Monday, February 29, 2016

Dissecting the Columbian/Rivers PDC article and the Rivers Truth Test.

(NOTE: I emailed Lauren Dake who wrote the article and informed her that the phrase, “Big drop in amount of money listed prompts conservative blogger to raise questions.” was factually incorrect.  In fact, it was backwards.

The Columbian removed that part of the article headline.

She also replied by telling me that
The story has the right chronologically though: Rivers filed a handful of amended reports last week that ratcheted back the campaign contribution amount after Kelly Hinton, the blogger, filed a complaint.
I sent her the last amended C4 that Rivers filed which did nothing to change her total and still showed the $255,000 figure, and informed her that the reduction was unilaterally instituted by the PDC.

Dake responded by telling me that
The PDC told me after your complaint, they chatted with her and worked with her to correct the numbers. She filed the amended reports after working with the PDC. 
My answer to her:
And I appreciate that.  The form, however, speaks for itself and none of the amended forms “ratcheted back” anything.
Further, it was only AFTER those forms were filed that the number was reduced… a week+ later.  The forms were filed on the 17th, the number was reduced on the 25th.

I repeat: The amended forms made zero difference in the number Rivers was using and the PDC acted unilaterally to reduce it. You may want to chat with Evelyn Lopez, PDC Exec Dir to find out if I’m telling you the truth.  But her email trail to me is pretty specific.
As of this writing, Dake hasn't responded to my last email.)

As you might expect, in reporting the PDC fraud of Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, there are some major factual inaccuracies that could have been avoided had they emailed me to ask.

First, my efforts caused the "big drop in money."  Had I not complained about it, that $255,000 figure would STILL be up there.

Second, Rivers "explanation" is a complete lie:
The La Center Republican senator said there was a simple explanation: “For three years, my PDC (public disclosure commission) reports have been perfect, and then my preparer retired and gave her clients to another preparer who didn’t adequately do the job. I’ve retained a new preparer who has been working closely with the PDC for nearly six months to get everything squared away.”
Third, the reality is that the action on the part of the Public Disclosure Commission to cut Rivers' amount was unilateral.  That is, it has nothing to do with any effort by Rivers to get ANYTHING "squared away."

Fourth, the reality is that Rivers' husband, Fred, is her treasurer.

Fifth, the reality is Rivers has known that the number is fake for at least a year, long before her "new preparer" came on board.  The reality is Rivers made no effort to correct the number when she has known for a year that the number has been wrong.  The reality is Rivers herself is ultimately responsible.

Sixth, and the main reality, is that it wouldn't take six months to "get everything squared away."  It shouldn't take 6 hours.  Unless, of course, you're not cooperating with the PDC.

I don't believe it took 6 months to develop the plan to invade Normandy.

This, then, is a "mistake," and Rivers did nothing about it ON HER OWN, because, well, hell... we all know she has a major problem reading the King's English and she had no IDEA her PDC number was overstated by a paltry, insignificant amount like, say, 68%.

The Columbian, being the Columbian, talked to everyone concerned about this except for me, of course.  Had they bothered to email me, I could have made sure they got the facts straight instead of this sanitized version that doesn't quite tell the truth.  Their deliberate failure to talk to me is why, up until a few minutes ago, I had no idea they'd written anything.

And the Rivers Truth Test?

Easy as pie:

Just reverse the situation.

Does anyone reading this believe... for one minute... had Rivers actually raised $255,000 but the PDC was only showing $80,000, that she wouldn't have torn the PDC office walls down to get it fixed?

Of course she would have.

And you can bet it wouldn't have taken "six months to get everything squared away."

But overstating her total by 68%?  Nothing to see here... move along.

Clearly, then, this is yet another case of once you start with a lie, every lie after that gets progressively easier.

As for what Rivers has said... what else COULD she say?

Anything else would be an acknowledgement of fault.  And you can bet that Rivers will take zero responsibility for any of this.  Never mind that in just about any other financial dealing, overstating your numbers by 68% would be, well, criminal.

After all, she doesn't want to be known as a "pansy" for doing the right thing.

The final reality is clear: everyone makes mistakes.  But a mistake like this that goes on for over a year... that stopped being a mistake months ago.

Had Rivers, knowing the number was fake, reached out to the PDC and asked them for their help to address this, it would have been resolved several months ago and we'd have nothing to talk about.

But she, personally, did nothing.  And that makes this fraud, mistake or no.

We've seen this kind of thing before.  How many stories have we heard where banks have made errors and you see bank statements that may dramatically and falsely inflate your account?

And what happens if you spend that money?

You go to jail.

Here, she (and SHE is responsible, so it is "she," Sen. Rivers herself) allowed a $175,000 error to remain unaddressed in her PDC account for over a year until the PDC acted on their own to address it since she, apparently, wouldn't do so.

And that is precisely no one's fault but her own.

I eagerly await the effort by the CCRINOs and leftists to attack me for reporting it... instead of going to the sources of this fraud who has been dealing with PDC's directly for at least 7 years... the "honorable" Senator from the 18th District herself.

So... I'm hearing a deafening silence from most electeds about Rivers' PDC fraud.... no condemnation from others in politics...

Odd, that.  Why is everyone so quiet about this fraud?

When I began to hammer on her for lying to get elected, some in office around here locally unloaded on me.

Five local political creatures, including 3 in office, 1 formerly in office and 1, a political, downtown mafia boot-licker, did their very best to get me fired.

One of them took me on publicly on another blog.

But now... all of those so eager to come to her defense on the issue of lying to get elected are all remaining, strangely, quiet.

Well, here's the facts: Sen. Ann Rivers has fraudulently claimed around $175,000 more in her Public Disclosure Commission accounting than she has in her account.

She has done so for a year.

The PDC has been in touch with her for FIVE months and was finally forced to take action unilaterally because Rivers didn't do enough to resolve the disparity.

Further, of course, Rivers KNEW the number she was showing was a fraud.

