of?

Marc Boldt.

Yeah, right. Leadership that works. If “works” is what you call enriching the downtown special interests.

Now, none of you reading this knows Marc Boldt better than I do. He’s my brother-in-law and I worked directly for him for almost 6 years as his legislative assistant. I also knew that he had become completely co-opted by democrats who first saw him as a tool and then used him as one.

I warned everyone I could what would happen if he were to be elected and his disastrous tenure of massive tax and fee increases along with his ongoing rabid support of the CRC Scam happened EXACTLY the way I forecasted.

Well, Crain bears direct responsibility for that. Every tax increase from the county? That’s on her.

The 5 RINO former chairs who abandoned the GOP candidates running for county chair, including Rep. Liz Pike's write in campaign, and the 3 of those same RINO former Chairs, who happened to also have been PCO's for THIS election who endorsed Boldt THIS election, his horrific leftist performance notwithstanding?

That's on them as well.

Every county fee increase rammed down our throats? Carolyn Crain and those RINO former chairs who tossed the GOP out like yesterday's newspaper to get Boldt elected.

Had the RINOs done what they demand of us... had they voted Republican regardless of their hatred of conservatives, our county government would look completely different now and our tax bill would be much lower.

But they didn't.  And Crain wants us to forget ALLLLL about her part in that.

She would ask us to forget all about her direct effort, with money and time, to get a nonRepublican disaster elected instead of the Republican alternatives on the ballot as if that never happened…. And to ignore the fact that she campaigned AGAINST Republicans: first, in 2015 and then again in this past election.

Crain set up her leftist PAC in 2015 with the express purpose to oppose Republicans running for county chair generally and to support the disaster of a county chair, Marc Boldt, to the exclusion of anyone else, even during the Liz Pike write-in campaign.

How is it that Crain is so afraid of me that she reduces herself to this idiocy that shows she’s incapable of taking responsibility for her actions… much like the clueless idiot leaving the job now who also suffers from that same disease?

It seems to me kinda odd that people running this organization… the Gellatlys, the Jessers, the Meharrys, the Matillas… and yes, the destructive loud mouths like Crain, find themselves incapable of taking responsibility for what they've done and somehow hope that none of you reading this will be able to conclude that past is prologue and their despicable activities of the last 2 years will magically change in the next 2?

That’s what Crain would have you believe.

I absolutely and completely take responsibility for anything I’ve either written or said. Who in the current Gellatly Cult or the leftist RINO clique can say the same?

Now, everything I've written here is true… and quite factual. Crain's unsupported denials do not change history. Her description of my efforts to remind people of her idiocy?

Lie 1:
While we agree that for the last several years Kelly Hinton has repeatedly declared he is an independent even claiming the Libertarian hat does not suit him he filed to run as a Republican PCO.
What I have done is to declare that if this party is going to fail to hold candidates accountable when they lie to get elected, lie once they ARE elected, exaggerate, and vote like democrats on a regular basis, then yeah… I've got a problem with it.  I am a conservative.  Conservatives generally are most closely aligned with what is SUPPOSED to be the Republican Party.

Crain, being Crain, would never tell you that this election, I figured out that the BEST way to make a statement is to ALWAYS vote Republican.  Maybe just not the way the establishment self-aggrandizers wanted, but my ballot was ALL GOP, top to bottom.

But Crain’s claim that I EVER wrote or said anything about being a “libertarian” is like so much she’s written and said: a flat out lie.

I ask you: do you support candidates who lie? Who cave to the left? Who vote like they’re, say, Jim Moeller? Is the ONLY thing that matters to you a party label of convenience?

Crain, for her part, doesn't like it when I write these kinds of things. Facts are often quite unpleasant to those who want them buried. Right, Davey?

Lie 2:
We are aware that he continues to disparage all things Republican, i.e. our current elected District Senators, our Congresswoman and our current board for our mutual county Republican party. Yet we are distressed at the mere idea that we cannot find a better resolution to this issue of his probable infiltration with intent to destroy from within without violation of what we perceive to be the protected right under the 1st amendment and the Washington state constitution.
The first lie in this paragraph is obvious. I do just the opposite of “disparaging all things Republican.”

In fact, I was an early supporter of the President and stated he would win months before anyone else I observed did the same.

On the contrary, I respect and admire all things Republican.

