Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The CCRINO quiz, or how to determine if the candidate running against a GOP incumbent here locally is part of the fake Republican group.

First, any "Republican" running against an incumbent here is guilty until proven innocent.  The incest between the CCRINOs and those claiming to be GOP running against incumbents is obvious.

But everyone deserves a trial.  Even these RINO's.

So, here's a few questions you might ask on direct examination.

I've discussed at length the CCRINO group, made up of fake Republicans, cheered on by the leftist haters using them like the tools they are or recruited by someone who's throwing a playground tizzy over some offense, real or imagined.

The end result?

RINOs and opportunists running at the behest of the Brent Boger types infesting the local GOP scene, even though he's had temper tantrums and quit the GOP because they refuse(d) to do what HE want(s) as if HE was a county party officer of some sort and had any say... are busting out all over.

I've been in Florida the last few days, so I was a bit shocked that Jennifer McDaniel of all people was the next one up to take on a conservative... since I had no idea she hated them as much as Boger or Rivers.

I haven't read the article as yet, but she seems to be spewing that Jim Mains' inspired pap about the impossible to have "moderate conservative," when no such thing exists.

You see, one is a "moderate," or one is a "conservative."

But one can no more be both simultaneously than one can be both a male and a female at the same time.

The problem for Jennifer is that Boldt tried that same shtick.  He won with it.

And here's where her position is at issue: can she name one thing that Boldt has done since his hatred- infected agenda took over county government that could remotely be called "Conservative?"

Nope.  Everything the conservatives in county government have done is in the process of being undone by the Boldt-led Three Stooges.

As I accurately said it would be.

Not to mention Boldt's immediate 2% property tax increase.

And that brings me to the CCRINO test.

This goes for both McDaniel and Shane:

Exactly what vote or which votes would you have taken differently from the person you're stabbing in the back?  In the case of Jennifer McDaniel, exactly how would you have voted differently than any of the Three Stooges since they became the county fungus?

Which taxes would either of you have voted to increase?  Which taxes would you refer to the voters for our approval... not because the law requires such a vote, but because it's the right thing to do?  You know, the "moderate-conservative" thing to do?

We already know that Shane Bowman would have stabbed us in the back in the 18th District, much like our very own Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers stabbed us in the spine last session by doing her part to stuff the biggest gas tax increase in the history of this state down our throats, hanging a $700 million bill around our necks, a number that translates to around $1600 for every man, woman and child unfortunately living in this county.

Bowman has made his position clear: he'd screw us the same way on the gas tax and tab fee increases.  He's already done that to those he governs in Battle Ground.

And you can bet his situational ethics would also apply in the legislature.  Rivers would hold up the hoop, and Bowman would jump right through it.  The REST of the time, he's already said that he's "'aligned with Pike.' He’s a conservative, he’s in favor of smaller government, more local control and not raising taxes."

Well, besides the fact that he's NOT opposed to raising fees and jacking up the gas tax, you understand.

The tax that he, allegedly, isn't opposed to "raising" ALSO should include the gas tax.  But it doesn't.

No need to start out as a liar, Shane... that will come soon enough.

And if he's so "aligned" with Pike, then why is he doing this?  Because unlike Rivers, she actually votes her district?  You know, like a "Representative" is SUPPOSED to?  Like Bowman clearly would NOT do?

He's doing this because Rivers asked him to.  Rivers is running a shiv into Pike's spine because she dared to oppose Rivers' efforts to blow a massive hole into Clark County's local economy.... for nothing.  That Pike is a conservative is just the cherry on top of the whipped cream to the CCRINO group.

That's why Rivers recruited him: to take out Rep. Liz Pike, who vociferously opposed the Rivers Rip Off.  Rivers has become so full of herself that she feels compelled to punish those who have the temerity to publicly oppose her... or typically, those smart enough to oppose her bills... unless they pledge fealty to her in other ways, like Bowman becoming Rivers' lap dog or Vick kissing Rivers... ring... representation of this district be damned.

Ask McDaniel the exact, same question: you obviously oppose Tom Mielke's voting record: tell us how you would have voted differently?

Because, you see, as it is now, it seems to me that Jennifer just wants to be the fourth Stooge, the group that has infested our county and voted like the democrats they defeated would have, in just about every single instance; infecting our county since Stewart's gambit to keep a Republican off the ballot had been so successful.

The way to make sure is to ask her: what would you have done differently?

How, for example, would you have voted on Boldt's property tax increase?  And if it's the same as Mielke, then why should we replace him for you?

And if it supports Boldt, then why should we elect you for that?

Leftists, particularly those standing to profit from this stupidity like Jim Mains, have been looking for candidates to take out conservative incumbents, with the help of fake Republicans like Rivers and Boger.

They are, no doubt, giddy at the prospect of the GOP destroying itself while they don't have to do a thing.  They likely marvel at the stupidity of the CCRINOs, watching as they work to dismantle one of the strongest local political bases in the state, all while they just stand on the sidelines, watching..

Those supporting their insanity and that of the CCRINO group out themselves.

Meanwhile, pin these people down.  Make them commit.  But realize that they will lie, they will mislead, and they will prevaricate.  For example, McDaniel's use of the nonsensical phrase "moderate conservative." 

As if such a thing existed.

In short, they'll "Rivers" you with their answers, because, Like Sen. Gas Tax herself, once she's sucked you into get you to vote for them, they could care less what you want, think or demand... or what they pledged to you to get elected.

And those they've scooped up from the bottom of the barrel are just as worthless.  If they weren't, then Rivers wouldn't be able to talk them into stabbing the GOP... and former friends... in the back.

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