She knows how much money is in her campaign account. She knows the number she was showing in public was vastly inflated.

For a year.

And all of that begs the question: why did she lie?

I can speculate, of course: It was to shield her from running against anyone this November.  She knows she's in trouble with the base in her district over her gas tax betrayal because her excuses make zero sense.

But can anyone here even begin to imagine the coverage we'd be seeing in the democratian if, say, David Madore had lied on HIS PDC's by such a huge amount?

Gotta wonder: why is Lefty Lou Brancaccio covering for Rivers?

Besides the obvious, I mean.

Meanwhile, I've heard and seen nothing from her buddy Brent Boger.  Nothing from her buddy Phil Johnson (Thank you for raping the county to pay for OUR roads, ma'am, much appreciated!) nothing from Shane "I'm running to beat up Liz Pike" Bowman, nothing from Steve "I never speak for the people" Stuart, nothing from Marc "I can't answer by text unless I'm driving" Boldt.  Nothing from Sean Guard, who once told me in response to Rivers' gas tax/tab fee betrayal "That's how business is done."

Why do you suppose that is?

A chasm of silence.  A black hole, if you will.

I don't see anyone coming to her defense.  Nor do I see any of them condemning her fraud.

And I have to wonder: why is that?

Why was ONE lie... to get elected... OK on the part of these people... while THIS lie... a huge, reeking, gaping maw in what little integrity she might have is, apparently, NOT OK?

You see, to me, they're exactly, precisely, the same thing.

The first lie was to get elected.

The second lie was ALSO to get and stay elected.

What's the difference?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers should resign.

Well, I can think of 175,000 reasons off the top of my head.

That's the approximate amount of dollars falsely reported by Sen. Rivers in order to reduce to eliminate any possibility of any competition against her in the upcoming election.

Politics is a filthy business.  It's the social sewer of life, and this past two years have convinced me that actions like those by Rivers, Brent Boger, Carolyn Crain and her CCRINO outfit, Shane Bowman and Phil Johnson are cause enough for me to call it a career... which I have done.

People like these make up the effluent of this sewage system.  But the worst of the lot of them is my former business partner, my former colleague... and my former friend, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

To summarize; for over a year, Rivers mislead the entire state as to the amount of money she had collected for her campaign; knowingly and deliberately defrauding those who review Public Disclosure forms as a part of their calculus on whether or not a campaign against her could be viable... showing a number that had it been true, would make most believe she was practically unstoppable... since, in the aggregate, her fake number exceeded even that of Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler by some $36,000 if memory serves.

How her number exploded between a C-4 she reported of Feb 5th last year which showed around $7000 to the number that showed up on her NEXT C-4, filed 5 days later... to an amount of $182,000 or so... is anyone's guess.

What is UNDENIABLE is that she KNOWINGLY left that number up there... festering in its inaccuracy... for over a year.

Over the last 14 months or so, the Ann Rivers I knew... the woman of the people... the bright, shining star... the prototype of the pol who was going to be "different" became the very thing she claimed she despised.  It's like she's being blackmailed... like somebody's got something on her.

Along the way, she blatantly and obviously violated a black-letter pledge to the voters of this district, a pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases, falsely claiming that "the voters have spoken and she has listened."

She explained her betrayal at the Battle Ground Town Hall Meeting on January 9th this way.

Here, she doesn't regret having broken her promises, she regrets having made them in the first place.

(NOTE: THE FOLLOWING THREE VIDEOS USE QUICKTIME WHICH WILL NOT PLAY ON FIREFOX.  Please use your Opera, Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge Browsers to view them.)

Here, she comes up with a bizarre, FANTASTIC lie that had she not voted for the gas tax, instead of Clark County getting hung out to dry for $700 million, we would have been nailed for $7 BILLION.

Utter nonsense, of course: even without her vote, the massive gas tax increase would have passed.

Even if it hadn't passed, there would have been no tax increase anywhere else to make up for it... and the $7 billion figure is an outright lie.

And this beauty, where Sen. Rivers equates keeping her word to her constituents with being a "pansy."

These videos generally and the last one particularly are reeking with irony:

Rivers actually asks:

"Any of you in this room that I've made a deal with?  Raise your hand if I've broken it."

I immediately raised my hand, but she didn't count it.

That voice saying, "... you made a deal with the voters," is mine.

You see, a campaign pledge IS a "deal."

You say, "I am going to oppose a gas tax and tab fee increases."  You hold out your hand.

The voter believes you, holds out their hand and shakes yours: deal concluded.

So, the reality is she indirectly acknowledges that she "broke" her deal with every voter in this district.

Now, for those who believe I hacked this up as some sort of way to leave out the "good" parts, here's the ENTIRE video so you can view it yourself.

And many thanks to Brent Boger who believed he was surreptitiously videoing this whole thing as if, were he more open about it, I would have changed one... damned... thing.

Without Brent's cooperation, I would not have had these arrows in my quiver.  In the end, it was like I was paying him to shoot it.  And I really do appreciate it... which may not be the result he was after.  (Lew Waters posted it on YouTube)

Rivers admits she knew the gas tax was going to pass.  She lies about the projects: after all, 5 out of 6 Republicans in the Legislature from Clark County voted "no," including her two House seatmates, Rep. Pike and Rep. Vick... and yet, their "no" votes notwithstanding, the projects are still here.

That means that the few, piddling projects we got would have taken place ANYWAY.

Instead of voting "yes" on this betrayal, Rivers COULD have amended the package to have a referendum clause in it, but did not do so.  And that made this even weirder: she claims on one hand that "three town hall meetings" only had ONE person complain about the gas tax vote she was going to take, and THEN, admitted that her entire household voted against the gas tax increase in the advisory vote held last November... as did, it turns out, roughly 75% of the 18th District.

If so few people in her mind opposed this fiscal rape, then why did she acknowledge the reality that her own household voted against it?