Where Crain is obviously confused is that what I attack has nothing to do with “Republicans.”

Is lying Republican?

Is pledging to support or oppose legislation as a tool to get elected or stay elected “Republican?” Is then proving you were lying by doing the opposite and costing the people of Clark County $700 million as a result “Republican?”

Ask Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers. She sure wants us to forget what she did. So does Crain.

Have you forgotten? I'm reminded every time I fill my tank.

Is opposing bedrock legislation, like the repeal of Obamacare, joining with democrats to trash the President, failing to provide even a plan for our cross-river transportation issues for EIGHT YEARS, “Republican?” Are we to simply ignore Herrera's record like it never happened?

Is supporting legislation that caused our property taxes to explode and being lauded by leftist teachers unions for that betrayal “Republican?” Hard to say.

Alleged Republicans Sens. Wilson and Rivers, along with Rep. Paul Harris, were instrumental in this debacle. What’s their take?

BILLIONS added to the budget that never had to be. Why did they do it?

Who knows? But that they DID do it?

No question about it. The vote record doesn't lie.

These are among the standards which I use to judge those who claim the “Republican” label.

Republicanism is SUPPOSED to mean something besides a tool of convenience. Crain, for her part, is only enamored of the label… when it suits her. But she sure didn't seem to care that Marc Boldt had dumped even the pretense of being Republican to trash Republicans opposed to him in both 15 and most recently this past election…

No hypocritical double standard there, eh, Carolyn?

NO ONE, including PCOs, should merely become little Crainbots, opposing all conservatives, supporting all elected or campaigning RINOs merely because of a label to the exclusion of what they actually do and who they actually are.

As Republicans, we can never win by out-democrating democrats. And I have to wonder: did Crain throw this variety of hissy fit when Brent Boger, who quite publicly dumped the GOP when nonRepublican Boldt was censured for being Steve Stuart’s lackey?

Of course not.

Is reeking hypocrisy a characteristic of leadership that needs to be continued in the control of the local party?
“Yet we are distressed at the mere idea that we cannot find a better resolution to this issue of his probable infiltration with intent to destroy from within”
Odd that Crain would use the royal “we” so much. Or is it that Marcy is simply her sockpuppet and incapable of speaking for himself already? If so, THAT didn't take long.

Stranger still that Crain would accuse me of doing that which she has done herself.

Head on over to the leftist hate site, Clark County Citizens for Good Governance.

Look her up there and see how many times she’s trashed Republicans. See how often she’s whined and sniveled about how she’s been treated in that nest of fringe-leftists.

And SHE dare accuse anyone ELSE of being a “probable infiltrator?”

Her efforts are directly responsible for so much of the damage the local party has sustained. Outside of the Gellatly Cult types on the EBoard, no one bears greater responsibility for the shattered state of the Party.

She finds it impossible to keep her mouth shut at PCO meetings which she, personally and frequently, has attempted to dominate. She shows the leadership traits of a militant Bolshevik.

Lie 3:
I, Carolyn Crain, have been the brunt of his continuing onslaught for the last few years. He fails regularly to get any facts correct but he continues to attempt to wreck havoc at every turn. Am I really fond of such a character? Not hardly but I cannot defend the rights of myself and others to their freedoms without defending the right of him too. It is simply impossible to do for me.
Crain, you deserve everything I've ever written about you.

Meanwhile, she snivels so beautifully.

Can’t stand the heat?

Get out of the kitchen.

I, Crain falsely claims, fail regularly to get any facts correct.

What’s missing from that?

Why, the most obvious aspect: a list of facts I got wrong.

C’mon, Crain. Should be a piece of cake for you. But the idea that YOU say I’ve been wrong, without bothering to show where and how?

Your record of deliberate destruction, interference and campaigning for an incompetent idiot for county chair over actual Republicans tends to preclude you from making such a blanket judgment.

And if I need your help defending MY rights? I’ll certainly ask for it.

The reality is this: Crain’s effort to use me as some sort of campaign plank to get elected chair… Her lies, revisionist history, and failure to take any responsibility for what she has personally done shows beyond doubt that she is absolutely unfit to be elected to anything, anywhere. She’s only in it for what she can get out of it; no one else. She could care less about anyone but herself and her sickening me, me, me act wore thin years ago.

