Monday, July 03, 2017

More on how Rivers, Wilson, the fake Republicans in the Senate and the RINOs in the House screwed us and cost the GOP Senate control

As most know, the GOP just got done screwing us on THE BIGGEST gas tax in our history…. All without asking us, because, well, hell:  why would the GOP ever want to ASK us?

Well, to that, you can add the title of “raper of our wallets” to the GOP in BOTH Houses.

In addition to screwing us by doing ANYTHING the Supreme Court demanded (Which there is no… or at least was… no legal basis to do….) the GOP sold us out by giving a huge B&O tax cut to the manufacturing sector while simultaneously jacking up our residential property tax by an obscenely high number.

How much more is Boeing going to have to pay?

Nothing.  As a "manufacturer," many in this same legislature had already bent us over on the Boeing scam.

One of the more sickening elements of this is that members of the legislature, THOUGHT to be conservatives, are GUSHING at this outcome.

You are all about to hear a lot about the budget deal and education funding in the media in the next few weeks.
I want to give you some local information about how the deal affects Ellensburg and Moses Lake.
In Ellensburg, between 2019 and 2021, your property taxes will go DOWN by a small amount (between $50-$10) but despite that, the Ellensburg School Dist will receive an ADDITIONAL $1 million in 2018, and the an additional $3 million in 2019 and 2020.
In Moses Lake property taxes will fall by about $250 s year over the next four years but funding for the Moses Lake school district will increase $7 million in the first year and then rise to $13 million in the next two years.

This is a win-win budget for taxpayers and teachers

June 30 at 6:38pm

The McCleary solution, funded primarily by a flattened property tax levy formula, passed the House on a bipartisan vote. This should work well for most property owners in LD19. First good effects will show up in 2019--more money to local School Districts, lower property taxes in most of our communities.

Below is a chart that shows the details for the larger School Districts in LD19 (the very small districts are harder to model because their existing levies are either zero or ...small).

The first two columns are the K-12 related property tax rates most recently and in 2019. The second two columns are the School District budgets currently and in 2019.

When I first started talking about levy reform almost two years ago, some people said it couldn't be done. It could be.

We also passed an operating budget for 2017-2019 this afternoon, so no state government shutdown. I was a "yea" on that part of the budget, too. Though I have some qualms about it. Important part of that one: the Naselle Youth Camp is fully funded.

Feel free to post questions. I'll answer as soon as possible. We're still voting. Still have Hirst/wells fix ahead. And Capital Budget.

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It isn't a "Win-Win" as Manweller would tell us, of course.  This is a LOSE-win budget for taxpayers and teachers.  The teachers and their unions get fat while these clowns take those of us living here by the wallets and force US to pay for THEIR theft.

What is the difference between this... and socialist income redistribution?

And until teachers start performing and producing a product to be proud of, WHY ARE WE GIVING THEM GUARANTEED PAY RAISES?

As a result of this insanity, the Senate will lose the election in the 45th, which is one of the districts that will be hurt the worst by this rip off... since, as the two Representatives tell us above the ONLY thing that matters is what they can scam for their districts... and screw the rest of us.

So, if you're a Republican in the 45th... how did any of this motivate you to get out there and vote for someone who will do this to you?

How does this light the fire to get you out there and vote for a party that will screw us based on a business decision?  That lacks the guts to tell the Supreme Court to, putting it politely, drop dead on their illegal, unenforceable decision?

It doesn't.  It will crush the base where it matters because between screwing us on the gas tax/tab fee scam and now this... why should anyone vote GOP?

More and more often, the GOP is voting like the democrats used to.

And there is ZERO reason to vote for the GOP.  None.

And I'm not going to, says this former Executive Director of this state's Republican Party.

Talk about a political party leaving people behind... only ONE Republican, Sen. Padden, voted against this in the Senate.

Those representing Clark County voted as follows:

Senate - Yes

Rivers, Wilson, King, Braun

Senate - No

Cleveland (And who knew a democrat could be more Republican than Republicans?)

House - Yes

Harris, Wylie, Stonier, DeBolt

House - No

Johnson, McCabe, Pike, Kraft, Orcutt, Vick


It wasn't enough for Rivers and the rest of the Senate to screw us on the hundreds of dollars we now, each of us, owe on the gas tax scam.

NOW, we're going to get bent over for thousands more... each... to pay the prima donnas of the class room... and watch them continue to go on strike, with a bill that FAILS to address the following:

1. Increased teacher standards.
2. Increased teacher accountability.
3. Measuring improvement in educational outcomes.
4. What happens when there is no improvement?
5. Will we get our money back?
6. What are the teachers required to do to earn these massive, unconscionable raises?

This is an absolute example of the majority of the GOP in the legislature peeing on our legs... and telling us it's raining.

This is nothing more than Sanders-style income redistribution.  And the GOP did it.

To us.

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