And by the way, least anyone believe I ambushed her with this question, let me share this email I sent to her a few days (On January 7) before this town hall meeting:
When you, Sen. Rivers, ran for this office, you pledged that you would not support a gas tax or tab fee increase... which you then did do.  You claimed that it was 'changing circumstances' that led to your decision.
That was utter nonsense, of course.  A pledge is a pledge under ALL circumstances.  Every conceivable circumstance.  And your excuses for voting that way fail to meet the straight face test when you had other options available, such as amending out the emergency clause out or voting "no" because there was no referendum clause included.  As a result, you hung a $500 million debt on Clark County for which we will receive absolutely nothing of measurable substance.

We get $200 million in projects, including an absolutely unneeded and unnecessary rebuild of one of the few well-designed freeway intersections in the Vancouver area at Mill Plain and I-5 that takes half of that amount, while your district gets next to nothing, comparatively speaking, in return for you... effectively, ignoring your promise to us.

I get that you made a deal with others up there in return for your yes vote.

But you made promises to us to even get elected... and those, I believe, should come first. 

So now, the question remains: how are we to believe anything you tell us here?  Do we take everything your say with a grain of salt... a hidden, unmentioned, "changing circumstances" clause in every promise"

Your response, unedited, will be presented in my blog, Clark County Politics.

K.J. Hinton
- Cell
- Fax
Well, she never substantively responded to my question... so the video, wherein she hangs herself repeatedly, is the response.

I have since also emailed her to ask her to clarify that irresponsible lie about $7 billion we, as a county, would have been on the hook for if she had voted "no," EVEN THOUGH THE GAS TAX HAD THE VOTES TO PASS ANYWAY, which she admits and acknowledges.

To date, she has refused to respond.  After all, I'm nothing but a constituent.

Sadly, I have no doubt that, like she said in the video, she "held true to her principles."

It's just that her principles clearly include both telling falsehoods to get elected and the ability to throw us constituents under the bus by doing both the exact opposite of what she promised as WELL as doing it while knowing we were steadfastly opposed to her actions (the response "of the 300" at her town hall meetings notwithstanding)... And we now know that if 3000 of us had shown up in opposition to her betrayal it would have made absolutely zero difference in her vote.

But lying to provide cover for your betrayal?  Seriously?  Is that also one of her "principles?"

After all, she says, "it was a business decision" and, of course, "business decisions" won't be swayed by the mere will of the people who oppose their "Senator's" agenda.

Clearly, then, we no longer need legislators who represent.  What we need are accountants who make "business decisions."

And this betrayal of her constituents is just the harbinger of things to come: she reiterated in the videos that if she had to make the decision to lie to us again, she would do it.

Between her confirmed fraudulent reporting on the PDC and her admitted and obvious betrayal of her constituents, Rivers should resign and do so effective immediately.

There's no amount of lipstick she could slather on that pig that would change it from being a pig.

The timeline for Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers PDC fraud.

The Leftist/C3G2/CCRINO take on free speech (3.5 minute video) and the Second Amendment (2.5 minute video)

Friday, February 26, 2016

My take on the Three Stooges running the county council.

PDC finally catches up with Senator "Gas Tax" Rivers' fake PDC number: Whacks $175,000. When does she resign over this lie?

For several months now, I have been banging the gong to get the PDC's attention concerning Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' dramatically and deliberately fake PDC number, $175,000 more than she's actually raised.

Why has she lied about her fund raising... for a year?

Rivers has known the number has been fake for at least that long and has deliberately left it up as a shield against those who might consider taking her on.

She's been as dishonest about that as she's been about her gas tax/tab fee position.  It's a pattern of dishonesty and a lack of integrity.

According to my discussions with the PDC, she has, in reality, roughly $80,000 collected and not the bizarre and inexplicable $255,000 she has claimed on her PDC's, $175,000 more than she actually had.

Well, the erroneous information is going to be taken down.

This is what it used to say:

This is what it says now:

As you can see, the current number is dramatically different from the one she's been fronting so dishonestly for so long.

This is a sorry episode for Rivers, who was a rising star in the GOP until she proved herself to be a liar on her pledges to the people of this district, including me.

NOW, of course, the question is this:  What is the PDC going to do in the punitive sense because Rivers has failed to be truthful concerning how much money she's raised and has knowingly allowed that false number to be the representation of the money she's raised.

We will see.  But watching is what I do.

But this is typical of the dishonesty and misleading elements of the CCRINOs.  Clearly, Rivers' ilk deserve each other.

I am just grateful I could finally make this happen.

Now, the only question is this:

When does Rivers resign?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump continues to win. RINOs continue to whine:

There's two separate universes in the political world of the GOP today.

Our local soap opera is a microcosm of what's going on at the national level.

The Establishment types infect national politics as much as the local CCRINO version infects politics around here.

I have been warning for months now that UNLESS the Establishment types co-opted Trump's positions instead of running away, screaming, from his public stances which cross party lines, demographics and genders... they were handing the election to Trump.

Tuesday's outcome in Nevada tends to buttress this argument.

The Establishment types refuse to understand what is happening out there.

They run out of fear... at all levels.  And they run away from GOP tenets to out-democrat the democrats when crunch time rolls around... for example, the three RINOs in the state senate who tucked tail and ran to the left so their friends of the male persuasion could continue to dress and undress in women's shower facilities and so forth.while they continue to expect us to blindly support their betrayals whenever they engage in that insanity... with our money, our sweat and our effort.

I've already determined that in the 18th District, I'm going to vote for the democrat if any bothers to run.  After all, they may have concluded, as I have, that there's no point in running a democrat against a democrat masquerading as a Republican when the outcomes are the same.

So, the establishment nationally is coalescing around Rubio, who I kicked off the island over a year ago when it became clear he was caving on illegal aliens.

With the departure of Little Jebbie and the expenditure of absurd amounts of money in Nevada by Rubio, Trump got the outcome that most not sucking from the Establishment exhaust pipe expected.