The responsibility for me and others calling her out for her lies, her documented efforts to get democrats like Boldt elected and her efforts to trash the GOP in leftist hate groups make her unfit. Because in the end, no one but Crain forced Crain to do any of that. And using me as her whipping boy… tearing me down to build herself up? That isn’t going to get her anywhere.

You see, I’m not running for anything in this party. My years-long effort to hold Republicans accountable for their failures flies directly in the face of what the establishment and the types like Crain want to hear. None of any of this is for the greater glory of me.

Everything Carolyn Crain says or does is for the greater glory of her.

She wants us to simply ignore the lies, the deceit, and the betrayals and act as if they never happened… because of a label… a label without proof.

This kind of poison pen garbage was what the RINOs used to kill the efforts of many conservatives to run for PCO. The only reason they didn't try that with me is, frankly, because they were too stupid and amateur to run someone in my precinct... because the thought simply never occurred to them that *I* would run.

I bet they wish they had now.

Remember: take the time to show up.  I know it’s a hassle, having been to many of these myself.  But we cannot allow a continuation of the last two disastrous years to continue to bring this Party down.

In that regard, I agree with her.  Show up.  Vote.  And vote against her and anyone like her.  The alternative is just too horrific to contemplate.

KJ Hinton

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

More spurious claims by Druggy Dave

As expected, the outcomes here locally resulted in a "Hooray For ME!" letter pumped out by the soon-to-be-politically-late-and-unlamented-Chair of the local GOP, Druggy Dave.  I have to wonder if he wrote it, you understand, because typically he's shown a lack of ability in the realm of spelling/grammar checkers and this product seems a great deal more polished than usual, even if it's a great deal more false.

Revisionist history and false claims like those within this email?

Simply cannot go unchallenged:
Thank you! We had some huge successes in Clark County, including:
Retaining all of our Republican state legislator seats in Clark County;
Keeping 4 out of 5 county council seats as well as all Republican held seats throughout the county;
Holding the third congressional seat, re-electing Jaime Herrera Beutler;
Forcing the “blue wave’ to crash hard on the rocks in Clark County!
Yes, the seats where Republican legislators had been elected remained Republican.  Even the utterly worthless Larry Hoff managed to avoid the embarrassment of losing, although it would seem that 2000 or so voters actually voted for Brandon Vick... and then voted for Hoff's democrat opponent.

Why do you suppose that is?

But let's be excruciatingly exact and remind those reading this that the democrats who were elected before November 6 ALSO remained elected.  This guy failed to field candidates in the 49th, and made zero effort to run a Republican for county treasurer.  The reality is that with the loss of Jeannie Stewart, the local GOP managed a -1 record in this election here locally, and they managed to LOSE Clark County for our do-nothing Congresswoman.

In short, the Clark County GOP, AT BEST, accomplished nothing.

At worst, for the first time ever, the congresswoman "representing" Clark County LOST this county.  She was not reelected because of any outcome here: clearly, if it was not for the other 8 counties in her district, this would be chalked up as yet another in the series of local GOP disasters.

As expected, then, the local GOP, in reality, can't claim credit for any of these outcomes.

The idea that failing to take any democrat seats from anyone somehow equates to success?  Well, that simply goes to show how brain-damaged Druggy Dave seems to be.

There is only one question that determines whether a party organization is successful or not: did they win any seats away from the other party?

Well, the democrats are now plus one with the election of their little hate muffin, Temple Lentz.  And naturally, Druggy Dave then proceeds to try and make the effort to explain that loss away:
A very special thank you to Jeanne Stewart who has served Clark County well for several years. Jeanne was placed in a redistricted seat in the most liberal part of Clark County and she still fought for us all the way through. While not winning reelection, we can all appreciate her willingness to fight for us. 
A loss is a loss.  When you go around taking credit for the wins, then how is it you avoid any responsibility for the losses?

You don't.

And then, this:
Congrats to our new Republican County Chair, Eileen Quiring - we will soon be selecting a new replacement to take her previous position on the council.
If anyone actually won their election in SPITE of the local party instead of BECAUSE of the local party, it was Eileen Quiring.

As in 2015, the RINO former party chairs opposed the Republicans running for county chair.

In 2015, along with whack-job Carolyn Crain, those RINO former chairs coalesced around non-Republican Marc Boldt, cementing their historical hatred of conservatives, even though at least one, Ann Donnelly, continues to lie by claiming SHE is a "conservative."

