Thursday, July 06, 2017

In foreign policy, Trump cannot behave like Obama.

When it comes to North Korea, (NorK) the President cannot become like the last pansy to hold the office, Barack Obama, and try and talk the NorKs to death, because it won't work.

Any time any country gets diarrhea of the mouth and threatens this country that constitutes an act of war.

Directly threatening our country and doubling down through an active ICBM development program is a geometric escalation over an already existent state of war.

With Obama, it was Syria.  He babbled that to death and then, once it became clear Syrian president al-Assad was going to ignore our presidential wuss, Obama just folded up his tent and slinked away, carrying us with him.

Well, the "red line in the sand" so to speak is North Korea.  China isn't going to do a thing to stop them.  If they were, they already would have.  In fact, you already know that China is actively assisting the NorKs in developing these missiles.  These people can't even put a cheeseburger together, and they all of a sudden make a quantum leap in development?

That leads to the question: what are the options?

Well, the first option is to pre-position evacuation centers south of Seoul to get the people out of artillery range.

Simultaneously, send more troops... another division, for example.  Think in terms of Reforger in Europe.

Also, a substantial increase in area air-assets.

There may be other steps to take and no doubt are, but short of putting a bullet through Chubby's brain dome little else would send the message that play-time is over.

Russia isn't going to do a thing.  China isn't going to do a thing.  The UN is utterly worthless.  There is no question that since this is OUR problem, we're going to have to act unilaterally.

That means bleeding.  But this situation means bleeding whether we act or not.

And whatever our action would be in the event of say, a NorK strike in Alaska... which is becoming increasingly likely, day after day... is what we should do now, ahead of time, pre-emptively.  Since it's better to be the one to throw the first punch if the fight is going to be inevitable, WE should throw it.

If there is to be a war, it should begin on our terms, when and where WE want it to begin... and not where a lose cannon nutjob ordains it.

The outlook is bleak.  But failure to take direct and substantial military action against this whack job will lead to an even bleaker outcome.

And nobody wants that.

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