Feb 2330 delegates

100% reportingDelegatesVote %
Trump (won)

Not shown is that Trump beat Rubio by 26 points among self-identified "moderate Republicans" in Nevada and that likely sounds the death-knell for Rubio to those actually paying attention.

Rubio, you see, keeps whining that he should be the guy because he's "the one the democrats don't want to run against."

As a former executive director for the state GOP, if I've learned anything in politics, it's that such prognostications are worthless.  It smacks of "settle for me" politics.

Well, I'm never going to "settle" for any candidate ever again.

As of now, every other candidate save for Carson... who I'm not all that wild about... or Trump, who I'm also not all that wild about... is not going to get my vote.

I'm not interested in the least about winning for the sake of winning.  At the national level, that's given us the RINO Congress.  At the state level, that's given us the RINO state senate.  At the local level, that gave us the Three Stooges and the CCRINOs, who would vote for Himmler if he had an "R" after his name and told those morons what they wanted to hear.

I would rather have a leftist who ran on leftist principles and kept his or her word win, then a liar who defrauded their collective ass off to win, only to forget their promises.

Right, Sen. Rivers?

RINOs don't give a damn, of course: as long as it has an "R" after it's name, it could have a voting record like the horrific history of Marc Boldt and they'd still vote for it.  Of course, Boldt was too much of a coward to run as an "R," instead running as the "Nothing" he is... but his voting record is absolutely the same as Dalesandro's would have been, as, once again, I accurately forecasted that of those running, there was and is precisely zero difference between Dalesandro and Boldt; as well as precisely zero difference between Olson and Chuckie Green or Stewart and Pridemore.

I have yet to see where any of the CCRINOs have indicated how any of the Three Stooges would vote any differently than three councilors named Pridemore, Dalesandro or Green.

Because, of course, there IS no difference.  That said...

It's looking like Trump.

Folks maybe ought to get used to it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The CCRINO quiz, or how to determine if the candidate running against a GOP incumbent here locally is part of the fake Republican group.

First, any "Republican" running against an incumbent here is guilty until proven innocent.  The incest between the CCRINOs and those claiming to be GOP running against incumbents is obvious.

But everyone deserves a trial.  Even these RINO's.

So, here's a few questions you might ask on direct examination.

I've discussed at length the CCRINO group, made up of fake Republicans, cheered on by the leftist haters using them like the tools they are or recruited by someone who's throwing a playground tizzy over some offense, real or imagined.

The end result?

RINOs and opportunists running at the behest of the Brent Boger types infesting the local GOP scene, even though he's had temper tantrums and quit the GOP because they refuse(d) to do what HE want(s) as if HE was a county party officer of some sort and had any say... are busting out all over.

I've been in Florida the last few days, so I was a bit shocked that Jennifer McDaniel of all people was the next one up to take on a conservative... since I had no idea she hated them as much as Boger or Rivers.

I haven't read the article as yet, but she seems to be spewing that Jim Mains' inspired pap about the impossible to have "moderate conservative," when no such thing exists.

You see, one is a "moderate," or one is a "conservative."

But one can no more be both simultaneously than one can be both a male and a female at the same time.

The problem for Jennifer is that Boldt tried that same shtick.  He won with it.

And here's where her position is at issue: can she name one thing that Boldt has done since his hatred- infected agenda took over county government that could remotely be called "Conservative?"

Nope.  Everything the conservatives in county government have done is in the process of being undone by the Boldt-led Three Stooges.

As I accurately said it would be.

Not to mention Boldt's immediate 2% property tax increase.

And that brings me to the CCRINO test.

This goes for both McDaniel and Shane:

Exactly what vote or which votes would you have taken differently from the person you're stabbing in the back?  In the case of Jennifer McDaniel, exactly how would you have voted differently than any of the Three Stooges since they became the county fungus?

Which taxes would either of you have voted to increase?  Which taxes would you refer to the voters for our approval... not because the law requires such a vote, but because it's the right thing to do?  You know, the "moderate-conservative" thing to do?

We already know that Shane Bowman would have stabbed us in the back in the 18th District, much like our very own Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers stabbed us in the spine last session by doing her part to stuff the biggest gas tax increase in the history of this state down our throats, hanging a $700 million bill around our necks, a number that translates to around $1600 for every man, woman and child unfortunately living in this county.

Bowman has made his position clear: he'd screw us the same way on the gas tax and tab fee increases.  He's already done that to those he governs in Battle Ground.

And you can bet his situational ethics would also apply in the legislature.  Rivers would hold up the hoop, and Bowman would jump right through it.  The REST of the time, he's already said that he's "'aligned with Pike.' He’s a conservative, he’s in favor of smaller government, more local control and not raising taxes."

Well, besides the fact that he's NOT opposed to raising fees and jacking up the gas tax, you understand.

The tax that he, allegedly, isn't opposed to "raising" ALSO should include the gas tax.  But it doesn't.

No need to start out as a liar, Shane... that will come soon enough.

And if he's so "aligned" with Pike, then why is he doing this?  Because unlike Rivers, she actually votes her district?  You know, like a "Representative" is SUPPOSED to?  Like Bowman clearly would NOT do?

He's doing this because Rivers asked him to.  Rivers is running a shiv into Pike's spine because she dared to oppose Rivers' efforts to blow a massive hole into Clark County's local economy.... for nothing.  That Pike is a conservative is just the cherry on top of the whipped cream to the CCRINO group.

That's why Rivers recruited him: to take out Rep. Liz Pike, who vociferously opposed the Rivers Rip Off.  Rivers has become so full of herself that she feels compelled to punish those who have the temerity to publicly oppose her... or typically, those smart enough to oppose her bills... unless they pledge fealty to her in other ways, like Bowman becoming Rivers' lap dog or Vick kissing Rivers... ring... representation of this district be damned.

