Sunday, November 25, 2018

The narcissim of Druggy Dave's "Retirement Party"

Druggy Dave has a mud problem.

As events have played out, I freely admit it may be genetic.  But genetics are only responsible for so much.

As most readers are aware, he ran an utterly bogus Motion of Censure against me.  It was moronic for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was that he then contacted the Columbian to make sure they publicized it.  And they did.

But stunningly enough, they did the one thing he failed to anticipate and that was to allow me to comment on his petulant playground bullshit.
Gellatly said the board felt it was important to create a formal, permanent and public record.
“We felt having a public record that this individual does not represent our party and confirmation his actions are disavowed by our party was important,” he said. The party can take the censure into future consideration for decisions with regards to membership and access to the referenced individuals.”
Personally, Gellatly said Hinton “represents everything wrong with politics.”
He continued:
Using blatant lies, smearing and attacking good people, attempting to intimidate and bully people, all while trying to suggest everyone else is doing what in fact he is. His political history is plain creepy. Most of those in the county who know him are disgusted by him. But now by Kelly trying to bring these types of extreme and lowlife actions into our party, it had to be addressed and firmly rejected, and we did just that.
I understand our community has a lot of different views and welcomes diversity of opinion, but there is no place in it for spewing blatant lies and hate.
I heard back from Hinton late Thursday. Here’s what he had to say.
The idea of censuring someone who is not a part of your organization and has not been a part of it during your tenure is absurd. For all the good they did, they may as well have censured Holt, or Harris or Gillespie.
This is, you see, a snapshot of how Gellatly’s mind works. On January 5th, he is quoted in your paper as saying, ”If there were previous issues with Marc Boldt then that was the previous board and we are not bound their actions.”
And neither is the next board bound by Gellatly’s actions
I get that Gellatly is upset  … I have gone after him by constantly reminding people that he actually sued a PCO  because he didn’t like what that PCO had to say. This is merely an extension of that kind of narcissism.
Soon, the guy behind all this will be gone, as will this censure, which neither survives his tenure nor encumbers the next Clark County GOP organization in any way
A fun side note for those thinking, wait, wasn’t someone else censured by the GOP? Hinton’s brother-in-law Marc Boldt was censured in 2012 for actions deemed out of line with the party. His censure was rescinded when the board voted to undo all previous resolutions in January.
For his part, our resident narcissistic cretin was NOT happy the Columbian printed this.

He expected, as he always does, to come in, beat the hell out of me in the public eye, and then walk away, dusting his hands like a cartoon character.

I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when he found out what I had written... and what the paper had printed.
Screen capture of Davey G's comment under this story

But, what was almost as good was getting a screen capture of what he wrote in the comment section under the article (above).

As he frequently does, after awhile, he deleted it.  Packed with every imaginable lie (The headline is right on, the criminal charges are documented in this blog, his illegal drug use while party chair, false allegation that I "publish lies" when some of what I publish was provide BY Gellatly TO me to hammer Carolyn Crain, his drug use and his failure to bother to show up in court which has yoked the local party to the tune of what, $75,000 or so? His multiple DUI's

One has to wonder: what OTHER blog has this overgrown juvenile thug declare, among other things, to be "poorly written?"

Who knew I had anything in common with our local daily paper?

Now, having crapped all over his own nest by allowing me to, once again, hand him his own head in a basket, this megalomaniac is holding his own "retirement party".  Purely, it would seem, so he could further enrich whoever it is he owes at Warehouse 23, where the local GOP has spent a LOT of money... in excess of $10,000, if memory serves.

Now, generally, the guy being "retired" doesn't HAVE to hold his OWN party.  Usually, someone else does that for him.

But Davey, BEING Davey, has to have a sockpuppet that no one has ever heard of, set one up for him.

How... Gellatly of him.

He isn't "retiring."  He stands about as much chance of surviving a reelection bid as he does ever showing an ounce of integrity.  So, he wants to avoid the public humiliation of the PCO's sending him the message directly that he's worthless.

No automatic alt text available.

Since he knows that, he's trying to leave the impression that the end of his horrific tenure was purely voluntary on his part.  Instead, the writing is on the wall and we're well rid of him.

As it is, the final impression most will have of him is that he has been the single-most destructive individual to ever set foot in the local political scene.  A screw up of Titanic proportions, who, had he been vetted, wouldn't have even been allowed to attend a PCO meeting, let alone run a party.

We suffered for it; it will take years to undo his damage and even longer to clear out the stench. 

Many bear responsibility for him, many of his RINO enablers have a great deal to answer for.  They stood by and allowed him to do this.  They supported him and turned a blind eye to everything from his drug use while Chair of the Party to his failure to show up to court to defend the Party, resulting in a massive default judgement against the Party and a huge debt... a debt he has not paid one cent to if memory serves.

That's his fiscal legacy.  It smacks of a deliberate, destructive act to me.

The main people who think he deserves ANY kind of "party" include, for example, Chuck Green, the guy who set up the leftist hate site known as Clark County Citizens for Good (Leftist) Government, a page for all things locally to beat the hell out of all politically to the right of Mao and this democrat candidate for the county council, twin brother of Julie Olson (Seriously, if Olson had lost, the voting record of a Green would have been the same as hers... why is it no democrat ran against Olson except there was no need for one?)  Who sent his "regrets."

I have to wonder: isn't the entire point of a political Party to be the exact OPPOSITE of "bi-partisan?"

Now, why would a fringe-left nut like Green feel compelled to be a Gellatly supporter?

Never mind.

As for me, I wish him well on his rehab, and hope that ultimately, whatever he does that's legal outside the political realm is enough to keep a roof over his head.

But if he ever runs for anything, anywhere?

His political opponents will be getting my little treasure trove of documentation that shows him to be unfit to run an elevator.  ANd I don't see any path available to him to retire THAT.

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