Monday, July 03, 2017

A Columbian oddity: editorial on the budget "Public input pushed aside"

It's an oddity because around here, "public input" is frequently... and completely... ignored.  Which causes one to ponder:

If "public input" is so important on this budget (and, of course, if the Republicans gave a damn, it would certainly be that...) then why is it so UNimportant when the issue involves the democratian's agenda?

How many times did the rag attack ANYONE who demanded that we be allowed to vote on the CRC/Loot Rail scam?  And where was the rag at on the CTran board ignoring the advisory vote on BRT...

And what was the rag's reaction when it became clear that those shilling the CRC/Loot rail scam were IGNORING THE PEOPLE OF THIS COMMUNITY BY POLICY?

And what about the Pollard Hilton scam, where the citizens of Vancouver are paying taxes to keep the soon-to-be-closed (as soon as the Cowlitz Mafia get their hotel built) hotel open?

Where was the demand for THAT "public input?"  In fact, this very paper sided with the city when they sued the citizens to keep them from putting the Pollard scam on to the ballot.

And what about the "public input" on the gas tax scam?  The GOP Senate busted their butts to KEEP us from having any input on that theft.

Yes... this time, the rag got it right.  The legislature generally and the GOP particularly shouldn't have reacted to the Supreme Court at all; they were under zero obligation to do so and out-democrating the democrats is rarely a great political strategy.  But if they ARE going to jump through that hoop, that THEY would do it generally... and the GOP particularly?

There's no excuse for that.

But then, there's no excuse for a lot of things the GOP around here has been doing, is there?

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