Ask McDaniel the exact, same question: you obviously oppose Tom Mielke's voting record: tell us how you would have voted differently?

Because, you see, as it is now, it seems to me that Jennifer just wants to be the fourth Stooge, the group that has infested our county and voted like the democrats they defeated would have, in just about every single instance; infecting our county since Stewart's gambit to keep a Republican off the ballot had been so successful.

The way to make sure is to ask her: what would you have done differently?

How, for example, would you have voted on Boldt's property tax increase?  And if it's the same as Mielke, then why should we replace him for you?

And if it supports Boldt, then why should we elect you for that?

Leftists, particularly those standing to profit from this stupidity like Jim Mains, have been looking for candidates to take out conservative incumbents, with the help of fake Republicans like Rivers and Boger.

They are, no doubt, giddy at the prospect of the GOP destroying itself while they don't have to do a thing.  They likely marvel at the stupidity of the CCRINOs, watching as they work to dismantle one of the strongest local political bases in the state, all while they just stand on the sidelines, watching..

Those supporting their insanity and that of the CCRINO group out themselves.

Meanwhile, pin these people down.  Make them commit.  But realize that they will lie, they will mislead, and they will prevaricate.  For example, McDaniel's use of the nonsensical phrase "moderate conservative." 

As if such a thing existed.

In short, they'll "Rivers" you with their answers, because, Like Sen. Gas Tax herself, once she's sucked you into get you to vote for them, they could care less what you want, think or demand... or what they pledged to you to get elected.

And those they've scooped up from the bottom of the barrel are just as worthless.  If they weren't, then Rivers wouldn't be able to talk them into stabbing the GOP... and former friends... in the back.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From the "I told you so file:" The Three Stooges just don't care.

(Initially written on February 14th)

Sadly, as expected, The Three Stooges have peeled back an additional decision, in this case, Alternative 4.

As I have been saying, when hatred is your primary motivator... when outside interests own you... when strings are being pulled, none of these people give a damn what those they would govern want.

In short, as I repeatedly have anticipated, they simply do not care what the will of the people actually is when it conflicts with their agenda.

It was sad when Marc Boldt, who hates anything and everything about David Madore was elected in the face of 61% of the voters opposing him.  The outcomes since that election have been inevitable, given the conspiracy of support from the CCRINO types for Stewart, who cost the GOP any place on the ballot for county chair during the last cycle by running a completely fake campaign... along with the election of Julie Olson/Chuck Green (I use both names because their voting record would have been interchangeable) made this all inevitable.

It's especially ironic in the face of Boldt's efforts to get his brother's farm into the UGB so IT can become a major housing development.

How sad is it that we have yet another county government with Boldt running it that simply doesn't give a rat's ass WHAT we want.

But it's not like I haven't warned you.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thought to ponder: Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Be brave and upright that God may love thee.

Speak the truth, even if it leads to your death.

Safeguard the helpless.

That is your Oath.

As you go about your daily lives, do your best to stand up for what you know to be right and just.  Do not go along just to get along.

Do not live by expedience, even when the cost may be great.  Understand that those who call you "friend" who fail to live up to these basic tenets are not, in fact, "friends."

I, for one, have discovered that the hard way.

When you see injustice, do not stand idly by and allow it.

Rise up.  Fight for what you believe in.

Fight for the right as God gives you the ability to fight for the right.

Be neither helpless nor hopeless.  And know this: the smallest, meekest, least noble among you can make a difference.

But only if you try.  Only if you DO.  Anything else?

And evil triumphs.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Apple going after the world-wide terrorist market.

So, the Fed wants Apple to crack open the cell phone (Crack the encryption) for one of the San Bernardio terrorists.

I don't have a problem with that.

Meanwhile, Apple is throwing a fruit-compote fit over the whole thing.  Terrorists everywhere are pleased.

See, here's the thing: the "key" Apple falsely claims they don't have can be changed.  That said, terrorists don't live in a vacuum.  This news is all the rage, so what's gonna be the cell phone of choice for the terrorism set?

Why, Apple, of course.

Because they now know that you can slaughter Americans and that won't make a damn bit of difference to the Lazy A.

Yes, I know about government overreach.  But now, I'm forced to compare and contrast the difference between "government overreach" and "terrorist overreach."

How do you think the people in that conference room in San Bernardino might vote on the matter?

I have no Apple products.  I'm an Android guy.  I also don't particularly like the idea of paying $1000 for something that I can buy for $300 to do exactly what I need it to do.

Now, I just have another reason to avoid them.

Meanwhile, terrorists rejoice.  Their communications are much more secure.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thought for the day: John Adams

Rivers claims she had nothing to do with recruiting Bowman to take out Pike.

Look.  I was born on a Saturday... but not LAST Saturday.

The circumstantial case is overwhelming: Rivers despises Pike, blaming her for being hung out to dry on Rivers' own gas tax/tab fee betrayal vote.

But I have had this confirmed by others with direct knowledge: I stand by my assertion.

As a brief aside, I would be hammering on Rivers' lack of integrity no matter WHO else voted with her or against her: because none of them pledged to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected.  Only Rivers made that promise: only Rivers violated it.

So, I have a solution to this issue:

If Rivers is NOT involved in recruiting Bowman, who, through sheer coincidence mirrors Rivers' "screw the constituents, who cares what they want?" position on the gas tax, given how he also rammed a $20 tab fee down the throat of HIS constituents as mayor of Battle Ground without asking them like Rivers hammered us with the gas tax increase after pledging to do the exact opposite...

...then all Rivers has to do is endorse Pike and strongly condemn Bowman's effort to defeat a sitting incumbent Republican.

Write a big check to Pike's campaign like she did for the CCRINOs, a paltry $1300 here a few days back, and I will publicly apologize and engage in mea culpa.

The problem is that we all know that Rivers supports Bowman's candidacy and that Bowman would never have considered running on the gas tax platform without getting the OK from Rivers.

