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Democratian buries Boldt's humiliation. Boldt's excuse is a lie... Boldt... and Madore.

Is it any wonder that one of Boldt's first orders of business was to rape our wallets by yanking the official county newspaper designation from the Reflector?

So, political fans... what are the differences between this complaint article in the democratian...

Boldt hit with PDC violation; not allowed to manage future campaign finances

...and this complaint article:

Complaint made against Madore

It says county councilor allegedly used public resources to campaign

Well, the first one, printed on the 18th of this month or so, was both founded... and buried in the essentially unread All Politics is Local blog.

I say it's essentially unread because, among other things, there were zero comments under the story.

I mean, after all, surely the leftists infesting us would have SOMETHING to say about the county chair being so inept and incompetent that he is now permanently restricted from managing his own campaign finances... while he's running the finances of a somewhat larger organization with a somewhat larger budget.

To even get the rag to mention it, I had to beat on them like a drum... and even then, it took them almost two months to even whisper about it... since this decision came out last January.

The second complaint mentioned above was published on 16 February of last year... but it was by no means founded... OR buried.  It was, in fact, on the front page of the democratian.  They ran their hate-filled screed even BEFORE Green's complaint was adjudicated and thrown out... since whether it was true or not (and it wasn't) had no relevance to these scum.

Today's quiz question?


Why did the democratian put what turned out to be a completely unfounded complaint against David Madore by a leftist hack named Green who also runs the local leftist hate site, C3G2 on Facebook on the front page... while failing to either mention Kenny Smith's complaint against Boldt... or mine... ANYWHERE, let alone the front page... a complaint that was certainly founded concerning Smith's effort if nothing else. A complaint which, when adjudicated, called Boldt's integrity and competence into question... and then, when they finally get around to it, why bury in a place few if any bother to read... the reporter's opinion page?

The PDC decision to hammer Boldt was news. Why wasn't it printed as news?  Why did it take these people almost two months to mention it?

If Madore had been the subject of this decision... or any other conservative office holder... do you think it would have taken them even 2 minutes to splash it everywhere?

The decision to print Green's lies against Madore wasn't news. But it WAS a part of Lefty Lou's jihad against Madore.... which is why Green's lies wound up on the front page.  And that's just another example of why the rag doesn't serve this community... it infects it... it is, in fact, a cancer.

So why did one story get the front page treatment while the other... was buried?

And when the complaint of this fringe-left hack Green against Madore was thrown out, did the cancer on our community make a front page story out of THAT?

Of course not.

That is exhibit one of the axiom: when Lefty loves you, he loves you.  But when he hates you, there's no lie, exaggeration or twisting of facts he won't use.

Now, Boldt gets nailed by the PDC, and then proceeds to lie about it:
In September of last year, Kelly Hinton, Boldt’s one-time legislative assistant and brother-in-law, filed a complaint against his old boss regarding his 2012 campaign for county commissioner, the race he lost to Madore. The complaint alleged that Boldt failed to disclose a $5,000 loan Boldt made to his campaign. 
“In 2012, we filed campaign contributions that got filed in as a loan instead of a contribution and tried to take it out to balance the books,” said Boldt. “It looked like we were taking the loan and paying ourselves but it was just trying to balance the books.” 
Hinton, who is often very critical of his brother-in-law, doesn’t appear to be buying it. I reached out to him via email. I didn’t hear back, but this is what he wrote in his complaint to the PDC: 
“This was not a ‘mistake.’ in 2012, Boldt was in his 18th year of elective politics and had been in at least 7 campaigns with PDC reporting requirements. Clearly, he knew exactly what he was doing.”
There is NOTHING to indicate that ANY contribution from ANYONE was "filed in as a loan."

Loans, when filed with the PDC, use a particular form, called a Schedule L.

Anything "filed in as a loan" would ONLY show up AS a loan... AND would require the use of the Schedule L.

Even now, if you were to look at Boldt's PDC's for 2012, you will see that the amount under "loans" is zero.

Thus, just like Boldt's fake loan repayment filing, his actual explanation is all that bogus.

You CANNOT "accidentally" file campaign contributions as if they were/are loans.  And even if you did find a way, the proper way to address any error in filing isn't to lie about a $5000 withdrawal as Boldt did: it's to file amended forms to explain the situation and make it right.

As for "what it looked like," MAYBE it "looked like" that because THAT is EXACTLY what the form said Boldt was doing: repaying himself $5000 for a loan he had never made.

I mean... how can anyone get the wrong idea from THAT?

Boldt's defense, such as it is...
“In 2012, we filed campaign contributions that got filed in as a loan instead of a contribution and tried to take it out to balance the books,” said Boldt. “It looked like we were taking the loan and paying ourselves but it was just trying to balance the books.” 
... is a flat out lie.

The key is to review the actual filings.

1.  You cannot file donations as loans without using the Schedule L form.
Candidates and political committees may accept campaign loans.  To qualify for repayment, a monetary or in-kind loan must be:
  • Recorded in a written loan agreement executed when the loan is made, and
  • Timely and accurately reported as a loan on the recipient's PDC reports.
The only way to "file in anything as a loan" is to use this form and the specific loan transaction in the filing (ORCA) software.  The only way for a contribution to show as a loan is if it is FILED as a loan.

2.  An audit of Boldt's filings indicates that NOTHING, at ANY time was "filed in as a loan."

The instructions to do this are so simple that even Boldt, hardly the brightest bulb on the tree, can figure it out.

But here... it appears he flat out lied in his "explanation."  You see, when he sent this fantasy in, he signed a form that said this:
CERTIFICATION: I certify that the information herein and on accompanying schedules and attachments is true and correct to the best of my knowledge,”  
and he signed that on September 10, 2012.

Boldt lied.  And he should either resign or be thrown out because of it.

I remember... fondly... the crusading state representative before the downtown mafia co-opted him.  I would have taken a bullet for that version of Marc Boldt.

The man the special interests used to literally hate... for example, this very newspaper demanding his resignation when that whackjob Tommy The K said that if he didn't resign, the people would do it for him.

When this is what the self-serving scum of downtown think of you, you know you're doing the job of the people.

But shortly after he became a county commissioner, Boldt became unrecognizable as that man... he became a classic, "I don't represent the people... I represent Steve" kind of political hack.  The kind of liar in politics that I despise.

And the form he sent in where he admits he lied about a loan repayment that doesn't exist?

Koenninger's column isn't what they think of Boldt today... so who do you suppose Boldt is working for now?

It certainly isn't US.

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