In 2015, five of these lowlifes sent out publicized letters rallying the RINOs to vote for Boldt, who had been first thrown out of the local GOP for becoming a democrat and second, who had ditched the GOP all together and was no longer in the Party.

Crain's hatred of conservatives continued in the most recent election as she CONTINUED to support Boldt, who had been the disaster I expected him to be as council chair, even though a Republican was actually ON this ballot.  Three of the five who had endorsed Boldt in 2015 CONTINUED to support Boldt THIS time... so it wasn't just Crain... it was 3 former Party Chairs who were supporting a non-Republican: Donnelly, Ferris and Boger.  I'm given to understand by one of them that they would, in fact, vote for Quiring, post primary.  But then, having trashed Holt in 2016, they're left with little choice.

The problem?  Like "early money" in campaigns, "early endorsements" are worth the most... if they're worth anything at all.

At least up until the primary, these three former Party Chairs did everything they could to get Boldt elected.  And how did that help Quiring?

So, yeah... Quiring was elected.  But not through any effort on the part of the local GOP.

Davey babbles on:
Thank you to the Clark County Republican Central Committee for endorsing and supporting our great Republicans candidates in 2018. 
Is that what happened?  I think not.  I think many at the top didn't support our Candidates.  I think many candidates were only endorsed as a result of a group-think exercise that occurred after only a very few candidates were endorsed individually.

As I pointed out, before the primary, many of these same idiots were supporting Boldt and working against Quiring.

Has Davey forgotten that?

Nah.  He's just ignoring it.  Doesn't fit in the meme, so we just won't mention it.

And, of course, Davey remains fixated on the idiotic expenditure of funds on SIGNS instead of on CAMPAIGNS, worthless signs that he continues to lie about:
Our successful Be Bold campaign which spread throughout much of the state gave us yet another reason to be thankful. 
"Spread throughout much of the state?"

Here's the thing: I've been all over the state as a part of my Vietnam Veterans of America gig.

You know what I never saw ANYWHERE?

Anything approaching any of those idiotic signs.

"Throughout?"  How come "throughout" didn't include anywhere they could be seen?  Throughout the I-5 corridor to Snohomish?  I-90 to Post Falls?  HiWay 395 from Umitilla to Spokane?  HiWay 2 from I-5 to Leavenworth to Ellensburg?  US-97, SR 281 to Wenatchee?  WA14 to Yakima?


Continuing to lie about the impact of these signs overlooks the outcomes: which were among the closest in the last decade, would tend to show that, in fact, the signs were meaningless.  In fact, this seems to be the best-kept secret in politics and lying about it won't change it.

Much like this nonsensical letter from Davey.

One of his many issues as I see it is his repeated attempts to manipulate actual reality into his version.  But all too frequently, that version of reality bears no resemblance to actual reality.

Failing to understand and come to grips with the multiple failures of the local party merely encourages more incompetence wrapped around egos as we move on into the post Gellatly Cult future.

The outcomes around here were not particularly the result of anything the Republicans did in Clark County.  They were more the result of individual campaign efforts that managed, finally, to tap into the anger brought about by episodes like the Kavanaugh hearing, the attacks on Republican figures in social settings and finally, an awareness that Clark County is not King County.

Being a narcissist, it's not surprising that Davey takes all the credit for these outcomes and that he ignores the actual reality of the situation, which is something less than idea.

Davey has surrounded himself with "worshipers" and he excludes anyone who doesn't go along with his twisted view... particularly those who see this as a path to power... like Mattilla and Jesser.

Davey, for example, used to trash Crain to me, personally.  Sort of a political version of Harvey Weinstein minus the sex. Crain is well aware that Davey is a scumbag who attacked her behind her back but she doesn't care because power is more important than integrity.  Getting her own way is everything to her... no matter how many bodies she steps on in the process.

The party is a wreck, financially and strategically.  PCOs and candidates who are actually conservative are trashed in every way, including by slimeballs like Matilla who has trashed us in PCO meetings.

Davey and his cult shattered it.  Davey felt compelled to be used as a tool to try and shut us up by allowing someone to PAY for a lawsuit he filed AGAINST A PCO.

He has an interesting criminal record, and interesting history of attacking and threatening those he disagrees with... and an interesting way of revisionist history when it comes to what happened... and why.

