Sunday, July 09, 2017

More evidence that "Gas Tax" Rivers and "WEA" Harris are certified RINOS? Even the WEA says so.

Even before they became certified as WEA lackeys, there was a mountain of evidence out that both Rivers... and Harris (who has done a wonderful job of flying below the radar) were of the RINO ilk.

Regular readers are well aware that my Senator, that is, the senator from my district, Ann Rivers, morphed into something other than that which I freely admit I fought hard and long to get elected... and keep elected.

(I apologize for that, by the way.  I'm doing all I can to rectify that mistake, but I am deeply sorry I ever believed in her.)

Any Republican that voted "Yes" on this most recent budget is a RINO.


They made the decision... deliberately... to hurt the people of this state.

They made the decision... deliberately... to cede legislative power to the Supreme Court.

They are using the Court as cover for screwing us and getting the leftists what they want.

And here's your sign:

Besides the picture, which is so shopped it makes Rivers look like an overly made up corpse, the question is this:

Why is Rivers doing what the Washington Education Association wants?

Does this in any way dovetail with her recent hiring by leftist/democrat campaign company Strategies 360?

With a senator like Rivers involved in the actual budget negotiations it was easy to see what was going to happen, even before she was bought and paid for by the democrats.

But any Republican, paid for or not (and Rivers, obviously, WAS and IS being paid for) who becomes... and votes like a WEA robot?

When added to her outright betrayal on the gas tax/tab fee scam she ran promising to oppose... a rip off that is going to cost this county $700 million.... a rip off that she refused to fight to allow us to vote on... here CRC resurrection scam (Talk about flipping: Rivers was instrumental in getting that killed a few years back.  What's different... besides the checks she's going to be getting from her democrat campaign employer?) and her vote to charge citizens more for our driver's licenses than illegal aliens and what do you have?

RINO.  No other label fits, because no Republican would vote for the fringe-left greed of the union scammers known as the WEA with this budget or any of these other bills which will have the net effect of hurting the constituency that voted her into office.

And that brings us to Rep. Paul "WEA" Harris.

Harris has ALWAYS been one of the highest rated union GOP hacks, so it's not particularly surprising that he felt zero compunction in tossing us under the WEA bus.

The WEA, who does reward their pathetic little puppy legislators with their support at various levels, put this out through Facebook... you know, as a doggy treat?

Here's what showed up on several Facebook pages in SW Washington, along with Rivers' bone:

Ask yourself this:  if this rip off wasn't entirely happening to benefit the scum at the WEA... then why is the WEA so happy about it that they'd actually, God Forbid, fete fake Republicans for getting it done?

We all know the answer to that... don't we?

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