Thursday, November 01, 2018

A little partisan hatred from Temple Lentz.

Look, I get that the leftists blew a gasket because their sacred cow lost.

But this is over the top.

Back when the "Hello, Vancouver" ego trips by Manis and Lentz were en vogue, this is the sort of garbage they trowled out.

She trashes the President, and then pleads for unity. She lies her ass off like most leftists.  And she is despicable for it.

Trump voters are racist, sexists haters she says.  And that is the variety of "tolerance" so in vogue with the fringe-left these days.  And the morons in the crowd screaming their approval are but another symptom of the hate of the left, like Black Lives (Don't ) Matter and her buds in antifa.

Sadly, this woman is so full of shit it's coming out of her ears.  And her charm of telling Lefty Lou Brancaccio to fuck off has long since worn off.  She with a liar (Mains) and her Chelsea Handler act falls flat on it's ass.

So, here it is: the kind of hatred that has no place in elective office as she stands as evidence of all of that she falsely claims to despise. This is the true hatred of Leftist Temple Lentz,   Enjoy, if that's the word to use:

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