In fact, based on outcomes of THIS election, the LAST GOP organization was superior to this one in about every measurable way.

As we head into reorg, the question is this:  do we continue for another two years of incompetence, lies, and arrogant narcissism?

Because that's what we're going to get if anyone connected to the Gellatly Regime in any manner is given any position of responsibility within the party in the next two years... precisely like the cancer of the soon-to-be-over Gellatly Regime.

And Davey... "God Bless?"

That's the biggest and most obvious hypocrisy yet.  Whoever wrote this thing for Davey must be aware that the only relationship he has with God is political.  And frankly, I don't believe He does political.

I will be at the EBoard meeting tonight where it's likely a serious effort will be made by this same slimeball to keep me from being seated as a PCO as he attempts to weaponize the bylaws to make that happen.

His motivation is payback because I have been among the leading voices calling him and his enablers out for their stupidity and incompetence.  When he typically lies, I've been there to typically hold him accountable.

And if he hates anything, he hates accountability.

I'll keep you posted as to how this all goes.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A glimpse inside the diseased brain of the current GOP party chair.

This is the kind of hypocrisy the local Republican Party has to put up with from the Gellatly Cult.

Regular readers are aware of my characterizations of Druggy Dave.

An admitted cocaine user with evidence of using others drugs, all while GOP Party Chair.

A criminal record including 4 counts of theft 3, two DUI's, and failure to appear warrants; meaning just like when he blew off the AG's civil case against the local GOP he also blew off criminal proceedings.

This lowlife also filed suit against one of the Precinct Committee Officers, a suit that it would seem is being financed by a local moneyed interest that views Davey Delete as a total tool.

In addition to that, this scumbag has threatened others, including me; attacked others on social media, including posting that I was dishonorably discharged from the US Army as a result of having an affair with my commander's wife.

He knows as much about politics as he does brain surgery, and couldn't take a political dump without someone giving him instructions on how to wipe.

He has shattered any pretense of party unity and will be leaving the party in horrific financial shape due to his incompetence.

He is responsible for failing to secure any candidates for state representative and, of course, managed to help lose us at least one GOP seat on the county council.

He spends much more time attacking conservatives and socializing with democrats than he ever did campaigning against them.  His moronic "Be Bold" signs were a total failure, in that they did nothing to increase the margins of victory for local GOP candidates... yet they wasted good money buying them while failing to provide any funding to GOP candidates.

The proof of that pudding is simple: the margins of victory by GOP candidates are among the worst of any elections that have taken place here since the Red Wave election in '94.  In fact, as of this writing, our own congresswoman has lost Clark County by 3000 votes for the first time she's ever run.

He is doing his very best to make sure that I, a legally elected PCO, is not seated for the reorg, even though my term will begin on December 8th.

He does not like to be challenged.  He does not like to be called out.  And that is his effort to punish me for calling this asshole an asshole when he deserves it.

Like now.

I tell you all this, dear reader, to set the table for his latest horrific hypocrisy.

The local GOP will have its reorganization meeting on December 8th.  As part of that process, the Chair sends out a notice that includes some basic information.

Well, he did that... although he failed to send that information to me as required by the bylaws... not that he gives a damn about bylaws.

And, they were OK... nothing special... until this total hypocrite added this:

4. (a) No "slates" are nor will be ensorsed[sic] by the party nor its leadership. If slates are distributed, either printed or emailed, they should be disregarded completely, as members should vote for who they feel is the best individual for each position and we believe our members should not be told how to think but rather excersise[sic] their best judgement[sic] and are fully capable of doing so.

Spell check has never been his friend.

There is, of course, nothing in the bylaws that makes this decision, apparently unilateral on his part, enforceable in any way.

If the PCO's want to vote on slates, they can do so and there's nothing he'll be able to do about it, since he will no longer be Chair... and even if he were, there's nothing prohibiting slates, his dislike of them notwithstanding.

In short, no one cares that he wrote this garbage.

The italicized paragraph above is just another glance inside that brain dome, where he thinks he could rule by edict and like so many others things, he's dead wrong about that.

The next paragraphs are a masterpiece of his rank, reeking hypocrisy, for reasons already stated.

Talk about a case of not doing what I do, but doing what I SAY!