However, the ball is in her court.

Do yourselves a favor, though... and don't hold your breath.

The cancer of Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and "Officer" Sean Guard

Hatred in politics is the cancer I speak of.  But hatred along with lies and innuendo is the very worst kind.

Regular readers by now know that my state senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, best known for lying about her non-existent opposition to increasing the gas tax and tab fees (from her campaign web site:) in full-on payback mode against one of my state representatives, Liz Pike, who blew up Rivers' efforts (in which Rivers was sadly and ultimately successful) to screw us with a $1600 per-person gas tax and tab fee pop to bail out the numerous wastes of money in King County, such as the Big Dig Bertha debacle, by voting "no" on Rivers' gas tax/tab fee rip off.

Rep. Brandon Vick ALSO voted "no," as did every single Republican legislator in the 17 and 18th Districts, save for Rivers herself.  But Vick is somehow escaping Rivers' rather hypocritical wrath... because he's sworn fealty or something, and well, you can bet that Vick will never vote his district again if it crosses the power-hungry Senator from LaCenter.

I, of course, have been beating on the political hi-jinks of my former friend and business colleague for months.

Ever since she sold us out... unnecessarily... to dance to the tune of the special interests she now represents instead of us, I have been beating and beating on her politically... and I will continue to do so as long as she is in elective office.

Part of Rivers' pay back campaign has been to round up a lap dog who will share in Rivers' dishonor by reassuring us that it's perfectly OK to lie to get elected and then do whatever the hell you want, because, well, that's how business is done.

And to make that effort more palatable, Rivers and her leftist bud have developed a lie and started selling it among the rest of the CCRINOs concerning Pike: that she is no longer effective or respected.

Earlier, it was Jimmy Mains lying on Lew Waters Facebook page:

Tonight, Mains was joined by "Officer" Sean Guard, perhaps best known for pleading guilty to impersonating a police officer.

In response to the effort by the cancer on our community also known as the democratian, who demanded that Pike remove herself from any discussion concerning the CRC revival and, of course, their demand to get loot rail across the river like the infection it is, Liz wrote a letter that tells them, in effect, to drop dead.

She was far more civil about it than I would have been.

And that's where Guard felt compelled to shoot off his pie hole, with a remark that, well, is completely false; talks about things he knows nothing about... and all while sounding strangely reminiscent of part of the anti-Pike campaign:

This underhanded kind of scum is Officer Guard's specialty.

This session, of course, Pike HAS "moved legislation" which Rivers, no doubt, will do her best to kill in the Senate.

Both HB 2511 and HB 2417, for example, prime sponsored by Pike, have passed out of the House to the Senate.  Others may have, those are just off the top of my head.

Officer Guard then goes on to double down on his lies:
"Electeds" in this case likely means Rivers, who wants to punish Pike in the worst way.

But unlike this moron, I WAS staff in Olympia.  And any staffer shooting his or her mouth off to a punk like Guard or any OTHER outsider would find themselves subject to summarily being fired.  Just ask Rivers' very first legislative assistant who was fired for that very thing shortly after Rivers' first session in the House started.

Chances of Guard actually hearing that from a "staffer" (unnamed) or an "elected" (unnamed) are roughly the same as his ability to display integrity.


But then, that's how Rivers and the rest of the CCRINOs roll.

Now, Guard is acting based on what he's been fed... and is there any doubt that Rivers is the one holding the fork?

Here's a memo, Officer Guard: 

Before you swallow bullshit whole cloth, maybe it would be in your best interests to check for yourself if you're being told the truth.

And remember: when you lie... like you've lied here... it's going to cost you.

And why you think you have to shoot off your pie hole on this issue is anyone's guess.

And if anyone doesn't think this isn't a coordinated effort on the CCRINOs part, well, I've got a bridge to sell you that goes across the Columbia River.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Today's modern, action Army: unbelievable. (Language Warning)

When I was in Germany the first time, I was assigned to barracks built by Kaiser Billy (Wilhelm) in oh, 1905 or so.  I rolled into Recon, 1/4 IN in what was then 3rd Brigade/3rd Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne) in late '72, early '73.

They had a variety of problems.  Very little heat, bad plumbing, overcrowded, plaster falling off the walls.

But we never had mold.

These pictures, provided by a reliable source (U.S. Army W.T.F.! Moments on Facebook) are of what deployed troops have to look forward to when they get back to their barracks in Ft. Stewart, GA... the current home of the 3rd Infantry Division.

And yes... what you're looking at... is mold.

And lots of it.

These are the barracks of a combat unit currently deployed in, well, combat.  And this is what they have to come back to.

And there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of crap.

Still want to join the military?

Well, here's how they treat a lot of our soldiers.

Caveat Emptor.

This site is quite legitimate: they have exposed other verified violations like these, even having made local news.

THIS is what the Armed Forces has become.

Imagine returning from deployment to these rooms. Our page receives many submissions each week of moldy barracks. Nothing compares to what we received today of Buildings 8456, 8458, and 8460 at Fort Stewart, Georgia. The soldiers that live in these rooms are currently deployed and will be returning in the near future. They were told to secure their stuff in the rooms while they were away.
Some of the rear D soldiers still living in the same buildings while the others are deployed notified DPW and were moved to other rooms near their old rooms, or told to move their stuff out, clean the room, and move back in. The Rear D for these soldiers were tasked to clean the mold with bleach in preparation for their return.
All clothing you see in the photos was hung or folded inside their closet. Welcome back! Fuck your stuff. ‪#‎WarOnMold‬

How can you tell Jim Mains is lying? His lips move.

Or his keyboard clicks.

I was looking at Mains and another leftist defending the democratian editorial yesterday on a thread on Lew Waters' Facebook page that stupidly inferred the mere presence of Liz Pike was the biggest impediment to progress on addressing our cross river transportation issues, because, apparently, none of the decision makers give a damn about doing what's right for the people when they can point to someone and falsely claim that it's "all their fault" as the excuse for failing to DO THEIR JOBS.

