Monday, August 01, 2011

Welcoming Temple Lentz to the club.

As a charter member, I hereby welcome Temple Lentz to the club.

We have a select membership, you understand... There was me; Peter Van Nortwick, Brent Boger (An associate member) and now, Temple Lentz.

To gain admission, you have to become a target for one Lou Brancaccio, who uses his bully pulpit to beat the hell out of you if he doesn't "like" you, or to cover your ass (See his deliberate efforts to cover for Jim Jacks over his misconduct in the legislature for an example) if he does.

So, on Saturday, he was psychotic enough to believe his column of libel was so "must read" that he postponed putting it up.  You know, so a few unfortunate souls might actually buy the waste of woodpulp to read it, as if what he said was worth paying money for?  Like that?

Brancaccio, who's reputation as a bully is cemented in local political circles, doesn't hesitate to play smash mouth politics... when those he's smashing can't smash back.  And what's that if it isn't the nature of a bully?

His latest target?  Why, it's one Temple Lentz. former campaign manager and former friend to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who threw her under one of those light rail cars he fantasizes about by providing Brancaccio with a well thought out and well stated analysis by Lentz over responding to a question from Brancaccio concerning the lie that was Leavitt's campaign.
She hadn’t been top-of-mind until I received a phone call this week. I was asked if I’d be interested in seeing an email that involved me.
Though why Brancaccio didn't say the call was from Leavitt is of some interest.
I said of course.
It turns out it had to do with an email I had sent to Leavitt about a year ago. Back then, Leavitt had recently reversed course on his no-tolls stand and now was in favor of tolling to get the new bridge built. So I asked him about it:
“Looking back on this entire toll issue, in retrospect, would you have done anything differently in your campaign for mayor? In other words, would you have not been such a staunch advocate for ‘no tolls?’” Leavitt sent me a pretty standard response saying he “wouldn’t change a thing” and making the distinction that he “promised the voters I would fight against tolls and fight for equity.”
Of course, that Leavitt was lying through his teeth by doing neither is of no consequence to Brancaccio now; now Leavitt carries their water like Gunga Din and that's really all that's necessary... right, Lou?
Sort of what I expected.

What I didn’t know was that before he sent me his response (dramatic pause required here), he asked his trusted political adviser — Lentz — for advice:
“Response? Thoughts...”
OK, if I had to guess what advice she would have given him, it would not have been what she dished out:
“Dear Lou, Go F* yourself.”
Imagine how much better off our community would be if EVERYONE this whack job contacted responded the same way?
(I cleaned this up for our readers.)
So this is why well-paid advisers get a paycheck. I did wonder what Leavitt thought about it all.
So I asked.
“Oh boy! That’s not how I responded to you, was it?”
I told him he had not. And in fact, Lentz eventually critiqued his note.
Then Leavitt went on to give Lentz some cover.
“Everybody has their own perspective, personality and attitudes.”
True. Some a bit saltier than others, but …
Unless it's me, of course.  Brancaccio doesn't extend that particular right to me.
And frankly, Leavitt said, he’s had an urge to say that to me, “but it’s absolutely not the best response.”
And once again, Leavitt is dead wrong.

In fact, it's the perfect response to Brancaccio, or, as far as that goes, anyone working for him.
When I spoke to Lentz — who currently is working in communications for a labor union in Portland — she was very straightforward.
“I didn’t feel it was a productive question so it didn’t deserve a productive answer.”
Asking the mayor about his “no tolls” stance wasn’t productive? Huh?
Since you've failed to condemn him... repeatedly... like you condemn so many others?

That is correct.  Amazing you figured it out.
Because I’m a pretty nice guy (see top of this column if you’ve already forgotten), I asked if I could buy her a cup of coffee.
You're a grade A asshole, Lou.  And we all know it.
But please … be gentle with me.
And this column... once again.... proves it.

As for Temple, she's got a fairly thick skin.  And while she shares the same far left spectrum as Brancaccio, she has put herself at risk of this kind of thing because of her lack of slavish devotion to the Propaganda Minister's agenda.

This column was the kind of garbage he cranks out that he believes is oh, so, clever.  After all, it's fairly clear he's a legend in his own mind.

So, welcome to the club, Temple.  Unfortunately, Lou's column just reinforces what a lying scumbag you worked so hard to get elected just so he could throw you under the nearest C-Trans bus... And given the lie that was his campaign, of course he wouldn't change a thing... because changing it would have kept him from getting elected.  And if you're a scumbag and you have to lie to get elected, well, that's just the price of doing business.

Just ask Steve "The Liar" Stuart.

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