(b) Please keep in mind, all those who voluteer[sic] to give up their time to serve should be appreciated greatly by all of our members and any negative compaigning[sic] against our own members rather than qualifying their own candidacy shows a serious lack of qualification in itself.

Those who can run the most positive campaign will also be the best people to make our party positive for all of our members. Please keep communications positive and work together to elect the best possible team to lead us forward and continue the amazing work we have accomplished this past year together.

This from a liar with a criminal background.  This from a scumbag who has defamed, libeled, slandered and attacked anyone who opposes him on any subject.

This self-delusional moron refuses to acknowledge the mountain of wreckage he will leave in his wake, wreckage that may well take years to repair.  In his own way, he's as self-delusional as Hitler in the bunker scenes at the end of the war.

He and his enablers, including Mattila and Jesser, are those most responsible for this farce.  Also included in the RINO pile are announced Chair candidate Carolyn Crain, best known for setting up a PAC and campaigning for NON REPUBLICAN Marc Boldt, INCLUDING in this most recent primary where now Chair-Elect Republican Eileen Quiring was on the ballot; past RINO chairs who sent out poison-pen letters to attack conservatives and their fellow supporters.

The reek of their hatred of conservatives even seems to exceed that of downtown Vancouver democrats... if that's possible.

None of them are fit to be elected to 3rd Grade hall monitor.

So, there you have it.  This is Gellatly's effort to continue the incompetent disease he unleashed on an unsuspecting PCO population who failed to vet him, for surely, had someone with a record like this actually been discovered BEFORE the Chair election, there is precisely NO WAY he'd even been elected to even take out the trash.

His level of hypocrisy

Fortunately, we are well rid of this scumbag.  We likely won't be exposed to any more of his strip-club buddies and we have the opportunity to get rid of the stench he's left that no amount of air freshener will ever completely be able to eradicate.

For more background on this disgrace, just click this link.  You'll be able to read for yourself all of the many problems he's caused and the delusions he labors under... and the damage he and his enablers are causing and have caused.

100 years since the War to End All Wars.

Every once in a while, I think of the ongoing sacrifice being made by our troops today... I wonder if Iraq and Afghanistan aren't just being used as a live-fire exercise to train the military.

We have discovered... like so many others before us… this region remains a total loss.  Mistakes have been made to be sure, but the reality is clear: you cannot liberate a people who do not want you to liberate them.

We cannot go around handing out democracy on the end of an American bayonet.  Corruption runs rampant.  Seventh century ideology is not compatible with our time.  Short of killing everyone in the region (which I am NOT advocating), there is no foreseeable way to "pacify" that area.

It's long since time to leave.

These regions are, I believe, a threat to the West to be sure, but how is that threat reduced by sitting there like targets and getting killed?

If we will not fully commit all of our resources to taking these people out, then there is no point in remaining.  There is not only no light at the end of the tunnel… there is no tunnel.

Chalk it up to experience.  Of course our departure will result in these places sinking further into the abyss, but our half-stepping insanity has only slowed their descent… it by no means has stopped it.

We should gather up all of those who served us and bring them here.  We should flatten every facility we built, destroy every weapon and vehicle… we should do now what we should have done from the start and destroy their ability to manufacture any illegal drugs (Afghan poppy fields appear to be under US protection) and come home.

Other countries who think they can tame the region are welcome to give it a shot.  We can keep it quarantined and let them blow each other to hell.  This time, however, we cannot abandon those who put their lives on the line because they believed in us.  We cannot afford another Vietnam-style outcome where those who believed us were abandoned… and in many instances, slaughtered.

If that becomes our permanent track record, soon, we’ll be running out of allies.

But it’s time to put an end to this.  Staying to prop up these corrupt, drug-producing mini-empires makes no sense.

End it now.  If there's terrorists to kill, then quit screwing around and kill them.

But it's time to come home.

In Flanders Fields

  In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
   That mark our place; and in the sky
   The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.
Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
   Loved and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
   The torch; be yours to hold it high.
   If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

John McCrae, MD.  Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Local GOP: regardless of the outcome, they'll...

I wrote this before the election... just forgot to schedule it.

Those even remotely involved in local GOP politics are well aware that the last two years have been an abysmal disaster and the first thing we PCO's need to do is to erase any trace of any of them from party leadership.

