Monday, August 21, 2017

So, Gellatly didn't always think so badly of me...

I was looking over some past FB messages from our esteemed GOP chair... and thought you might want to see them as well.

I freely admit I get information from all over.  And that includes Chair Gellatly.  And when I agree with it, I post it.  And you need to ask him how much *I* was paid to do THIS, since so many of his ilk claim I write what I write because I'm being PAID to write it... which is a crock.

Like many in the GOP of the past, I was the greatest thing since canned beer... when they wanted something from me.

But once I disagree with them?

My, how things can change.

Please note: Gellatly contacted ME to do this... and not the other way around.

PAC MASQUERADES AS REPUBLICAN PARTY. Takes in money from confused citizens. Throws an expensive party at a huge loss, and members stay at luxury hotel suites, eating and drinking like kings and queens on the PACs dime... Waiting on PDC this weekend and will itemize to dissect the data before releasing the final damage. FYI, the PACs event was boycotted by every single elected official. Including past attendees Rivers and Harris, who believe in the party leadership and would like to see side parties disolved... Lots of info to follow up.
You accepted their request.
I have pictures that show Rivers, VanNortwick, Stewart and Boldt were there.
Be careful, that was bad intel
Also, Shane Bowman, as far as that goes. There may be others, but I'm still working on it.
Liz got them from a thrid part that was not accurate'. Last years pics
HHhmmm... OK. I was sitting on all of this until the PDC's came out. But Crain doesn't seem to be all that big on doing them, unless I'm missing something.
Look at them, Marty McClendon was in them too since last year was an election year and he showed up. I confirmed these folks were not there
I am waiting on PDCs too, but I have good intel that says they stayed in the suites there and had lots to drink, all paid by the pack...
OK. Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering where the PR blast was this year, like it was last year. Crain had a ton of pictures up last year, nothing showing a crowd this year. Seemed kinda odd.
Meaning they raise money by pretending to be the party then spend in on themselves living the highlife
Yeah... looking forward to the break out of expenditures.
I confirmed ahead of time that zero elected would show up... They all agreed, Rivers even notified Carolyn that she could no longer support the PAC in any way
HHhhmmm.... OK. That's quite the turn around considering she gave them $1300 last year.
We had someone go there and look at attendees. They said only 20 to 25 people, many from Oregon... huge loss would be expected due to minimum spend at the Heathman is several thousand
Between us... now you see why reaching out to Rivers had to be done. Killing the PAC was top priority
Yeah... that would sting somebody's wallet.
Rivers has to back off conservative incumbents she doesn't happen to like.
It's kinda like being in a boat with a single oar.
She will, I will make sure she supports Liz and others, if she wants to have support by the party. Working on this, and people are currently on board
Yeah... there's some embrassing questions in there for Ms. Crain.
OK. Let's see the magic happen.
To be fair, I met with Crain and asked her to change the name or dissolve the PAC. I did my due diligence and she refused and told me I could do nothing to stop her... well, maybe not but she just went from 200 last year to 20 this year, lol I like that trend
On phone.
Its tough to deal when there's an ego involved...

Honestly, the Crain & fake party are not relevant in Clark County anymore... their "biggest annual event " sold 16 tickets ... basically that few people on the registration of the PAC and a couple of her friends from Oregon. Not a single elected official. No one even talks about them anymore. It's a forgotten past. My recommendation would be to drop using the name of it and no one will even remember it existed.

Let's see what their C4 says. I'm out of the blog loop until Tuesday. But their C4 was due today. Meanwhile, what about accountability? She got we she wanted and now we're all suffering because of it.
She lives on drama and attention.... I just like the idea of her existing being forgotten

I'm not any more happy about the Tomi thing than most. But Lars will be the headliner now and we have bigger issues to take on... Third bridge and no light rail! Keep up the good work bringing things to light... I may have info for you soon.


Carolyn Crain endorse Ann for mayor!?
Gee. I'm stunned and amazed. Aren't you stunned and amazed?
Not at all... but still, that's off the deep end even for her.
A pro light rail democrat
Where did this come from? Did AMO announce it?
Attachment Unavailable
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She says she didn't but Ann has her name on the first list
As a 2017 endorsement
OK. I'll crank out a few words and do a screen capture. Happy to help.
If I share something- need you to not share till Saturday after the announcement. PLEASE do not let this get out... very important we wait until Saturday. But after Saturday central committee meeting will be all good.
We will do one of the biggest ground game street teams ever to hit downtown vancouver
So, when do you want the Crain thing out?
I'm ouuta here in the morning and won't be around a computer until Sunday late pm.
I'm not sure if it's better to wait till we have a candidate, probably an even bigger deal after he announces that she is picking the dem
OK. It's ready to go. Just let me know.
Will do!

Love fest is going all out. Steve is on track. Carolyn supports the dem.
Yup. Happy to hammer her for it as well. Let me know when.
Now that Steve's officially announced, Carolyn is showing she'd rather have the Democrat - I'd say go all out now 🙂
K. I'll get on it tomorrow.
You're the man!
I look forward to sharing what you write about this one
No problem.

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