The hit piece in question by the democratian is part of the coordinated campaign to get rid of conservatives from elective government.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the meme that Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers is putting out there in her efforts to get her lapdog, Shane Bowman elected so she'll have another obedient mutt doing her bidding in the State House instead of an actual representative who votes her district.

Now, I never heard of Mains before the 2012 election.  I know that he's just one of the downtown mafia, one of the fringe-leftists that Boldt and Tracy Wilson depended on to keep a GOP candidate off the general election ballot.

HOW he came to my attention is pretty memorable: even back then, he and "Gas Tax" Rivers were fairly tight.  And when discussing me and my opposition to Boldt's reelection (since repeatedly justified, by the way) he assured Gas Tax that my opposition was based on Madore paying me.

That is, that I could be bought.  To oppose or support someone who is a family member... at least for now... based on me getting a check.

Here's the fact: I have never received a dime from Madore.

I oppose Boldt because he's a leftist tool.  Blow a little vanity up where the sun don't shine on him and he'll do whatever these people want him to do.

I oppose him because like most democrats, he doesn't give a damn what the people want.

Mains, apparently, had to come up with SOME reason why I would not want Boldt in office, so that lie became his shield to explain it.

That, of course, leads to the next lie he's putting out there, again, based on the Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers inspired meme which is as much a lie as her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases.

And yes, I know it's coming from Gas Tax because I've been hearing it for months.

Who's spouting this garbage?


Mains no more knows about the GOP than he knows about performing an abdominal resection.  He's a political hack from the old school, a believer in the Nazi principle that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, it will somehow morph into the truth.

Like all leftist haters, he views Madore as a political liability... even though, for example, 18th District wide, he got by far the most votes of any Republican running in the primary.

If Rivers were to suddenly stop, Mains' entire head would simply disappear.

The fact is that he has no more of a clue about what's going on in the GOP than he can levitate.  But that doesn't stop him from running that sewer hole of a mouth to assassinate others... and particularly those advocating for rural land owners which you can certainly bet that Mains is not and never would do.

And that's what Rivers is reduced to: working with leftist political lowlifes like this clown to try and defeat a conservative incumbent who committed the cardinal sin of opposing her betrayal of this district with her fake promises to oppose increasing the gas tax or car tab fees... pledges used to get elected.

The thing is that if Mains makes this kind of statement about Pike or anyone else, you can bet it's another one of his tail-wagging-the-dog scenarios... and a lie.

Because lies are what he does.

I'm proof of it.

Pike's credibility on her worst day is a thousand times better than Mains, the lying little POG, on his best.

And she will be my only vote in the 18th District.

Trump continues to crush it: The Establishment continues to freak.

For several months now, I have been positing that the key to Trump is for the Establishment to stop whining and to co-opt his positions.

The Establishment, being a bunch of sniveling old biddies, would rather lose with their dignity intact then win with someone they can't control.

The result?
Donald Trump has surged to new heights in the Republican primary race, building a 2-1 national lead over the rest of the field, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll out Wednesday.
I believe this sort of outcome was rather inevitable, given much of the competition.

Even a maverick type like Cruz has to carefully control what he says and how he says it; I get that. But as a US Senator, he doesn't have a lot of choices available in how he presents.

On the Dem side... I'm reminded of two people in inflatable suits running into and bouncing off of each other.

By the way, of the two Dems running, I'd also vote for Sanders over Clinton.  But that's because she's got a lot more American blood on her hands... not because of anything Sanders is troweling out, out there.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to destroy his opposition in ways unseen and unheard of before.  And those left in his wake have no idea how to engage him successfully or to steal any of his momentum.

The Establishment candidates are not campaigning to win.  They're campaigning out of fear.

Fear they'll say the wrong thing.  Fear they'll do the wrong thing.

They shred each other in an effort to kick each other off the island and then gather up the tattered remnants as the mathematical way to get higher numbers.

Will that work?

Would such a victory become known as "pyrrhic?" Would it leave so much political blood spattered on the floor as to be worthless?

Remember, right now, the "outsiders" exceed 60% of the vote in these polls.  Is it even doable?

Not likely.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Martin Hash, Candidate for the House in the 17th (D) has a few choice words on the I-5 Bridge.

Yes, I'd give him serious consideration.  Yes, I know he's a democrat.  No, I don't care: after all, look at what the GOP has done for us.

"Portland is impossible to compromise with."

"NO solution is better than accepting a bad deal."


More Columbian hatred of conservatives on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Memo to the moron who wrote today's editorial:

Citing the words of a lame duck liar to buttress your position?

That's a non-starter.

While at least mentioning that Tim "The Liar" Leavitt lied to get elected about his non-existent opposition to tolls that he used to get elected to the position of Kommisar of the Vancouver Soviet,  they do what they always do when they even brush up against it: they give him a pass.

These are so many revisionist, glaring errors in their screed that the entirety represents nothing but a "Hold Madore up as a piñata for the fringe-left" effort to nail Rep,. Liz Pike on the bridge issue.

The slimeball who wrote this garbage whines about Pike's involvement.  Never mind that her efforts closely reflected the desires of the district she was elected to represent.

This scumbag writes:
All of this could be denigrated as the dark side of politics, and yet it is the reality of the situation. Although Pike elicited support for the bistate commission from all other Southwest Washington members of the House — a fact that reinforces the benefits of the idea — it quickly became clear that she is the wrong person to be at the forefront of the effort. And if Washington lawmakers feel this way, her participation would be anathema to Oregon leaders who still feel the sting from the CRC’s demise. 
Yes, Washington and Oregon need to begin playing ball regarding a new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River. But Pike should step to the sidelines for the process to have any chance of moving forward
Then what this means to the moron who wrote it is that the ONLY people who should be involved in ANY discussion on bridges across the Columbia River should be those of the criminal element who tried to hard to scam us on the CRC/Loot Rail project LAST time and the majority of the people of this county who were among those opposed to their insanity should have no say.

