Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From the "I told you so file:" The Three Stooges just don't care.

(Initially written on February 14th)

Sadly, as expected, The Three Stooges have peeled back an additional decision, in this case, Alternative 4.

As I have been saying, when hatred is your primary motivator... when outside interests own you... when strings are being pulled, none of these people give a damn what those they would govern want.

In short, as I repeatedly have anticipated, they simply do not care what the will of the people actually is when it conflicts with their agenda.

It was sad when Marc Boldt, who hates anything and everything about David Madore was elected in the face of 61% of the voters opposing him.  The outcomes since that election have been inevitable, given the conspiracy of support from the CCRINO types for Stewart, who cost the GOP any place on the ballot for county chair during the last cycle by running a completely fake campaign... along with the election of Julie Olson/Chuck Green (I use both names because their voting record would have been interchangeable) made this all inevitable.

It's especially ironic in the face of Boldt's efforts to get his brother's farm into the UGB so IT can become a major housing development.

How sad is it that we have yet another county government with Boldt running it that simply doesn't give a rat's ass WHAT we want.

But it's not like I haven't warned you.

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