Two years of trashing conservatives.  Two years of attacks, defamation (ironic when you consider that idiotic lawsuit Druggy Dave filed) threats, efforts to keep conservatives from any involvement in the party (aka "trespassing" certain people, including yours truly... as if they could actually do that) efforts to keep anyone they disagree with from being seated even if duly elected (again, me, for example) threats and the like and a horrific attack on conservative PCO's by the scum of the earth running the party now.

It's a shame that Gellatly and Mattila have no honor, integrity or decency.  It's a shame that Jesser would sell her soul to be able to make that cocktail GOP thing her sole focus. It's not surprising that Crain would be their spear-holder.

All of them have lied to protect they see as their power.  Mattila even has delusions of getting elected to national delegate so he can continue to lord it over everyone that he was the only Washington delegate for Trump... which doesn't make him any less of a scumbag.

So, here's the thing:  If the GOP does well (and I expect the GOP should do OK...even lowlife sock puppets like Hoff, whom I personally wouldn't allow to run an elevator for me, for example) the Cult will take all the credit.

They'll claim their signs, which were and are a colossal waste of money and time, Gellatly's constant bullshit about how great they are and how other counties and the state GOP wanting them and all that crap notwithstanding, made some sort of difference.

Well, historically, that's not true.

For example, in every race former State Senator Don Benton ever ran, he out-signed his opponent... usually, 2 to 1.  If the sign scam worked, in addition to his state senator role, he would have been elected to Congress, the US Senate and what was it, county assessor or something?

But he wasn't.  And signs that spout something vague and idiotic typically don't get it done.

That Gellatly takes credit for a larger turnout goes to his rampant narcissism and not to any political strategy, save for coming up with the signs as an excuse to fail to fund any candidates.

If things don't go as well as they should, Gellatly and his Cult of enablers, including Mattila, Jesser, Crain and Donnelly and a series of others will blame those opposed to the damage they've caused and our efforts to put a stop to it.

Yes, ladies and germs, it will be ALL OUR FAULT.  Because even though Gellatly knows as much about politics as he does sobriety, he is incapable of fault... like Der Fuhrer in the bunker he likes to inadvertently emulate.

I voted all Republican in this election.  I wrote in several Republicans including the Congressional race and the 18th District races, county auditor and the like.

But the reality is clear: the outcomes here were not impacted by signs.  But that won't stop them from telling us that waste of money was behind all of the success the GOP had, whatever that may be.

Monday, November 05, 2018

When the left loses tomorrow, will they riot again?

It's not that leftists are morons.... everyone knows that.

I mean, how much of an idiot do you need to be to riot in the communities that voted overwhelmingly leftist?

It was easy to predict they'd get equally stupid when President Trump won.  The only reason it didn't happen election night is that it was too late to make it happen, but they made up for it the next night, didn't they?

Will we see the antifa fascists out in force Tuesday or Wednesday night?  Particularly in the Portland Soviet?

Will we see them vandalize GOP offices and businesses... and maybe even people... they view as enemies?

Would you be surprised if they did?

I wouldn't and you shouldn't either.

If you can be armed, then get that way.  It's likely the police outside of Portland are going to be very busy, so you have to be able to protect yourself.

Inside of Portland, the police are likely to be helping the rioters if Wheeler has his way.

Myself, I don't believe the question is "will they."

I believe the question is "how big?" followed by the question "Where?"

Things should be fairly clear by 6:30 pm or so.  Be aware... and be careful.

So, how does all of this turn out?

Locally, here's how I see it.


Herrera (She has done nothing to deserve being elected to anything, but far too many people THINK she has.)

All current legislators remain in office.

Hoff is likely to win... just barely... which is sad, considering how utterly worthless he is.


Olson (she's unfit for office but she'll get both the RINO and leftist vote)

Lentz (She's a little hate muffin, to be sure; but this is the 49th we're talking about here... even though Lentz is a whackjob who lives on political hatred (And what leftist doesn't?), the other council members are further to the left than Lenin, so she'll join them in raising our taxes and fees, increasing regulations and just generally making them leftist puppets even more than they are now.)

Van Nortwick

Weber  (Liar or no (and he is) he's got an "R" after his name...)

Topper (Again, she'll get the leftists and the RINOs)


I don't really expect any of these to be huge victories with the possible exception of Harris because his democrat opponent, Giles, had that domestic violence issue to deal with.  Herrera, for her part, should do very well... Long has run the usual clueless leftist campaign that flies so miserably in the face of a GOP district.


