Thursday, August 17, 2017

Roger Goodell: Blithering idiot.

A few days back, in response to the moronic show of utter disregard for the country that has enabled these thugs to become wildly successful multi-millionaires, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told us "people do have rights."

Indeed.  People have rights.  Like the right to avoid anything related to the NFL.

Below is what the NFL levied in fines for non-game related/non-off field related penalties. 

Apparently, based on the hundreds of thousands of dollars they took away from these players, "rights" is a relative term.

What a crock.

In the NFL, or any other employment situation, workplace conduct of ANY variety is governed entirely by the employer.

This is, after all, the SAME NFL that banned the Cowboys from honoring the police last season. I guess "people" doesn't extend to a "team" or to the "cops."

What if, for many of you leftists, an employee came in wearing a Trump T-shirt or hat? You'd fire them without a second thought... and it HAS happened. But WHY would you do that... if, as Goodell lies, people in a private employment situation "do have rights?"

What if, for example, one of these players came to an NFL function dressed as a Nazi SS officer? 

Would all of you leftists, including Goodell, simply be OK with that since, according to the commissioner, "people do have rights?"

What if Gronk were to do a video in back face? Think the NFL would be OK with that?

Over the past two seasons, at least 50 players were fined for what they said or what they did with their uniforms... one (DeAngelo WIlliams in 2015) was fined $5787 (where do they make up these bizarre, random numbers?) for "message in eye black."

Look up these fines yourself:

These insults to the American people are ONLY allowed because the NFL fosters them. There's NOTHING "constitutional" about this; since the Constitution only prohibits GOVERNMENT action, and not the action of private employers.

In fact, here's an excerpt from Article 51, section 6 of the NFLPA/NFL agreement:

"Public Statements: The NFLPA and the NFL Management Council agree that each will use reasonable efforts to curtail public comments by Club personnel or players which express criticism of any club, its coach, or its operation and policy, or which tend to cast discredit upon a Club, a player or any other person involved in the operation of a Club, the NFL, the Management Council or the NFLPA."
Under this rule, the NFL certainly can, if they decided, put an end to this divisive, hateful and insulting act by these spoiled rotten brats that so many find so painful.

I've been a Seahawk fan since there's been a Seahawks Team. I've been an NFL fan all of my life.

As I read these remarks, by the commissioner and the antics of these childishly immature, multi-millionaires who make STUPID money playing a game in government-subsidized (That is, taxpayer-paid) stadiums, I've decided I'm done with it.

I'm boxing up my NFL Seahawks gear and shipping it to Mike Carroll and the other clueless idiots on the team; Bennett, Baldwin, Lane and anyone else desiring to spit in our collective eye.

You can bet the response of these people would be dramatically different if a white player were to burn a Black Lives Matter flag before a game, or shred an antifa banner for example... and the cries of butthurt would reverberate around the nation.

But that hypocrisy won't fly: After all, we're told, "people do have rights."

Don't they?

The NFL has lost tens of millions over 2015 since their ratings are down 11% year over year.  Hopefully, they'll lose hundreds of millions more.

2016: $35,137,408 in ALL fines.

(Verbal or other non-physical offenses against officials are, apparently, bad.  Verbal or other non-physical offenses against millions of Americans because punks aren't man enough to stand for their country is, apparently, OK.)

2015: $22,153,772

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