Saturday, July 01, 2017

As expected, Rivers and Wilson screwed us on the budget scam.

I've begun to ponder: what would happen to Sen. Lynda Wilson's head if, walking behind Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, Rivers were to suddenly stop?

Why, I do believe it would disappear.

In addition to screwing us sideways for $1500... each... on the gas tax... and screwing us by forcing citizens to pay more for our driver's licenses than those who actually shouldn't be here AT ALL, namely, illegal aliens... we can now add billions of dollars collectively... voted for by Wilson and Rivers, and OPPOSED by neo-communist Annette Cleveland... along with over a dozen other RINOs in the caucus, and additional hundreds of dollars for each of us each year, in yet another one of her many tax increases she's voting for.

Now then, tell me again that Rivers isn't a wholly-owned subsidiary of her new democrat employer, Strategies 360?  I may have pointed out the obvious conflicts of interest in that situation: getting hired by a democrat campaign firm while elected as a Republican... and, coincidently, negotiating the largest property tax increase in this state's history... much like she screwed us on the largest gas tax/tab fee increases in this state's history... and has she paid off her masters well, or what?

Given her rather nebulous job description as told by a S360 spokesman himself, I've got to wonder: I bet her first check from these guys is going to be a WHOPPER.

Because THEY sure got THEIR money's worth.

Meanwhile, once again, Rivers and her sidekick Wilson have proven there's no tax increase, apparently, they won't vote for.  Rivers especially has now voted for a MASSIVE tax increase that is, no doubt, another "business decision," which is the same excuse she used to explain screwing us on the gas tax at the next town hall meeting.

This is what the RINOs infesting us have wrought.  This is what Lynda Wilson, scamming us into believing she's some sort of conservative has turned into.

Best estimate at this point is that I am looking at a paltry $500 or so increase to fill the pockets of the Teacher's unions, without a HINT of performance standards or accountability anywhere that I can find...

... so, for someone, this was a hell of a deal.  Not for those of us paying the bills, you understand... but for somebody.

And let's remember: the Legislature has NEVER been under the control of the State Supreme Court.  Ever.  They are NOT doing this because they have to, even though many will lie as they excuse their vote to screw us and tell us THAT was their reason.

The only response to that is this:

"Fine: show me in the state constitution where the Supreme Court has this kind of power?  The kind of power to force the Legislature to legislate?"

They can't, of course.  And as I pointed out, now that these leftist sheep have jumped through the Court's hoop, there's no end to it.  The Court will be back.  After all, why shouldn't they?  Who can tell them no?

They are doing this because they want to.

Meanwhile, the Gellatly Gang will do nothing about this.  Among his many miserable failures is the lack of guts to stand up for the people, not to mention the failure to act.

He's got time to try and intimidate.  He's got time to text a political opponent at midnight, apparently forgetting the joys of screen capture, like deleting it will make it go away.

He's got time to screw up THE biggest GOP event of the year.  He's got time, I'm told, to reach out to those who agree with me and try to hook them into one of his many "coffees" so he can work them over.

But he doesn't have time to speak out against those who would screw us.  He maintains a silence over a sitting senator getting bought like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion. And there's only two reasons for that:

1.  He lacks the guts to do what I do, and to speak up...

2.  He agrees with what they're doing.

Is it any wonder there's a movement to get rid of him underway?

Meanwhile, when next the fringe-left media describe either Wilson or Rivers as "conservatives," or they describe themselves that way, remember how many times they've screwed our pocket books like they were voting like Jim Moeller.

Laugh... smile... and nod.  And for God's Sake, STOP VOTING FOR THEM.

When your checkbook begins to bleed, look in the mirror and remember: if you voted for either one of them, that pain you're feeling is self inflicted.

I'll be here to remind you, but I shouldn't have to.

Because every alleged GOP legislator, including you, Paul Harris, will want you to forget by the next time an election rolls around.

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