Monday, October 05, 2015

PDC complaint I just filed against Sen. Rivers.

Speaks for itself:

Alleged violations:
Sen. Rivers has been showing approximately $200,000 (more or less) in her account for several months.  A review of her account shows that her amount of money (showing) increased during the legislative session of 2014.  Her C4 dated 02-05--14 shows that her amount of money on hand was a cash total of $7050. 
On Feb 10, 2015, multiple forms, both C3 and C4 were filed, approximately 30 forms total. 
The last C4 filed that day indicated indicated that somehow, in the time period showing $7050 and the first C4 filed Feb 10, 2015, her cash total increased approximately $175,000. 
That money could not have come from her surplus account, which has not exceeded $30,000, and if every one of her donors had provided even $1000 each, she would still have far less than $100,000.
The evidence is available for review on the PDC itself: merely reviewing the paper documents themselves, particularly from the time frame of 1 Jan 14 to March of 2015.
This account is a mess.  Sen. Rivers shows by far the most money collected for the 2016 legislative cycle, showing around $206,000 while the next closest legislator is at $133,169 (Rep. Macewen) 
Rivers' number according to a local accountant, is not even close to what she actually has received. 
I previously called the PDC and talked to a female investigator who gave her account a cursory look at the paperwork and was the one who pointed out to me that whatever the problem was, it apparently started on Feb 10 of this year.  I also told her I wasn't interested in filing a formal complaint as long as the situation was addressed. 
Several weeks later, there has been no noticeable change in Rivers' account.
I'll keep you all posted as to what I find out.

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