Saturday, October 21, 2017

When your Senators (Rivers and Wilson) are liars: state school property taxes to skyrocket...

The Seattle Times came up with a dandy chart to explain, by school district, how much our taxes are going to skyrocket thanks to the scam deal Rivers negotiated and both Wilson and Rivers approved:

Local school district increases: 2018 (Median taxable single-family residence value)

Battle Ground School District taxes:  $250 ($289,900)

Camas School District taxes:  $330 ($378,300)

Evergreen School District taxes:  $210 ($244,000)

Green Mountain School District taxes: $190 ($224,000)

Hockinson School District taxes:  $340 ($385,900)

La Center School District taxes: $260 ($303,700)

Ridgefield School District taxes:  $290 ($339,000)

Vancouver School District taxes:  $220 ($251,600)

Washougal School District taxes: $240 ($272,000)

Woodland School District taxes:  $170  ($192,800)

I knew at the time that when Wilson told the PCO's that  "I just want you to know that everyone in Clark County will be receiving a property tax[sic] that's going down," that both she... and Rivers... were lying.

County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick had long before that day been warning us that out property taxes were going to explode thanks to River's sell out to the democrats... but at the time, she was on their payroll, what with the announcement that she'd been hired by Strategies 360, a democrat campaign firm, WHILE she was "negotiating" (selling us out) to the democrats and their WEA keepers.
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
THIS is what the RINOs bring us.  MASSIVE tax increases, massive fee increases and then MASSIVE lies, hoping we'll be too stupid to remember that they lied... and that THEY are responsible for this misery.

So, of the 3... Wilson, Rivers and Van Nortwick... who lied and who didn't?

That's obvious.  Our two RINO senators screwed us, along with others previously thought to be "conservative," including Braun (20th) and King (14th)  But then, King is responsible for screwing us sideways on the gas tax/tab fee increases that Rivers worked so hard to jam down our throats.

Why they would lie to the PCO's is no mystery.  Tell them the truth about this and you'd be lucky to get out live.  Far easier to lie and alive to fight another day.

THAT they would lie?

They're RINO's.  That's what they do.

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