Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The decline and political fall of David Robert Gellatly, Clark County GOP Chair

I admit it.  I supported this guy for county chair.  He didn't have the Crain stench about him... but that should not have been enough.  There should have been more... and this is a lesson harshly learned.

When I first heard his name, late in 2016, my initial reaction was "who is this guy?  Where has he been politically? What makes him qualified?  Why haven't I ever heard of him, let alone seen him, in the roughly 29 years I've been involved in politics around here?  What is his political experience? What is his plan?"

The answers?

No one.
He isn't, as his disastrous tenure has proven.
Because he hadn't been politically involved at any level before he was either told he could get the gig or figured out that if he lied creatively, he could get it that way (think Rivers and the gas tax)
You kidding?

And now?

Now we have what is becoming increasingly clear was an utter and complete financial debacle in the form of a poorly planned and horrifically executed Lincoln Day Dinner held several months late.

As I anticipated the better part of two months ago, our resident narcissist would never cop to this failure: I indicated in the first week of last month that regardless of the arguably horrific outcome, it would be presented as a smashing success and Gellatly would try and come across like he was the second Coming of Christ.

In fact, one of the members of his bizarre little cult indicated that he had been "...touched by the Hand of God."

Well, perhaps, but only in the sense that he'd be backhanded by our Lord.

Now, we have a guy who acts like he's off his meds.  Who thinks that he can say absolutely anything to anybody without repercussion, a guy who clearly thinks himself to be another version of President Trump on social media; a clown who attacks people within the GOP sphere of influence FAR more vociferously than he does those who are SUPPOSED to be the opponents, namely, democrats.

A guy so easily distracted, with such a giant ego, who has allowed, apparently, the main database to be hacked by Carolyn Crain... who never should have been given any access to anything... a guy who simply cannot help himself when it comes to being petty, vindictive and essentially far more damaging to the local GOP BY HIMSELF than any political opponents ever have been.

I'm reminded of Humphrey Bogart doing Captain Queeg in the Caine Mutiny.
"Ahh, but the strawberries that's... that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with... geometric logic... that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox DID exist, and I'd have produced that key if they hadn't of pulled the Caine out of action."
What do you think of a guy who drunk texts political opponents at midnight to DEMAND that *I* meet this moron for coffee... as if anything he had to say would make any difference to anyone?

Is that the action of a leader?

And the natives have had enough.

People within the party have been begging this idiot to keep his pie hole shut on social media.  And he can no more do that... he can no more be a leader, be a statesman, be a man of the people... than he can levitate.

And his political end is near.  You can see it coming.

With every personal attack, with every insult, with every lie, with every exaggeration... his departure becomes inevitable... and that much closer.

The boy whines like a cut cat.  But what he DOESN'T do is ponder why this is happening... why it's all slipping out of his grasp.

At this point?  It's too late for that.

It's a shame, really.  Gellatly reminds me of former Wazzu QB Ryan Leaf.  A guy that had all the tools (except experience) and all the equipment (young and inexperienced doesn't make up for young and stupid) but failed to have the mental acuity to play in the big league... and who was an abysmal failure in the NFL.

Much like, come to think of it, Gellatly has been an abysmal failure as the local GOP Chair.

Meanwhile, he plays out his obsession with me.  He fails to understand that I am but a symptom of his greater malaise.

He does everything he can to Rule 5 me like a good little leftist Alinskyite.  And one has to wonder: why?  Why does he obsess on me and my meager effort here?  Why does he wrap himself in a democrat-style cloak?  How did my hook get buried so far under his skin that he feels compelled to FB message me at midnight after the reality of his LDD disaster became clear?

After all, to hear Davey tell it, no one pays any attention to little ol' me.  Yet Davey even goes so far as to reach out to those who "like" my posts, they tell me, to try and arrange meetings with them to find out why and to change their minds... to make them into his cult member.

Davey, you see, is very big on "coffees."  He's got the formula wrong, though.  Typically engaging in strong arm tactics against someone (or their family) first doesn't particularly add up as a prelude to a good give and take session over a latte', now, does it?

Meanwhile, the simplest course for Davey would have been to simply keep his mouth shut on all of this.  The reality is simple: unless he cooks the books (and when he does, I'll be waiting) the numbers will be terrible. But if they're glowing... and we already know he had to actually GIVE away dozens of seats to try and fill the room... then *I* will be all wrong in a way the numbers will completely expose.

On the OTHER hand... if the numbers show what most of us are pretty convinced they will show... then Davey will look pretty foolish and incompetent, and I will be right.  Either way, he has taken the position of chair to new lows in personal deportment,  And no matter the outcome, he'll hang on to the job until he's removed from it... as a growing PCO movement intends.  Then what will he do?

Clearly, the Goebbellian aspect of his approach... telling a lie long enough and loud enough that it becomes the truth, is his forte'.  Comment after comment.  Picture after picture.  All of the time Davey spends here putting up pictures... and trashing me... merely seems to serve as the actions of a guy obsessing over my position and spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to discredit it.... yet... yet... why does he care what I have to say about him?  *I* don't matter.... do I?

I believe he doth protest too much.

Enjoy your political tenure while it lasts, Davey.  And that ain't gonna be much longer.

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Glenn Kincaid said...

I was sold when the name Crain came up! Lets vote him out!