Friday, October 20, 2017

Fundraisers for Englund? Why bother... it's a waste of money.

Those who follow state politics from even a distance know that Jinyoung Lee Englund has zero chance to win.

She's fighting two unwinnable battles: her district has turned increasingly left (Both of her House seats are occupied by democrats and her district voted 60% plus for Clinton) AND the years-long betrayal of the people by the GOP-controlled state senate.

Englund, who is from Seattle's 45th District, put together a pathetic 41.46% of the vote against 2 pro-state income tax democrats.  Late votes broke AWAY from Englund, increasing her opponent's lead with each update.

Washington State Wire reports that a mid-September poll shows Englund getting hammered 55-41 by likely voters.

Closing on $7 million has been spent on this race, which was unwinnable from the start.

When you look at what the "GOP-controlled state senate" has done TO us, instead of FOR us, they clearly deserve to lose control.

Their "control" has literally cost us billions.

Billions in gas tax and tab fee increases.

Billions in selling out to the WEA for nothing in return.  (There were zero accountability issues built into that rip-off.  Wasting those billions will do absolutely nothing to improve educational outcomes but it will make hundreds of thousands of us that much poorer...)

Cheaper driver's licenses for illegal aliens than for citizens.

A GOP ran "Dream Act" that guarantees slots in our universities for illegal aliens while making them eligible for tuition assistance.

The GOP failure to put an end to the fringe-left "whatever gender I feel like today" use of showers and toilets and other government facilities nonsense... which, come to think of it, her predecessor, Andy Hill, voted to allow?

As the voters of the 45th are showing, when you have RINOs running a governmental body, there's literally zero reasons to vote... or at a minimum, vote GOP.

Among other political problems Englund has is this: she's definitely pro-choice on abortion.  That means, win or lose, she would vote with the left on that issue.

And that means she'd be just as pliable on leftist issues as Rivers.  And what's the worst that can happen when Englund loses?

Our taxes and fees will go up?

Not as much as they did thanks to Gas Tax Rivers.

Englund, who admits she didn't vote for Trump, shows all the trappings of your typical RINO.

Tell me again why Englund should be elected... even if she could be... which my analysis has shown all along she can't?  Where, for example, has she come out in opposition to the screwing the GOP has laid on us in the Legislature?  What... or how... would she have voted differently than the RINO she's replacing?

Now, I'm given to understand that there's at least one fundraiser for her scheduled down here.

Clearly, you'd be better off betting it in a casino.

Because you'd have a better chance of winning on that bet than you would be betting it on her.

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