Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump continues to win. RINOs continue to whine:

There's two separate universes in the political world of the GOP today.

Our local soap opera is a microcosm of what's going on at the national level.

The Establishment types infect national politics as much as the local CCRINO version infects politics around here.

I have been warning for months now that UNLESS the Establishment types co-opted Trump's positions instead of running away, screaming, from his public stances which cross party lines, demographics and genders... they were handing the election to Trump.

Tuesday's outcome in Nevada tends to buttress this argument.

The Establishment types refuse to understand what is happening out there.

They run out of fear... at all levels.  And they run away from GOP tenets to out-democrat the democrats when crunch time rolls around... for example, the three RINOs in the state senate who tucked tail and ran to the left so their friends of the male persuasion could continue to dress and undress in women's shower facilities and so forth.while they continue to expect us to blindly support their betrayals whenever they engage in that insanity... with our money, our sweat and our effort.

I've already determined that in the 18th District, I'm going to vote for the democrat if any bothers to run.  After all, they may have concluded, as I have, that there's no point in running a democrat against a democrat masquerading as a Republican when the outcomes are the same.

So, the establishment nationally is coalescing around Rubio, who I kicked off the island over a year ago when it became clear he was caving on illegal aliens.

With the departure of Little Jebbie and the expenditure of absurd amounts of money in Nevada by Rubio, Trump got the outcome that most not sucking from the Establishment exhaust pipe expected.

Feb 2330 delegates

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Trump (won)

Not shown is that Trump beat Rubio by 26 points among self-identified "moderate Republicans" in Nevada and that likely sounds the death-knell for Rubio to those actually paying attention.

Rubio, you see, keeps whining that he should be the guy because he's "the one the democrats don't want to run against."

As a former executive director for the state GOP, if I've learned anything in politics, it's that such prognostications are worthless.  It smacks of "settle for me" politics.

Well, I'm never going to "settle" for any candidate ever again.

As of now, every other candidate save for Carson... who I'm not all that wild about... or Trump, who I'm also not all that wild about... is not going to get my vote.

I'm not interested in the least about winning for the sake of winning.  At the national level, that's given us the RINO Congress.  At the state level, that's given us the RINO state senate.  At the local level, that gave us the Three Stooges and the CCRINOs, who would vote for Himmler if he had an "R" after his name and told those morons what they wanted to hear.

I would rather have a leftist who ran on leftist principles and kept his or her word win, then a liar who defrauded their collective ass off to win, only to forget their promises.

Right, Sen. Rivers?

RINOs don't give a damn, of course: as long as it has an "R" after it's name, it could have a voting record like the horrific history of Marc Boldt and they'd still vote for it.  Of course, Boldt was too much of a coward to run as an "R," instead running as the "Nothing" he is... but his voting record is absolutely the same as Dalesandro's would have been, as, once again, I accurately forecasted that of those running, there was and is precisely zero difference between Dalesandro and Boldt; as well as precisely zero difference between Olson and Chuckie Green or Stewart and Pridemore.

I have yet to see where any of the CCRINOs have indicated how any of the Three Stooges would vote any differently than three councilors named Pridemore, Dalesandro or Green.

Because, of course, there IS no difference.  That said...

It's looking like Trump.

Folks maybe ought to get used to it.

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