Monday, July 03, 2017

Another side effect of the GOP Senate screwing us? Massive rent increases.

I have frequently been utterly ashamed of the GOP-controlled state senate.  For the past few years, they have all-too-often voted like the leftists they were supposed to be protecting us from.

The first betrayal was the state version of the Dream Act.  Giving illegal aliens both state aid and in-state tuition status when they’re not even supposed to be here.  Meanwhile, citizens have been and will continue to be shut out of college because many of our state university seats are going to illegals.

The next was the horrific imposition of billions in new gas taxes, a law so horrific that it caused trusted friends to betray their district and vote for it... hanging $700 million in unpaid bills... most of it to bail out King County's failed loot rail scam, around our necks, just here in Clark County.  No effort was made to ask us: in fact, just the opposite took place. These same clowns slammed an emergency clause on this tax increase… as if screwing us needed to happen immediately as they did their best to make the gas tax of this state among the highest in the country.

Then, these same idiots decided to screw citizens by charging US more for driver's licenses than they charge illegal aliens.

Next, the local RINO contingent joined together in a wasted, worthless attempt to resurrect the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Now, they're ripping us off to pay off the teachers.

Led by the now bought and paid for democrat Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, additional billions in taxes were just dropped on our heads, exacerbating an already impossible situation.  And that is the rents for affordable housing.

Property taxes are going to skyrocket in areas where the middle and lower classes can least afford it as a result of this scam, a completely unnecessary rip off orchestrated by Rivers, recently hired by a leftist campaign firm to get democrats elected… and to sell out to that same left.

Hired while she was in the midst of "negotiating" our fiscal rape, the formerly fake Republican Rivers is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Strategies 360.  An out and out democrat, needing only to end the charade and switch parties, formally and publicly.

This betrayal is obvious.  Voting like your name is Jim Moeller, going to work for a democrat campaign company... supporting and implementing massive tax increases... I long for the days of democrat control.  After all, since these slime votes like democrats, what's the point in not voting for democrats?

This massive waste of billions will accomplish nothing in educational outcomes.  It will, however, give the teacher's union massive fiscal ammunition to kill off the GOP, which, of course, is what Rivers and her lap dog Wilson actually want.

But one of the many NEGATIVE impacts of this disaster will be jacking up the rents of the increasingly scarce apartments and other rental properties, jacking the rents up even further out of reach and making an already bad housing situation that much worse.

And what are we going to see for it?


And does anyone believe for one moment that this is the end of it?  That this is the end of the Court standing on the Legislature's throat... all because those cowards rolled over and LET THEM?

Hell, no.  Why should the Court quit now?  No one is going to stand up to them.  So what's the point?

We're going to waste billions, mainly to enrich a pathetic teacher corps and we will have nothing to show for it.

Among the many weakness of this inexplicable effort was this:

The bill contained none of the following:

1. Increased teacher standards.
2. Increased teacher accountability.
3. Measuring improvement in educational outcomes.
4. What happens when there is no improvement?
5. Will we get our money back?
6. What are the teachers required to do to earn these massive, unconscionable raises?

And, of course, on top of that, the Legislature could have easily ignored the scum across the street from the Capitol and responded by telling them to go pound sound.

But they didn't.  And they didn't, because screwing us is what they wanted to do all along.

The Court merely gave them the political cover to get it done.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to support the GOP.  Doesn’t it do that for you?

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