And, as always with leftist keyboard cowards, particularly those who rely on a scumbag like Leavitt, who really has no say on the matter, is they offer up ZERO alternatives.

They offer up ZERO alternatives to the CRC Scam because THAT is the ONLY thing these scum will accept.

They offer up ZERO alternatives to Pike's plan on a bistate commission.

They offer up ZERO alternatives on who SHOULD be doing the talking here.

They refuse to understand that multiple bridges in multiple locations are needed here.  And they are stuck in their criminal past where they helped to mislead, exaggerate and outright lie about their pet project that would have blown a $100 million a year hole in tolls in our local economy... and that's just to start.

As always, it's easy to whine and snivel... and who does it better than a leftist outfit like the cancer on our community?

I have not been wildly supportive of the bistate plan.  I am aware that the sole motivation for any effort will, ultimately, likely wind up focusing on resurrecting the CRC or something closely approximating it.  And once that momentum starts going forward, we're back to the races.

But it represents movement of a sort.  To the democrat newsletter, however, the ONLY plan is the CRC plan, screw what the people of this county want or when and how they want it.  The haters like the jerk who wrote this insanity engage in playground theatrics and use this effort as an opportunity to beat the hell out of another of their political enemies.

Meanwhile... we're waiting.  These scum keep telling us what they DON'T want.  I am not remotely interested in that.  I want to know what they're offering.

But then, we already know the answer to that.

Meanwhile, their hatred of Pike is the same as the CCRINOs/C3G2 hatred of conservatives.  Pike made what, to them, is the ultimate sin of responding to her Party's call.

And to these scum, that is an unforgivable, unpardonable sin... for worse than that of head CCRINO funder Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal of the people of this district and this county with her vote on the gas tax/tab fee betrayal.

You clowns don't like what Pike is doing?  Swell.  Come up with a better idea.  Anything less is merely the kind of politics you just got done whining about over the Peterson firing by the Senate.

Hypocrite, much?

A newsletter from the Congressman I WISH we had.

I make no secret of how utterly worthless and shallow the RINO congresscritter from our own district happens to be.

An intellectual coward who refuses to hold open town hall meetings because of her cowardice, Ridgefield Barbie has caved over and over again, whenever her puppet-master, Cathy McMorris (Herrera used to be her gofer back in the mid 2000's; after all, someone on the legislative staff had to gt McMorris her coffee, and as one of her lowest paid staff, that sort of thing fell to Jaime) jerks her strings.

Jack up the debt ceiling?

You bet!

More horrific deficit spending?


An ongoing failure to take positions on anything controversial?

Goes without saying!

Uses her own sick child as a campaign prop?

Time and again!

Abandoned the people of Clark County during the CRC/Loot Rail scam?

No question!

So, whenever I read yet another newsletter from someone who actually represents the people of his district as opposed to doing the absolute minimum required to get re-elected in this district, I turn envious at the people of Norther Idaho for electing a person of conviction and integrity.

I speak, of course, of Raul Labrador, a man I've met and who, upon examination, I would trade a thousand empty-head, vacuous, narcissistic empty suits like the one we're stupid enough to have representing me in Congress, every day and twice on Sunday.

Here's Congressman Labrador's latest newsletter that leaves no misunderstanding as to where he stands on the issues...

Labrador Letter -   February 12, 2016
Congressman Raul Labrador, Representing the 1st District
 of Idaho
Dear Friends,

President Obama released his final budget proposal this week. His plan is a liberal fantasy that increases spending, taxes and deficits. Over 10 years, the President’s blueprint would raise taxes by $2.6 trillion and our national debt from $19 trillion to $27 trillion – even under the Administration’s unrealistic economic assumptions.

The Obama budget is so detached from reality that the House and Senate budget committees won’t waste their time holding customary hearings. While the Obama plan is irrelevant, I regret to report that if my party doesn’t find its backbone things won’t be much better.

Why? Because after five years of relative discipline, spending is headed in the wrong direction. Until now I’ve been able to report progress -- as annual deficits fell nearly 70 percent, from $1.4 trillion in 2009 to $439 billion in 2015.

But late last year, GOP leadership struck a deal with Democrats to increase spending and raise the debt limit. I vigorously opposed that devil’s bargain. The grim result appears in a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Under current law, CBO projects our annual deficit will rise to $1.4 trillion in 2026. Over 10 years, our debt will jump by almost $11 trillion. By 2026, our nation will be about $30 trillion in the red.

I often cite former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen’s statement that the national debt is the greatest threat to national security. Mullen’s warning is borne out in another CBO projection. By 2026, interest payments on the national debt will exceed defense spending.

We can trim defense spending by modernizing the world’s greatest fighting force and taking a closer look at excessive layers of Pentagon bureaucracy. But when we have to spend more on interest than defense, we will be a weakened nation.

Last week, I told a conservative forum we must end the back-scratching in which Republicans and Democrats agree to protect one another’s sacred cows by raising spending for both defense and social programs. My call to action received national coverage, including this report from McClatchy.

But ending the unholy alliance won’t be enough. The Defense budget and other discretionary spending such as education and transportation represent just one-third of the budget. Entitlements, which grow on autopilot, are the larger driver of our spending problem. If we fail to reform Social Security and Medicare, insolvency is on the horizon.

Part of the reason anti-establishment candidates are faring so well in the presidential race is the failure of congressional Republicans to keep their campaign promises. Americans are smart. They don’t need to read CBO’s report to know that federal spending is “unsustainable.” They live in the real world, where checkbooks balance and debt must be repaid.

I will continue to sound the alarm. The ordinary citizens I speak to every day know restoring fiscal sanity means tough choices. It’s time Congress muster some courage. Otherwise, we risk losing the trust of the American people forever.
Thank you,

Washington, D.C.
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