Saturday, September 19, 2015

Today's quiz question: Where did Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers get $206,806.17 cents in her campaign account?

Easily the most money in any legislators campaign account belongs to Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, according to the Public Disclosure Commission Website: (She's something like $93,000 ahead of second place)  but her account shows she's received just $31,975 in cash.

So.... where's the rest coming from?

Well, let's take a look around.

Her C4 form for February of 2014 shows she has a total of  $7050 in her account.

OK... fine... not an unusual amount.

Her NEXT C4 form, filed just a bit late and 5 days after the C4 form above, for the period 1 May 14 to 31 May 14, shows just a tiny increase... showing that between February of 2014 and and the  start of May, 2014, she managed to pick up a paltry $175,000 or so and the number jumped up from $7050 to an intimidating $206,000.

What it doesn't show is this: where did it come from and how did it manage to bump her up from $7000 to $182,000?  In 5 days of filing time?

Received JUST a bit late (February 10, 2015.... during session) and all of which begs the issue: where did that money come from, and who provided it?

It wasn't from her surplus account... According to her C4 Surplus, she had $27,008... on 31 Dec 2013. I have zero clue where that money went.

On her NEXT C4 Surplus, a year later in covering the time period, for the entire calendar year of 2014, she shows a grand total of... $29.77

But there is nothing in her account documents to indicate anything approaching the amount of money she claims is in her account is anywhere close to that figure of now, $206,000 or so.

That's a lot of money, ladies and germs.

So; how did it get from $7,000 to now, $206,000?

Her PDC's show a total of "74 items," (Donations) to date, listed from the start of this cycle, with her first donation on 9/5/13 for $800..

Between then and the period the of the C4 that shows a $175,000 increase in her account... roughly 7 months or so.

In that time frame, she received 16 donations.  If every one of them were a thousand dollars (and they weren't anywhere close to that) she'd only show $16,000 max for the C4 where she was showing almost $200,000.

And why has Rivers allowed that number to be the one showing for her account for far over a year now... when she knows that's not even close to the actual number?

Unless, of course, it's to intimidate many of those who might be thinking, as *I* am thinking... that she can be beaten because of her gas tax betrayal?

In short, she is showing $206,000 but how she got there?

I'd love to know.  But I can't figure it out.  .  And, of course, if this was a "mistake" instead of deliberate, why hasn't she fixed it over the past several months she's known about it?

Maybe she'll explain it to us

But I doubt it.


david clark said...

Did you check loans to her?

Just a guy said...

The screen shot I grabbed shows 0.00 under "loans" at the very top.

And who would loan that kind of money almost 2 years in advance?

david clark said...

Just thinking about a ploy to make it look like she has lots of money to scare off challengers.