Friday, June 30, 2017

Well, we're going to find out today how much the GOP Senate screwed us on the McCleary Scam.

As regular readers know, we are going to be ripped off at levels that are, up until today, simple unheard of as the GOP Senate screws us by trucking in cash to the WEA trough in their effort to buy off teachers and the absolutely unnecessary hoop the 9 robed dwarves of the state Supreme Court.

Make no mistake: the Court has zero power over the Legislature.  None.

Leftists want us to THINK that they do, but a quick read of the state constitution tends to confirm otherwise.

What the Senate SHOULD have done is go home.

Instead, they ceded their power... their LEGISLATIVE power... to the nine Puget Sound leftists infesting government who have neither the right... nor the ability... to enforce ANY legislative edict of any kind on anyone.

Until now.


There's no end to what these people can do.

Hell, after today, there isn't even a NEED for a Legislature.

Just let the Supreme Court make all the laws.

Among other ways we got screwed, according to the Daily Democrat:
The outline of the education plan provided Thursday sets a minimum starting salary for teachers at $40,000, with adjustment for inflation and regional differences. Under the plan, the average minimum salary for instructional staff will be $64,000, and adding in regionalization, it will range from $66,194 to $82,081. School districts can pay a salary over the maximum of $90,000 by up to 10 percent for educational staff associates or teachers who teach science, technology, engineering, math or in bilingual or special education programs. 
Also under the measure:
• There’s a mandatory 10 percent increase after 5 years of employment.
• Starting in 2020-21, the minimum state allocations for salaries must be adjusted annually for inflation.
• Starting with the 2023 session, and every six years after that, the Legislature must review compensation to make sure they are adequate based on the market and economic differences between school districts.
Anything in there about teacher accountability or outcomes?


So the leftist unions get their palms greased... the teachers will make hundreds of millions out of this scam with absolutely no increase or requirement for standards... no rewards for excellent teachers... no punishment for poor.

We are going to waste additional billions on a rotten education plant because the GOP controlled senate DID NOT DO THEIR JOB to protect us... or the education of our children.

Money doesn't cure education ills.  If it did, Baltimore schools, who spend $18,000 per student to pump out mostly semi-literate cretins, would, instead, be pumping out geniuses.

The usual RINOs will vote for this bill, which, of course, we are not allowed to look at.

How... democrat of them.

And those who DO vote for this should be booted out on their butts, immediately.

First by their party (as if they had the guts) and then by the voters.

But this will just be the biggest betrayal... since the last one.  And the one before that.  And the one before that.

And anyone believing that the Court won't do this again... on another issue... say, a state income tax?

Well, they're delusional.  Since they know they can screw the Legislative process thanks to the GOP Senate caving to the court, what's to stop them?

Who do we appeal to when the thought circling the heads of the Court grows from a buzz to a full-blown roar?

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Pete Masterson said...

Sadly, politicians of any party all seem to think that "government helps" or "government should do good things." What politicians don't (seem to) understand is that government is inherently evil, and over time will take liberty away from the citizens. The founders understood this and attempted to create a federal constitution that makes it hard to create new laws. Between the progressives and "do good" politicians of other parties, we have gradually seen our liberties diminished -- and taxes and deficit spending keep going up.

The FIRST QUESTION that a politician should ask when a new policy, program, or law is proposed is, Should the government be doing this? ... More often than not, the answer is NO the government should NOT be doing this.

The McCleary Scam has been replicated in many states... as most states have some sort of law (often a provision passed into the state constitution) that requires the state to provide some outlandish share of the school funding.

What we really need is to limit the unions power and establish a "right to work" law for Washington state. (26 other states already have a right to work law.) RTW will deflate union power over the taxpayers and legislators. Also, any provision that "requires" some percentage of tax dollars "must" go to education should be repealed -- if it isn't already inconsistent with a constitution in the first place. (The unions never ask or admit -- if the provision requires 55% of state funds to go to education, what happens if 45% of the state funds adequately fund every budget in the state's education system? Do the taxpayers still fork over MORE money just to come out to some magic number? How can the state make proper allocation of funds if there is a mandate that 55% always go to education... what if we have needs for expensive bridge repairs or new highways? What if there is a serious disaster requiring extraordinary state spending to recover from? Does the education budget ALWAYS go up so that 55% is spent on education? Such a provision simply makes no sense whatsoever and interferes with the legislature's prerogative to set the priorities of the government funding.