Wednesday, July 05, 2017

4th of July and a Nation divided.

When hatred is your guiding political philosophy and blood your ultimate aim, it's difficult to unite a country where so many don't want unity unless it's on their terms.

This 4th of July, we are a Nation terribly divided.  Everywhere we look, there is division... between the right and the left... and among the right itself.

"A Nation divided cannot stand."

We become increasingly weaker, day by day, as those who would see us destroyed sit back, biding their time.

Meanwhile, those we trusted with out vote, our time and frequently, our money... betray us without a second thought.

Fake conservatives toss us under the democrat bus whenever the mood strikes.  At all levels, from the local, through the state up to Washington, D.C. those who are NOW in charge because WE PUT THEM THERE, now act like they've got an acute, chronic case of amnesia.

Fake conservatives run the county council.  Fake Republicans are the majority of legislators around here.  And complete RINOs infest Congress... the end result being a sickening paralysis or a massive betrayal of the people.

The divisions in the right are representative of political opportunism, confusion and reliance on the idea that to CLAIM being "Republican" actually means something.

Meanwhile, we're being presented with the framework for opposition to the next democrat elected to president, should that ever happen.  The political plank of hatred won't magically disappear with that election... it will merely shift sides.

Now, those on the right are learning the "rules of opposition."  They'll know to riot.  They'll understand that silencing leftist speakers is the right thing to do.  They'll begin to beat the hell out of leftist politicians; block roads and freeways, hold million-man protests, boycott Hollywood and threaten to move out of the country... knowing all along it's a lie.

Because that's what those on the left are doing now... so it must be OK for the other side to do it when the time comes, right?

Meanwhile, the never-Trumpers in government do all they can to obstruct, to obfuscate, to delay... and those claiming to be on the right are just as bad as the leftists.

Oh, the presentation won't be the same: the crap the media turns a blind eye to now... that they excuse or ignore or lie about will suddenly go from completely unimportant when practiced by the left.... the assaults, the riots, the political attacks, the calls for blood by leftist politicians, the shootings, the bleeding congressmen... these are becoming the framework for the new political opposition to those either in office or running which people don't happen to like... or support... or agree with.

Yes, this past election was precedent setting.  New boundaries of conduct were made and put into place.

Because the left insists on pushing those boundaries, the media gives them a pass... given their shared hatred and mutual admiration.

Blood has been spilled by #BlackLivesMatter racist pigs and their white bread fringe-leftist moron enablers.  Leftist thugs use this situation to try and intimidate and beat those wise enough to disagree with them.

Police officers lay dead as a result, actions approved by the pathetic little worm we just got rid of who sullied American history with his race-based presidency, his lies to all Americans and his use of the Constitution as his own personal role of toilet paper.

Leftists attempt to rewrite history, doing their own version of ISIS by destroying and eliminating anything related to the Confederacy.

Meanwhile, they revel in a murdering subhuman named Guevara, worship Lenin and use fake Republican lackeys to implement THEIR agenda, using RINOs like a Craftsman tool kit.

And it never ends.

Stand up to these scum and they don't even have to do anything about it.  The RINOs gather together and do it for them.

The largest tax increases in this state's history weren't implemented by the leftists: they were rammed down our throats by the GOP.  Property taxes, local taxes, gas taxes, tab fees: the GOP did that.  It wasn't the left that screwed citizens on driver's licenses: it was the GOP.

And when the people stand against that?

Then what?

When alleged Republicans lie to get elected and those who know it stand against that?

Then what happens?

Instead of holding them accountable... those bringing the truth are attacked.  They're ridiculed.  They're "Rule fived."  And the message is buried as the fine art of "shiny object politics" where those on the outside looking in are urged to ignore the people sounding the warning if they who don't toe the establishment, labeling, line.

How long we've been told to ignore the record.  How long we've been told to "wait."

"Wait" until the Senate is GOP.

Well, we've waited.

And in this state, the GOP has yoked us with two of the biggest tax increases in our history when neither were necessary.  And how, exactly, democrat... is that?

Tell me again: why do we vote for those who talk the talk, but frequently pass on walking the walk?

For years, The House was controlled by the GOP.  What did they accomplish?

Wait, we were told.

They can't accomplish anything without GOP control of the Senate.

Then, we believed the words of the political leaders, who told us that their Number One mission was to repeal Obamacare.

So, we gave control of the Senate to the GOP.

And what did they accomplish?

Wait, we were told.

Congress can't do anything unless we win the White House.

So, again we believed the words of the political leaders, even those who shrank away in horror at the very idea that the Republican we have now would ever set foot in that structure...

And we elected President Trump anyway.

When it comes to their campaign promises... what have they accomplished?

The GOP controls EVERYTHING.  And on the most pressing issues confronting us today, they accomplish NOTHING.

They have been as obstructionist as Chuckie Schumer.  We're paralyzed as a country in places and ways that are inexcusable.

And the left sits there... eating its popcorn.  They know that we will keep on electing the same liars, the same swindlers; the same fake Republicans because those at the local level will keep telling the people to do so.  We're not allowed to protest... not allowed to question.

In many ways, since the election, things have been looking up.  Economic indicators are improving in many areas for example.  But in the ways that matter most... the ways where our government and those in it are governing us... telling the truth, keeping their word, living up to the ideals that got them elected?

Look around.  Crushing tax increases by the GOP in this state.  A massive cost increase to business by requiring paid family leave... like a good little socialist state. A tax CUT to manufacturing, a tax INCREASE to those of us paying property taxes.

Obamacare still infests us to the core of our economic being.  Tax cuts?  WHAT tax cuts?  The GOP acts like these issues are brand new and they didn't actually have 8 years to plan.

THESE are the failures dividing us the most. As a country, had these actions already taken place... had Obamacare BEEN repealed... had the tax cuts BEEN implemented... the division would have begun to melt away.

If GOP leadership at all levels would embrace the change the people demand... if they would simply do... what they promised to do... we could turn this country into a new, different direction.  We can avoid reverting to the outright, unending corruption they advocate... seemingly everywhere.

Will they?

There's nothing to indicate that.

From the whining, sniveling leadership locally to the whining, sniveling leadership nationally and most everywhere in between... The lack of courage and vision is astounding.

The mid-term elections are coming up.  How many of the American people are going to be fooled again into supporting the same pamphlet conservatives who vote like Jimmy Moeller when the time comes?

How many will continue to be hypnotized by the label?  How many will continue to be the mindless automaton voters the liars, the corrupt and the arrogant count on, election after election, because THAT'S what we do?

Think about it.  Isn't it time to look beyond the party label?

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