I-940 - Reprogramming of police officers - PASS
I-1631- Add a fortune to the cost of energy - FAIL
I-1634 - Gets rid of Seattle's idiotic soda pop tax and keeps other municipalities from inflicting the same stupidity on us - PASS
I-1639 - Gun Grabber initiative: when the leftists claim they have no intention of grabbing our guns, feel free to show them this:  - PASS

The verbiage in the reprogramming initiative will get the left and the RINOs.  The jack your taxes up initiative will fail because of enlightened self-interest.  Seattle's soda tax was a stupid idea, horrifically implemented.  But the Gun Grabber initiative sounds too "reasonable."  It will get the huge vote in King County and it is likely going to be too difficult to overcome

There's been a seismic shift since the crucifixion of Justice Kavanaugh and leftist calls for violence against Republicans.

Democrats had hatred for their motivation and the Republican base stayed home in August.  But since their efforts to lynch Kavanaugh and their stupidity about assaulting Trump supporters... not to mention the Presidents insane rally schedule... I have come to believe the base has been activated enough to first, vote and second, vote for anyone with an R after their name on the ballot.

Anger will Trump hate, so to speak and I believe the leftists shot their wad last August.

If I'm accurate here locally, the Gellatly Cult with their idiotic "Be Bold" signs will take that waste of money and point to how THEY are responsible for a positive outcome... even though they financed no candidates, failed to support conservatives, split the party and wasted 10's of thousands of dollars because Gellatly's ego kept him from even bothering to show up for Court.

If I'm wrong, they'll TRY to shift all of the blame to those who opposed their Cult, claiming that WE split the party and doing everything they can to shift the blame away... while members of that cult then proceed to extend the Gellatly Cult era of incompetence and arrogance... maybe this time, minus the drugs.


Senate +3 or 4

House - 15 or so.

Those who had celebrities shill for them are likely to do the worst.  Abrams in Georgia, that criminal thug Gillum in Florida and whoever it is that's going to get clobbered by Blackburn in Tennessee.

In the last election, leftist who relied on "talent" didn't fare all that well.  I don't expect that to change.

And the shift in attitude along with some early voting numbers has convinced me that the base will rise up in these locations for the same reason the base will rise up here.  Minority numbers in the Hispanic and Black communities know what the President has done for them: the lowest unemployment figures in history are difficult to ignore.

The problem with the House winning is this:

What difference will it make?

Districts like ours, stuck with a clueless RINO idiot in Congress, won't see any change from her.  She's so vain, she thinks this vote is about her.  So to speak.

She'll continue to sit on her ass and accomplish nothing of importance while she keeps trashing the president and voting like a democrat.

And far too many in Congress will follow suit, like they have for the last 8 years.

That's a HUGE part of why so many GOP types are in trouble.  They failed to meet expectations and were far too much like Ann Rivers and far too little like Liz Pike.

If the left fails tomorrow, the outcomes in 2020 will be fantastic.  If they succeed tomorrow... the outcomes in 2020 will likely not be all that great.

None of this is empirical.  Certainly, there was no real empirical evidence when I picked Mr. Trump to win 2.5 years ago. But the totality of "mo" and the trend is away from the D's.  Is it enough?

We'll know in about 29 hours.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

A little partisan hatred from Temple Lentz.

Look, I get that the leftists blew a gasket because their sacred cow lost.

But this is over the top.

Back when the "Hello, Vancouver" ego trips by Manis and Lentz were en vogue, this is the sort of garbage they trowled out.

She trashes the President, and then pleads for unity. She lies her ass off like most leftists.  And she is despicable for it.

Trump voters are racist, sexists haters she says.  And that is the variety of "tolerance" so in vogue with the fringe-left these days.  And the morons in the crowd screaming their approval are but another symptom of the hate of the left, like Black Lives (Don't ) Matter and her buds in antifa.

Sadly, this woman is so full of shit it's coming out of her ears.  And her charm of telling Lefty Lou Brancaccio to fuck off has long since worn off.  She works with a liar (Mains) and her Chelsea Handler act falls flat on it's ass.

So, here it is: the kind of hatred that has no place in elective office as she stands as evidence of all of that she falsely claims to despise. This is the true hatred of Leftist Temple Lentz,   Enjoy, if that's the word to use: