Friday, February 26, 2016

PDC finally catches up with Senator "Gas Tax" Rivers' fake PDC number: Whacks $175,000. When does she resign over this lie?

For several months now, I have been banging the gong to get the PDC's attention concerning Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' dramatically and deliberately fake PDC number, $175,000 more than she's actually raised.

Why has she lied about her fund raising... for a year?

Rivers has known the number has been fake for at least that long and has deliberately left it up as a shield against those who might consider taking her on.

She's been as dishonest about that as she's been about her gas tax/tab fee position.  It's a pattern of dishonesty and a lack of integrity.

According to my discussions with the PDC, she has, in reality, roughly $80,000 collected and not the bizarre and inexplicable $255,000 she has claimed on her PDC's, $175,000 more than she actually had.

Well, the erroneous information is going to be taken down.

This is what it used to say:

This is what it says now:

As you can see, the current number is dramatically different from the one she's been fronting so dishonestly for so long.

This is a sorry episode for Rivers, who was a rising star in the GOP until she proved herself to be a liar on her pledges to the people of this district, including me.

NOW, of course, the question is this:  What is the PDC going to do in the punitive sense because Rivers has failed to be truthful concerning how much money she's raised and has knowingly allowed that false number to be the representation of the money she's raised.

We will see.  But watching is what I do.

But this is typical of the dishonesty and misleading elements of the CCRINOs.  Clearly, Rivers' ilk deserve each other.

I am just grateful I could finally make this happen.

Now, the only question is this:

When does Rivers resign?

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